Notes - Rewrite of Saiyen 1/2 by Fanboyimus Prime (With Permision), stumbled across this thing while mining in the deeper and unused areas of FF.Net and had to do something with it. ^_^

Note2 - This is a revision of the one I posted a few months back, I've expanded it about 15kb and fixed a good number of mistakes and other little things.

Saiyan No Baka
Chapter 00
By Cory D. Rose
(c) 2002

The panda ran through the trees like it's life depended on it and the irate red headed girl followed as she screamed death threats about making panda skin rugs and panda soup, with parsley. Behind these two was a purple haired blur that was yelling for them to stop so she could kill them, or 'Shampoo Kill' or 'Maim' or 'whatever', we all know who this is. Then the scene pulls away to show these three running through a forest, then even further back to show China in all it's glory, amazingly one could still make out the three figures running through the woods if you looked closely. This then pulls out to show the whole planet...

Why such a generalized beginning for a fic dear readers? Well the first thing all of you have to know is that this fic isn't in any way supposed to be taken seriously, it was written up for shits and giggles, to waste time and grin a little. ^_^

What is it about? Well it's about Cliche's and the ridiculous story lines that are always showing up, the confusing plots, and those stories that make a person just go "Huh?" It was like this story jumped out of the computer, grabbed me by the shirt and slammed me up against a nearby wall to DEMAND that I make it into the story it was meant to be, or else. Did I cower in fear when this happened, well...yeah, wouldn't you if a text file jumped out of your computer and threatened to kill you if you didn't make it better? I was in therapy for weeks ^_^ I told the thing that it was nothing more than a strangely written story plot released as a fic.

I stick out tongue and rasberyed the IDEA.

It grew mad, thunder and lightning filled the sky as it prepared to do me in.

Then I looked it in the 'eye' and told it "Nay, but I may be able to turn you into the true story that it had been intended in the first place."

This seemed to calm it down a little, but then it pointed out that this was it wanted in the first place.

Again I shook my head. "You can't be a proper story, a serious fic, but you can be a made into a STORY."

With a nod it released me to do my duty and vanished from this Earth, but as time went on and the days turned into weeks I found myself at a loss with what to do with this Story. Sure every now and then I would pull it out and add a few lines here, a couple there, and check a bit of the spelling. But every now and then the thunder would rumble and I would be reminded of my promise to get a story put here it begins. ^_^


A pair of blurs moved though the trees as the sun was beginning to go down, if one looked close the lead blur would turn out to be a panda. Closely followed by a small red haired girl grinding her teeth in anger, the red aura surrounding her allowing her to move way beyond normal human limits. Upon close inspection it could be seen that pieces of wood were vanishing after the panda past by, what a panda needs with wood no one knows, but it had a couple arm full ready for something. The red haired girl, Ranma Saotome, followed along thinking of ways to skin a panda for trying to ruin 'his' life.

Life in general just sucked, Ranma was already having a bad day and he just knew that it was going to get worse long before it got any better. It had all started years before, when he was only six or so, but He and his father had visited this old training ground and ignored the guide, like they always did, and started to practice. The place was pretty simple really, a bunch of springs with bamboo poles sticking out of them so that a fighter could jump from one to the other while either fighting, balance, or just racing from pole to pole. He had visited of this type over the years and they just weren't a challenge anymore. If only he had known the truth of the place, listened to the guide, or even spoken enough Chinese to read the posted warnings. No, he had been stupid again and just allowed his father to catch him off guard long enough to send him flying into a cursed spring and turn him into a girl.

If that wasn't bad enough he had chassed the idiot all over the area while trying to kill him, it hadn't worked, but he had been so mad that it didn't matter. Then the guide had babbled at them some more and taken them to a nearby village, again they hadn't listened to the guy and gotten into even more trouble. The place had been a female dominated society where men were basically slaves, ignorance is bliss, but Ranma had learned a tiny lesson because of the springs and wanted to careful. It turned out his father hadn't learned a thing when he decided to sit down and begin eating a large spread of food someone had left out, then this one really pissed off girl had challenged him...her to a fight. Then if that wasn't bad enough, a little later Ranma had done something else that managed to get the girl so pissed off that she had decided to KILL them instead of listening to reason. She still had no idea what had happened to cause that, they guide had been screaming something about a law, but his broken Japanese was so hard to understand that all she had figured out was that the kiss she had gotten from the purple haired girl had meant something. After a bit of thought, Ranma had decided that she didn't swing that way, pain wasn't on the menue so to speak, and tried to get away from the girl, but she had followed them with dogged determination. Now she was trying to kill them, talk about not being to take no for an answer.

Even worse was the fact that he was still stuck with his moronic father because of the number of times the girl had tried to split them down the middle, and that was just in the last couple of days, day or night didn't seem to matter. Since leaving the village they had been attacked nearly two dozen times, barely been able to go two hours without being rained on, and both of them were currently soaked to the bone. Ranma was in a very bad mood as the rain continued to fall in a never ending torrent, she looked at his father who was currently in panda form and sleeping in front of the fire hogging all the heat to stay dry and warm, all to keep some of his 'fur' dry while he slept. Ranma sighed and looked down at herself, even after a few days, she still found being in a girl's body to be a major shock. At first, once she calmed down a little and went off to sulk and be away from her father she had found the idea fascinating. Unfortunately there was a feeling of wrongness about it that she could feel in her bones every time she transformed, it just didn't feel right and made her uncomfortable. She was not going to think about the first time she had to go to the bathroom, no, she wasn't going to do it.

"I'm willing to bet my life will get worse if this crap keeps up, how in the hell am I supposed to deal with this when the old man won't even help me out, and the only girl I've met recently wants to kill me because she made a pass at me and I turned her down?" Ranma said to herself as she stoked the fire up a little and smirked as some of the sparks sailed over to land on the panda's furred butt. It was a petty revenge, but 'Anything Goes' as her father would say, the path of a Martial Artist is fraught with peril and all that bull shit. Ranma had long ago added an amended statement to that whenever her father said it, 'so long as it doesn't apply to Genma Saotome.'

Ranma looked up into the sky and sighed as the rain washed down over her face, a habit that she used to love, but now it only brought irritation and sadness to her pathetic existence. There had been so many changes in the last few days, wasn't there ever going to be a time when she could get a break from the constant crap that seemed to fill her whole world. She didn't even blink as the bushes parted and a purple haired lesbian shot out with a sword and tried to take her head off. Ranma just rolled back into the mud, caught the girl with her feet, and tossed her deep into the tree's around them.

