Notes - Well here's another chapter of insanity as I continue to expand beyond the borders of the original idea set out in this fic, please let me know what you think and if you have an insane ideas that the current plot might give you. If I use the idea I'll be sure to give you the credit.
Saiyan No Baka
Chapter 03
By Cory D. Rose
(c) 2002

Ranma appeared above his mother's house and surveyed the situation, he had
been flying so fast that Salen couldn't keep up with him. He hadn't noticed
though, he had other things to worry about now that he was here. Down below
him he saw that the Sailor Scouts were fighting a whole horde of humanoid
like monsters, he could tell that they were doing a very poor job fighting
them off. The monsters were using some kind of hand to hand combat or
martial arts techniques of some kind and easily holding the girls off by
sheer numbers alone. Salen caught up seconds later to see Ranma raise an
arm above his head as energy began to spin up his arm to form a Destructo
Disk, it buzzed loudly has it picked up speed. With a flick of his wrist
Ranma sent the disk flying into the fight.

It swerved around the scouts and quickly began to cut the monster heads off
in a gory show of destruction. Hovering down to the ground Ranma yelled at
everyone to keep on their toes while he dealt with the rest of the monsters.
"Heads up!" Ranma held his hand aloft as the Destructo Disks buzzed over to
hover above his palm once more. He dissipated it with a thought and smirked
at the Scouts as they finished throwing up their lunch, they were all a
little green. Ranma ignored them as he looked one of the bodies over to see
if there was anything he could learn from it.

"Jesus, that buzz saw thing was ten times as powerful as Mar's strongest
attack." Mercury muttered as she played with her palmtop computer.

Jupiter came out of her shock, ran over to Ranma and glomped his leg.
"Teach me how to do that!"

"Huh?" Ranma asked in confusion.

"I'll give you anything, just teach me how to do that kind of attack!"

"Um...well, I..." Ranma tried to say.

Tuxedo Mask suddenly appeared out of nowhere, grabbed Jupiter and tossed
her away. "Get to safety, I'll protect you!" He yelled and moved to attack

This was something Ranma could grasp a bit quicker than a girl begging to
learn his moves. He gave Tux boy a two punch combo that sent him staggering
away. As Tux was regaining his balance someone tapped him on the shoulder
and he turned just as Salen punched him, spun around him and kicked him
between the legs, he went flying through a nearby wall in an explosion of
stone and dust and slammed into a tree on the other side and collapsed to
the ground.

"What the hell kind of attack was that?" "It was pathetic and he left enough
holes in his defences to invite any kind of attack." Salen muttered. "Geez
what an idiot...wait a minute, hold the phones here. The Sailor Scouts? I
thought you were all extinct or something, your kingdom was toppled like ten
thousand years ago? What are you still doing hanging around here and what
good are those stupid little dresses, they look like a good Ki blast could
vaporize them in an instant. You don't even have any kind of decent
protection magic on them or anything." She said in the most irritating voice
she could muster and walked over to where Jupiter was laying in the grass
and fingered the girl's skirt.

"I've brought that up already, they didn't take it to well when I gave them
some better armor." Ranma said with a smirk at the girls, they all blushed
and tried to hide behind each other.

"Oh?" Salen said and wondered what he had done to make them blush like
that, he was a man so it must have been kind of perverted, she smirked, that
was the kind of man she was looking for. The more she learned about this guy
the better she liked him, he was utterly perfect so far, strong, confident,
cute, powerful, cute, well muscled, and did she mention really tight buns?

Ranma looked over the yard and spotted dozens of bodies laying about, a
quick scan with his senses told him that all of their energy seemed to have
been drained or removed in some way. He couldn't spot Ukyo or his mother
though, Akane was on the ground nearby growling as she laid there unable to
move, she muttered a few cuss words under her breath. Ranma dismissed her,
she was already recovering and wasn't really in any kind of danger at the
moment, but it was the other girls he was worried about. He also ignored the
sudden fight that occurred when the Mars and Jupiter suddenly jumped at
Salen and attacked her. The fight was really short and brutal and seconds
later Mars and Jupiter were splayed out on the ground unconscious as Salen
snorted and dusted her hands off. She pretended to check and see if she had
broken a nail.

"Salen don't beat up the Sailor Scouts, they really should know better than
to attack us like this. It's not like I haven't tried to explain things to
them before, they just don't seem to listen to well." Ranma said as he
examined the bruised girls, lightly kicking one's foot to see if she was
still conscious.

"But it's so much fun and they have no training whatsoever, they don't even
seem to be dangerous, no wonder they were getting their butts kicked by
those pathetic monsters. The only one with any experience is the one with
the sword over there and she isn't even one of the team." Salen said with a
sniff and an innocent shrug of indifference. There was a shout off to the
side and a burst of light, she turned to block the attack and found herself
tied up in one of Venus' Love Me Chain attacks. Salen blinked in surprise
and looked down at the heart shaped links of the chain. Then she turned and
smirked at the blonde. "Kinky, kinky little girl, you swing that way too,

"Give your self up now or else." Venus yelled.

With a snort Salen flexed her corded muscles and broke the chains, then
turned toward Venus, there was a glint in her eye that made the girl back up
a few steps and realize that she might have done something she shouldn't
have. Salen surged forward in a blur of speed and swarmed all over Venus,
the girl screamed and made Ranma wince in sympathy as Salen did something
with her chain that really can't be mentioned in polite company. Venus
decided then and there that leaving these people alone would be a good idea
and just before she passed out she hoped she would be able to get that thing
out before she got home.

"That was a bit much Salen." Ranma muttered.

"She deserved it for pulling that kind of crap on me,that Love Me Chain is
a literal truth. It affects a person's feelings and makes them fall in
instant love, or in this case a kind of lust that can't be ignored." Salen
said as she moulded herself to Ranma's manly chest and traced his well
defined muscles with the tip of her finger.

"She still didn't deserve that." Ranma said as he pushed her away and
slapped her hands.

"Humph!!" Salen said and crossed her arms as she pouted.

'She is definitely related to Vegita in some way.' Ranma thought to himself,
how that was possible in this dimension was hard to say though. He was going
to have to find out the history of the Saiyan race in this universe, in some
ways they were the same, but different in others. Feeling sorry for the
girl, Ranma picked up Minako and cradled her in his arms and took her into
the house to let his mother look at her. He was a bit amazed that the chain
weapon would even fit up there, but he did his best not to think about it or
he would have to look at something that would get him slapped.

These girls were starting to get on his nerves too and why did he suddenly
felt like someone was walking over his grave? On the other side of the
battle field Usagi's communicator started to beep and she managed to ignore
Ranma as she answered it, talked with someone for several seconds, and ran
out of the house like all the demons of hell were after her. Ranma decided
to see what was going and this was the first time he'd actually seen any of
these girls doing something other than attacking him. Then just as he was
about to fly after her he sensed something not to far off and took a closer
look at it with his senses and started to grin a few seconds later. It
looked like things were about to get interesting around here after all. He
threw his arms wide and started to laugh evilly.


