Hinata's Problem - Chapter 14

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Last Time on Hinata's Problem:

'I don't know what will happen tomorrow, but it will be worth it to be able to stay with Naruto-sama forever.'

Naruto's mind was at peace, he had a hot girlfriend who loved him with every beat of her heart, and he had a full belly of ramen, life was good. Now if he could just convince her to eat all his ramen like that? No, better to save it for special occasions! He looked forward to his next birthday with great excitement.

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He woke to an enthusiastic Hinata-chan working his pole like a pro; he had to pinch himself to make sure that he wasn't dreaming. He'd made that mistake once before and wasn't in a hurry to repeat it since the Kyuubi could no longer take the fall. Regardless, he had a devoted Hinata-chan dealing with his needs, so why bother to imagine anyone else?

Hinata's thoughts were running surprisingly parallel, she wanted to make damn sure that if he ever woke up to a blowjob that it was her mouth he was firmly embedded in. He might dream about others, but when he woke up it would always be her accepting his seed with obvious relish.

Others might have done this for him at some future time, but she was sure that no-one else would be so happy to swallow his essence, or rub it into their breasts. His jizz was a drug for her, and she accepted it regardless of location or application, a load on her tits, one swallowed down, or one shot deep into her pussy, she didn't care, as long as Naruto-sama was willing to give her the creamy off-white tasty goodness.

She hummed a happy little tune and it was too much for him as he unloaded into her hot waiting mouth, where she eagerly swallowed down her salty morning snack. Since she'd gone on the Naruto diet she hadn't needed to eat much at breakfast, her morning meal donated from the gnads of her boyfriend, who happily supplied her morning protein shake, free of charge. It occasionally came with curses, oaths or entreaties, but she ignored those or remembered them for later, depending on the content.

'He'll do what if I wake him up like this all the time? I doubt it, but I'll keep at it and see if he remembers that particular promise.' Getting ass-fucked on a regular basis was intriguing after all; the Hokage hadn't been lying when she'd spoken of the nerve endings buried deep in her ass. The Hokage wanna-be had proven their existence with his fat cock, which he'd buried into her rear several times now, each time coming to a glorious orgasmic conclusion.

She looked up at the young man laying down in front of her, before leaning forward and planting a quick kiss on his crown. He twitched and groaned a bit at the attention to his sensitive member after its performance a moment ago.

"Time to wake up Naruto-sama, I want to get to the Hyuuga archives as soon as possible, we only have today to prepare for the Tracer Trials of tonight, and we don't know what it's going to include yet." Hinata chirped out pleasantly, her tongue darting out of her mouth to capture a wayward strand of his cum. Once upon a time someone saying anything in that tone of voice while he was trying to sleep would have annoyed the crap out of him, however when the girl doing it had just let him jizz in her mouth and given his dick a wet kiss, well, she probably could have lit him on fire and he'd be fine with it.

"Nata-chan? Huh?" he worked out groggily, half in a daze from her previous actions and still half asleep, he wasn't very coherent.

"I'll be in the shower Naruto-sama, all…by…myself." She said and winked playfully. She stood and sauntered to the bedroom door, before turning back, assets wobbling freely in her nude state, only to pout as it seemed he'd fallen back asleep, muttering gently about… a ramen filled hot tub and wondering how long she could hold her breath?

She padded off the rest of the way to the bathroom, losing the extra sway from her hips since she had no one to show off for. She went through a quick, cleansing shower, she considered getting some satisfaction herself but she knew that anything she might do herself would pale in comparison to whatever Naruto might do once he awoke.

Finishing her shower and toweling off she came to an odd conclusion; after so many years of heading to her room and getting dressed, hanging up the towel and wandering into the kitchen naked felt strange. She peered into their bedroom, tweaking a nipple as she observed the bed's occupant, now wrapped firmly up in the blankets. She giggled lightly to herself as he rolled and twisted, further ensconcing him in the bedspread.

'I'll make him a nice breakfast, get something other than ramen into him, mmmmm, something with lots of protein!' she giggled again to herself, lustily this time. Opening up the cabinet beneath the oven she removed a frying pan and pulled some eggs and miscellaneous items from the fridge. Looking down at the ingredients she thought again and pulled out some ham from the fridge, 'Lots of protein!' she thought to herself again.

The savoury scent of a breakfast burrito worked its way across the living room and into their bedroom, tickling his nose with its pungent aroma. It was the final straw that roused him from his slumber, and the first thought that returned to him was a more than pleasant one.

'Hinata-chan, in the shower! Hot sexy wet Hinata-chan!' He sprang from bed… or tried to, his head hit the ground as he tripped over his blanket shawl. Fortunately as he landed on his head no major harm was done. Wriggling out of the blankets he leapt across the room and opened the bathroom door, hoping to see a steamy room and a steamy Hinata-chan.

His face fell as he observed the lack of his hot girlfriend, and the smell permeating the apartment once again teased his nose.

'The kitchen! Apron Hinata-chan! Not quite as good as Shower Hinata, but fun in another way.' He thought to himself, rushing into the kitchen, only to again be disappointed to see her hanging the aforementioned apron upon a hook on the wall. Disappointing was a poor word to use, as he was still treated to the sight of a naked Hinata-chan's behind. She sidetracked his thought process by gesturing to the table to two plates with some sort of wrapped dish, two to a plate.

His culinary experiences had been limited in the past, so he'd never seen such a dish, while his lover had seen many exotic dishes and learned to prepare a few herself. The breakfast burrito was a minor modification on eggs and so was well within her skills as a chef.

"There is ketchup if you want some Naruto-sama, I-I don't know if you'll need it but it's there if…" she trailed off suddenly nervous about her cooking skills, knowing that he would eat nothing but ramen given the chance. She should have just made him a bowl of ramen, she'd know that he'd love it then.

"This looks kinda cool Hinata-chan, I'm sure I'll love it." He stated enthusiastically, eager to dig into the dish in front of him. He sat down, distracted from Hinata-chan by the unique situation in front of him. Picking up the wrap in front of him, he moved it from hand to had quizzically, not totally sure what to do with the oblong foodstuff.