She had managed to drop the sword though and Ranma was in a vindictive mood, so she picked it up and used it to stock up the fire into a nice steady blaze. "I wish I could be with someone who would understand what I have been though." She muttered to herself and sighed as she stoked the fire again, attempting to set a certain panda's hide on fire, even in this rain.

Then lightning flashed across the sky turning it into a giant light show and sent thunder rippling across the mountain. Ranma was pretty impressed, she hadn't seen anything like this in years and that was when the old man had decided to make him practiced some of the weirder forms of martial arts, one that involved running around in the rain with a metal pole and dodging lightning bolts. She was just starting to relax and noticed that the giant tub of lard hadn't even stopped snoring from all the noise, the story, or the girl's attack as his fur refused to light. Then she squawked as a portal opened beneath her and Ranma fell through and disappeared.

The panda snored on and scratched his butt with a claw.

The goddess Urd stepped out from behind a tree and grinned evilly, mimicking Shen-long said. "Your wish has been granted!" She liked fixing two problems with one simple spell.


Another Dimension...

Punch, kick, punch, spin, punch again, Vegeta was bored and even he wasn't able to immerse himself in his training like he usually did. He had come here to further his goal for more power, but it just wasn't as fun as it used to be, with Kakorot busy else where he didn't have a proper sparing partner anymore and that meant he was bored, a bored Saiyan is a bad thing. True the incredible view from atop the cliff he was hovering above was one of the best in the world and rarely seen by the little morons that lived on this pathetic planet, and the sunset in the distance was so picturesque that a painter would have died and gone to heaven just from seeing it, but all he wanted to fight someone!

He thrust his hand out and started blowing up the peaceful looking forest below him, barely cracking a grin as the noise rippled across the landscape and sent the wild life running, there was not a challenge in it for him anymore. It was enough to make him consider going after the green skinned freak and handicapping himself just for the tiny challenge it would have given him...he stopped and looked around as he felt a wave of Ki wash over him, reality rippled some distance above him. It lasted no longer than a few seconds, but it was enough to see some teenage girl appear and fall past him in a red and white blur. He grunted and thought about ignoring her and getting a good laugh at her when she fell to her death in the fiery inferno he had just made of the forest below, but he frowned as his Ki senses started to pick up the girls Ki levels and gasped in surprise at the potential that this 'human' seemed to possess.

Vegeta vanished and reappeared a split second later with the girl hanging from his hand, he'd caught her by the foot she hung there dripping water. He glared at her and noticed that she was quite good looking and had a large tits, but since she was human he couldn't have cared one way or the other. A second scan was performed and he frowned as he started to analyzed her Ki and found that it was more like a man's Ki than a girls, something that he had been told was impossible because of the differences between men and women. She seemed to be about fifteen or so and pretty good shape physically, Vegeta frowned again and ignored the strange feeling he was getting and decided to take her back to his mate and let her be useful for him again.

"Well Onna, it looks like I have a little mystery for you to look into don't I?" Vegeta mumbled to himself. With a flare of golden Ki he sped off over the horizon, heading home for a bath, supper, and some sack time. Ranma, still being held in the guys hand, flapped in the wind as she was dragged along by her ankle.


Genma Saotome had just finished his story, it had been incredible, scary, impossible, and the most amazing thing anyone had ever heard. He had been talking about his son for nearly two hours as he described what had happened to them over the years, some of the fights that his son had won, who they had defeated and looked as proud as any father could be. He was puffed up with pride, his nose was a foot and half long, and the three girls sitting across from him seemed a little, awed, by his vision of pure manliness that was his son.

Soun Tendo was crying.

"Your son died battling demons" Soun sobbed, his vision of the schools being united crushed under the incredible burden that his friend had been placed under.

Nabiki, the middle sister and all around cold hearted and calculating one, wondered if it was possible for this moron, that was their father's friend, to come up with anything more bizarre and unlikely for a story. This Ranma Saotome person seemed to be a god, someone that could do no wrong so long as his father was there to see him through. The boy, all of fifteen, had battled Dark gods, aliens, Son Goku (the monkey god), Loki, Hela, Ares and even real live Dinosaurs..but it seemed that plain little demons had managed to kill him in the end through pure luck because his father hadn't been there to show him the 'way' of things.

Genma's nose was also a dead give away, but she ignored that as an impossibility, after all one of daddies friends wouldn't just lie to them after only being in the house for all of four hours? She though sarcastically and crossed her arms as she glared at the smelly, bald idiot in front of her. She glanced at her sisters and could tell that they weren't buying it either, Akane was looking at the long nose and wondering why it had grown like that with a puzzled expression. Kasumi had left the room about an hour and a half earlier when the smell had gotten to be to much and was cooking dinner for them, for some reason it was something really fragrant and easily overpowered the smelly vagrant that their father had let into the house.

Then the moron shut up as he patted his friend on the shoulder and forced Soun to sit up, looking at one of the nearby walls as if had just burst into flames and started chanting his name. If there had been anyone else in the room other than Genma or Soun who could feel (or detect with machines) the amount of Ki that washed over the city at that exact second they would have paled and come close to filling their underwear. The few machines in the city that could detect Ki on a minor level suddenly pegged themselves, overloaded after a couple of seconds, and exploded in a shower of sparks. Local firefighters had a busy morning ahead of them as they were forced to converge on a couple of schools that were used for secret government labs.

"'t be! But it had to be...oh Kami I know who that was!" Genma yelled. He was so shocked he nearly lost control, luckily he had better control than that and managed to keep himself from soiling his Gi. He was also glad that Kasumi was preparing him a fine supper, it smelled great, yeah that was it.

Soun had stopped crying and was instantly scared out of his wits as he felt the size of the aura that was quickly covering the city. That aura was incredible, it was much, much, much more powerful than Hopposai's ever was and it felt a little like Genma's in some ways, but the differences were pronounced enough that he could instantly tell it was someone else. The it occurred to him that it couldn't be anyone else but Ranma. Akane could also feel it, but not as a Ki aura, but as an irritation that she wanted to pound, she wondered why she wanted to hit someone she had never met with her mallet, it didn't matter, they probably deserved it anyway. She growled loud enough for everyone to hear her, Nabiki smirked as she saw her sister's hand twitch, an instant later Akane exploded.

"BAAAAAAAAAAKAAAAAA!!" She screamed and used a golf swing to send Genma through the back sliding doors of the main room and into the pond. No one commented on the brown stain that seemed to make up the back end of the man's gi as a panda floated to the surface of the large Koi pond in the back yard.