"Ranma you stop that laughing this instant and get down here and help clean
up this mess or you will regret it!" Nodoka yelled at her son as he hovered
in the air above the house and laughed, she waved a broom at him

"Ack! Alright mom!" He said as he landed and took the broom with a sigh and
wondered about what he had been reduced to at times. Could he blow up entire
mountains with ease? Sure. Could he move faster than light, easily, but for
the life of him he couldn't seem to disobey his own mother. Grumbling to
himself, he started to sweep faster and faster, and quickly kicked up a
rather large dust cloud that soon filled the whole front of the yard and
took the opportunity to launch into the air and fly off before anyone could
say anything. Focusing on the energy he was sensing, he flared with energy
flew off in the same direction Usagi had just gone. Salen followed a few
seconds later when she realized that the hunk was running off, she had to
see what he was up to. So far this was the most fun she'd had in months and
didn't want it to end.

Everyone still awake was coughing as Nodoka ran out of the house. "Ranma!
You get back here!"


The alley was a relatively normal looking one with its share of over grown
weeds, dumpsters, and a rather scraggly looking dog digging in the trash.
The thing was an indeterminate breed of dog, with matted gray and brown
fur, a wet nose, and an outlook on life that suggested that if you offered
it a bone he would rip your hand off for even suggesting that he was down on
his luck. It dug below the first few inches of garbage, sniffing for the
tiny bit of food that was calling to it. Then its head lifted into the air
as something in the very air changed in a way that it had never experienced
before. Sniffing a little didn't help much, but it could tell enough to know
that it was in danger. It didn't like to be in danger, not when there was
food to be had and all he had to do was dig for it.

Energy swirled out of the very air and formed a portal right next to the
very trash can where the dog was crouching in wait. After several seconds
the portal stabilized and took on a window like consistency as the image
of a front yard appeared and a short man with tall black spiky hair stepped
through and glanced around. Vegita glared as he looked around the area and
saw that they had appeared in a rather dirty place, as the last remaining
prince of the Saiyan race this just wouldn't do at all. He growled and
wondered if the Eternal Dragon had brought him to the right place at all,
then if it was, then where was Ranma? If he was around here, then it seemed
that he was hiding his power level again for there was no sign of the
pigtailed powerhouse. He sent his senses out to track the boy down as he
stepped around the cans, he could feel the right kind of energies some
distance off, but they were very faint and elusive. He knew for a fact that
when Ranma hid his power level he did it well enough that few could even
detect him if he didn't want them to. Then he sensed something else heading
in his direction and turned to look off to the side of the alley just as a
bunch of girls in colorful short skirts showed up and start yelling
incomprehensible speeches at him. They were all posing to show off some
decent skin and had decent teenager like bodies that he had grown to like
over the years, but they had next to useless power levels as far as he was
concerned. Old Nappa would have had a field day with them in the old days,
hell those bugs from Pylax 3 would have been able to eat them alive,
literally. Then he realized that they reminded him of someone else as well,
it must have been all that useless posing and speech making.

"I am..." Sailor Moon yelled as she showed up, but Vegita cut her off.

"SHUT UP YOU GINYU FORCE WANNBES!" Vegita bellowed, using his Ki to amplify
the sound of his voice and his annoyance. Nearby buildings had their windows
shattered the sound was so loud.

"Ok, ok..." Sailor Moon whimpered as she covered her ears with her hands,
they were ringing loudly and she suddenly had a headache.

Sailor Mars and Jupiter took this like they normally would and attacked the
man who was threatening them, what were the chances of running into someone
like Ranma this soon? Vegita glared around him, he wasn't in the mood for
this kind of crap especially when he had something else to take care of. He
flashed forward, not even bothering to gather much power and beat the Sailor
Scouts into the ground with a couple of blows each. Since they were kind of
young and cute he went light on them, but he still felt a little
disappointment when they went down so easily. Those outfits were a disgrace
as well, though he figured that the Ginyu Force would have been trying to
copy them the instant they saw them, those peckers had always been
incredibly weird for a group of men that went around yelling speeches and
posing like peacocks. Though he did consider taking their clothes and giving
them to Bulma as a present, they would look good on her in the right

"Morons! Pathetic losers! There are always idiots like you who get in my
way right when I'm in the middle of something more important than your petty
little problems. Now to find out where Ranma is." Vegita said just as
several others stepped out of the portal behind him and looked around. The
Scouts, piled on top of each other, all sweat dropped and paled a little as
they all realized the most of these men were even stronger than Ranma was.

"Hey Vegita, why'd you hog all the fun?" Goku asked as he looked over the rather
bruised and groaning girl, she looked hurt.

"You're too damned slow, that's why Kakorott!"

Piccolo followed next and folded his arms and grunted, he barely noticed
the girls piled
up nearby. There was little sign sticking out of the pile, it had 'help'
written on it.

Goku looked like someone had just kicked him for no reason, it was a sad
sight to behold.

"Vegita you big dumb oaf, quick picking on the weak and get on with it,
we're here for a reason you know, or have you forgotten already?! We haven't
seen Ranma in months!" Bulma yelled.

"Quiet Woman, I'm dealing with this trash!"

"Get on with it!"

Vegita growled and started to send out his senses to find Ranma's Ki
signature once more, he had it almost instantly and noticed something about
it. He just stepped back and crossed his arms and smirked arrogantly. He
smirked down at the Scouts too and they shuddered at the sheer amount of
evil that his eyes held. That was the kind of reaction Vegita liked when he
dealt with people, screw this fair fight crap that everyone was always
trying to force down his throat. He smiled at their fear filled eyes and
felt like true Saiyan again, it had been so long.

"Well?!!" Bulma screamed and ruined his little moment.

"You said to find him, so I did." Vegita snapped back and thrust a fist in
Bulma's face for effect. As usual it didn't even scare her, instead she just
kicked him in the shins and grabbed his ear to get his attention.

"WHERE IS RANMA RIGHT NOW?!" She screamed in it.

The Sailors just groaned in pain and wondered what happened to the days
when all the enemies were easy to beat, you know, like Wise Man or Queen

"Hi guys!" Ranma said as he appeared in front of Vegita, saw all his
friends, and looked down at the pile of Scouts nearby. "Don't mind them,
their no danger to anyone but themselves."

"Ranma!" Everyone yelled and tackled the boy to the ground, except Piccolo
and Vegita of course, who had better things to do than look like idiots by
tackling their friend. Instead they stood around with their arms crossed
looking macho and mean to intimidate everyone that saw them. That and to
keep an eye on each other to make sure they didn't do anything stupid, they
had reputations to protect after all. Ranma didn't even notice, he was too
busy laughing as the others hugged him and patted him on the back. Goku
knocked him over, but that was pretty normal. No one had ever been able to
catch up to Goku when it came to sheer power and destruction.

"It's great to see you all again, but what are you all doing here?" Ranma
said as he
pulled himself out of the pile.

"What, we're not allowed to visit our friend?" Krillin asked.

"Hey, we had to come for a visit." Goku said, then blinked as he realized
something had just hit him in the back of the head. He turned to look down
at the girl that had just punched him and grinned a little, Vegita hadn't
taken them all down after all. He sized her up and was just a little
disappointed that she was so week, he felt like he was taking on Tien or

Sailor Venus, miraculously recovered from Salen's earlier punishment, she
did not want to think about it, and shook her numb hand and wondered what
this brute was made of. "Ow!"