Hinata squirted a bit of ketchup onto her plate, dipping the burrito into it she enthusiastically dug in. Naruto stared in awe as she ate daintily, but filling her mouth with anything shaped like that… He shifted in discomfort as his blood thundered for a moment.

She looked up at him, wondering why he wasn't eating, did he not want to try it?

He shook off the perverse thoughts, Hinata-chan's innocent expression letting him know that she wasn't trying to be sexy at all, just eating her breakfast. He took a big bite and was pleasantly surprised as the flavours filled his mouth.

"This is really tasty Hinata-chan, what is it?"

"It's a breakfast burrito, I learned about it from a noble family from the Village Hidden in the Cholesterol, Americagakure no Sato." She replied, and proceeded to tell him the story of the ambassador and his family, and their time in Konoha. She even told him that she'd been reminded of the Akimichi clan while they'd been visiting.

He happily munched on his breakfast, finishing quickly while she spoke animatedly about the events of the past. She finished her story and shooed him into the shower so that he could clean up and she could finish her breakfast unmolested, despite her vague wishes otherwise.

He finished up quickly, hoping for a little more one on one time with his girlfriend, but he was again disappointed as she was pulling on her jacket. She turned to him and with a quick kiss she let him know that she wanted to go, fun could be had later, once they had more information about tonight. Grudgingly he pulled pants on, resisting the urge to pull her pants back down and have his way with her. This affected them both and she was concerned for good reason.

Moments later they strolled through the streets of Konoha, hand in hand, enjoying the early morning breeze. They chatted about nothing of great consequence, merely enjoying each other's presence. They swiftly arrived at the Hyuuga Compound, passing through the gate without anything more than a funny look or two. Continuing on, they arrived at the Hyuuga Archives, only to be halted by a shrunken old man, his eyes clouded with age, though it was hard to tell with the pearly eyes of the Hyuuga being so white to start.

"Halt, what reason do you have for attempting to enter the Hyuuga Archives?" Donten Hyuuga queried to the two youths in front of him.

"Oi, Oji-san, we…" Naruto started but was gently shushed by his mate.

"Honored elder, it has come to our attention that I am a Tracer," She started and pushed forward once she saw the look of interest on his face grow, "and we seek information regarding the Tracer Trials, and the training that Tracers undergo."

The older man said nothing, merely flexing his will and activating his Byakugan without hand signs. He fixed his chakra aided vision between the two, seeing a few small streamers of chakra emit from the blonde one, only to be absorbed by the heir, sinking into her chakra network.

Donten Hyuuga was not a kind man, nor a cruel one. He merely reacted to each situation as it occurred. Heavy suspicion tainted his reactions, one did not live through several ninja wars and a long term of active duty without getting a little paranoid after all.. The Hyuuga Archives held one of the oldest collections of scrolls and texts, gaining access to it was no simple task, and anyone who was a non-Hyuuga had hope to access it easily, not even the Hokage could simply waltz up and demand access.

"He can't go in." The shriveled old man stated, not bothering to cushion the blow.

"Hey, I'm involved in this too!" He burst out, only to again be shushed by the woman next to him. Donten also gave him a disparaging glare, letting the boy know exactly how much his opinion mattered to Donten.

"He is to be my bonded and is thus nearly a Hyuuga as well." She stated only to be cut off again by the elder man.

"Is to be and is, are two separate things Hinata, and you know well that only a full member of the main house is allowed into the Archives without express permission from the Clan Head himself." He said imperiously, the responsibility of the Archive, its maintenance and the upholding of the rules would all fall squarely on his shoulders should anything be amiss. It was not worth his easy job or his status should he break those rules.

She harrumphed and led Naruto a short ways off from the entrance.

"Naruto-sama, would you please wait here? I know Donten-san, and he will not budge from the rules in the slightest once he's made up his mind." She asked, hoping that Naruto-sama himself would not dig in his heels. Seeing the slightly mulish look on his face starting to grow she leaned in and whispered softly into his ear, "I'll make it up to you later, Naruto-sama." She nearly said master, but knew that if she did it would be all over the compound before she got back from her research, sama was almost as bad, but she couldn't hide into a kun quickly enough or convincingly enough to fool her clansmen yet.

Naruto looked between her and Donten a few times, unwilling to trust anyone else with her safety. That was a new sensation, when did he stop thinking she was capable of taking care of herself? He knew on a mental level that she could kick ass and take names, but after being with her day in and day out for the last few days, he was leery of letting her out of his sight.

She pressed up against him and nibbled on an earlobe, willing him to back down even as she considered what wicked naughty things he might ask for to make up for it. "Please Naruto-sama; I want to get as much information as I can so that we can be prepared for later this afternoon."

"Okay," He relented, "but be careful, and don't forget not to wander too deep or far, we're still on mission."

His arms were suddenly devoid of her warmth and softness, as she'd grabbed the surprised Donten Hyuuga and was almost dragging him towards the entrance. Watching the two disappear into the building Naruto took up a sentinel position on the side of a door, leaning against the wall and charging up a Rasengan slowly. The small blue sphere swirled to life, and then faded, only to repeat this cycle over and over again as he tried to keep his mind off of the sudden onset of loneliness again.

"I might as well keep trying to get this jutsu right." He thought to himself, bringing it up to size again, before increasing the chakra flowing into it incrementally. He'd had it blow up in his hands enough times now that he recognized the warning signs before it shredded, so cut power to it as it began to destabilise. He frowned and spun it up again, staring blankly into the whirling churning mass of destructive energy in his palm.

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-Inside the Hyuuga Archives-

"Now what was it that you were looking to research about our Clan, Hinata-sama?" Donten asked, once again polished and urbane now that they were out of the presence of the Kyuubi brat. He might be the potential mate to the girl in front of him, but that would not be solidified before they underwent the Trials tonight.