"Good going sis, now all we have to do is keep him from getting back inside!" Nabiki crowed.

Kasumi stepped out of the kitchen to see what was going and noticed the panda in the Koi pond, her smile seemed to get just that little bit wider as she hummed happily and started to serve dinner. "Oh how nice, he's taking a bath!"

Soun looked confused as he looked at his friend, but didn't bother to go and wake his friend up for dinner, that smell had been getting on his nerves too. Though for some reason he had a feeling that all the Koi were in imminent peril of being replaced, his friend had always been a little fragrant though. No one noticed as fish started to float to the surface a few minutes later, they were to busy eating dinner and wondering what was up with that strange feeling in the air.


In another part of the city Skuld looked at the remains of her devices and wondered what in the world had happened. They had started to pick up something incredibly powerful for several seconds, then just blown up as if they were just low tech pieces of junk, she'd never seen anything like it before. She grabbed one of her new device that she had finished building a few days before, it was more powerful and designed for a higher range of tasks. Setting it on the counter she turned it on to see what had been detected by the others, but this one started screaming a warning and exploded as well.

"Fascinating! What was that all about?" the Goddess of the Future said to herself as she used a fire extinguisher to put out the small fire that had been her lab just seconds before.

Urd popped her head into the room and smiled. "Something that'll send Sailor Pluto into a frenzy the instant she detects it, little sister."


Sailor Pluto, guardian of the Time Gate, immortal model and all around sultry looking woman stood in shock as she looked into the liquid silver center of the gate and watched as it's images of the future, representations of the time stream, changed at an alarming rate of speed...branching off into many, many possible futures. There were so many of them that she had no way of keeping track of them, she cursed and focused her will upon the gate to find the cause. After several minutes it reluctantly gave her a picture of a man, she drooled, then shook herself and thought about what had happened subjectively and logically. All of this change was because of this one Man, she drooled some more. This meant that she was going to have to kill him of course, she had to fix the time stream so Crystal Tokyo would exist, but he was just so damned cute...drool.

The rest of the Scouts would have been appalled at the sight of Sailor Pluto standing there with her mouth open and her tongue hanging out, but none of them bothered to remember that she had been stuck with a horribly lonely job for thousands of years and this was a Man Among Men in all his bare cheated GLORY!!

She drooled some more and wondered what it was she was supposed to do again. ^_^


Ranma gawked a little as he started to walk around Tokyo, he ignored most everyone around him as he walked along. He was wearing a white Chinese shirt and loose black pants that tied at the ankles. He started to get a little nervous as people stopped talking when he walked by, girls sighed, and hostile aura's were sent his way. They weren't a threat to him so he just shrugged them off, but the feeling in the air was hard to describe, he just knew that he was being watched, then he saw a pair of girls across the street walk right into a pole and collapse to the ground. He looked down at himself and made sure his clothes were in place, they were so it had to be something else, he just couldn't place what it was though. Shrugging he got back to looking the city over again, ignoring the gasps and sighs that seemed to be following him.

Time had been a little weird in the dimension he had just come from, to him it had been a little over four years, but for everyone on this Earth, it had been about 3 months since he vanished that night. He had also noticed that this place just felt so damned primitive, the world he had just come from was way different and more peaceful than this one. It didn't matter, he was here to take care of some things and get on with his life and that meant finding his good for nothing old man and teaching him a lesson in honor. Ranma grinned, not evilly, but enough to make one of the large group of girls following him faint with a silly grin on theer faces.

Then a group of fuku wearing girls jumped off a nearby building and attacked him, he almost developed a nose bleed looking up their skirts as they dropped down.

Almost, instead he just grinned.


Sailor Moon ran forward and posed as she started her speech, this was her favorite part. "I am Sailor Moon, in the name of the moon I will right wrongs and triumph over evil!" Sailor Moon said. Then blinked as Ranma stepped forward and did her entire posing scene in the exact opposite way she had, he stopped as he matched her final pose with the wrong hand forward and looked her in the eye with a confused smirk.

"Like this?"

"Hey, your not supposed to do that!" Sailor Moon yelled and bonked him on the head with her scepter.

The Scouts behind her groaned and sweat dropped, the angry glare the giant pack of girls behind Ranma were giving them was enough to make them a little nervous as well. There had to be a couple hundred of them, and they were all angry for some reason. Mars nodded as her worst fears were confirmed, it was Monster and he had enslaved all these girls to his will. She pulled out a large hand full of Spirit Wards and prepared to free as many of them as possible before anyone got hurt.

"You can't do that!" Moon yelled again and for some reason started to run Ranma through the posing sequence again so that the could get it right.

Ranma played along for a few minutes and wondered why those girls behind him kept sighing like that an fainting, but after a while he just got fed up with the blonde and pushed her hands away. "Anyway is this some kind of a joke?"

"Huh?" Moon asked, showing her true intelligence.

Ranma rolled his eyes. "Come on...those fuku's don't look like they'll be any good for protection in a real fight and your legs aren't covered at all, what are your enemies supposed to think?" Ranma asked as it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"Joke!?" Sailor Mars yelled, completely forgetting about the crowd as they were all insulted by the guy Pluto wanted dead.

Sailor Mercury used her computer to scan Ranma and it was showing that his energy levels were minimal, way below theirs in fact, this would be an easy fight and she had lots of studying to get done for the test that was coming up in a few months. She was only ten chapters ahead and had to get ready for some other things as well. Then she noticed her computer was starting to pick up something...
"I've got some place I need to be, so we can finish this later girls." Ranma said with a smirk.

She blinked in confusion as she tried to indentify what was going on, then Ranma started to get fuzzy like bad TV reception and vanished from sight a couple of seconds later. The Scouts gasped and went on the defensive, the pack of girls groaned in disappointment, and things went from bad to weird. Ranma reappeared a split second later and only had a few miliseconds to realize that he had ended up between two women. He'd never met just as they screamed and threw a pair of odd looking Ki bolts at each other, but he had gotten in the way by accident. He flicked his wrist and sent both bolts of energy flying away, they exploded in the trees all around them seconds later.

One of the girls, Ryoko, knew she'd seen this guy somewhere, but couldn't place it right off the top of her head. It had been some years ago when she was still in that danmed cave just wasn't there. "Who the hell are you?!"

Ayeka, for once, agreed with the slut, er...rival for her affections for Tenchi and nodded as she glared at the man in front of her.

Tenchi, who had been trying to break up yet another fight looked at the person that suddenly appeared in his front yard and blinked in surprise. Could it be? "Ranma is that you?" Tenchi asked.

