"Could you not drink all of that?"

Barnaby's face is a picture of disgust, and Kotetsu just grins at him, taking another sip to make Barnaby squirm a bit more. Eggnog is obviously not the blond's drink of choice, but oh, it's fun to watch him complain about Kotetsu drinking it – and the drunker Kotetsu gets, the more amusing he finds this.

"Aww, c'mon, Bunny-chan. Have some."

"No. It's absolutely disgusting."

Kotetsu makes a face at him, takes another swig, and then, after swallowing (most of it), drags the other man in, kissing him soundly. There's a little cough and gag of protest, and Barnaby drags back a moment later, wincing and grimacing and looking like he wants to scrub his tongue off.

"See? Not so bad!" Kotetsu quite cheerfully declares.

Judging by Barnaby's glare that could melt the older man's head off, he disagrees.