Kotetsu's a distraction when he's trying to do things in the kitchen, for sure – especially when it comes to late night desserts, long after Kotetsu's family has drifted off to bed after a long day of Christmas celebrations. Barnaby can't help but crave a little bit of chocolate at the end of the day – especially drizzled on vanilla ice cream, with a few strawberries tossed into the bunch.

Perfection, if he's ever seen it.

Kotetsu, of course, is hovering. Making sure he's all right after such a long day, after being involved in the holidays after so long having simply not been. Barnaby's fine, really – just tired. He just wants his ice cream, his chocolate, his fix, while enjoying quiet for the first time in a few hours.

Kotetsu is horrible at being quiet, though.

"You sure you're all right, Bunny?"

"Yes," is the sigh from the blond's lips, and he lifts a hand to lick away chocolate from his fingertips. "I'm fi – "

His hand never quite makes it to his mouth. Kotetsu's fingers are on it instead, tugging it to his lips instead – licking a stripe from the base of his finger to the tip, tasting the smear of chocolate that decorates it. Barnaby shudders in spite of himself, forgetting himself for a moment as he leans forward against the counter, back arching just slightly so that he's pressing back and against Kotetsu.

He suddenly doesn't mind Kotetsu bothering him and distracting him from his dessert.

"You sure?" Kotetsu presses with a last and final lick, and Barnaby nods, numb, weak-kneed, one hand clinging to the counter as he debates taking that bowl of ice cream to a more private location and sharing it with the man he loves.

"… Might need a moment alone with you."

It's half-mumbled, a little flustered sounding, and Kotetsu just grins, knowing, the bastard.

"Grab your dessert and let's go, then." And he turns away – but not without a last kiss to the side of Barnaby's neck, and a soft, rumbling purr of: "Merry Christmas, Bunny."

Merry Christmas, indeed.