"I am searching for all information regarding Tracers, the Taint, and the Trials, Donten-san." She said quietly, glad for the sunlight pouring in through high windows as this place got very creepy in the dark.

"I see, this way then please, there is precious little written down though." He said, ignoring the crestfallen look on her face. Little did she know that the Trials were very secretive, and had never been written down in the archives, each Tracer having to go in blind as it were. The only place that there might be a record would be in the Clan Leader's library, or maybe the Elders Library. He led her to the section regarding Tracers and pulled out a chair, sitting down he gestured to the shelves and settled in to observe her and her researches.

Hinata pulled one of the few books in this section off the shelf and nodded to Donten, before settling into a straight backed wooden chair, and started to read.

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-Hyuuga Archives Entrance-

He had nearly tried to break the door down twice now as she'd been gone for well over an hour, nearly two. Only the lack of any noise or chakra expenditure kept him from freaking out too much. He'd given up working on the Rasengan a little more than a half hour ago, his frustration had been destabilising the chakra construct even quicker than usual, so he'd taken up pacing around the building and across the doorway. Fortunately the gate guards had passed on that he was permitted on the grounds, or he'd have been mass assaulted much earlier in the day. As it was the compound guards were starting to get twitchy with a non-Hyuuga pacing the grounds incessantly. They were both saved from the impending battle as the Archive doors swung open and a visibly irritated Hinata strode out of them.

Naruto visibly relaxed to see his girlfriend alive and well, but he'd never seen her look this irritated.

"Hinata-chan, what's the matt… hurgh." He choked for a moment as she grabbed his arm and tugged hard in the direction of the gate. She was mumbling too low to be heard so Naruto wisely chose to keep his mouth shut and simply let his girlfriend lead on and blow off some steam.

He was slightly concerned when she didn't lead them back towards the apartment, but off into a less populated section of the city, where she flashed her Byakugan on and off a few times. His confusion grew when she led them into an alley out of sight and ran through five hand signs before whispering "Mitodokeru Bekki-nai no jutsu."

A slight haze erected around the couple, distracting Naruto before Hinata reached over and dropped his pants to the ground. He almost got a chance to say something before the vacuum like lips of the Hyuuga Heir wrapped around his member and started to bring it to life. He'd gotten used to being attacked and molested by Hinata by now, and he'd always enjoyed it before, so who was he to complain on location. Figuring if she was okay with whipping out his dick in public than they might as well be on even ground. He leaned over and unzipped her jacket and gave her a minor pleading look.

Understanding immediately she pushed down the tube top like top she'd chosen this morning and allowed her bra-less tits to spill out into sight. He watched them shiver and shake as she gave her all to the enthusiastic and surprise blowjob, working her mouth up and down the shaft while squeezing and teasing her breasts, for his benefit and her own. He'd almost started to ask questions again when she looked up and dragged her teeth gently against his cockhead, which turned his question into a, "Shit, cumming Hinata-chan."

She hummed in pleasure as he emptied himself into her mouth, swallowing rapidly to keep him from staining her clothes or requiring extra clean-up. He stared woozily down at the woman in front of him draining his ball into her mouth, she finished swallowing and stood, her breasts momentarily engulfing his sensitive cock as she rose tight close to his own body. She undid the tie at the front of her pants and let them drop to the ground.

'If I start wearing dresses and skirts then all I'll have to do is pull them up for him to do this…' she pondered for a moment, before her irritation returned and she reached down and ripped her panties off, enjoying the sensation of them dragging for a moment before giving way. She would have to buy some cheap panties to let Naruto-sama do the same thing to her, it would be even better then.

Naruto looked ahead to see the dripping wet snatch of his girlfriend and started to lean forward to return the favour before she turned away from him and leaned up against the opposite wall of the alley. Turning back she spread her sex with two fingers and with a vexed look on her face she told him, "Like in the shower last night Naruto-sama, fuck me, fuck me hard and fast!"

Never one to miss out on an opportunity to make his girlfriend feel better, especially if it involved fucking her tight twat while she groaned and spasmed around him; He strode forward and thrust hard and unyielding into her snug pussy and continued to push into her as hard as he could.

"Ungh, fuck yeah Naruto-sama, Master, fuck my tight pussy, it's all yours, do with it what you want." She moaned out quietly, trying to keep from being too noisy. The jutsu she'd put up would only keep out the unconcerned citizens, if they heard a woman loudly begging for it they would definitely have company.

None-the-less she was finding it harder and harder to keep quiet, the day before it had been extra exciting because he'd taken real control for the first time and had restrained her like she'd wanted. Now he was in control only by proxy, but they were fucking in public! In an alley no less. She was also having more difficulty staying quiet with her tits digging into the rough brick walls, it hurt, but in such a glorious way, now if he would just pull her hair back and give her ass a nice firm swat…

"P-P-P." she stuttered out, shame and embarrassment joining forces to keep her silent desire internal.

"What was that Hinata-chan?" He asked roughly, as he sawed in and out of her.

"P-P-Pull my hair Naruto-sama!" She finally got it out, and her mouth decided that it wouldn't stop, "Pull my hair and slap my ass Naruto-sama, fuck me so hard we end up going through this wall, Oh Kami-sama, fuck me, drill me, own me Master."

He slowed for a moment at the raw emotion pouring out in her voice, hoping that no-one would be close enough to hear her. The sexy implications of her statement finally permeated into his brain and he lost it a little bit. He brought one hand up and swirled it through her hair, gathering up all the strands that he could reach, before giving it a sharp tug back, pulling her head off its resting place on the wall. As her head rose her breasts pressed more roughly into the wall and she nearly lost it again. He allowed a small amount of demonic chakra to pool in his other hands before swatting and caressing her ass in equal measures.

That was too much for her, and he had to reached around and cover her mouth before her cries were heard across the village. As it was the girl's muffled groans and oaths, combined with a pussy spasming fiercely sent him over the edge and he filled her cunt to the brim with jizz, her head bobbing up and down as his fist clenched with each glorious spurt of cum sent jetting out of his cock and into her.