"Hey thanks Vegita, I thought you hadn't left any of them for us." Goku
crowed happily and 'tapped' Venus in the chest. She went flying across the
street and though a wall with a scream, the sound of shattering stone and a
collapsing wall filled the air.

"I don't remember seeing that one before she showed up, she must have been
hiding or isn't' as fast as these other Ginyu Force knockoffs over here."
Vegita muttered.

Then the rest of the Sailor Scouts decided to try and fight again as they
finally managed to get back to their feet. Ranma just rolled his eyes and
stepped forward to stop them from making yet another mistake. "Usagi, don't
do a speech, don't do any posing, just power down and don't annoy any of
them, they will leave when they're done visiting. They also have less
restraint on their powers than I do and some of you might get seriously hurt
like Venus over there. Goku did go kind of easy on her, I've seen him send
his opponents flying through solid mountains and bounce when they hit the
ground on the other side." Ranma said firmly and pointed to the collapsed
wall with a wince as he saw one of Venus bare feet sticking out of the

"Um...okay, I guess, but if they cause any problems we will have to stop
them." Usagi said and powered down, hoping beyond hope that these people
wouldn't be a problem. She looked like she meant it too, Ranma almost
laughed in her face, but controlled himself just in time.

Vegita and Piccolo smirked at the girl's brass and wondered what she would
be like if she was trained how to fight for real, it was kind of eerie. Then
of course Tuxedo Mask came out of the trees and tried to attack Piccolo with
his cane, why he did something so stupid was anybody's guess. Though he
isn't really known for being all that bright in the first place. Ranma had
time to wince and yell a warning not to go to hard on him just when the big
green guy reacted like he always did to an unexpected attack. He flowed
around the cane with uncanny speed, and with a massive uppercut sent the
masked moron straight into orbit. Then he shrugged and turned to look at
Ranma again as he ignored the rising black dot as it went through the clouds
high in the sky and vanished.

"Wimp." Piccolo commented.

"Yeah, I know, he's real stubborn though and should be back in a day or
two. One of these days he's going to be in the wrong place at the wrong time
and really get his tail kicked."

"Mamo-Chan!!" Usagi yelled, transformed and ran over to Piccolo and glared
at him.

"What do you want little girl?" He asked gruffly.

"Jerk!" She kicked him in the shin and ran after her boyfriend to make sure
he survived the fall or didn't get into trouble.

Piccolo just raised and eyebrow and tried to figure out what had just

"Oh yeah, I'd like to know how his hands got healed too." Ranma muttered
and stared off after the receding blonde ditz.

Sailor Pluto, stubborn to a fault it seemed, appeared out of nowhere and
hit Goku over the head with her Time Staff and screamed something about
stopping the chaos generators before all hope was lost, then she followed
Tux boy on his orbital trip via a small back hand blow from Goku. He was
grinning so Ranma figured the girl would survive the fall she would soon
make. Ranma just whistled at the distance they achieved and sighed as he
turned to the other scouts and glared at them. "I told all of you to just
back off and leave my friends alone! Name one thing they've done to even
warrant being attacked like this?" Ranma yelled.

The other Scouts just gaped at him, powered down as quickly as they could,
and sweat dropped. Then, with what Ranma was beginning to understand was
normal with these girls, Makoto edged around him with a blush and walked
over to Yamcha and smiled. "Hi..." She breathed out.


"Want to go and get some ice cream?" Makoto asked with a full blown blush.

"Food?" Yamcha asked as Puar beaned him over the head for being a block
head again. "I thought I cured him of that little habit." She muttered.

"Sure, it sounds like fun." Yamacha said as he happily grabbed the girl's
hand and lifted her into his arms and floated up a few feet above the
ground. "So where is this place?"

Makoto giggled and pointed the way and they flew off at high speed as the
rest of her friends just gaped at her.

"What just happened?" Ranma asked as the Scouts just shrugged and ran off
before they could cause anymore trouble, though they did take a few seconds
to dig Venus out of the rubble before they left.

"This is one strange world you have here Ranma." Vegita said as he looked
around with contempt. "You could have the whole population bowing to you and
proclaim yourself king of the whole thing in less than a day if those girls
are the strongest things here to oppose you."

Bulma just hit him across the back of his head with a snort. "Like you're
one to talk."


Laughing a little, Goku interrupted then from getting into one of their
normal spats. "Let's see a bit of Ranma's home world before we blow it up.

"Um...Yeah, what Goku said." Krillin muttered from a few feet away as 18
just watched them impassively.


"Hey Mom, I'm home!" Ranma yelled as he walked back through the front gate.
He was glad to see that almost everybody had gone home after he left. Well
except for one freeloader and his mother anyway. He motioned for everyone to
follow him through just as his mother came stalking out of the house to yell
at him, but she stopped when she saw all the people behind Ranma.

"And who are these...people Ranma?" She asked.

"These are the friends that helped me when I was gone."

"From the other world?"

Ranma nodded. "Yep, they came to visit me."

Nodding a little and glaring at her son to let him know that he wasn't
going to get out of his punishment, she turned to the group and saw that two
of the four girls seemed to understand what she was going to do to Ranma.
"Hello, I'm Nodoka Saotome, won't you come in, supper will be done in about
half an hour or so and I would like to meet all of you."

"Thank you." Bulma said and gave Vegita a shove for the door. "We would be
honored to stay for dinner."

"Would you show them around the house a little Ranma?" Nodoka said.

"Sure Mom."

Nodoka didn't even bat an eye at Piccolo as he walked by her with his
flowing cape and green skin. As they entered the house she had to wonder for
few seconds where they were all going to stay, they sure didn't have room
here to house this many people unless she stacked them up in the living room
and the Dojo. Sighing as she shut the door behind them she wondered how she
would have to increase the amount of food they had to feed this small army,
then shrugged, if she had to she would duck next door and borrow a little
from one of her friends. She had always helped them out so they would be
able to help her out in a time of need even if it was only a couple extra
bags of rice.

"Who are your friends Ranma?"

As everyone was sitting down around the table Ranma introduced them. "This
is Bulma, Vegita, Goku, Chichi, Gohan, Trunks, Piccolo, Krillin, 18, and the
missing member is Yamcha, I'm not sure if we will see much of him for a few
hours or so."


"Yeah, he picked up a girl a little while ago and they went out for some
ice cream." Ranma said and saw his mother's eyes glaze a bit. "He should be
back here pretty soon unless he decides to extend the date a little."

"Of course, it's such a manly thing to do." Nodoka said happily, thinking
that not all of Ranma's friends might be weird after all.

Bulma nearly chocked on something when she heard that and felt a little
relief that she hadn't been drinking anything.

"Um...right." Ranma said.

"Would anyone like any Tea?" Nodoka asked and got up to get some before
anyone had a chance to say if they did or not.

Ranma was about to ask what everyone planned to do while they were here
when he felt a presence he had forgotten about and it spoke his name.
"Ranma, who are all these people?"

Everyone turned to see Salen standing there in her black form fitting armor
as she crossed her arms and tapped her foot. "Well?"

