Okay so I have very little time at the moment but this was nearly done, so I and my tired mind decided to post it in honour of the new series. Apologies for mistakes its 1am here as I post possibly the worst grammar check time ever!


She was going to help him, to save him; the woman was truly a saint regardless of which reality. Despite his need to find his family many questions about her ran through his mind; like how long was she in this office? Where was Minnelli? Did she have the Red John case? Was ice cream still her favourite treat?

Jane forced himself to think about the issue at hand. He took a breath and moved to the seat in front of her desk. It was soft and cosy; funny that even as the big boss she wanted people to feel safe.

He smiled at her and began his tale, praying that she would remain convinced of his truth. Time slipped by quickly while Jane recapped his experience, from the murder house to the flash of light, right through to his waking up in this reality.

Lisbon nodded along, still watching him intently for any signs of falsities, interrupting when necessary for further clarification.

They sat in an awkward silence when he eventually finished, Jane staring at her like she was an insect under a microscope. There was something in his eyes that she couldn't place, but it was almost like disappointment, almost that she wasn't good enough. Leaning back in her seat, she placed her clasped hands on her stomach and processed what he had told her.

The afternoon light bathed the room in a warm glow and the sole noise was the soothing ticking of a clock in the room. Lisbon felt drained and part of her wanted to curl up on her couch and sleep, she always did think better after sleep, it helped her fire on all cylinders.

Jane smirked at her, noting her eyes flicking to the throw on her couch. She scowled when she realised he had picked up on her train of thought.

Deciding they were on more stable ground he shattered the stillness.

"Its funny you never slept on your couch before I worked with you, the mere idea of a throw you deemed unprofessional" Jane remarked.

Lisbon grimaced at his words, before starting on what was on her mind, "So again Mr. Jane, what exactly can I do for you?" Lisbon asked, choosing to ignore his comment.

"Simple... I need to find my family and its just Jane or Patrick please" he soothed.

Relieved by the easiness of his request she smiled, "Okay Jane it is then... so how do you..."

"What is it with you and first names Lisbon" he interrupted, highly amused by her decision to use his last name.

"You call me Lisbon" she pointed out.

"Because when we first met you told me not to use Teresa and that a jackass such as myself, would be gone long before we ever got to first name basis," he told her. Smiling at the memory of how far they had come.

However being with this Lisbon, draped in all her suspicions, just reminded him of how hard he fought to be close to her and how much he was missing that feeling.

"How long were you partners?" Lisbon questioned, prompted by the look of longing in the strange mans eyes.

He stated proudly, "We have been and still are partners for over ten years."

"But you still use last names" Lisbon pointed out.

"Habit" he shrugged, "that and with all the crap we throw at each other, it's nice to have something that conveys truth and importance... using our first names does that for us."

"You're close" she stated.

"Yes," he strangely wasn't comfortable talking about Lisbon to Lisbon, it felt like it was breaching her trust, a crazy reason, but hell maybe he was.

Sensing his reluctance, she changed the subject, despite her desire to figure out this stranger. "You have gone to a lot of trouble to find and convince me and... well... somehow you have, so again what exactly do you need Jane?"

"So... when I awoke, it was apparent my wife and child had existed along the same lines as my reality but there was no sign that Red John had killed them like in my world, so basically I need to find out where they are."

Lisbon scrunched up her nose in confusion, "and Red John is?"

Jane froze, meeting her eyes, searching for any dishonesty or to see if this was a sick joke. Lisbon's face was completely open, showing only innocence and puzzlement.

Oh my God she did not know who he was. She had no clue who the murderer that had plagued their lives was, the man who wanted her head brought to him, who had murdered her friend in her sanctuary.

Perhaps he was known as a different name.

"Red John, he tasers women, duct tapes them, draws a smiley face with the victims blood on a wall. He has murdered over twenty people and countless others through his network, in a fifteen year timeline..." Jane practically yelled, his cool gone as Lisbon stared at him blankly.

Lisbon shook her head, "I'm sorry Jane, I've never heard of him or anyone who sounds like that. While we have a few serial killers at the moment, the closest we have is one who has nine victims and they are all prostitutes."

A world without the mad man puppeteer, perhaps this version is not so bad after all. "He, he... he doesn't exist?" Jane double checked. Lisbon simply shook her head no.

Jane could not get his mind to accept the idea, before he could really try another question slammed to the forefront of it, "but then where is my family?"

"That I know how to find out or I will," she smiled reassuringly.

Lisbon opened her laptop, pulling up her search engine "Give me their dates and a brief description."

Jane rattled off the information as Lisbon's fingers flew across the keys. He could see her concentrating, skimming over the information. The moment she knew so did he. Her face slipped, sadness marring her features.

She looked over the screen at him, "Oh Jane I'm so sorry, they're..."

"What do you mean they're dead, you said you had never heard of Red John," he shrieked.

"I haven't and it wasn't murder" she said softly, her tone trying to calm the man.

