Chapter 1

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When Naruto heard that he was being sent to a place known as Youkai Academy he was not happy. After returning from his training trip with Jiraiya he had wanted to see his friends and tell them how he was doing, but instead the new Hokage Danzo told him that he was going to this academy for four years. To make matters worse Naruto couldn't pay his respects to Tsunade who had been murdered by unknown means while he was away.

"This sucks," the young ninja muttered as he was currently riding something known as a bus. He would have been excited to ride one if the circumstances were different, but that was not the case. As he looked out the window he saw his reflection and took in how much he had grown over the three years.

His height now matched Jiraiya's and had gotten buffer as well. His blonde hair was still the mess that it had always been however his usual orange attire had been changed. The bright orange color had become slightly darker while the blue parts were replaced with black. As for his Konoha headband it was wrapped around his head with black instead of blue.

"So are you entering Youkai Academy?" the guy up front suddenly said. If Naruto remembered correctly he was called Bus Driver.

"Yeah," Naruto replied in a monotone. 'Why is he suddenly speaking to me?' he wondered. 'He hasn't said anything this whole time.'

"Then let me warn you," Bus Driver said in an eerie voice as he turned towards Naruto showing his yellow glowing eyes. "Youkai Academy can be a very scary place!"

"Whatever," Naruto shrugged. He figured that it couldn't be as scary as confronting Orochimaru as a genin.

"Snap out of it kit!" Kyuubi suddenly said to his jailer. During Naruto's training trip Naruto and Kyuubi had managed to come to good terms and the demon wasn't trying to break free every chance he got. "You aren't acting like yourself."

'I know,' Naruto admitted softly. 'But what can you expect? I learned that Baa-chan had died and won't be seeing my friends for four years. Also the fact that the old war hawk becoming Hokage hasn't helped either. Just give me some time and I will be back to my regular self.'

"If you say so kit," Kyuubi said and returned to the corners of his cage to give Naruto some privacy to his thoughts.

As Naruto was deep in thought the bus came through a dark tunnel which gave no light. As it came out the other end one could see that it was nothing like the other side. Before entering the tunnel the surrounding were luscious green fields and a nice view of nature, but on the other side it was graveyards along with old and broken down buildings. However Naruto didn't notice until after he got off and the bus left.

"What the hell?" Naruto exclaimed as he took a look at where he was. He never expected to be sent to a place like this. "Is there really supposed to be an academy here?" Naruto looked around more closely and decided that the largest building to his right was where he was supposed to go.

"Look out!" someone shouted. Naruto quickly turned towards the source of the voice and saw that it was a girl on a bike who was about to crash into him. Due to him being confused at what was happening he didn't have the time to dodge.

"Oww," Naruto groaned as he massaged the back of his head to ease the pain. As he did so he looked at the girl that had crashed into him. He saw that she had long pink hair along with bright green eyes along with quite a nice body. 'Damn it,' Naruto thought. 'I am thinking like Ero-Sennin.'

"Are you okay?" the girl asked with concern in her voice. As she inspected Naruto's condition her eyes fell to the wound that he had on his neck which was a peculiar place for an injury. The moment the girl saw the blood she had a feeling of need come over her. "I'm sorry," she said in a dazed voice. "But this is because I am a vampire," and she lunged at Naruto's neck and started to drink his blood!"

'What?' the ninja mentally screamed. 'Kyuubi! What is going on?'

"The first thing you should know is that monsters exist in this world," Kyuubi began to explain. "With that in mind know that monster's coexist with humans. Youkai Academy is a school that is meant to help monsters exist with humans."

'If monsters exist,' Naruto said in an oddly calm voice that didn't last long as he started to scream, 'Then why the hell did you not tell me?'

"It wasn't necessary," Kyuubi said in a matter-of-fact tone. "But couldn't you figure it out yourself? If demons exist then why can't monsters?"

Naruto decided to not give an answer since he never did think of about it and instead turned his attention towards the girl who was supposedly a vampire. "Sorry," the girl apologized with a slightly guilty tone. "I couldn't help it. Your blood was too irresistible."

