Authors note: So I wanted to do an AU story for a while now. It'll hopefully not be too long but I've only done this intro and a tiny but of a second chapter so it may be slow going.

Disclaimer: If only, imagine having Simon Baker have to do what I tell him...


The case was odd to say the least; a nut job, Frankenstein style doctor, an isolated lab and torrents of thunderous rain made for a strange concoction. Jane knew he had little in the ways of manly pride, but what small amount of dignity he did posses, kept him from admitting he was a teensy weensy bit petrified and maybe shaking... in his boots, though that could be from the frigid rain.

Lisbon was the picture of tranquillity of course; she was five foot of fierceness, give or take three inches. Sometimes he hated his job, creeping around this Bates style house was one of those times.

He longed to reach his hand out and hold the base of Lisbon's jacket, grounding him back to reality and away from his overactive imagination. She was his safety, his home, his reason and his protector. He balked at his own audacity to have once pronounced the words that he would save her.

Lisbon glanced back and obviously caught the fear on his face.

"You okay?" she whispered.

"Yes... no, does it matter its not like we can leave" Jane griped, too out of sorts to pretend with her. He had a strange feeling since they got this case and it intensified tenfold on seeing the Doctors choice of lair. He was clearly drugging these women as no amount of persuasion would get a sane woman here.

"Cho and Rigsby are circling round, we'll get him don't worry" Lisbon soothed.

"Sure... yup the psycho body harvester will be easy to catch. I've never seen this horror film" Jane snipped. Lisbon quietly chuckled at his behaviour.

"Don't worry Jane I'll protect you from the bad man" she mocked, hoping to lighten his mood.

He let out a low ha before closing the gap between them further. A flash of burning white light illuminated the dark room briefly. The room looked far less terrifying for that split second, why oh why couldn't they do this in daylight.

They neared the wooden door that led to the batshit crazy doctor's inner sanctum. The clinical term laboratory just couldn't cover the horror show that the man put on behind these doors.

"Okay Jane, we're going in, so hang back okay, let us handle this" she ordered.

"Stay safe Lisbon... please" he hated that he was whining, but screw their boundaries; she needed to come back to him.

Lisbon simply nodded to avoid responding. Of course she did, they didn't word their emotions or thoughts, as any show of attachment was faaarrr too complicated for them.

Kicking down the door Lisbon screamed her identity and her affiliation with the C.B.I. The 'good' doctor froze in surprise at her appearance. With his bottle caps glasses and wild hair, he looked so innocent, like they all did. God damn doctors, they were all freaking crazy.

His lab felt like 'Star Trek' had met 'The Fly', a mixture of crass oversized electronics and tiny neat computers. All somewhat typical except for the huge spherical antenna, bam smack in the centre of the room, climbing right through a skylight and beyond for your entire lightning rod needs. Jesus Jane was gonna have a field day once 'Dr Lugosi' here was secure.

He went to bolt for the other door meeting Cho in the place of wood. His eyes flitted between the two exits, a trapped animal sizing up his chances. He relaxed and held up his hands in surrender. Cho approached, clasping the cuffs on him before proceeding to read him his rights as they moved to leave the room.

"My, my, Lisbon how very Hammer of him no?" Jane exclaimed in glee on entering the room.

"Jane get out, we have to secure the scene and the prisoner properly" Lisbon yelled.

Noting the senior agent's distraction, the prisoner kicked Cho squarely in-between the legs and bolted. He pushed Jane with all his force against the silver centrepiece. Jane landed with a heavy thud, momentarily disorientated. Lisbon tackled the Doctor with ease, knocking him out in the process.

"Woops" she said, looking at the man on the ground, "you okay Jane?" she asked, far more concerned by her consultant.

"Yeah sorry..." he replied, a crack of lightning cutting off his sentence.

It shot down from the heavens entering the sphere, crackling bright blue as the machine sprung to life, Jane could only observe as it speedily approached him.

It hit with the force of a car and as his body convulsed and shut down, the only thing he could hear was Lisbon's cry of his name, both desperate and frantic.