Ryoko snapped her fingers as the name registered.

Ayeka glared at her and growled at Ryoko as she remembered what this fight was about, she started to charge up again with a glint in her eye.

Ranma ignored the girls as he stepped over to Tenchi and grinned. "Yep, it's me..I've gone though a few changes though.." Ranma said, as if being that big was an every day thing, he patted Tenchi on the shoulder with a laugh. This of course sent the boy to the ground in a heap, he groaned as Ranma blinked in surprise.


"It's good to see you too cousin" Tenchi said with a groan of pain, he wondered if his shoulder was dislocated.


Back in Nerima Genma was still scared out of his wits, he knew his son had returned from whatever had happened to him. He could still feel the boy's Ki radiating all over the city and he seemed to be so strong he could kill Hopposai instantly. Genma started to sweat and prayed that his son didn't remember the Neko Ken training, or all the people he had engaged him to over the years. He wanted to live after all and that meant getting the boy back under his control so that they could...a thought occurred to him and he paled.

"Though he's a god among men now he should still be my boy and will probably still obey me, even if he turns to a woman..." Genma thought and then remembered why Ranma turned into a woman and had a feeling Ranma hadn't forget about that, it had only been three months. He kept telling himself that as he sat in his room and brooded, there had to be a way to make things better again, retirement was just one little step away and he could taste it on the tip of his tongue.

In another room Nabiki was watching Genma on one of the cameras installed in the guest room, she looked sick and wished she had installed recorders instead of this live stuff. "I can understand meditation, even thinking through problems, but does the idiot have to do it on his head, in our guest room, in the NUDE?!!"

Genma had picked up some strange habits over the years on the road without his wife around to tell him what to do. Sweet blessed freedom from all worries, he grunted and itched himself.

"No don't itch yourself THERE!!" Nabiki cried, seconds later she was running for the bathroom.


After disrupting another battle, this time with Ryoko and Ayeka attacking him, they all headed back to the house so that Ranma could tell them what had happened to him over the years. He was a bit hesitant at first, but then shrugged it off, he had better things to do than worry about keeping secrets, it wasn't like everyone wouln't know eventually. He told them about the ten years of his training trip, the great and powerful Neko-ken training, and all the other stuff that his father had put him through, it took about an hour to list all the different things. When he finished, everyone wanted to rip Genma apart, but Ranma told them not to worry about it since he already had something in mind for the old man and his schemes. Though Ayeka looked very nervious as she looked at Ranma now, he had revealed a bit of his trip to another dimension as well and some of his fight there as well.

Washu cackled as she scanned Ranma, she always cackles, and got some readings that surprised even her. "Wow Ranma 7/8ths of your DNA is Saiyan now" Washu said with some surprise, that race had been extinct for several centuries now.

"What's the other 1/8th?" Ranma asked, silently thanking Chi Chi and her insane teaching habits.

"Jurain of all things, but you are related to Tenchi so that isn't much of a surprise." Washu said.

Ranma wondered why he had that in there, shouldn't it have been human DNA instead, he would have to get some other answers out of the old man now.

Ayeka knew that her father would explode when he found out that one of his great-grandchildren was now mostly Saiyan. Saiyan were supposed to be some the most degenerate and disgusting creatures in the universe, they were gross, worse than demons, and had even worse reputations. She would have to take steps to make sure he didn't cause them problems, but she would have to be careful, very careful.


Sailor Pluto was enraged now, she didn't want him to distract her anymore and knew she had to get rid of him no matter what. The Scouts had failed and that meant it was time to bring in the big guns, she also wanted him out of the way because of what he was doing to her mind. She had been calm, cool, and collected for centuries, then one look at him and she had to take care of a little problem by using her battery powered best friend. Luckily she had a couple dozen to chose from or it would have been a bad time indeed, she couldn't think straight when she was like that. The chaosmaker had escaped and she had learned something even scarier, he could control his power levels with ease.

Sailor Mercury did as she always did, sit at home and let her computer run scans of the city while she did her homework. It beeped at her every now and then as it got a brief spike in power levels, but they weren't large enough or long enough to pinpoint so she just worked on her home work and let things work themselves out. She'd be there when she was needed, but until then she had to make sure she understand how to work a combustion engine well enough to repair one, knowledge was power after all and none of the other scouts would do it. She turned a page in the auto body book she was reading and ignored the half naked girls that were laying on the hoods of the cars. Though anther part of her mind wondered just what the girls did to make the cars run better.

Sailor Mars was trying to do a fire reading to find out more information on the enemy that was gong to cause them problems. At first she got a couple of things about some little kid being taught martial arts, but that quickly changed to an image of an aged green alien that looked pissed off about something, a much younger version of the same green alien blowing up the moon, seven balls and a dragon rising from them, an insectiod alien draining someone though a stinger, an obsidian being with a white mask, a massive tree on a desert planet, a little girl and the man that Sailor Pluto wanted dead. He was fighting to save the little one's life, then the scene changed to him blowing up mountains with Ki blasts as they missed their target, but she wasn't able to get a good look at whoever he was fighting. They would have to be careful, this guy was beyond dangerous, he could wipe out the entire city if he wanted to. He had to be stopped and that meant she had to makes some plans.

Katsuhito wasn't all that surprised when he learned that Ranma was related to him and just shrugged off explanations, he didn't want to talk about it for some reason. Ranma didn't' care and figured it would be explained eventually, though the old man did insist on teaching him some of the standard Jurain sword techniques and hand to hand stuff. Washu had been asked to create something that Ranma could use as a boken, he had shattered fifteen regular ones before Katsuhito gave up in disgust. The first one worked fine, but it eventualy failed and ignited into fire and shattered after only half an hour of use, though he did learn a lot in the half an hour.

After that Katsuhito had to use real blades developed by Washu because Ranma's aura seemed to melt normal ones after about an hour of use. She was fascinated by this and spent the next couple of days creating sword after sword for Ranma, each more advanced than last, using metals from all across the galaxy and the deepest and unused store rooms of her lab. Washu made blades that could take the friction burn from the speeds that Ranma moved at in combat, which when he was going all out was faster than the human eye could see. Eventually she gave him a pair of blades that could store the heat that was generated to help cut through most anything and fire off waves of heat.