The shinobi didn't know what to think. To him the situation was even weirder the time Anko licked his blood during the Chuunin Exams. "It's okay," Naruto said with an awkward smile. "I will heal in no time at all." He got up and helped the girl to her feet as well.

"D-Do you hate vampires like me?" the girl suddenly asked in a worried voice. "Your reaction seemed to be a hint at that."

"No," Naruto replied. "I can't hate someone without getting to know them. As for my reaction I was just surprised. That was the second time someone had my blood so I didn't know how to react.

"Then would you mind being my friend?" the vampire asked. "Back in the human world I was always alone without any friends."

Naruto who understood what it was like to feel alone smiled and said, "I don't mind. I'm Naruto. Uzumaki Naruto."

The girl seemed to be happy with Naruto's decision to be her friend smiled as well. "I'm Moka. Akashiya Moka. Pleased to meet you."

"Likewise," Naruto said as the two of them began to walk towards the academy.

"So is this your first time here?" Moka asked.

"Yeah," Naruto answered. "I happen to come from a village and the leader of my village decided to send me here. The news actually hit me hard. I had recently returned from a three year trip and I couldn't even meet any of my friends before coming here. It really sucked. We had so much catching up to do."

"It must be nice to have so many friends," Moka whispered and Naruto wasn't sure if he was meant to hear that. He wondered if he should respond to the comment or not.

"So I guess that I will see you later?" Naruto asked as they approached the front of the academy. "Perhaps we can hang out more after getting settled in."

"I would like that," Moka replied. "See you around," and they both went their separate ways to get their schedules.

'It's a good thing that I already got a friend,' Naruto thought to himself as he went inside his classroom. Looking around he saw that most of them looked like regular people. However there some people who seemed to have trouble staying in human form so they looked like a human that got hit with some weird radioactive substance.

"Hello everybody!" the teacher said as she entered the classroom. "I will be your teacher Nekonome-sensei and I welcome you to Youkai Academy. As you should all probably know this academy is full of monsters that are to learn to coexist with humans."

If Naruto had not heard the news earlier from a certain demon fox he would have completely freaked out. Since that was not the case he managed to remain calm during all the introductions and talk of monsters. 'I guess I was sent here because I was thought of as a monster due to you being sealed inside me,' Naruto thought.

"That would be the most likely reason," the demon agreed. "But be on your guard. Even though I am inside of you others may still catch on that you are a human."

'Alright,' Naruto said. 'I will do as you say.'

"Sorry I'm late," someone said as they entered the classroom. A few people turned to see who it was and all of the males freaked out. They were saying things such as, 'She's hot! or 'I want to date her,' along with other related lines. Naruto turned to see who the boys were a gawking at and saw that it was someone he knew.

"Moka?" Naruto asked gaining the attention of the new student.

"Naruto!" Moka exclaimed as he put him in a hug that he didn't expect to have. "We are in the same class."

Naruto nervously glanced at all the glares that he was getting from the entire male population. He wasn't sure of their capabilities so he didn't know if they really had the potential to kill him like their looks suggested.

'I guess that I have to watch my back,' Naruto mentally sighed to himself as class resumed.

Due to it being the first day at the academy the classes went by quickly enough and Moka dragged Naruto around the school grounds getting to know the place better. The ninja didn't seem to mind too much. As they went looking they spotted the graveyard in which they met earlier along with an open field which Naruto seemed to be happy about for he figured it could be a nice place for training. What he wasn't happy about was the dorms.

"This dump is supposed to be our dorms?" he exclaimed as he looked at the building. To him it wasn't a dorm that he saw. What he saw was an old crumbling building that looked like it might collapse any second along with the need of a paint job.

"You don't like it?" Moka asked as she saw Naruto's reaction.

"It looks worse than the apartment I used to live in," Naruto answered honestly. "And it was made by regular humans."

"How could you live with humans?" Moka said in a soft voice at first, but got louder as she went on. "Humans are nothing, but vile creatures. During the time that I lived at the human world all that they did was treat me like an outcast. I hate them!"