"What? How then, how did they die?"He demanded standing up and looming over the desk, his hands white from gripping it tightly.

Lisbon held his eye, her wariness had returned. "Jane I'm so sorry, but you need to calm down, sit down now, please."

He slumped back in his chair weary from a loss that was both fresh and old. "Just tell me please," he begged.

"Your wife had gone to visit her brother with your daughter before Christmas. There was an electrical fault with the tree lights, all three died from smoke inhalation. The coroner said they did not suffer" she soothed.


"Why does it matter?"

"WHEN?" he yelled.

Taken aback by his sudden anger, Lisbon re-scanned the information for the dates. "16 of December 2003," she supplied.

"2003, God that's only six months after he would have done it. All this... I switch worlds and they died anyway." He slumped, almost hunching into himself, the anxiety coming off him in waves. His stomach clenched, the feeling on par with a kick to the gut, it was unreal he had lost them again. He failed to protect them in every life, what monster must he be to deserve this fate again and again.

His counterpart obviously felt no guilt though, it explained why his home here was habited, and his persona so very little altered, he was blame free.

To Lisbon his sorrow was tangible, his loss so deep, it saddened her. "I'm so sorry Patrick if I can do anything..."

Jane dragged his palm down over his face; he felt the cold moisture on his fingers.

"All that guilt, all the pain and they'd be gone either way. ... ... She'd mentioned it to me, in my life... that... that year she planned to visit Danny," he explained.

Lisbon took his hand, it was cold from shock. "I know this probably doesn't help but sometimes souls are too bright for this world."

He met her eyes with scorn, but didn't pull back from her grasp, "No, no it doesn't help Lisbon, in either world religion holds no place for me. If there is a God then I clearly wronged him greatly. Imagine giving me a second chance only to so cruelly snatch it away."

Lisbon sat patiently opposite him, lightly squeezing his arm, not offended by his words. She was so similar but in so many ways different. His Lisbon would know what to do here; she would help him, talk to him.

"I have to get back to my world and my life," Jane said sharply, pulling his hand away. My Lisbon hung unsaid between them, he knew she probably would not care but he didn't want to seem rude. Lisbon was no doubt hot headed in any world.

"And how do you expect to do that?" Lisbon asked, though really she felt like perhaps suggesting a psychiatrist... for them both.

"I'm not going to a mental Institution Lisbon," he chastised.

Her eyes narrowed, "its creepy when you do that, stop it."

"It's what I do, what the CBI pays me for."

"Oh they pay you to read my mind do they?" she snipped.

"No to observe, reading you I do for free" Jane added.

"Well aren't I the lucky one" she grumbled, "In the interest of getting my life back to normal, what was that doctors name again, perhaps he could help" Lisbon suggested, it was logical if this was all true then he could help return Jane.

"Good call Watson" he chided.

"Watson are you kidding me? My God your ego is so unbelievingly ..." Lisbon was cut off by the phone.

Throwing Jane a look that warned of further reprimanding she answered. "Hello... yes... ... I hardly think that matters... ... well that's your opinion."

Jane watched with growing interest, as Lisbon grew more frustrated with the caller. She dropped her eyes away from his stare.

"Umm hmm, Umm hmm... ... ... I'll take that under consideration Agent... Goodbye" she finished up curtly taking care not to slam the phone down no matter how much she wanted to.

"Perhaps next time you should..." Jane started.

"Listen Jane, my personal life is none of your business so how about you don't say anything."

"Personal hmm that's interesting" he smirked.

"No it isn't, now give me the doctors name so I can be rid of you" she growled.

"Oh touchy touchy, it was Dr. James Myers."

"Fine." Lisbon typed away ignoring Jane completely. He smirked the whole time, grumpy Lisbon was so much fun.

She scowled focusing on the screen, "There is nothing about him on the system of late, I've a name and that he studied medicine and science in Harvard, but nothing in the last few years."

"Try property" Jane said, waiting as Lisbon tapped her keys.

"There is a property registered to a Mrs Myers near the Tahoe national forest" Lisbon uttered.

"That's him... well his mother, she was dead in mine but that's where we drove." Jane added happily, glad of the progress.

"Okay well she is alive now so why we don't drive out and question her; let's see just what her son is up to these days" Lisbon suggested.

Jane pushed back his chair, the day going far smoother than he had planned. It was odd but this Lisbon was far more impulsive than his Lisbon, he just wasn't sure if he liked it or not on the whole, but for his purposes right now it suited him just fine. "Wonderful how about we take my Citroen?"

Lisbon shot him down quickly, "How bout we don't, I'm sure your driving is terrible and my car is meant for long distance."

"Yes perish the thought Senior Agent Lisbon is not in control" Jane mocked.

"Oh I have the guns don't worry Jane I'm always in charge" she teased back as they left the office.

"Trina can you forward my calls please, I've a case out of town" Lisbon called as they passed by her shocked secretary. Jane threw her wink to further kafuffle the woman; he could never pass a chance to be mischievous.