After several days of practice Ranma took a break and headed off to a local hot spring to relax, he didn't tell the others though since he wanted to have a little time to himself. While there he had ran across a Yati that looked damned familiar and wondered if he should find his old friend Ukyo, he had a feeling his old friend had a bone to pick with Pop and there was that odd memory he had from the last time he saw his friend. He ran though several plans before giving it up for the moment, there was something else he had to do before he went to visit his old buddy. That didn't stop him from taking the cart with him when he left though, much to the owners surprise. Now he had to go out and by a new one too, so much for easy profits from the locals.


The house wasn't all that big, but it was a lot more than most of the families in the area had, the Saotome home had been standing for over a hundred years now and stood two stories above ground. Ranma appeared on the door step and grinned as he recognized the place he had spent the first few years of his life. He scanned the house and detected only one person inside, a woman, he knocked and hoped it was him mother. She had a Ki signature he had never seen before and a five year old couldn't have known anyway and it had been about fourteen years since he last saw her.

Inside the house Nodoka was going through her daily cleaning, doing the dishes, the floors, the walls, making the beds, doing the laundry, and lots of other things a married woman had to do. She was bored too, it had been years and years of this stuff and she could do it with her eyes closed, usually to win money off her friends. After that she would go out back and run through her sword techniques and show off he true skills as she spun and slashed away like the truely inept swordswoman she was. Years of practice had made her quite good at 'accidentally' loosing her grip on the sword and sending it flying through a nearby target that was shaped suspiciously like a large man in a white gi.

Then she heard someone knock and paused, it had been a long time since the last guest had shown up and that had been some salesman. She smirked as she remembered that pleasent man and the surprise he had gotten when he opened the door, that had been a fun weekend indeed. She got up, headed into the front room, and opened the door with a little hope that her 'man' was back. It wasn't, but then she saw her nephew Tenchi that she had visited a couple of years back and....could it be... her son? If he was, he was definitely a man among men (or rather a Super Saiyan among Saiyans).

He was huge in all the ways that she liked, broad shouldered, over six foot tall, and had a body rippling with muscles. The girl passed out on the sidewalk near the front gate accounted for his manliness, this could only be her son. She Glomped him and drove him to the ground as she started crying in happiness. A separate part of her mind smirked and knew that her son was extremely manly in more than the ways she had expected. She giggled and squeezed him harder.

"Hello Mother, it's been a long time." Ranma said as he tried to dislodge the eel that had taken hold of him.

"Geeze Ranma, I never thought you had it in you." Tenchi said with a laugh.

Ranma glared at him, then paled as his mom let go of him and started to unbuckle his pants.

"MOM, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!!" Ranma screeched as he swatted at her hands.

"I have to know how big you are so that I can find you a good
wife." She said as if it was the most common thing in the world.

Ranma and Tenchi sweat dropped.

"How in the hell do you untie this?" Nodoka muttered.

"Cut it out, Mom!"

"Well alright, but I have to use a knife for that."


Eventually they went inside and Ranma was glad he had managed to get her to back off, what at thing to do in public. Nodoka made tea for them all and he had to tell his life story, again. A little while later Nodoka was in shock, she couldn't believe her husband was so stupid, and thought that there were primates in the area that could have had raised her son for ten years and done a better job, had more common sense, intelligence than her 'dear' husband. Though for some reason she had taken the fact that they were all technically alien royalty from another planet as if it was nothing to worry about. There were more important things to worry about after all, she just had some plans to make.

Though she had been a little surprised when Ranma revealed that he could power up and blow up mountains, it wasn't something a normal person did after all, but she would learn to live with it since he was so manly and all that. Ranma ignored the weird grin on his mother's face and waved his hand in front of her face to get her attention. She started mumbling about the bathroom and a ruler and blushed a little, Ranma just sweatdropped and quickly decided that he would have to be very careful about his mother. She was really weird.

Ranma smiled. "You want dibs on getting to hurt Pop first Mom?"

Nodoka smiled and said "That's sweet of you son, but I think you have him first, after all you owe him so much."

Tenchi laughed and nodded.

"Sure thing mom."

Going home had been a good idea, but Ranma quickly found himself conned into staying at his mom's place for a few days to get to know her again. Then she got this strange idea into her head and wouldn't let it go no matter how much he tried to explain that it was a bad idea. Would she listen to him, no, and it was driving him mad that she was being so stubborn about it. This was his life, he already knew how to take care of himself quite well. He begged and pleaded to her, showing her how much he didn't want to go, but she put her foot down and forced the issue before he could do anything about it. In the end Ranma had given in just to get her off his back, it would be boring and painful, but better than the alternative. He didn't want his mom mad at him.

"You want me to go to school?" Ranma asked and groaned as he threw his hands up in the air.

He had been enrolled in the Jubaan High and surprised the administration with his knowledge. Chichi had forced him, at knife point, to learn and study during his four years in the other world, she wouldn't take no for an answer and was the only woman that he would freely admit being afraid of. No one challenged Chichi when she was in one of her moods, not even Goku and his near god like power. So Ranma was here at school a few days later and wishing he didn't have to be here enrolling and taking placement tests, he hatted his life. This classroom was fine and all, but he had better things to do than sit in one spot and listen to some burnt out old hack drone on and on. He nearly fell asleep taking the placement tests and they were more interesting that than the teacher giving him the test. He could be out roaming the universe looking for adventure, and new beings to fight, something fun to do. Just the thought of it brought a smile to his face and made his knuckles itch in anticipation of what he would find out there. After kicking his father's butt, and meeting his great-grandparents of course, one had to have some priorties after all.

A few mornings later, on his way to his first day of school, Ranma was in a sour mood and was grumbling to himself. He had almost been forced to wear a stupid school uniform to school, the idea was completely ridiculous and laughable. His mother was a nice person, but she had no idea what his life was like on a daily basis, the thing wouldn't survive one of his 'normal' days. Ranma didn't care for a school uniform because it was designed by an idiot that didn't know how to make clothing, and still had some serious doubts that the thing would even survive the fights he usually got into. His normal clothes were specially made to take quite a bit of punishment before they were ruined. So he was just wearing his normal five pound black training T-shirt, Chinese style black slacks, and twenty pound training boots, and of course clean underwear in case he fought something a lot more powerful than him, it paid to be prepared after all. He also had his swords in a capsule, but only Tenchi knew that he had them with him and he wasn't even there.

"I hope this is more interesting than the last school I went too." Ranma muttered to himself as he walked on a fence, he ignored the dozen or so girls following along behind him on ground level, they all seemed to be from different schools. They all cried out as he entered Jubaan High and ran off in tears, he ignored them as best he could, it wasn't his fault they were going to be late. They really should have known better, he made his way into the building just as the first bell rang and checked in with the main office since he didn't want to be late, that would be embarrassing for someone of his skills and power.