He was more than pleased when he finally removed his hand from her mouth and the first audible words from her were, "Never stop fucking me Ruto-kun," before she fell into a light sleep.

He pulled her pants back on and writing her panties off as collateral damage, watching somewhat fascinated as her cum continued to leak out of her pussy, but he had nothing on hand to clean her up. Propping her up against a clean-ish section of wall he pulled his own clothing back on and lifted her up bridal style, wandering in the direction of Ichiraku's, he wanted some lunch.

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She woke up about halfway to the ramen shop, and her previous anger seemed to have evolved into depression. Looking down at the pouting girl he lifted her a little higher and kissed her nose, for which he received a startled noise as she'd not been paying attention.

"Why so down beautiful, I for one am in a fantastic mood!" He stated in a smug manner, before bringing her closer to his mouth and whispering, "A pretty kunoichi dragged me into an alley not so long ago and told me to take her hard. She seemed to enjoy it at the time, but now she's all sad. Know anything about that?"

Her face had brightened a little at the mention of their public fun, but fell again as he asked why she was in a poor mood.

"Nothing Naruto-sama, absolutely nothing." She ground out, vexed beyond all belief and irritated at her lack of results.

"Huh?" He asked intelligently.

"There was nothing of use in the Hyuuga Archives Naruto-sama. A few legends and stories, some training scrolls, and a few fairy tales told to young Hyuuga children as bed time stories, but nothing at all regarding the Trial!" It was as if it had all been taken away or censored, how could there be so little information? It was true that Tracer's were rare, but one would think that they would have been tested and examined as thoroughly as possible when they did come into being!

"Okay, so we're not sure what we're walking into later?" He asked curiously.

"No, I'm sorry, I've failed you Naruto-sama." She said heavy hearted, pushing away from him, asking non-verbally to be set down to distance herself from him.

"Whatever," He said pulling her closer and kissing her again, "It won't be the first time I've walked into an unknown situation, at least this time I was invited."

She goggled a little before remembering just who she was dealing with, Konoha's Number One Most Surprising Ninja. Of course he wouldn't mind going into a situation with life altering consequences hanging in the balance.

She snuggled up into his arms again, glad for the contact and leaned up to his ear, whispering out a soft "I love you," before working her way out of his grasp. She grabbed his hand and led him the last few blocks to the Ramen stand, before sitting down and squishing softly while doing so. She shifted slightly to get more comfortable, but resting on a hard wood stool with cum leaking out of one's pussy is not a situation designed for comfort.

Naruto had placed their orders, well aware of her ramen preferences by now, while she grabbed a number of paper napkins and excused herself to the washroom to cleanup. She returned a few moments later, a goofy grin on her face replacing the downcast expression of not ten minutes ago. Lord above did he ever manage to fill her up; she'd probably be full of a mini-Naruto soon if they kept it up at this rate.

She sat down again, in much greater comfort this time and began to eat her lunch, watching with impressed eyes as her lover devoured unholy amounts of ramen with a modicum of grace and manners. Maybe he wasn't a lost cause after all!

She watched as he swallowed a particularly large bite before turning to talk to Ayame, progress indeed.

"Hey Ayame-chan," Hinata supressed the flare of jealousy at him calling someone else chan, she knew it wasn't sexual in anyway, but still. Naruto continued on oblivious to the sudden spike in anger from his girlfriend. "How did you get so good at making ramen so young? I can understand the old man being good at it, but well… he's old."

She laughed as a ladle came flying out of the back room to bonk Naruto in the noggin.

"I may be old, but my hearing and my aim is as good as ever!" Teuchi yelled from the small kitchen at the back of the shop.

"Father trained me how to cook when I was really little Naruto-kun, I was always around the shop in those early days. It was the only way that Dad could take care of a little girl and run the business." Her face fell a bit, "After all, mom died so early on he had to keep me around," face brightening she continued, "so I've made myself useful since the day I could walk, carrying ingredients, doing groceries runs, and eventually, cooking. I had to get old enough to see over the counter for that though."

"Wait a minute, how come I never saw you around the shop then? I've been coming here since I was four years old!" Naruto exclaimed.

"I can explain that one," Teuchi mumbled, walking out from the back, "I trained her how to be silent and stealthy from an even younger age then I taught her to cook. Passing down our families meager shinobi skills, many people still doubt I have a daughter that works here, you're one of the few she comes out to chat with after all Naruto."

Ayame, feeling the spike in killing intent directed at her again, spoke quickly to assuage the concerns of the lavender-haired woman that had caught Naruto-s eye.

"Yeah, how could I not come see my little brother whenever he comes to the shop? You were always so bright and full of energy for such a young child, it was always fun talking to you and hearing your cute little pranking stories. I loved to listen to them, after all, who wouldn't be proud of such a creative and unique little brother." She spoke, sweating a little at the feeling of tightly controlled murderous rage directed at her. It lowered, then guttered, and then finally fell away every time she stressed that she saw him as a little brother and how their age difference was so great. She decided to go for the coup du grace.

"And now you have your own cute girlfriend Naruto-kun, I hear that you've been spending lots of time with her. I'm glad that you can still make time for an old maid like me. Make sure to keep her extra happy, she's a real keeper this one." She breathed a sigh of relief as the girl blushed and hugged Naruto's arm into her generous bust, drawing his attention away.

"You'd better young man, I can think of more than a few people who'd like to snatch her away from you if you hurt her. She's a sexy kunoichi, and a clan heir to boot, why if I were a younger, fitter men…"


"Oww, damnit woman, can't I give a customer a compliment without getting hit with that damnable ladle? You're worse than your mother was!" Teuchi protested, rubbing the bump on his head.

"You can compliment customers, but not when you sound like a creepy old man doing it, geeze!"

Naruto laughed out loud and even Hinata was giggling behind a raised hand, enjoying the show with their dinners. They watched the two bicker back and forth, smiles on the faces of all present, while they finished their lunches. Well, for Naruto to finish his pile of bowls, Hinata had finished her bowl of lunch while Naruto was on his fourth bowl of ramen, but she was well amused by the antics of the proprietors while he worked his way up to fifteen before they interrupted the show and paid for their food.

