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Like the rest of the story, this epilogue has been haunting me for some time. I knew what I wanted to write but not how to write it. One night, my husband really irritated me to the point of nonbelief and to calm myself, I sat at the computer and wrote this last closing chapter. I hope that this brings closure to this story for you like it did for me, for it explains a few things that I didn't know how to put into the original story. As always, thanks for reading my story.

A Heart's Yearning, epilogue


It was over two weeks now since they laid Kenshin to rest and Sanosuke should have felt relieved that his friend no longer had to search for the girl with the long black hair. But he didn't. He couldn't. When he first heard of Kenshin's death it had hit him hard. He had always been able to stand by his friend and be there when he fell to help him back to his feet, but this time he wasn't there and he didn't know how to handle what he was feeling.

It had started with a small gnawing ache in the pit of his stomach, growing these last two weeks until it was consuming his very being, drawing him deeper and deeper into himself and away from his family and job. Making him feel disconnected from life itself.

Sighing, he stared out the window as a few rain drops emerged from the darkened sky. A cold chill passed through him, drawing him away from the window. He turned and slowly let his eyes pass over the room where Kenshin had stayed. He couldn't help but think that he should have done more to help his friend find her. Maybe he should have been looking harder or in different places. There must have been something that he could have done to help.

But now that Kenshin was gone, there was nothing for him to do but try to find her himself. But, then what would he do if he did find her, what could he say to explain that Kenshin was looking for her and why he was looking for her.?

His thoughts were becoming centered on his absent friend's problems and he was losing touch with the things that were once important to him, his family and his job. His world was almost at a standstill for he was at a crossroad and he was being pulled down a path that he knew would lead to nothing but trouble. He needed to find closure where Kenshin was concerned but he didn't know how.

A loud knock at the door caught his attention and he watched as his wife brought in a tray with some tea and rice cakes. Setting the tray on the bed, she handed him a cup of hot tea and a rice cake. Refusing the rice cake, he gratefully took the hot tea.

"I thought this might help," she quietly said.

"You always know what I need," he replied before taking a sip of his tea.

"Kenshin would have wanted you to go on without him," she softly said behind her tea cup. She had noticed the changes in her husband and was trying to find a way to help him get back into life. Always finding him in the room where Kenshin had stayed, she knew that the longer he stayed in the room the harder it would be for him to finish his grieving process and get back into life.

"Let's go for a walk," he suggested, setting the tea cup back on the tray.

They walked through the local park, where Kenshin had always gone looking for the black haired girl. Sanosuke briskly walking, hands tucked into his pants pockets, his jacket flared out behind him, while Megumi half ran to keep up with him.

"Slow down, you said a walk, not a race," she complained.

"Oh, sorry, I kinda, you know…" he started to explain, slowing to a causal walk. "Megumi, why did you never question me as to why I was so involved in Kenshin's life?"

Pondering the question, she replied, "I figured, you had your reasons and I trusted you. Why?"

Crossing the road in silence, they left the park and walked down the streets of their town. Sanosuke now had a destination in mind, a place where he needed to go.

Picking his words carefully, he started to answer her inquiry. "You know that Kenshin and I have been friends from our first fight?" Not expecting an answer, he continued, "We were about, oh, two years old. I wanted to pound him into the playground but he didn't want to fight. So I chased him all around the playground. But he got the best of me and held me down until I agreed to be his friend."

"I can just imagine," she chuckled.

"Well, one summer we were both on the local baseball team and it was the last game of the season. We were tied with another team so we needed to win this game. It was very important to me, but Kenshin was just there for fun," he smiled, leading her towards his destination, "It was Kenshin's turn to bat, the bases were loaded and it would ensure that we would win the tournament for sure. But no one could find Kenshin. I went looking for him and found him behind the bleachers talking to the black haired girl. You know the one that he was always looking for?"

"Oh," was all she could say.

"Anyway, he knew how important the game was to me, so he came back and hit the home run that everyone knew he would. But when he went back to ask her what her name was… well, she was gone. And he has been looking for her ever since."

He stopped them as they came to the entrance of the cemetery where they had laid Kenshin to rest not two weeks ago. Quietly he said, "I just need to tell Kenshin that I plan to spend the rest of my life searching for the black haired girl."

In silence, they walked to his tombstone. Kneeling down, Megumi folded her hands in prayer and silently asked Kenshin to help her husband. Getting back to her feet, she walked away far enough so that her husband could have some privacy when he talked to Kenshin.

"Oi, Kenshin,"he started,"I just came to tell you that I will continue your search for the black haired girl. I promise you that I will find her," was all that he could say.

Turning, he started walking towards his wife, but after taking a few steps, something compelled him to turn around and look at Kenshin's tombstone. There stood Kenshin and the black haired girl, holding each other and smiling at him. Realizing that Kenshin had found the black haired girl, a heavy burden was lifted off his shoulders.

Smiling, he turned and with a light step he caught his wife's hand and spun her, stopping her to give her a kiss before escorting her out of the cemetery.

The End.