As was par for the course the four inner Scouts knew something bad was going to happen when they hear the teacher say there was going to be a new student in the class. For some reason the new students always seemed to be enemies in one form or another, Ail and Ann were a prime example, then came a couple of Galaxia's generals, and a few others that had been Youma. It was to the point that Ami just scanned all the new students and wondered why they didn't just blast them out of existence the instant they showed up. They were right on the money too, it would have saved them a lot of time in the end, but killing innocents on a possibility was just wrong. Ami looked up just as Ranma entered the room and gasped along with the other girls in class, she started to drool and developed little hearts in her eyes just like all the other girls. The guy that Sailor Pluto was hell-bent on having killed was the new student in the class and now that she was able to take a closer look, the most handsome man she had ever seen. This was her second time seeing him in person and for some reason she felt drawn to him and all those nice strong arms, that chest...

He wasn't so good looking that he distracted her from her studies of course, but that was just how she was. Minako, Makoto, and Usagi were all shocked just like she was, then they all started to blush and smiled at him as he walked across the front of the room. All the girls in class sighed and seemed to melt in their seats as Ranma moved, his pants left nothing to the imagination and it was pretty obvious where every one was looking. Ami just grinned as she used her computer to take a few pictures of Ranma for later use, oh boy did she have some uses for him later.

She made a note to get some more batteries.

Ranma couldn't believe it as he looked out across the room and saw a gaggle of girls looking at him with those funny faces he was becoming used to. He would have laughed but it might have insulted them, but Chichi had broken him of that habit right quick, then he smiled and made half the girls faint with big grins on their faces. Some of those girls that wanted to fight him were in his class too, it was an amazing thing, and here he had thought this was going to be a dull part of his stay here. He couldn't wait for the Giynu Force wannbes to attack him again, they didn't stand a chance against him, maybe he could 'play' with them a little and see what they were made of. He looked over their power levels and knew they were pretty much by his wimps.

He was stopped by the teacher as he got close to her desk. "Who are you?"

"Ranma Saotome." Ranma said with a smile, the teacher blushed a little.

"Well Mr. Saotome please introduce yourself to the class."

"Please do." Said the girls that were still conscious.

"Alright." Ranma turned and smiled at the class and noticed that as all the girls sighed the boy's auras flared up in anger, there was an amazing amount of hostile Ki being directed at him at the moment, but he ignored it since there wasn't anything they could do to him. "I'm Ranma Saotome, Master of Anything Goes Martial Arts, Kamesenen Style, and several other less known styles of martial arts, I just returned from a trip abroad and will be in town for the next little while."

The girls squealed.

He turned back to the teacher and saw that she had spaced out while thinking about something, she was all flushed and breathing a little heavily. He stepped over to her and waved his hand in front of her face, but it didn't do much. He still didn't understand what was going on, but whatever was it seemed to be really weird. Was there some kind of flu floating around town that affected only girls? "Yo, Teach, you in there?" Ranma said as he knocked on her forehead.

She blinked a little and turned bright red. "So firm...Um...yeah! Please take the empty seat back by Usagi."

"Sure thing teach." Ranma said with his cocky attituded and walked back to his new seat and sat down. He knew he was being watched by everybody and it was really weird, he'd figure this out just as soon as he could, was his hair still changing colors? Things proceeded from there almost normally, though he caught the Scouts keeping a closer eye on him as he worked in class. This wasn't that big of a surprise to him, but what did get his attention though was the number of girls that were watching along with them. Again he checked his clothes to see if there were any holes or stains he might have missed and came up with nothing. He would have to ask his mom about it when he caught home later, this just didn't make sense and it was getting on his nerves.

Later in the day, after he had been through several classes and been ogled by every girl in the school, Ranma was getting to point where he wanted to stand up and scream at the Scouts to do something. They kept him under a close guard as they waited for school to end, he had no doubts that these three wanted to attack him the instant it was safe to do so. They just didn't want to give themselves away during class, he used the time to think up some nasty plans to make them back off. Now, during his last class for the day, he found himself sitting next to one of them. The blonde ditz who had been doing all the speachs and posing the last time they met, one just could not forget that weird hair style. Though he had to admit he had seen lots worse, like this wrestler that trained with Mr. Satan back in the other world, now there was a guy that would have put this hair style to some use. He suddered. This girl, Usagi something or the other, was a strange one. He couldn't place her in any of the ideals he had placed people in after he got to know them. This was mostly because she was now sleeping in the middle of class, snoring lightly and drooling all over her desk and muttering about some guy she called Mamo-Chan.

"Mamo-Chan..." Usagi mumbled in her sleep and giggled.

'I hope that wasn't the guy in the tuxedo, man that guy was a disgrace to all the fighters I've ever met, Ranma thought to himself, Mr. Satan could have kicked his butt and that was scary. Then he got an idea and started to grin evily, this alerted the other Scouts and they all tensed in their seats, reading themselves for anything. What they got was so shocking that they couldn't move from their seats, thier jaws were hanging on the gound.

Ranma got up and grabbed Usagi to toss her into the air.

"Whaaa Afhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!" Usagi screamed as she neared the ceiling.

When she was in the air he used his feet to toss their desks off the floor and started to juggle them as if it was nothing. Class skidded to a halt and everyone stopped to watch the show Ranma was putting on, Usagi screamed again as she fell, was caught, and well on her way to the ceiling once again. Ranma smirked as he powered up a little and obliterated the two desks with a couple of tiny Ki bolts. Caught Usagi as she neared the floor and gave her a French kiss that would wake the dead. Usagi stuggled at first, but after a few seconds ahs seemed to melt into him. Makoto used her chair to hit Ranma across the back, but it just shattered around him and didn't phase him in the least, Usagi's legs kicked the floor a little more, though she didn't seem to be struggling all that much. They stayed like that for several seconds before Ranma chuckled and put her down as gently as he could.

Usagi stumbled a couple of steps before falling to her knees, Makoto caught her and turned to glare at Ranma. She didn't notice that her friend was a blushing, incoherent mess, with her whole body tingling with pleasure from the intense kiss. Ranma just smirked. Her mutterings roughly translated to "I wish Mamoru was built like that, those strong arms, soft lips, incredible eyes, tight butt..."