For a second Ranma wondered why his danger sense was suddenly going off,
but for the life of him he couldn't find any thing dangerous enough to set
it off anywhere around him. So with a shrug he introduced everyone again,
though the last name on the list caught the girl by surprise. "...and
finally this grouch over here is Vegita."

Salen turned to look at Vegita and raised an eyebrow. "Yeah right, and my
Uncle Snapcase can turn into a weak and useless Weetal and defeat the
Legendary Super Saiyan with a forked claw."

"WHAT?!!" Vegita yelled as he rose to his feet and formed an aura that
nearly shattered the floor at his feet.

"Calm down Vegita or you might break something." Bulma growled.

"No one insults me like that and gets away with it!"

"Please, you're a wimp." Salen snorted.

Vegita's aura started to turn yellow and sent a gust of wind throughout the

"Vegita if you two are going to fight over something like this please take
it outside and keep the damage to a minimum. UNDERSTAND?!" Bulma snapped at

"Yeah come on you wimp." Salen said as she headed out into the back yard.
She threw the sliding door open and blinked in surprise as four girls fell
into the room and buried her under a pile of bodies. "What the &$%#&!"

Blinking in surprise, Ranma recognized Usagi, Ami, Rei, and Minako as they
tried to untangle themselves. They would have had few problems, but Usagi
kept moving around and stepping on everyone as she tried to stand. That of
course was the exact moment that his mother chose to come out of the kitchen
with a large tray of tea and set it on the table. "Oh, I see some of the
girls have decided to stop by again."

"Um...yeah." Ranma muttered.

"Ranma, you seem to have the same problems no matter where you go." Bulma
said with a grin.

"Oh ha ha." Ranma muttered as she turned to the girls. "What are all of you
doing here?"

Usagi finally managed to stand up by tossing Minako's leg off her shoulder
and take a few seconds to dust herself off. "We have to keep an eye on all
of you to make sure you don't do anything that could hurt anyone."

Ranma rolled his eyes as Vegita snorted. "Yeah right."

"It's true, there's enough energy in this one room to level Japan and we
have to make sure that doesn't happen." Ami said as she pulled out a little
hand held computer and started taking a few more readings. Ranma had to
wonder where those glasses had come from and why they were glinting like
that and why did she keep pointing the thing at him every few seconds.

"Were here to kick keester and take your addresses!" Minako yelled as she
came to her feet along with Rei.

"That's kick butt and take names." Rei muttered, who was an expert in
Minakoisms* after all this time.

"Listen Meatball head..." Ranma started, but stopped as he felt the growing
aura of rage just behind the girls as Salen rose to her feet.

Her aura was blazing out at full force and humming nicely. "You think you
can ambush me and get away with it?! DO YOU?!!"

Usagi, Ami, Rei, and Minako all backed away from the girl and wondered what
the hell was going on. No matter what they did, no matter how justified, it
seemed to piss these people off in an instant. "Now, now calm down we can
talk about this like civilized people..." Usagi said with a nervous giggle.

"I WILL break every bone in your bodies!" Salen yelled.
"Oh dear." Nodoka muttered as the paint on her walls started to flake off
under the intensity of the aura.

Vegita grinned evilly, he enjoyed a good cat fight every now and then and
it kept him from having to embarrassed the girls in a real fight.

Goku and Gohan just looked kind of confused.

Salen screamed thrust her hand forward and fired a Ki blast right at Ami,
who happened to be the easiest target of the four. A sonic boom rattled the
house as Ranma appeared in front of Ami and cancelled out the Ki blast with
no damage to the house at all, kicked Salen in the stomach, and sent her
flying out the back door which was still open. Ami gasped about the exact
same instant as she realized that she was the intended target and jumped
back and her transformation wand appeared in her hand. Even before she
landed she saw Ranma almost materialize right in front of her and block the
blast and saw Salen flying out the back door. She blushed as she realized
that Ranma had just saved her life, her heart started pounding faster as she
gazed up at his back and her world dissolved into a whirlpool of rose

Stalking over to the sliding door Ranma stuck his head out and glared down
at the stunned Salen. "And stay out, I told you not to try and blow anything
up while you were here."

Meanwhile Nodoka was looking at the puddle that had once been Ami Mizuno
and she grinned as she realized that her manly son had just picked up yet
another girl.

Usagi and Minako, recovered from being saved were nudging Ami with there
feet, but all they got out of the girl was a loud heart shaped sigh.

"I don't think Ami has ever responded to a guy like this before." Usagi

Minako just grinned and gazed back and forth between Ranma and Ami and
started to cackle a little. This had Chichi and Bulma giving her strange
looks as well, but they were ignored in the face of the plan forming inside
Minako's mind.

"Ranma? Who was that girl you just kicked outside?" Goku asked.

"That's just Salen, she says she's a Saiyan, but all the Saiyan's from this
universe are supposed to be dead so I'm not sure where she came from. She
did arrive in one of those little white Saiyan pods though, so she just
might be one." Ranma said as he moved back across the room, picked up the
still puddlefied Ami and carried her over to the couch. Her blush went
nuclear the instant Ranma touched her and didn't stop when he sat her down,
she fainted a few seconds later. Not even noticing, he had other things to
think about, Ranma stood up and moved back over to the table and sat down
and wondered why his mother and two blonde ditzes were eying him up like a
piece of meat.


At one hundred and twenty five feet, Tyull was considered quite small by
most dragon's standards. He was the runt of the clutch and his brothers
never tired to reminding him of that fact. Tyull had a fifty foot wing span
and gold/silver scales that gleamed in the sunlight, he was the unwanted
child that his father wanted to just disappear just so his existence would
stop calling shame down upon the family. He wasn't normal, in no way did he
act like the bloodthirsty savage that occasionally flew down into the valley
to pick off and occasional cow, goat, sheep, or herder for a midnight snack.
The only dragon to even show him any caring was his mother and that was the
only reason he was still among the living at the moment, for you see Tyull
had just committed a crime. A crime so horrible that even his brothers were
shocked and horrified.

He had refused to undergo his ascension into adulthood; it was something
that all dragons did when they reached their fiftieth summer. All he had to
do was pick out a local village, fly down, and either terrorize them or burn
all the buildings to the ground to prove that he was a true dragon to be
feared by local food source. Tyull liked the local food source, they were
not insulting, they treated him with the fear and respect he wanted and
needed. They even knew how to do things with their hands that were just
amazing, how to take plants, dirt, and blood to make something called paint
to create these pictures. He'd never seen anything like it before, his
father told him that the 'humans' were mindless savages that didn't even
know how to hide from them when they went hunting. Instead they were always
trying to break into their lairs to offer themselves to them as a midnight
snack, as if they were as bad as lemmings and the closest cliff.

Tyull had his doubts about that, but no way to prove except to down into
the local village and ask someone. As luck would have it he just happened to
be the one dragon in the whole clutch that had an understanding of the high
forms of dragon magic. This was the other reason he was still alive instead
of digesting in his father's stomach or adorning some villagers wall
somewhere. He was dangerous to piss off and as the runt of the litter he had
a very short fuse. One little flick of his claw and his enemies could be
turned into anything he wanted so long as he did it carefully. At fifty he
was still very young and barely had any time to memorize his magical books.
That was why his father had told him it was time for him to take the test of
adulthood and why he had just refused the old bugger.