Naruto was shocked at what he heard. He had just made a friend, but found out that she would hate him for what he was. "What would you say if I told you that I was one of the humans that you hated?" Naruto asked as he saw that Moka was shocked as well. "I'm human. I was sent her by the leader of my village because he didn't want me there, but nevertheless I am still human. Because you know that I am guessing you don't want to be my friend anymore. Still, it was nice knowing you," Naruto said as he began to walk away and head to the dorm that was given to him.

'So much for having a friend,' Naruto thought as he entered his dorm. He saw that the inside was not as bad as the outside was. He could see that he would be able to live with its conditions. After getting settled in Naruto decided to do some thinking as he laid down on his bed. 'I wonder if I will be able to get any other friends. Even though everyone is a monster will they act any different than regular humans? It seemed to be the case with Moka.'

"She still may have accepted you," Kyuubi said trying to cheer Naruto up. "The vampire may see that you are different from others. If you could convince me than it shouldn't be too hard to for you to convince her."

'I guess you're right,' Naruto said, but he didn't really mean it. 'Still are you actually trying to show concern?'

"I have been getting to soft," the demon muttered. "And it is your entire fault. You and your way to change others. Take a look at all the people you affected. The Wave kid, the Saindaime's brat, the Hyuuga and the Sand jinchuuriki."

'I guess that you are right but, anyway I'm getting tired,' Naruto said as he yawned. 'I will think about what you said tomorrow.' The ninja took off his jacket and slept in the black t-shirt that he had underneath hoping that he will be able solve this 'problem' the next day.

Naruto awoke early in the morning, put his jacket back on, and went outside to get some training done. He went to the field that he had found with Moka yesterday and sat in a meditative position and closed his eyes. Jiraiya had told him that mediating would help him clear his thought at stressful times, but during that time he said that it was useless training. He was now thankful that he actually learned it.

'I wonder if I am going to be alone in this school,' he wondered in his meditative state. 'If monsters happen to act different from humans then I wouldn't know how to act around them. I'm sure that it will work out over time.'

"And be mindful of your surroundings," Kyuubi added. Naruto opened his eyes confused by what the fox had meant, but understood immediately when he saw that Moka was walking towards him. 'Wonder what she is doing?' the shinobi thought. 'I thought that he would avoid me after finding out that I was human.'

"Naruto," Moka said in an almost guilty tone when she approached him. "D-Despite the fact that you are human you still accepted me for who I am so if you are willing, can we still be friends?'

Naruto couldn't believe what he heard. Moka was saying that she didn't care that he was human and wouldn't mind being friends. Perhaps he won't be alone here after all. "Yeah," Naruto smiled. "We can still be friends."

"Thank you!" Moka exclaimed for she was happy that Naruto would still be her friend. She jumped towards him to give him a hug and Naruto allowed it because he expected it due to Moka being a somewhat friendly person. What he didn't expect was Moka to start drinking his blood from his neck.

'Did she mean thanks for the blood or thanks for still being her friends?' Naruto wondered as she withdrew her fangs from his neck. "Moka-chan," Naruto said as he rubbed his wound. "I don't mind if you drink blood from me, but can you give me a warning first."

"Sorry Naruto," Moka apologized. "Anyways shouldn't we be getting to class?"

"I guess," Naruto groaned. He never did like classes that much. But he wasn't going to skip this time because he had no idea what the monsters would do to him and Danzo may strip him of his ninja ranking for going against a 'mission.'

"Told you so kit," Kyuubi said as Naruto entered the school. "I told you that she would still be your friend."

'Yeah whatever,' Naruto said to Kyuubi not really wanting to talk with him. 'Besides you are talking more than usual.'

"I guess that I am," Kyuubi admitted. "But I am only trying to make sure that the next four years are going to be a living hell. I am just trying to help you for once."

'Thanks," Naruto said, but remembered what Kyuubi had said yesterday. "And you really are getting soft.'