At the Time Gate Sailor Pluto was yelling profanity in dozens of different languages, she was almost frothing at the mouth as she pounded her fists against the edge of the gate and tried to understand what was going on and what she had done to deserve this kind of punishment. She was so mad that it was easy for her to make normal speech sound like a series of nasty words as well, it was quite amazing actually. She had been checking on Crystal Tokyo when Ranma did his little routine and watched as Chibi Usa started to flicker like a dieing light bulb, that was a very bad thing, she had to stop this monster from accomplishing his goals.

Back in the classroom Ranma took a bow as he was surrounded by girls.

"Hey Usagi, could Mamoru do anything like that?" Ranma asked.

Usagi fainted with a happy grin on her face as the students around them started to talk among themselves. With a sigh Ranma had to remind himself that little antics like that were what tended to get him in the most trouble, though he had to admit that it had been a lot of fun to see the look in her face. It had been quite a while since he pulled that a stunt like this, he recalled doing something like it to Juuhachigou at one time during a fight. He lucked out as he looked up at the clock just as the last bell for the day rang and they were let out of class. Of course he hadn't expected to be directed by the teacher to run down to the basement to grab a couple of new desks for them to sit in when they came back the next day.

Once that was accomplished with a ten minute chewing out from the priciple about breaking school property, Ranma headed outside to meet the girls so they could fight, he looked around as made his way across the open area behind the school until he reached a small park area. It surrounded the school and was soon sitting in a tree and watching curiously as Usagi and her friends go on and on and on about him. He couldn't hear exactly what they were saying, but he knew they were talking about him from the way she described the kiss. They were all walking around looking for him, they hadn't seen him come out of the school. He smirked as Usagi's voice carried over when they drew closer to the tree he wad hiding in and listened in for a few seconds.

"He's so handsome..and powerful, and graceful...and handsome..." Usagi said dreamily.

"We know Usagi, he's a good kisser." Makoto said with a hint of jealously.

"It's so unfair that he did that to you and not me!" Minako yelled and looked like she was going to cry.

Ranma smirked and decided to give her the 'treatment' too.

Then he sensed something and turned to look back at the school just as Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune, Sailor Chibi Moon, Sailor Pluto and Tuxedo Kamen showed up in full battle gear. They looked like they were extremely angry about something, but that was their problem, he had other plans to take care of at the moment. This of course was followed by these Ginyu force wanna be's knowing exaclty where he was hiding. He blinked in surprise when they didn't do the expected posing or speech making. Ranma saw that they were all powering up to fire at him just as he was getting ready to jump out of the tree, but Pluto beat him as she finished her spin and brought her staff around.

"Dead Scream!!" She hissed and let loose a ball of destruction. The blast flew out in front of the group and headed right for Ranma as he stood up on the tree branch he was on. He took a moment to determin the power of the blast and swatted the thing away like it was nothing, them sent it right for Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune like a rebounded volleybal. They didn't get out of the way in time and were caught in Pluto's attack, making the area around them explode violently. Uranus and Neptune staggered out of the explosion and collapsed to their knees, their fuku were in pretty bad shape and showing things that they shouldn't have been. Ranma wanted a camera to send a picture of it to Mutenroshi, these kinds of things were the greatest thing about battling girls in his mind.

Ranma smirked as he dropped out of the tree and walked over to the two groaning Scouts. "Like I said to the others, those fuku's aren't all that good of an armor, they just show to much skin."

Tuxedo Mask came up behind Ranma, reached into his tuxedo, and hit Ranma over the head with his cane as hard had he could, it shattered like cheap glass as Ranma turned around in surprise. He looked Mask over and started to snicker at the tuxedo clad moron who's power level was so low that he hadn't even been keeping track of it, the girls had more power than this idiot and he thought he might challenge him, Ranma grinned and almost laughed in his face.

"Got anything else?" Ranma asked in curiosity as he looked down at the shattered remains of the cane and kicked a couple of pieces at Tuxedo Mask just to insult the guy, he needed it.

Tuxedo Mask leaped back and threw roses at Ranma, but they missed their target because Ranma was rolling on the ground laughing his ass off, there were tears streaming out of his eyes as he tried to gain control. Tuxedo Mask started to growl as Chibi Moon came up beside him and glared at Ranma as he was gasping for air on the ground and continued laughing as loudly as he could.

"It's not funny!" She yelled.

"Please stop it, I've never seen anything that retarded in my life!!! " Ranma said between laughs, before he snorted and started all over again.

This didn't sit all that well with Chibi Moon so she stepped forward while he was 'distracted' and tried to hit Ranma with a Pink Heart Attack. Ranma just started to laugh even harder, the attack was about as dangerous as a bee sting and just as dangerous. Then the attacked moved off his chest and hit him in the stomach and he belched at her. It was loud and had a bit of his saiyan power behind it and blew her clean off her feet. He pounded on his chest and smiled at Chibi Moon as she struggled to get up a few feet away.

"Excuse Me!"

"Aghaaaaaaaaa!!" Chibi Moon screamed in anger, for a moment looking just like her pissed off father.

Ranma just looked around for the next, enemy. This was starting to get fun, he knew he wasn't supposed to pick on the weak and all that, but these girls needed to be taken down a pet. They had attacked him for absolutly no reason so he was obligated to fight back, but nothing said how he had to do it. They were lucky, if Vegita had been here he would have killed them all and wandered off to find a sandwich to keep himself from falling asleep.

At this point all the Inners had noticed the fight and got themselves suited up to fight, though Moon looked like she was about to laugh at her boyfriend. The dazed look on her daughter's face was pretty funny to, she didn't know who to laugh at though, she wanted to make fun of them both, but that would have been mean and Sailor Moon was not a mean person. She wanted both of them both to feel the sting of her final revenge on all that name calling they had been doing behind her back. She smirked at her boyfriend as he made a fool of himself in front of everybody, though she did try and make sure Uranus and Neptune were going to be alright. They were just singed and bruised, nothing major to worry about so she had Mercury look them over a little bit as she turned back to the fight.

Ranma knew this wasn't a real fight no matter how much power these girls actually had, no this was something else. It was a great comedy act to him, they were all out of their league and didn't even know it. So far they hadn't done a thing to him that could even be considered dangerous and wanted to find out if they had anything else availible to challenge him. It was unlikly though, these weren't fighters, they were walking jokes in colorful costumes with great legs. Okay, he had to admit that they might have been powerful and dangerous to someone with less power or a normal human, but Ranma hadn't been a normal human since he was seven years old and even then they would have been a great fight.