His father was an ancient dragon and almost five hundred feet long and had
bright silver scales that gleamed with evil even in direct sunlight. Tyull
had no fear anymore, it got boring after a while, so he just sat there and
let the old 'man' blather on and on about how ever dragon in recorded
history had taken the test and been allowed to assume an adult position. For
the most part Tyull actually did want to take the test, but he felt that it
was a status that he wouldn't be allowed to have no matter how good he did.
On dozens of occasions he had been forced to fight off his large brothers
just to stay alive in this dragon-eat-dragon world of theirs. He normally
kept himself locked in his cave on the other side of the mountain that he
had dug with his magic.

"You will do this hatchling or you will be killed!" Silver Dreadwing, the
killer of thousands of humans, snarled out.

"Bugger off old 'man' I have better things to do right now than fly down to
the base of the mountain and kill something for no reason." Tyull snarled

" HUMAN WEAKLING!" Dreadwing yelled as his long neck snaked
forward and he snapped his teeth closed inches from Tyull nose.

He didn't even blink. "Bla bla bla, you always say the same thing 'father',
insult me like you do everyone else, I refuse to stoop to your level."

"If you don't take the test then you will no longer be allowed to live here
on the mountain and I'll make sure none of the other mountains in the area
will take you in either!"

"You mean I can just leave?" Tyull asked in surprise, he'd thought they
would kill him if he tried.

"Take the test or leave and never return." Dreadwing snarled.

"Okay." Tyull said happily as he swung around to leave.

"I knew you were a dragon at heart, we can set the test for tomorrow
morning." Dreadwing said as he completely failed to see that his 'son' was
packing his stuff up. His mother noticed though and she didn't look all that
pleased with Dreadwing at the moment.

"Where will you go Tyull?" She asked.

"Some place where I'm wanted, I've never been welcome here and you know
it." Tyull said as he packed up his anime collection (acquired at high risk
from the villagers below).

"But this is the modern world, you know that we don't leave the mountains
anymore, it just isn't safe."

"I know this world better than anyone on this mountain except the seer and
he spends years at a time sleeping off his nightly binges down at the local
pub." Old Herculelump was a dragon so old that no one knew exactly how old
he was, but there were things forgotten in his brain that other dragons
hadn't even thought about yet and he was Tyull's friend. At least as close
as dragon's could get, they didn't try to kill each other the instant they
met, though Tyull thought this was because the old codger could barely move.
So he tried to talk you to death instead, there were centuries of stories to
be heard if you had the patience to sit through the old wind bag's constant
retellings and side stories and made up stuff.

"What the hell are you doing now?!" Dreadwing screamed as he saw his
retarded son packing his things.

"You said to take the test or leave; so I'm leaving."


Tyull finished packing his manga collection, his TV, and some food in the
rather large suitcase he was using. They may have been dragons living in the
middle of nowhere, but the humans had made it very easy to tap into their TV
and Radio stations, all it took was a couple of brain cells to rub together,
a bit of wire, a magic spell and it was done. Picking the suitcase up in his
teeth he made his way to the exit, his father was sputtering in rage and
denial behind him. "So long, I really hope I never see any of you again,
except you mother, the rest of you have made my live a living hell.
Goodbye!" It was amazing how he could talk perfectly clear with something in
his mouth like that too, a talent he had used many times.

"Get back here you &%$@ing &%$ &#$@!!" Dreadwing screamed.

"I'll send you something to let you know where I end up mother." Tyull said
as he flapped his wings a couple of times, lifted off the ground,
transferred the car sized suitcase to one of his claws and flew off into the

"&$#@%&%^#@&$#%@!!!" Followed after him, but he'd heard it all before. His
father had no imagination, he'd learned all his cuss words form HBO and

It was now midmorning and Tyull had been flying for several hours and he
was bored, he normally liked to fly, but as a dragon in the modern world he
had to dodge 747's every now and then and it was hard to hold an
invisibility spell when you are caught in something's jet wash. How his
father could think these humans were such pathetic and brainless savages was
beyond him, they seemed to build the most amazing things at times. Though
even he had to admit that he sometimes got their histories mixed up, but
there was just so much of it at times. They always had to keep themselves
isolated and away from the eyes of people that might cause them problems.

There really weren't many dragons left in the world, but they were all like
his father for the most part. Stuck in the past and absolutely refused to
admit that it was time to make some changes. Instead they were stuck on
these ancient traditions, if it had always been done, then who were they to
say that it should be done differently. Tyull snorted at that, he'd seen
thousands of ways to improve his life in this modern world, these humans had
something called 'plumbing'. Pressurized pipes that could pump water into a
house, send wastes out of it, and ways to heat up water for all kinds of
uses. One little suggestion to his father and it had been yet another
beating to make him think like a proper dragon; his knee still hurt whenever
it rained.

Diving out of the clouds he swooped down and flew along the tops of the
trees as he surveyed the land around him for a potential new home. At first
there was nothing around him, but he could feel that there were humans about
in the distance. He was coming up on a tall mountain, for fun he glided up
the side for several minutes, occasionally flapping his wings to keep up his
speed. As he neared the top of the peak he spotted something he hadn't
expected, humans with wings. They had formed up into a loose kind of
fighting wedge and held swords and shields at the ready as they eyed him
nervously. He curved around the top of the peak and watched them out of the
corner of his eye. Tyull was a bit amazed that the guy could even see
through the invisibility spell, then he realized that it had faded out at
some point and cursed under his breath. He wouldn't be able to cast it again
until the sun came up again tomorrow so he would have to be even more

"Get out of here Dragon, your kind isn't wanted here." One yelled, his
fellows gave him a strange look and edged away from him.

"I'm just out for a little fly around the area human, who are you to tell
me what to do?" Tyull said, his voice unconsciously taking on the dark
timber his father always used to intimidate people.

"This is our mountain and we will fight to keep it!" The same moron yelled.

Tyull raised and eyebrow and landed on the top of the peak to rest his
wings and turned his long neck to look at the winged human. He brought his
head to within inches of the guy's face to look him eye to eye, one red
glowing eye to one very frightened eye. Close enough in fact to get affected
by a dragon's natural ability to use a fear spell on any human, he loved to
watch as the spell took affect and the little rodents quaked in fear and
pissed their pants. There were certain kinds of humans he could do without
and this guy was turning out to be a bit of an annoyance. "Oh really? How
about now?"

Then Tyull felt something he'd had only heard about in his short life and
that had been from old Hurculelump. He turned to see a teenaged human in an
elaborate robe and golden wings flying up from below to meet him. Out of the
corner of his eye he saw the bird humans sag with relief when they saw the
guy heading for them. As he drew level the man crossed his arms and glared
at the dragon, though he didn't make any threatening moves to attack. "What
are you doing here young dragon?"

"I'm exploring for the most part, though I am looking for a new home as

"I see, I am King Saffron and I rule this small clan of the Phoenix."

"King Saffron? I've heard of you and that you are immortal."

"People still know of me? That is good."

"What is this area? I've never been here before and it looks interesting."

