Barnaby's never been a fan of Christmas traditions – for obvious reasons. In fact, he tends to just ignore them. Now is one of those times, when he's simply striding through the mall, Kaede on his arm, and suddenly, the girl stops short, dragging him back slightly in the process and making him blink.

"Kaede – what's – " She's staring upward, so he does, too – and oh, that's awkward. Mistletoe. The bane of his existence in the workplace, now here? "… wrong."

And she's just looking at him. Staring at him, expectantly – and oh, to hell with it, he can't refuse that face. Barnaby sighs, scoops her up, and she's grinning like a cat that's found the cream, especially when she plants a kiss on his cheek and looks like she's fully expecting the same from him.

Barnaby is certain he's not quite used to this parenting thing, either.

He does it all the same, albeit more tentatively – just in time for a flash of a camera to go off and he spins, nearly dropping the girl. Kotetsu is there, grinning ear to ear, and Barnaby flushes, hoping the man realizes he is less than pleased.

"Don't make that face, Bunny. It's not cute at all."

Barnaby opens his mouth – to protest, maybe, or to tell Kotetsu to stop taking pictures of strange things – but Kotetsu is underneath the mistletoe, then, a hand wrapped up in Barnaby's hair and their lips pressed together faster than anything. For a moment, Barnaby simply blinks, and Kotetsu pulls away, smiling like an idiot (ahappy idiot), and then it's all Barnaby can do to sort of half-smile, too.

"At least put me down if you're going to do that," Kaede idly puts in, and Barnabydefinitely thinks he's going to need more courses on this parenting thing to get through the holiday season.