Authors note: So I love Cho and I love Lisbon especially when they interact together, I miss their moments on screen. I also thought that when Lisbon was fired at the start of season 3 she didn't seem too bothered and that she would have an emergency plan in place... that thought led to this.

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Lisbon had watched Cho acting strange all day. Since lunch he had been surreptitiously checking his phone every ten minutes. Considering all but one person who was important to him, was currently in the C.B.I. at this present time, Teresa Lisbon knew just who he was concerned about.

It was exactly five minutes before six when she called him into her office. Cho sat heavily on the chair, weighed down by his atlas like burden.

"Cho, I'm going to tell you again... this is a safe room. You have been my friend for almost a dozen years... so talk to me... please" Lisbon said, concern written all over her face.

"It's nothing I can't handle" Cho stated, starting to get up.

"Wait Cho, I've seen addition, I know the signs" Lisbon tried again.

"Then you know I'm clean" he reacted angrily.

"I know... I know you're clean now... I do, but I saw you walk the line; you came in here for help before but never asked so now I'm asking you Cho... what is it?"
Lisbon pleaded with her friend. She was scared he was out of reach.

"I can't boss its not you're fight" He met her eyes, letting some of his worry seep through.

"Kimball you have stood by me helped me and defended me every time I've needed you and every time I've thought I haven't... let me do the same."

Cho remained still, caught in a silent reverie. Minutes ticked by as he remained unmoving, marble stone polished buff. Lisbon knew though his immobile and pensive stance hid a great depth of churning waters.

"It's Summer." He spoke so suddenly Lisbon startled at the noise, she remained quiet afraid any sound would lead her second in command to clamp down and flee.

"I... I was sharing … my painkillers" Cho admitted, lowering his eyes, ashamed to confess his failings.

"And when I stopped she began looking for supplies elsewhere. I tried to stop her but she left this morning for the docks, I begged her not to and now..." He shifted visibly embarrassed.

"You haven't heard from her" she confirmed.

"No not in hours, I'm really worried" he told her.

"Your going to check it out after work right." Lisbon said to him, it was not a question, she already knew the answer. "It's dangerous and against policy" she reminded him.

"You'd do it for Jane if you were me" Cho defended his actions.

"He's a member of our team" Lisbon pointed out.

"We've done it even when he wasn't" Cho threw back.

Lisbon hated that he was right; she had a double standard when it came to their consultant, but not her team.

"I'll go with you" Lisbon informed Cho.

Cho looked up shocked; this emotion was quickly over taken by his defence mechanisms. "No you won't" he growled.

"I'm not letting you go alone. Not as your boss and certainly not as your friend" she said determinately.

"I can't ask you that, you can't risk your job for me" Cho argued.

"As you said I risk it for Jane all the time, you're all equally as important to me" Lisbon said.

Cho scoffed but had the decency not to call her on it. He had always admired his petite boss and secretly wondered would she go out on a limb for him like she would Jane. He was pretty pleased she would, wouldn't mean he would let her though.

"Thanks but no thanks; I can handle my own business." He stood up to leave, finishing the conversation. Lisbon spryly moved in front of him effectively blocking his exit. She had tried nice...

"Cho I wasn't asking for permission I was telling you, whether you like it or not I'm going... or I could call my buddies down at vice, get you and everyone else done for dealing..." Lisbon threatened.

Cho looked at her, seeing her smug expression he knew she had him. He knew better than to push her.

"Fine we leave in five" he grunted, some of his anger at the situation seeping through.

"Great I'll grab my coat" she replied sweetly, ignoring his tone.


Patrick Jane watched Lisbon's office with keen interest; Cho and Lisbon seemed to be having a very intense conversation culminating with her pressed against her door and Cho glaring keenly. Trouble was afoot and that could only mean one person... Summer.

He slipped in to her office as soon as Cho left to collect his stuff. He was about to make fun of the tension when he saw her face.

"Whatever it is don't do it" he told her.

"Don't do what Jane?" Lisbon asked, distractedly throwing various items into her bag.

"Whatever it is that as you two so riled up, it's probably dangerous both physically and career wise" he warned.

"Since when do you care about my career Jane" she looked up exasperated.

"You know I care Lisbon" he answered defensively.

"Bullshit, you have no problem risking my life and job if it suits you" Lisbon snapped, she didn't have time for this, Cho could bolt any moment.

"That's not true" Jane retorted, shocked by her reactions. He was only trying to help.

"O'Loughlin, Red John, Tommy, Panzer, and Erica to name just a few in the past few months" Lisbon rolled off the top of her head

Jane was hurt by her words, the woman knew how to cut him, but what sliced the deepest was the element of truth. He was a hypocrite, she did risk everything on a constant basis but for some reason he liked that she would do all that for him and now Cho as it turned out.

Lisbon glanced outside her office to Cho who was looking impatient, well impatient for him which was a slight narrowing of his eyes in Jane's direction.

"I gotta go Jane" Lisbon started walking towards her door and a relieved Cho, stopping by it she threw him an olive branch, "thanks for your concern as well... I do appreciate it" she squeezed his arm lightly.

Jane watched her leave unable to shake the feeling that it would be permanently.