"This area of the world is where three of the ancient kingdoms still
reside, though much reduced from time and hardship over the centuries."

"The Phoenix are famous and I'm honored to meet their king, what are the
other two kingdoms in this place?"

"The Musk and the Joketsuzoku, this whole area is called Qing Hai province."

"I see, that name sounds familiar too, but I'm not sure where I've heard it
before. Do you know if there is a place here in the mountains that I can
live in peace?"

"Not really, this area is split evenly between the three kingdoms, though
the Musk are all but extinct by now. They are still around in their castle
on the other side of that mountain over there."

"Alright, thank you for the information. Also, I wouldn't have even taken
notice of you if your guards here hadn't panicked when they saw me.
Considering I was using an invisibility spell at the time I'd like to know
how they even knew I was around."

Saffron blinked. "Magic doesn't work right in these mountains, the Springs
of Jusenkyo are pure chaos magic and you should know how that stuff can mess
up complicated spells like invisibility."

"Chaos magic?" Tyull mutters to himself and recalled that he'd felt a light
tingle across his wings when he reached the halfway point on his way up the
mountain and had completely ignored it. "That explains much, good day to you
King Saffron." He said as he leaned back, grabbed his suitcase, opened his
wings, and dropped off the mountain and soared into the valley below them.

Saffron frowned as he watched the dragon, he'd been taught a great deal of
things during his immortal life and one of those was that dragons were
arrogant, mean, and blood thirsty. He'd intervened to save his guards from
being killed, but this dragon was different than the one he'd been
expecting. This one was young, smart, arrogant but nothing like the few
others he'd met over the centuries, and most of all, polite. A dragon that
didn't kill and eat his prize was an oddity and one of the reasons they had
been hunted to near extinction as well, just like the Musk and their
barbaric ways. His scales had been a silver/gold mix, something else he'd
never seen before. This one would need watching, he was more dangerous than
the rest of his kind seemed to be, far more dangerous, this one could think
beyond his next meal. Saffron motioned for the guards to follow him back
into the mountain, they had plans to make and little time to do them in. He
was almost excited, things had gotten so boring lately here on the mountain.

About half an hour later Tyull rocketed over the springs of Jusenkyo and
ignored them completely. Down below the guide nearly fell in a pool as the
dragon went by barely fifty foot over head, in all his life he had never
seen a real dragon before. The light gleamed off his metallic looking scales
and wind followed along behind it like a storm, he started shaking in fear
as the things aura also struggled to catch up with it. Plum, his daughter
just gaped at the site from inside the hut where she was heating up several
kettles of water for potential victo...customers. The Musk were due to come
by in a few hours and she had to make sure these were done before she ran
for her usual hiding place to let her father take care of the beast men. She
was so caught up in her work that she only shivered when the fear aura hit
her, though it would be in her nightmares for next few nights.

The valley was dying, that was the way things looked to Tyull as he climbed
into the sky to looked the place over. It only seemed to be able to hold so
many people and they had exceeded that amount by quite a bit. They were
worse than rabbits and didn't have any natural predators, except for dragons
of course, but nothing on a scale that would keep their numbers down to a
manageable level. Passing over a small set of trees he spotted a large
village in the distance, just like the one his father had wanted him to
target for his trial. His eyesight was good enough to see the scantily clad
girls, just like the one's from his anime, standing on the walls as he came
at them. He smirked as they started running around like ants and wondered if
he would be able to see one of those notorious panty shots the anime always

Things didn't go quite as he planned though as he rose into the air and
shot over the walls and swung back around. He could feel the threat of magic
as it gathered below him as it grew in power, flicking a claw he disrupted
it with a dispel magic and colored flare to see where it was coming from.
The flare exploded outward from a grouping of old looking women sitting
around with sticks across their laps, they looked quite shocked as they
turned to watch him. Swinging around he made for the main gate and back
winged as he landed in front of a group of girls, they were resisting his
fear aura, though he could tell that it took everything they had.

Something thumped into his tale.

Looking back he saw a guy in a white robe hacking at his tail with an axe
of some kind, but it wasn't and enchanted weapon so it didn't do any damage.
He flicked his tail and sent the things flying into the trees, perhaps he
would be more at home there than causing him a problem. He turned back to
see the girls trying to edge forward to hit him with their non magical
weapons as well and he rolled his eyes. "I say, could you be good enough to
go and fetch me someone who's in charge." He asked in a pleasant tone of

Half the girls screamed and ran through the gate, he grinned and showed off
all his nice pointy teeth to the remaining girls. "That was very kind of
you, there wouldn't happen to be anything to eat while we eat would there?"

The girls babbled at him in a language he didn't recognize, though they
seemed to be trying to scream something at him. They were obviously stupid
so he ignored them and just waited for one of the more intelligent one's to
come to him. It took about fifteen minutes and he was getting to point that
he was thinking about pulling out some of his manga to read for a while, but
one of the old women hopped out arrayed in a quaint looking battle armor and
looked determined to do battle. He sat his suitcase to the side, out of the
way of any damage, and nodded at her. "Good afternoon. Can you understand
me? My name is Tyull."

"I can, though you won't find many in this part of the world that speaks
Japanese. My name is Cologne."

"You wouldn't happen to have any unused caves in the area I could use as a
temporary home, would you?"

"No." She said flatly.

"Drat. May I purchase a cow or bull off you for my supper?"

"We will fight you the death if we have to." She said gravely.

"Um...that's nice, but I would rather just buy some food off you all the
same." Tyull said and tried not to roll his eyes, why did they always have
to jump to conclusions.

"Like I will believe that. You are dragon, a killer and destroyer of my
people for centuries." Cologne said nervously; super powered martial artists
she could deal with, but fighting a dragon was right up there with things
she didn't want to do today.

"So I can't buy a cow from you?" Tyull asked mildly.

Thump, thump, thump, thump...

It seemed the guy was back, this time he was hitting him in the tail with a
hammer and chisel. Tyull rolled his eyes and shook his head. "Oh bugger, I
thought I took care of him a few minutes ago." One flick of the tail later
and the guy was sent flying into the distance, directly for Jusenkyo in
fact, the water could break his fall if he was careful, not that he cared
about the hairless ape.


He turned back to see the old woman looking down at the end of her staff
that had just swatted him across the nose. The blow had been better than the
one the boy had inflicted on his tail, but just about as useful. "I take it
you don't want to barter for food?"

"Die!" Cologne yelled. It wasn't original, but she had to make sure she
died with honor or the village would think she dishonored them.

He flicked one of his claws, but to his surprise she jumped up on his arm
and made her way to his back. Where she pulled out a sword and tried to hack
her way through the armor plates between his wings. To his surprise the
blade was magical, but it wasn't designed to do him any kind of damage as
far as he could tell. Flexing his tail, he used this to grab her foot, spin
her around a few times, and toss her clear across the village and into the
local water supply with a giant splash. He yawned and looked back down at
one of the other old women with a staff and arched and eye ridge at her.
"You girls are really obstinate aren't you? Can't I just buy a cow or horse
off you for a few gold pieces? It would make things so much easier to do and
I'll get out of your hair."

"Dragons are evil, you will die!" She yelled in somewhat broken Japanese.