"I hope Naruto never, ever leaves her. I might get stabbed in my sleep if he does." Ayame muttered quietly once they'd left. She loved Naruto in a familial way, and she loved Hinata as a sister-in-law, but damn was she scary when her man was involved.

################################### ########################### ######################

-Training Ground 12-

"So what should we work on Naruto-sama?" She asked, wondering what direction he would take them.

"I think we should work on your resistance some more Hinata-chan, I'm getting a feeling that we're going to be asked to work together during the exam, and you aren't exactly combat ready with me right now." He said, trying to be gentle and tell the truth at the same time, continued proof to him finally growing a little more mature.

She slumped a bit at that painful truth, but on the same token she loved the feeling that it provided. She pondered at what she could do to help resist his chakra and struck upon an idea.

"I've noticed that I can react more against you when I'm in that solid henge of yours Naruto-sama," she said, before bringing her hands together and poofing into the 25 year old woman from the night before. She looked herself over and tried to activate her bloodline. It failed and she sweat for a moment before she realized that the henge being solid and true must be interfering with her bloodline.

"I can't use my Byakugan like this right now though, I might be able to train through it, but I'm afraid that even then it might not be able to pierce that chakra in this technique depending on where my 'true' eyes would sit." She explained to the thinking boy, who flared his chakra in her direction to see her merely stumble a bit, rather than moan out loud and cum as he'd expected her to.

"I wonder why it keeps you from being affected?" He wondered out loud.

"I-I think it might have to do with the fact that this technique takes your Kyuubi chakra to be effective." She said, suddenly nervous for no reason she could express.

"It does? Wait, how do you have Kyuubi chakra to use?" He asked confused, sure, she was affected by it, but how was it staying in her system without hurting her?

"It's been growing in my system ever since you got back Naruto-sama. It takes a little of it to maintain the technique, but not a lot, I could use it for hours on end before I would be in any danger of running low." She said, her tone going suddenly sultry at the implications of the technique for their use.

He was oblivious to the heated voice for once, wrapped up in trying to solve the puzzle.

"We should go talk to Obaa-chan, she might know what's going on with you, and maybe she can help us figure out how to adapt the solid henge to keep your eyesight and the resistance." He said, smacking one fist into the other as he completed his train of thought.

"That might work Naruto-sama, she is a very gifted medic-nin after all, and a Sannin on top of that, lets go ask her."

The two leapt away from the training ground, unaware of the white haired man watching them carefully, doing his best not to giggle his head off at the two. It would give him away after all, and he wanted to see many, many more displays like the one in that alleyway. Such a minor genjutsu would never keep out the greatest pervert in the world after all!

################################### ########################### ######################

-Hokage's Office-

The two had waited at the door for a moment after the ANBU had gone in to let the Lady Hokage know that they wished to be permitted in her presence. Naruto had let Hinata do the talking, he usually had to argue with the woman to get her to do what he wanted, so he figured he'd let his girlfriend do the talking and see what the result was.

A small pulse of chakra, almost unnoticeable to those not paying attention, flickered and the ANBU tilted his head to let them know that the Hokage was ready for them.

"Alright brat, you're being way more polite than usual, what do you want?" The woman behind the mountain of paperwork spoke as they crossed the threshold.

Naruto kept his silence with an effort, he'd decided to let Hinata do that talking, so he'd let her talk.

"Lady Tsunade, we've discovered a potential method to allow me to resist Naruto-sama's chakra to a degree, but it currently blocks off access from my bloodline. We're hoping that you as a leader of the medic-nin community may have some insight into improving the process, or altering it enough to work appropriately." Hinata flattered and requested in equal amounts, riding the line between diplomacy and ass-kissing.

The Fifth paused for a moment before a look of great concern crossed her face.

"What have you two been messing with that might affect your eyes Hinata-chan? Anything that disruptive should have been run through myself or Shizune long before attempting them. Are you okay right now Hinata? Any issues or problems with your bloodline?" The elder woman was near frantic, she'd assigned that long term c-rank mission more as a benefit to the couple than any other reason. If the two had damaged the sight of the heir of the Hyuuga… The consequences would be severe in the extreme.

The two looked at each other, somewhat confused, they hadn't been doing anything that dangerous, why was the Hokage so worried.

"I can show you Tsunade-sama, one moment please." The woman tried to object, who knew what was going on, but before it crossed her lips she heard the young Hyuuga woman name the technique.

"Henge. See Tsunade-sama, in this alternate form I can resist his chakra to a degree, the amount he puts off ambiently doesn't bother me too much, but if he flares his chakra I can still feel it, though it's affects are roughly halved. In this state however I cannot activate my Byakugan and…"

"What the hell are you two talking about, the henge couldn't possibly have any effect on the amount of chakra you absorb, whether the ambient levels or if he flares it." Tsunade said, irritated at this apparent waste of her time. "Not only that, it shouldn't have any effect on your Byakugan either, I've known member of your clan to use it while disguised from time to time, it's only a crappy illusion after all!"

Civilian Hinata looked to her beau, confused. "You never told her the characteristics of your henge?"

"I didn't even know it was different until you explained that to me, remember Hinata-chan?"

"True, and Jiraiya-sama never noticed either?"

"Uhm, I don't think so, if he did he never mentioned it either."

"What the hell are you two talking about?" her patience, never in great supply, was rapidly draining away.

"Uhm with the Kyuubi's chakra, Naruto's henge is actually a solid variant, not an illusion." Dropping the bombshell statement on the bombshell blonde might have been amusing in other circumstances, but Hinata hopped that the formidable woman wouldn't harm Naruto-sama for keeping such a useful technique away from the Hokage's office until now.

"That's not possible, is it?" The Hokage rose from behind her desk, reaching towards the 'civilians' head, tapping her forehead that was a good three inches beyond Hinata's stature. 'Impossible,' she thought, before taking a deep calming breath.

