Kotetsu's back hurts. They're fucking cramped in this tin can Barnaby calls a car – the seats barely scoot back far enough for him to lean back, to stretch his legs out, let alone for Barnaby to set his knees on either side of his hips, to rub his ass down against the hard line of his cock.

This is stupid, so stupid, but there's no use in waiting when they're both wanting. They'd just end up in a car accident on the way home, what with wandering hands and all, and so Kotetsu finally insisted they pulled over – into some empty parking lot where Barnaby immediately climbed his way into his lap and tore at him like some wild thing.

Barnaby's lube slick fingers are pulling Kotetsu's cock free, and Kotetsu shudders, squirming in the seat as he lets Barnaby do the work for a change. It was alluring enough to watch the man ride his own hand, work himself until he was panting, begging for Kotetsu's cock even when it hadn't been denied him for a second – but now, with Barnaby's hands guiding him in, his back arching to sink down so that Kotetsu fills him entirely, fuck, fuck there is nothing Kotetsu can do but sink his hands into those lean hips and thrust up into him, savoring the way that Barnaby's head falls back, the way those gorgeous lips part and the way he sucks in a ragged, shuddering breath and swallow hard.

It isn't gentle, it isn't even comfortable – actually, Kotetsu is sure he's gonna be the one hurting in the morning because it's so awkward how they're squeezed into this damn car. But he doesn't care. It's fast and gets the job done, with Barnaby wriggling and squirming in his lap, fucking himself on Kotetsu's cock and leaning forward to suck and bite at his neck. Barnaby comes fast – over eager, overstimulated, and Kotetsu, for once, isn't too far behind, biting back his groans into Barnaby's shoulders, fingers leaving bruises and every inch of him buried up into Barnaby as deep as he could go.

"Fuck," he articulately manages, and Barnaby laughs, nuzzling a sweaty cheek against Kotetsu's, and Kotetsu thinks next time, they should try his car instead.