He flicked a claw as about a hundred cute girls in revealing outfits popped
up from behind the wall with long bows and started trying to hit him in the
eyes. They all hit his force field he'd just erected to keep the old woman
from hitting his nose, but they were stubborn and kept it up for several
minutes as he sat there giving them a pitying look. "Are all humans this
stupid? I had thought they had grown somewhat over the last few centuries."
Then he looked across the village and his long eyesight saw something,
something he hadn't expected out here in the middle of nowhere. Ignoring the
girls and their useless arrows he flew over the wall and headed for one of
the houses. This caused the girls to go into a frenzy, but he had more
important things on his mind, like determining if what he was seeing was
real or not.

The house was more of a grass hut than a real house, but it was well
constructed and it had a large window in one side. He bent down to look
inside to see that the room was full of his favorite thing in the whole
world, Japanese manga and anime. Grinning stupidly he reached in and
carefully pulled one of the fragile books off a shelf, using a claw
delicately he opened it to see that it was an issue of Magic Knight Rayearth
he hadn't had a chance to buy yet. Giggling happily he flopped down on the
ground and started to read, much to the horror of the entire village that
was currently hacking and chopping at this tail and flank with various kinds
of weapons. They weren't getting anywhere, but that didn't stop them from
continuing to try as hard as they could. One girl, of about twelve broke
away from the group and wandered over to the head of the dragon before any
of the other girls noticed.

"You like Manga?" Li Chai asked.

"Oh yes, I collect lots of manga when I get the chance." Tyull said

"Why dragon like Manga?"

"I've gotta do something to keep occupied."

Li Chai's mother screamed when she saw where her daughter was and tripped
over her own feet when Li Chai giggled, nodded, and they started to discuss
the various kinds of manga and anime. Most of the village sweat dropped and
wondered when the sky had fallen and why they hadn't noticed, since when was
a dragon not a threat to them and everybody else? Li Chai squealed when
Tyull grabbed his suitcase and pulled out his relatively large collection of
magical girl anime and manga, she dove into the case and came out with a
giant armload of books all carefully sealed up in airtight bags and labelled
in flowing script. By this time half the village had wandered off in shock
and thrown themselves into the water supply with Cologne, who was still

Tyull squealed as he came across something else of interest inside Li
Chai's room as well. What in the world was Revolutionary Girl Utena?


Later, after setting up a new table for the four girls who were all
watching Ranma from across the room. Ami had her computer out and was taking
more readings, though she was doing her best not to start thinking about
Ranma again, every few minutes she would get this dazed look in her eyes and
just start staring at him and it would make the rest of her friends laugh at
her, she had never blushed so much in her life. She had to keep reminding
herself that she didn't have time for a relationship at this time, she had
to many other things to worry about like school, her future carrier as a
doctor, and other things along that line. Then her mind would wander back to
the image burned into her long term memory and etched there forever, Ranma's
back side as he moved. At one point she had resorted to pounding her head
against the table to make the images flashing through her brain to stop, but
Minako would make an innocent comment and she would have to force her self
not to open her mouth and say something completely perverted about Ranma.

Ranma for the most part still hadn't even noticed, though everyone else had
and they were teasing him about it. At the same time everyone was eating
dinner and discussing a bit of Ranma's life from when he had been living
with them. Ami made sure to get this all recorded for future study. The
Scouts had also been astounded when Ranma had suggested that his mom fix ten
times as much food as she normally did. Then went on to explain that all of
the Saiyan's had huge appetites and it showed with Goku and Gohan as they
used eating speed that rivalled the Saotome style of speed eating. Though for
some reason Vegita didn't seem to have quite as large an appetite as the
others and kept glaring at them as if they were making him look bad. If
Genma had been around he would have been envious and tried to best them in a
food eating contest, luckily he wasn't and they were able to talk among
themselves instead of having to listen to Genma's stomach the rest of the
night as he complained. All of the Z Warriors wanted to kill the asshole for
what he had done to Ranma over the years anyway, so it was probably a good
thing he wasn't there.

"So what do you think of my son?" Nodoka had asked.

"The boy is an incredible fighter and has a learning curve that's like a
straight line, at times it was even better. Just show him something once and
he can have it down and mastered within hours." Vegita said proudly. "Ranma
can pick up moves that take days or weeks of training in a matter of hours,
it's uncanny, I've never seen anything like it, except for the big goof over
here." He said and pointed at Goku, who was innocently downing an entire
pitcher of tea like it was glass of water without spilling a drop.

"He also told us that what we put him though in training was nothing
compared to the hell that his father's ten years of training was like, a
year with me was a cake walk." Piccolo said. "He had a few bad habits that
we needed to break him of though."

"Like what?" Nodoka asked.

"Insulting behavior in the middle of a fight." Gohan added.

"Over confidence." Vegita growled.

"Improperly trained Ki abilities." Goku said.

"Always holding back against his sparring partners. Though after I kicked
his butt so bad that he had to be put in a healing tank for two weeks he
learned how stupid some of the stuff his father taught him truly was and
started to get rid of those habits" 18 said. "Then he went on to pick up
others that were even worse than the ones we cured him of."

"Oh?" Nodoka said, this was the first she had heard of this. Had she missed
something, or was her son able to hide things from her?

"He's a pervert, do you know how often he's destroyed my clothes while
training with each other? It got to the point that it was his first attack
every time we sparred." 18 muttered and started to glow with anger.

"I did no such thing!" Ranma yelled. "It only happened a few times because
you weren't fast enough to dodge the attack."

"Sounds like perfectly normal behavior for a young man to me." Nodoka said
with a proud smile, the girl in front of her was well formed and quite a
beauty. She ignored the growl of jealousy that suddenly came form the
Scout's table and as they all dog pilled the girl with blue hair as she
suddenly stood up and glared at 18.

"You slut!" Was heard from under the dog pile of girls.

"He was a great student, attentive and dedicated to the martial arts in
every way there is." Goku said to distract 18 from blowing up the house,
though he was beginning to wonder about the girls over at the other table.
They didn't need for another fight to break out while they were visiting
Ranma's mother.

"If I didn't know any better I could have sworn he was your son" Vegita

Goku just looked confused. "No, that's Gohan and Goten, you remember them

"Kakorott..." Vegita growled, but Bulma smacked him across the back of the
head again to calm him down.

Goku just shrugged and quickly ate a few more bowls of rice happily downing
everything in sight. His wife Chichi glared at him for being so rude, again,
before turning back to Nodoka and continuing the conversation. "He's a sweet
boy, so much like my Gohan, but I'll break his father's legs if I can ever
find him. The man isn't going survive the encounter, not after what he did
to Ranma in the name of training." Chichi growled and manifested a battle
aura of her own and snapped her chops sticks in half.

"I know what you mean; my husband has a few things to make up for. On the
other hand I wish my son would quit blowing up schools in his fights, he was
there less than a day and one of the best schools in the district is a
smoking pile of rubble, then he did it again the next day with another one,
it was horrible." Nodoka said with a sigh, they were even thinking of making
her pay for the damages, but didn't want to make Ranma mad enough to attack
them. The police still hadn't stopped by, much to her regret, they had
called to inform her instead. She'd been so disappointed in them.