"Naruto, you are temporarily relieved from Hinata's presence and your current mission, I want you running laps of the village until I call for you, clockwise. If you aren't out of my presence in the next ten seconds I make no promises into your continued health."


"RUN YOU IDIOT AND GET THE HELL OUT OF MY SIGHT!" The deep breath calm had faded from her system at his questioning tone.

As she watched the young man flee the office her ire dropped, here he had been sitting on the greatest spying tool in recent history, and he hadn't thought to mention it? She'd only managed not to hurt him because she loved him and the fact that he'd done it out of stupidity, not maliciousness. She counted down from ten, and when that was insufficient she started at fifty. At twelve she'd regained enough composure to not scare the bejeezus out of her guards, and so signaled one to go get Shizune from the hospital.

Turning to the girl in front of her, she let the rest of the anger fade from her face. The petrified Hinata relaxed a touch as she smiled, before permitting herself to speak.


"I'm not very happy with Naruto right now, he should have informed the Sarutobi of this the moment he found out. That idiot could have easily overtaken Jiraiya's level as a spy and potential spymaster the year he left the academy. He could have walked into any village as anyone, and he might not have tripped the genjutsu sensor in place." The anger was leaking back into her voice now, thinking of opportunities lost, training that the boy would have undergone the moment this fact became known.

"I-I see Hokage-sama, but why am I still here if I may ask?" She quailed as the killer intent started to radiate off of the blonde woman again.

"Because I need to test the usefulness of this technique, and I may end up beating Naruto severely if I have to do it with him as a subject. I love the boy, but this is a really big screw up."

Hinata was saved having to either lapse into silence or keep the conversation going with the arrival of an out of breath Shizune.

"You called for me Tsunade-sama, the ANBU said it was important."

She proceeded to explain what had gone on over the last few minutes and why the younger blonde would not be joining them any time soon. Shizune picked her jaw up off the ground from the shock of hearing about so useful a technique.

The two medics bade Hinata to sit and started to run an exhaustive suite of diagnostic techniques over the henge'd girl. They poked and prodded hard enough that the jutsu released once, but after a time they let her relax back into her natural form.

"I-It's perfect Tsunade-sama, I can't find a single disparity between the person she is wearing and who the scans show." The young woman was stunned, such a perfect spy tool in the hands of Naruto of all people? Despite his stealthy escapes from the ANBU and lower during his younger years, there could hardly be a person less suited to the spy game. He was loud, brash and he could barely lie to save his life. If they'd known and started young they might have gotten him to adapt, but now… She despaired before turning her gaze to Hinata.

"I know what you're thinking Shizune, but she's the heir to the most prodigious clan in Konoha. Between her and Naruto we have two of the least suited or able people in the entire damnable village for espionage, and they would barely have to try to make it possible." She reached into her desk and drew out a bottle of the good stuff, pouring herself and her apprentice a saucer of sake. It was a sign of her gloom that Shizune not only failed to berate her mistress for her habits, but she actually took up the second saucer and commiserated with her instead.

"We could see if Anko would teach him a few things, she's almost as bad as he is but she manages to do the occasional infiltration mission?" Shizune thought out loud, trying to see a way to salvage this unexpected boon into something useful.

'Oh no, not Anko!" Hinata thought to herself with fear, 'It was her body that got Naruto out of his trance early this week, and she completely shameless, I can't let those two get together!' Despite all her Naruto lovin' lately, and his desire to keep her happy, she was still insecure regarding her place. She wanted to be his one and only, but she knew if he asked she'd allow others in to make him happy. But how to keep him from thinking like that if they were forced to train together? Her chain of thought was broken as she heard the Hokage dismiss the idea, albeit a little slower than Hinata would have preferred.

"Maybe, but she's primarily a seductress type, I can't see that working for Naruto-kun." The Hokage muttered, following along with her apprentice's train of thought.

"But, but there has to be someone who could train him, something we could do! We can't let this slip through our fingers!" Shizune protested. They couldn't let so valuable a skill fall through their fingers.

"I think we might have to let this lie for now Shizune. He has other things on his plate right now, this situation with Hinata-chan and the Jounin exams coming up. After we've cleared those barriers maybe we can give him a few milk-run spying missions and see how he does." She said, taking another sip of her sake. Seeing the look on her apprentices face she continued, "I know it's hard to not develop such a skill right away, but a few weeks shouldn't make any major difference in the long run."

Shizune's shoulder slumped, "Surely we could…"

"Leave it alone for now Shizune; we have a more…useful test subject at the moment."

Hinata gulped at this statement, the predatory looks the two were giving her weren't helping her stress level.

################################### ########################### ######################

-West Gate Entrance-

The group had left through the east gate and swept around the outer wall quickly. The Hokage had told the guards that they would be inspecting the outer walls, and thus had managed to avoid making it seem like they were leaving the village proper. A Hokage did not leave the village for no reason after all, and a surprise inspection was the perfect reason to do so after all, especially not with the Hyuuga heir..

She observed a trio of messenger hawks peel off in the cardinal directions as soon as they had left the gate guards sight. They were obviously warning their compatriots guarding the other gates to the 'surprise inspections.' Had this been a true inspection she'd have been irritated, but heightening security at the other gates would serve her purposes perfectly.

A leisurely half hour walk around the walls (for a ninja at least), passing Naruto twice, they arrived at the West Gate. Walking in she was requested for paperwork from a straight backed chunin, Kotetsu if she remembered properly, she produced her official robes of office and was passed through without further question. She had to vouch for Shizune though, who had not thought to bring her official paperwork with her for a test of their security.

'Sloppy, I'll have to run her through a good training session for that. She used to be the one who dealt with all that stuff before we returned and I took up the hat.' She conveniently ignored the fact that she also had no papers and had needed to resort to pulling rank to get in.

The guards let out a silent sigh of relief as their boss passed through the gates and left them to their daily drudgery without causing any trouble.