"Shut up brat," the demon scowled.

Class was pretty boring for Naruto, but it didn't really matter for he wasn't paying attention anyways. It ended with Nekonome-sensei giving out a homework assignment which a certain ninja didn't seem to happy about. After collecting the assignment Moka and Naruto decided to hang out like they did the day before. As they were walking through the graveyard a senior student said, "You are Akashiya Moka are you not?" The duo turned to the speaker and saw that it was their older classmate

"Aren't you supposed to be Saizou?" Naruto asked as he saw who had called them. "What are you doing here?"

"I'm not here to talk to trash like you," Saizou growled as he glared at Naruto. "I'm here for her," he said as he pointed to Moka.

Moka had become a little nervous when Saizou said that he was here for here and before she could say anything she heard Naruto say, "And what kind of business do you have with her?" with a deadly venom tone.

As for Naruto he didn't like this Saizou guy one bit. The way that he said that he had business with Moka was plain sick. To him Saizou reminded him of a rapist that he had run into during his trip with Jiraiya.

"Are you going to get in my way?" Saizou sneered at Naruto who was now standing in front of Moka. When he saw that Naruto was still standing firm he let out a cruel smirk and his form began to change. His body grew so it appeared to be on steroids and he stood even higher than before.

'So I guess this is a monster's true firm,' Naruto analyzed as he saw Saizou's real form. At first he was surprised when he began to change, but remembered that shinobi were not suppose to show signs of weakness.

"You will not get in my way!" the monster shouted after finishing his transformation. "When I see a girl that I need nothing stands in my way!" Saizou began charging and the ninja immediately put his guard up, however he soon saw that he was running at Moka.

"Get back!" he yelled as he pushed Moka back. As he was retracting his hands his fingers got caught on the cross that she had around her neck and it got pulled off. "What is happening?" Naruto exclaimed as a bright light started to surround Moka as she closed her eyes and her appearance began to change. Her hair changed from pink to silver, her breast and hips became slightly larger, and when she opened her eyes they were red slits.

"Well, are you just going to stand there?" the new Moka said in a cold taunting voice. "If you want me then you are going to have to get me."

Saizou shouted as he recklessly charged at the silver vampire completely unaware of the powerful aura that was coming from Moka. As he continued to get closer Moka said in the same cold voice, "Low level scum. Know your place!"

As Moka said the last phrase she delivered a kick to Saizou's neck which resulted with the monster flying and rendering unconsciousness. Seeing that Saizou was unconscious she began to walk up to Naruto who had been standing there seeing that what had happened.

"Moka-chan," Naruto said only to earn a slap from the vampire. "What was that for?" he asked as he rubbed his reddened cheek.

"That was for trying to stop that scum," Moka said with a cruel voice. "There is no way that a weak human like you would be able to stop any youkai."

"Sorry," Naruto apologized even though he didn't mean it. He saw how Saizou attempted to fight and could see that he was capable of stopping him by himself. Then something occurred to him He held up the cross and asked, "Can you explain what happened when I pulled this off?"

"The thing that you hold in your hand is called a rosario," Moka began explaining however her voice still had that same cold tone. "What it does is seal me so when it came of I was able to come out." The vampire plucked the rosario from Naruto's hand and said threateningly, "I won't kill you because my other self seems to have taken a interest in you. But if you hurt her I will show you an unimaginable world of pain."

Moka placed the rosario back on and with another flash of light the Moka that he had met first fell unconscious in his arms. 'What have I gotten myself into?' he thought as he looked at the sleeping vampire.


In an unknown location eight figures were gathered as if they were holding a meeting. Six of them were isolated from the other two who seemed to be having a conversation.

"Sir," one of them said as he bowed before the other. "I have recently heard that the boy as moved to Youkai Academy and is scheduled to stay there for four years."

"Excellent," the other one said. "I will trust you to take care of him."

"As you wish," the first one said as he bowed once more and joined his other six comrades. He approached them and they all exited the room together leaving their leader alone.

"It won't be long now," he smirked.

End chapter 1