Then he got a small and pleasant surprise as the Outers got their acts together again and managed to fire off an attack from two different directions. They certainly seemed to have what it took to be decent fighters, but none of the training, how did they expect to take him down if they kept running around like a chicken with it's head cut off? It seemed like they depended on their attacks for everything while using thier speed to keep out of reach, it was kind of boring and a little insulting really. He calmly leaped over Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune's attacks, back handed Flower Boy into a nearby tree as he tried to take him down from behind, and dodged Pluto's second attack. The Inners hadn't done anything to him so he ignored them as he played around, he was having a ball doing this anyway.

Ranma smirked at them and powered up a little just to show them a minor glimpse of what he was capable of. He cupped his hands and formed a simple ball of Ki. "Ha!! That's kid stuff girls." He seemed to form a huge aura around his body, though by his standards this was about as small as he could go, the energy rolled out over the area. The Sailor Scouts hit the dirt as a beam of power fired out of his hands, missed all the Scouts, as over half of Jubaan High was vaporized in a massive explosion. Luckily it was a common practice to evacuate the area when ever the Scouts started to fight so he didn't kill anyone, he breathed a sigh of relief and smiled at the scouts again. Needless to say everyone still around by that time got out of there in a hurry, even Sailor Moon tried to bolt, but Sailor Jupiter held her back by grabbing her bow.

"Hey Usagi has the right idea Jupiter." Ranma said.

Everyone stopped.

"You know who we are?" Sailor Mercury asked.

"Only the three of you that are the same class with me since I could match their names with their Ki signatures." Ranma replied as he looked them over with a leacherous smirk. Mercury and Moon blushed and backed up a few steps, Ranma wondered what was going through their adolescent minds, was it naughty, or completely perverted? Number 18 had certainly had a dirty mind, he didn't know what they were thinking, but knew finding out would be just as fun if he had the chance.

Sailor Pluto growled as a red haze of anger settled over her face and charged at Ranma with her hands extended like claws. It wasn't a very well thought out attack, but Ranma did tend to piss everyone he came in contact with at some point. With a shake of his head Ranma leaped over her in a graceful arc, landed behind her, and hit her with the weakest Ki bolt he needed to accomplish his plan. He smirked as the smoke settled and most of the Scouts stopped to look at Pluto as she lay on the ground groaning in shock and shaking her head.

"Like I said earlier, those fuku things are completely worthless as armor." Ranma said as he eyed Pluto and smirked, he hadn't expected this, but who was he to complain?

"Pluto, cover yourself up!" Moon yelled as she turned bright red, secretly a little envious of the older Scout's perfect and mature body.

"Huh?" Sailor Pluto slurred and looked down at herself, saw bare skin, and blushed when she realized her fuku had been vaporized by the Ki blast and she was laying there in her birthday suit. She screamed and tried to comver herself up, the grinning Ranma didn't help settle her temper either. The glare of death was leveled at him and promised unimaginable amounts of pain and destruction.

"Not to worry cute stuff." Ranma said as he charged up a tiny bit and hit her with another blast of energy. The Scouts scremed in horror, but when it cleared Sailor Pluto was now wearing typical Saiyan body armor with it's skin tight body suit showing off her curves, padded body armor, hip guards, and arm bracers with the symbol of Pluto easily recognizable. She blinked in confusion, shuddered, and turned bright red as something became obvious about the new outfit. Her cheeks turned bright red and it was clear she was clenching her teeth and trying to keep control.

"Oh my!" Mercury said as she looked at her computer, she blushed and tried to hide behind Jupiter.

"What, what?!!" Moon yelled and ran over to Mercury.

"I'll get you for this!" Pluto screamed as she vanished from the field.

Ranma had a huge grin on his face as he buffed his finger nails on his shirt, if your going to piss off a girl, do it with style so they will remember it.

"What did you do to her?!!" Tuxedo Mask screamed and ran forward to punch Ranma, but got back handed into another tree and collapsed unconscious almost instantly.

"The clothing was a little trick a friend of mine taught me, as for why she left, well added a little surprise to the outfit." Ranma said as he grinned wider. "I just wish she would have stuck around a little longer so we could have all enjoyed it."

"What did he do, what?!" Moon asked as she bounced from foot to foot.

Sailor Mars finally arrived on the scene and led in with an attack, everyone still there decided to join in and charged at Ranma. They would get their answers from his beaten body, he was making fools of them and that couldn't go unpunished. He just continued to grin as they closed in and fired several quick blasts at the girls before they realized what was happening. This was quickly followed the same energy he had used on Pluto, the fuku's were all vaporized and replaced with Saiyan armor and that something a little extra. All the Scouts stood there in shock for several seconds and started to blush, breathing a little heavily.

"Look I'm not saying that body armor is perfect, but it'll take more hits than your fuku's ever would and should be a lot more fun too. Expecially on those boring nightly partrols you probably do all the time." Ranma said with a smirk. "Among other things."

"Change them back!!" Moon yelled as she struggled to stand, she looked like she was having problems standing. All the Scouts did, though a couple of them looked like they had more control than the others.

"What? You don't like the vibrators? At least their the flat kind, the other versions were all a bit..." Ranma said innocently.

Surprisingly the Scouts managed to actually get a bit of control and fired off some more attacks, though they were considerably less powerful this time Ranma powered up a little more as he swatted them all into what was left of the school, where they exploded and finally collapsed the rest of the building. The Scouts all struggled to stay standing as they blushed and moaned a little, Ranma just grinned a little wider as certain things started to become noticeable on the girls. Mutenroshi would have loved this, this was his kind of game and Ranma had to admit that he liked playing with them. It was true Ranma could have sent the attacks skyward or even blocked them in some way, but he was afraid he would have hit some aircraft and made a bigger mess than destroying the other half of the empty school, it was a bit saffer too. Anyway he was having more fun than he'd had in the last few months, he had used to do this to Juuhachigou just to piss her off. He wondered if the Scouts would rip their clothes off too?

Then they heard the police sirens and Ranma sighed as his fun was interrupted, oh well, he'd have to continue this later. "Well girls, it looks like this is over for now. Bye!" Ranma said as he flared up and flew away.

The Sailor Scouts scattered, or staggered out of the area as they all tried to maintain some semblance of control as Ranma's little 'gift' made itself more and more noticeable. At the Time Gate Sailor Pluto, naked from the waist down, wondered if they had ever had a chance against him with their attacks, everything they used had been ineffective and practically useless. The only thing they did have that might hurt him was Saturn's full power attack and it seemed that might have been useless as well, at least short of blowing up the planet anyway, but that was only as a last resort.

"Perverted little asshole." She snarled and went to clean her self up, taking the uniform with her so that she could 'study' it.

To Be Continued..

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