The two kunoichi, having passed through security, entered a small restaurant and elected to sit on the patio. They were just placing their drink orders when they saw a very tall blonde man enter through the gates. He was nearly seven feet tall and had a deep, booming voice, but was carrying nothing more than a backpack and an armful of produce. The two channeled chakra to their ears to listen in on the conversation between the guards and the large man.

"I'm sorry ninja guys, I don't have any paperwork. My Pa just told me to bring these goods to some place called Ichiraku Ramen. Said something about his back hurting too much to make the usual run, so I volunteered to bring these ingredients into town for him."

Kotetsu turned to his fellow guard, eyeing a cute young brunette trying to sweet talk her way past the third ninja.

"What do you think? He's not a shinobi, but he could cause trouble for civilians."

The second ninja was about to speak before the large man piped up again.

"Oh, I don't want any trouble, I have to be back at the farm before my little brother can go play with his friends. He can be a little hellion if he doesn't get his way, and if I get back fast he'll owe me one."

"Yeah, whatever, why are you asking me Ko, let him in or turn him back." Nakata was irritated at Kotetsu, he might have gotten a chance to hit on that cutie if Ko hadn't distracted him with a stupid question. She was awfully close to their team-mate, whispering in his ear while giggling, turning the guards face red. She passed him a slip of paper and sauntered off, enjoying the eyes following her as she strutted towards the Hokage's Tower.

"Fine, go drop off your crap, but you better be back here in half an hour or I'll be sending one of these guys to come find you, understood?" Kotetsu blustered at the larger man. He'd have no problem taking down a civilian like this, and the man knew it.

He watched the large man walk off into the rush of traffic passing through the village, and then ignored him. The threat was enough to keep the man honest he figured, no need to keep tabs on a farmer after all.

Ten minutes later, while the two older kunoichi were enjoying their appetizer, a small girl wandered up to the window and looked longingly at the food on the table before turning away dejectedly stomach growling.

Tsunade motioned with her eyes, and Shizune shunsin'd through the glass and took the little girls hand before bringing her back into the restaurant. She was obviously nervous and could barely keep pace with the woman holding her and her long steps. The two made up a plate for her and the little girl dug into the plate with obvious enjoyment, eating like Naruto after being separated from ramen for more than two hours.

"Alright Hinata, how was the infiltration? We saw you buttering up those guards, and I'll give them hell for falling for that later, but were there any snags?"

The two medic-nins jumped when their waitress started to talk instead of their adopted hungry waif, who was giving them funny looks.

"No major issues Tsunade-sama, but should we be talking in front of that civilian?" Hinata/waitress asked her boss, trying not to giggle at their mistaken assumption.

"We'll take another order of the udon then, and talk about this later." The older woman tried to remain calm, but a slight hitch in her voice gave her sudden nervousness away. That sneaky little minx had played them, and caught them red-handed no less. At least feeding the little girl could count as her good deed for the year; she really did look like she needed a good meal after all.

################################### ########################### ######################

-Hokage Tower-

They'd paid their bill and left the small girl with the address to a good orphanage where she'd be taken care of if she wanted it. Some kids just wanted to be one the streets, but they'd both gotten the vibe that the girl wanted a family. It wasn't something either of them could provide, despite being perfectly willing to feed the little girl and the bottomless pit that was her stomach.

"Back to business, and kudos for pulling off such a seamless infiltration Hinata, which were you, the farmer's son or the flirty brunette?" The Hokage asked, trying to reconcile either image to the girl in front of her.

"Neither Hokage-sama, I took the form of an elderly crone. I've noticed that people are less likely to bother the elderly, they are seen as less capable and generally too much trouble to be bothered to argue with." She said it with a straight face, and Tsunade couldn't decide if it was a subtle dig or if Hinata was just calling it as she saw it.

Letting it go as she couldn't get a good read off the girl's face, "Well, you didn't trip any of the anti-genjutsu sensors on the gate, and they are strongest on the West Gate. You chose a form that went unnoticed by the gate guards and managed to further infiltrate the restaurant we chose to eat at while observing. If I had to give your infiltration a grade it would be high A to low S, was the little girl planned or just a happy coincident?"

"I steered her towards the two of you, saying that you looked like you might be willing to help out a little girl lie her."

"Definitely low S-class then, the only way I would give higher marks was if you came as an obvious ninja and still managed to silently gain access." The Fifth gave her a pleased nod, mentally telling herself to mark the pertinent details into the girls file.

"Thank you Hokage-sama," She started and mustered the courage to continue, "May we recall Naruto-sama now? Or are you still too annoyed at him?"

The woman thought for a moment and then signalled to her ANBU, "Make him do a few more laps before coming in, but he's to be allowed access when he arrives."

The ANBU nodded and jogged down the stairs, trying to figure out in his head where the genin might be progress wise and gave it up as a bad job. He'd just run the wall clockwise and see how long it took to cross the Jinchuriki's path.

While they waited for the younger blonde to arrive the two medic-nins ran a few more esoteric tests, focusing on the chakra involved to see if they could adapt the technique for use by those without the chakra of a millennia old demonic fox chakra-construct running through them. The two weren't terribly surprised when the results came back, disappointed but not surprised.

"It seems like the fox's chakra is required Tsunade-sama, the outer shell of the henge construct is comprised entirely of it after all."

"That's what I got too Shizune, so for the moment at least it seems as if these two are the only ones who can do it, if not for the unique circumstances then only Naruto-kun would be able to do it." She hmmm'd in thought, trying not to sink into depression at such a useful tool lost to the village due to the only people being able to use it being unable to go on 'throw-away' missions.

"Still, that tell us a lot about what the solid henge does to keep out the Fox's chakra, and a possible defense to Naruto-kun's presence and his chakra and what it does to our cute little Hyuuga here."

"It does?" Hinata and Shizune stated in synch, not having made the logical leap to the next step as Tsunade had.

"Of course, think about it, how does the solid henge work? You told me yourself just a moment ago." She prodded her apprentice, who should have seen the connection. Shizune thought back to the last few sentences that she had uttered.