"Just a couple of schools? A small building or two? He hasn't turned that
part of town into a smoking crater, or killed hundreds of people by accident
has he?" Vegita asked in surprise.

"Well, no, he hasn't as far as I know." Nodoka replied and looked a bit
mystified at the question.

"Then he's shown extremely good control over all, we move most of our
fights out of the city simply because of the sheer amount of collateral
damage we tend to cause while we just spar. A full blown fight could mean
the loss of an entire island or worse if things got to out of hand as they
have on more than one occasion." Piccolo said, down playing their level of
power. There was no need to scare the poor woman while at the dinner table
by telling her about the one or two planetoids that Goku and Vegita had
accidentally destroyed while sparring. He cursed Kami for making him act all
polite and normal for seven foot green skinned alien.

"This is extremely good control?!" Nodoka said, shocked.

"Oh yes, Ranma is very skilled in that area, better than some of us
anyway." Goku said and looked a little sheepish. "Our basic fighting styles
can blow up an entire mountains in a single shot, we could even blow up the
moon if we felt like it."

"Which I have done." Piccolo said with an evil grin and glanced at Goku for
some reason. So much for being polite and acting normal, he shrugged and
drank some more water.

Nodoka blinked and wondered if there was a polite thing to say to a
something like that.

Salen, who was sitting beside Ranma tried to not draw anyone's attention as
she ate. She could feel how strong all of these guys were and there was no
way she could defeat them as they were and she knew over half of them were
pushing their power levels down to some extent. Ever now and then she
glanced at the one named Vegita and wondered how the guy had acquired her
father's name, but could look so different. The guy had the right amount of
arrogance though and she respected that, but he just didn't look right. She
kept stopping herself from punching the guy and telling him to stop
insulting the family name. To distract herself she ate a couple more bowls
of rice and had to make sure Goku didn't get it all.

"So what do all of you plan to do while you are here?" Ranma asked.

Chichi shrugged. "We just wanted to visit you mainly, but since we plan to
be here for a week we can explore around and see the sights."

"I was going to see if I could find someone to spar with." Goku said as he
emptied his tenth bowl of rice and looked around for a little more. Nodoka
absently handed him the large rice container and he started eating out of
that directly, much to her surprise. Chichi just gaped at him as he finished
that off as well and effectively ended dinner. She shook her head, even
after all this time she still hadn't been able to teach him even the most
basic manners or etiquette.

Ranma nodded. "I haven't had much chance to look around really, so I don't
know if there is anyone around you could spar with that you haven't already
fought at one time or another."

Setting the rice container down Goku sat up and seemed to look at a nearby
wall for a few seconds. "There is someone quite a ways off that way, though
I can't tell just how strong he is. His power seems to be fluctuating for
some reason, as if he was having problems controlling it or he's straining
to hold it at a certain level."

Scanning in the same direction Ranma was able to pick up on the same
reading, though he wasn't sure he could agree with Goku's assessment. He was
also picking up an aura that seemed vaguely familiar for some reason, though
slightly warped. Vegita, Piccolo, and Krillin all scanned it as well before
they turned back to Goku. Vegita snorted and shook his head. "Kakorott we
have fought several beings stronger than that, this guy is a wimp."

Goku shook his head. "Sure he's not up to our level, but he might be fun to
fight for the fun of it. I was actually thinking that Krillin could fight

"W-what?" Krillin muttered as his wife turned to smirk at him.

"You haven't been in a good fight for a long time Krillin so I figured you
would be a good opponent for him. He's just a tad stronger than you right
now, it would be a good challenge for you." Goku said with an innocent grin.

"Hey that's a good idea Goku, I never thought of having Krillin take the
guy on. They are pretty evenly matched too, the fight could last quite a
while at that level." Ranma said and glanced over at Krillin and smirked,
his wife looked like she agreed as well and Krillin would do anything for
his wife.

"I'm detecting something as well and it's not this guy you three are
talking about." Piccolo said.

"Huh?" Goku said and started searching around with his mind.

"I'm detecting four other fighters on this planet that are decently strong
and their energies are familiar for some reason." Piccolo muttered as he
tried to get a closer look, but one of the guys seemed to be moving all over
the planet in a random teleport pattern. The others weren't also quite as
strong and growing steadily.

"I feel them." Vegita said. "They are weak right now, but they are steadily
growing in power and will soon surpass the other wimp. Maybe by the end of
the week they will be strong enough to be worth fighting."

"Ah! Now I feel them, I wasn't even looking in that direction." Goku said
with a laugh. "I recognize this energy."

"You do?!" Piccolo and Vegita yelled.

Goku nods and grins. "Remember the fruit from that giant tree that nearly
destroyed our planet a few years ago?"

"The Tree of Might!" Krillin gasped. They had taken that thing on just when
they were starting to get really strong, but before any of the Saiyan's
could go Super Saiyan. "What in the world is that thing doing here? We
destroyed it completely."

"This is a different dimension so it still exists in this one." Bulma said.
"What we have defeated in our own might still exist in this one."

For several seconds Goku looked kind of confused, then it was as if a light
bulb went off right above his head and he started to grin. "Oh really?

Most of the fighters there that knew Goku recognized the look on his face
and they all sweat dropped.

"What are you thinking Goku?" Chichi asked.

Goku ignored them as he stood up and looked upwards, they all felt his Ki
rising as he sent his mind off world and into space. For several minutes
they all watched as an aura formed around Goku, he didn't move and barely
breathed. In a flash of insight Piccolo realized what Goku was looking for
and stood up to stop him, but at that exact same instant Goku pumped his
fist in the air. "YES! HE'S ALIVE IN THIS DIMENSION!"

"GOKU, DON'T YOU DARE!" Piccolo yelled, but Goku placed his index and
middle fingers to his head and vanished with a wave and a smirk.

"Um...what did he just do?" Usagi asked hesitantly. The rest of her friends
were 'still' trying to hold Ami down.

Turning to the girl Piccolo growled. "Goku loves to fight, not to kill or
anything like that, just to fight. He's gotten so strong that there is
almost nothing that can defeat him, but we recently took down a guy that was
incredibly powerful and without help from some friends and a couple of
planets worth of people we would have lost. Goku said it was the best fight
he ever had."

"And this means?" Chichi asked.

"It means that monster that killed billions of people, is alive and
imprisoned in this dimension the same as he was in ours and Goku has just
gone to either visit him or spring him and fight him again."


"What does all this mean?" Rei asked now that Ami has stopped struggling,
who would have thought she would have that much fight in her?

Krillin shuddered. "Goku has gone to fight Majin Buu."

At the white faced looks on everyone's faces Usagi had a feeling that this
Majin Buu character wasn't a very nice guy. Hidden outside the slightly open
back door, Luna and Artemis had keeled over in a dead faint as they suddenly
remembered just what Majin Buu was.


To Be Continued...

End Notes - I'm having to divert off of the original plot line from
Fanboyimus Prime as this continues, though I will still be keeping most of
the original story, there are few things that will need to be cut.

*:Minakoism is a word I spotted in Sailor Moon Millinnials by The Judge, it
stands for all those corrupted and reworded sayings that Minako is always