Hi Everyone! This is my first ever fanfic, so go easy on me please. :] I hope you enjoy it!

We lock eyes from across the hallway. I turn in the other direction, heading straight for the door leading outside. Why does he always seem to be where I am? And why is he always staring right at me? I adjust my backpack, pulling one shoulder up to make it more comfortable. As I begin to push open the door, I feel a soft hand on my shoulder. I immediately stiffen as a result of my honed hunting instincts.

"You dropped something," a tentative voice murmurs just behind me.

I turn around and Peeta Mellark is right in front of me kneeling down. His blonde hair is a little unkempt and his gentle blue eyes meet mine as he rises back up. He seems out of breath as if he had to rush to catch up with me. In his hand is a pencil; it must have fallen out of my bag when I had adjusted it. I take it and put it back in my bag. "Thanks."

"No problem. Thought you might need it." Is he blushing? Why is he blushing? "I'm Peeta Mellark."

"I know. We've been at the same school since we were little kids." We're both juniors in high school now. I'm sixteen and he's seventeen. Everyone knows Peeta Mellark. He's average height and has a stocky build due to his lifting heavy bags of flour at his parent's bakery. He's the guy that can walk into a room of strangers but always leaves with a new friend. He's a charmer. It could be real but it could also be a facade he puts on for public eyes. No one can be that nice. I look out the window. Prim is meeting me so we can walk home together and I don't really have time to stand here and talk to him. I see her walk up just as he begins another sentence.

"I wasn't sure. By any chance, did you hear what the homework was for Mrs. Neppencourt's English class?"

"We didn't have any. Sorry, but I need to go. I have some things I need to get to." I push open the doors and walk outside.

I run straight into a broad chest. I stumble and catch myself.

"Sorry, that was an-" I am cut off when the person's hands push me out of the way roughly and shoves open the doors.

I glance back and see Peeta still standing right inside, obviously witnessing my clumsiness. He smiles at me. A classmate of ours named Scott stops and glances back at me with an angry face. He walks up to Peeta and says something and laughs. Of course it was Scott I ran in to. Go figure. I've never liked Scott; he always runs around school bullying other kids. Peeta seems to share that opinion as he stares at him for a moment. He looks angry before he replies, shaking his head at Scott. He turns around and walks down the hallway in the opposite direction of him and leaves my sight.

"Katniss! Look what I found today!" Prim opens up a small cardboard box slightly and leans it in towards me. I see a small lizard inside, small and green and scaly. "Can I keep it?"

"I don't know, little duck, Mom might not be happy about that. We should probably just let it go somewhere on the way home." We both begin walking home.

Prim's lower lip jutted out in a pout. "But... yeah. I understand."

"I'm sorry. You know if it were my choice I would let you; besides, Buttercup would probably just try to eat it anyways."

"Yeah... I guess so. You're right." We keep walking towards the Seam. "Who was that boy you were talking to?" She smiles at me as she grabs my hand to hold.

"What boy? Peeta? He's just... Peeta. I don't really know him." Truthfully, I don't. I know who he is, and I've seen him around, but this afternoon was the first time we ever had a real conversation, if you can call that a conversation. I kick a rock and give her hand a squeeze, grinning. "Are you spying on me now? You silly goose."

Prim rolls her eyes and giggles. "Of course not. I just noticed him watching you as you were coming out to meet me. He seemed awfully... well... interested. What did he want?"

"Nothing, Prim. He was just returning something I dropped. Promise." We begin to get closer to a wooded area. "Let's let your little friend go up ahead here. It's the perfect spot." We come to a stop and Prim walks over to a tree. She squats down and holds the box next to a limb and opens the lid. Quickly, the lizard darts up and into the tree to where we can no longer see it.

"Bye, little Lizzie!" Prim waves her little fingers at it. She turns around to me, but her eyes go behind me. "Hey, there's that boy again."

I freeze. Slowly, I turn around. Peeta is walking up the road toward his parent's bakery. I sometimes stop by there to trade hunted game for bread. Their goods are too expensive for my family to afford, and I'm pretty sure his dad only trades with me because he feels sorry for us. It's obvious he hides our trading from his wife because he never does it if she's around. But they're all decently nice, I suppose. Except for his witch of a mother. She always has a scowl on her face.

As Peeta walks up the steps to the door, I can hear his mother yelling something at him. He pauses before he opens the door, takes a deep breath, and walks in.

Prim and I look at each other and keep walking towards our house. After a bit, we are kicking off our shoes inside our front door.

That night, I lie in my bed staring at the ceiling. I can't sleep as questions begin running through my head. What did Peeta want in the hallway earlier? What did Scott say to him to make him angry? Why was he so apprehensive as he walked into his house? Yes, his mother is terrible.. but surely it couldn't be that bad. These questions kept rolling through my mind as I slowly drift to sleep with the boy with the bread taking me away into my dreams.