"The outer shell?" She said, half statement, half question.

"Got it in one, the outer shell of the construct is entirely Kyuubi chakra, so that must be what is resisting the holder's chakra interference." Tsunade said, making it seem obvious in retrospect.

"So I need to stay in a shifted form Tsunade-sama? Without access to my Byakugan? That seems like it might cause more problems than solutions on missions?" The small Hyuuga girl was drawing strength from the presence she felt growing closer, otherwise she'd have been hiding in her coat and pushing her fingers together.

"Not quite, all you need to do is keep the Kyuubi chakra in your system up near the surface, that should let it be absorbed into the whole without bothering you nearly as much, give it a try."

Hinata Hyuuga may not have been a genius like her cousin, or the most acceptable main family Hyuuga like her sister, but she was still a Hyuuga and chakra manipulation was still a skill drummed into Hyuuga from the moment they could sense their own chakra.

Pushing the dark orange chakra to the surface burned, but it was closer to a light sunburn than anything debilitating, she felt the presence of her boyfriend diminish, though she could still tell that he was trudging up from the base of the tower and was just pushing up past the second story. The feeling that his chakra was still invading her full strength was present at the small of her back. She flashed through a series of hand signs to maximize the effectiveness and flared her Byakugan to life.

"Godaime-sama, there still seems to be a hole in the Kyuubi-chakra just above my posterior; its chakra does not seem to be accumulating there. Otherwise this is just as effective if not more so than the solid henge." She struggled not to blush as she told the woman in front of her that the only hole was about four inches above her ass, and then had to keep the blush from magnifying as she imagined her enthusiastic boyfriend plundering that ass.

"Hmm, that means that this method will not work completely, but if he's in battle in front of you… or if we can seal up that hole in your defense…"

Hinata let the darker chakra wash back into it hidey holes as a disheveled Naruto made his way into the room, unhindered by the ANBU to either side of the door. She wanted to feel him as fully as possible, he'd been gone for hours at this point and she'd missed the enveloping feeling of his chakra and his cute whiskers as well. Moving forward she wormed her way into his arms and relaxed as his chakra once again meshed into hers, sighing lightly and completely forgetting where she was and who she was ignoring.

Naruto was having a hard time being angry at the Hokage with such a happy Hinata-chan in his arms, she was a natural stress reliever, even if she rose his blood pressure without trying by pressing her impressive attributes into his chest when she hugged him.

"What the heck was that all about Obaa-chan? I made twenty-three laps around the village before your ANBU caught up with me, I may like to train but I'm not fuzzy brows over here!"

She had to think for a moment before she remembered the fitness obsessed chunin and his sensei, before forcing them and their sunset genjutsu from her mind again, shuddering the whole time.

"You've been sitting on a ninjutsu that could shape the elemental nations and you didn't even know it gaki! The only reason I learned about it was that it was helping your girlfriend keep your massive chakra reserves at bay!" She snapped at him, trying to keep her temper in check and mostly succeeding.

"Huh?" He got out, still confused.

She spent the next half hour explaining the situation to the oblivious boy, succeeding partially before the young woman in his arms looked down at her watch and squeaked.

"Forgive me Hokage-sama, but Naruto-sama and I have urgent clan business to submit ourselves to in a little while, may we please be excused?" Hinata asked, hoping that they would have enough time to clean up and make themselves presentable before the deadline set by her father.

"Go on, I'll get what I need out of the knuckle head later, we've got enough to figure out a few more tests later on." She waved off the two lovers, not wanting to keep them from the Hyuuga Clan Leader's eye and his questions. The crystal ball would be seeing more than a little use tonight.

################################### ########################### ######################

-Naruto's Apartment-

They'd had to rush to get ready and there on time as the Hokage and her testing had taken so long. She'd pushed Naruto into the bathroom with a quick kiss to clean up from all his running and started to pull clothes from the closet the moment she entered their room.

"I understand that the Hokage was upset and wanted to test out the solid henge, but did she really have to make poor Naruto-sama run all those laps?" She grumbled to herself, flipping through dresses and skirts, kimonos and sari's before she arrived at the outfit she was looking for. A pale silver kimono with a light blue obi, Naruto-sama had said she looked amazing in it, after he'd returned to his senses that is.

She giggled at the memory of Naruto eyeing her up and down before moving back to the closet to find his clothing for the evening. She rifled through the closet again but couldn't find anything she liked better then the red and black hakama. She smiled at the contrasting colours and couldn't help but think that they were a nice representation of her and Naruto, opposites, but looking good together.

She moved to a small wall mirror and tried her hair in several different rough styles, but decided that she didn't have time to put it up properly, and it would reflect better if she came with something simpler as long as it was done correctly. Humming away she ran a brush through her long dark hair, listening for the shower to cut out.

The squeak from the nozzle let her know that Naruto was done his brief shower, and she picked up the clothing that she'd chosen and strode off to the bathroom. He was just finishing drying his hair when he was pleasantly assaulted and dressed by his blushing girlfriend.

'I'm glad she helped out, I can't figure out what half of these buttons and strings are for. At least this looks good on me, it's no orange, but it makes Hinata-chan happy so it'll do.'

She grabbed his hand and the two left the apartment, walking briskly down the street to make it to the Compound on time. Naruto had suggested only once that they roof hop if they were in a hurry, but Hinata had uncharacteristically shot him down.

"We can't Naruto-sama, we need to look as proper as possible. My father is a master of the Byakugan, ruffled clothing and hair out of place will tell him volumes of information, and none of it will look good."

"Okay Hinata-chan but we'd better hurry if we want to make it on time."

In no time at all they'd arrived at the gates of the Hyuuga Compound and been shown into a well decorated sitting room where they waited patiently. Well, Hinata waited patiently, Naruto tried to keep his fidgeting to a minimum until his girlfriend took his hand and he stilled.

Then the lights cut out and he felt her hand ripped away from his.

################################### ########################### ######################

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