A/N: This is based on and inspired by Jumping On The Bandwagon, by Worldmaker.

There are some things that just never come up in conversation. Secrets that one keeps, or never thought were relevant. These are some of them.


His first time was with Fleur Delacour, just after the second task. He's never told anyone this, and neither has she.


He had nightmares for a month leading up to his first year. When he saw the small, skinny boy his brothers were helping onto the train, his first thought was maybe…


When she was six years old, she spilled a love potion that Bill had purchased from Hogsmeade all over her head. Her mother got all of the potion out of her hair, but no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't get rid of the smell.


If he'd been a girl, his name would have been Coral Persephone, after the coral reefs on the Caribbean island where they'd honeymooned, and James' grandmother.


The night after they saved the Philosopher's Stone, Ron fell asleep on the couch on the common room. Before she went up to the dormitory, she kissed him on the lips. She never told him about that.


During his sixth year, he had a wet dream about Bellatrix Black. It was three weeks before he could hear the word 'puppy' without blushing.


Tobias Snape had coarse, spiky black hair and a thin, hooked nose. On his seventeenth birthday, Severus took his wand and made sure he wouldn't ever resemble him.


When she was very little, she used to throw things at her sister. When she was ten, she gave Lily a scar above one eyebrow from a rock and started seeing a therapist voluntarily. When Dudley was three, he pushed his cousin down the stairs, and Petunia caught herself before she finished throwing the frying pan. That was when she started teaching the boy how to cook.


He screamed at the boy, starved him, and treated him like dirt, but that was because he just didn't like seeing him, he hadn't liked the boy's parents, and he didn't like the boy being around. But despite all that, he never hit the boy, and he was proud of that.


Before his sister died, he believed that wizard domination was necessary to help muggles, because couldn't they do so much good if the whole world knew about magic? In 1945, he investigated a place called Auschwitz while looking for Gellert. After that, he stopped thinking that way.


He trusted Peter and Remus just as much as he trusted Sirius. Remus was out of the country working for Dumbledore with other werewolves, or else they might have chosen him.


When he was thirteen, he asked his mother if maybe the reason he was strange was because she and his father had been second cousins. He was cursed twice, once for the insult to the family, and again for bringing up muggle science.


He was her first, too.