Class 4

1-Want it more

Rogue sat on the roll-away medical bed, hands twitching nervously. In a room as big as a cafeteria, they'd managed to squeeze in only some twenty beds. Each wasdivided by the typical cloth and metal screens. The rest of the space was taken up by desks and secretaries and guards. She sighed, closing her eyes and tried to mentally talk her nerves down.

I want this. I want this. The mantra she'd been repeating to herself since she'd walked out the front door of the mansion was starting to wear thin. She could strangle Logan for making her doubt herself so much.

When she thought about it, she'd willingly admit it had, in part, to do with a boy. She'd used it to make herself less responsible for the decision. But Loganhad stopped her in the hall and ripped that illusion right out from under her. He wasn't going to let her say it was foranyone but her.

She cocked half a smile. In that moment she'd turned and walked out, standing in the driveway waiting for her taxi. She'd rubbed her gloved fingers together and then pulled them to her front to look down upon them.

Gloved fingers covered in satin. Her sense offashion had grown around things like gloves and scarves. They hid her lethal skin to protect herself as much as to protect everyone else. There really was only so much room in one's head.

Her efforts to control her skin had stalled a while ago. She'd managed to stop sucking the personalities and memories into her head of fellow mutants at will. Well, kind of.

Contact had to be brief, a couple seconds. Just enough to leech out the mutation and nothing else - but she had to be concentrating. With humans, however,it was outright uncontrollable. The accidental brush and her unprepared skin ripped at everything the person had.

She had learned to accept the limitations of her powers. Didn't everyone have to?

Storm had so much power, but while she could bring about change in the weather - even summon and focus forcesas fierce as lighting- they still kept their unpredictable nature, rendering it difficult for her in one-on-one combat.

Bobby was amazing with his ice, control wasn't a problem. Yet it could dehydrate him quicker than a summer day in Mississippi. It rendered his ice more brittle and less powerful. He was hesitant, still developing his powers. He spent many an hour trying to centralize the flow of his own body's H2O supply. He could do so much more if he could start the freezing process before it came out of him, the Professor had said.

Ah, the Professor... She wrenched her hands apart? and had to clench her eyes shut. Just the ability to use her mutation without hurting herself, even in minor ways, had made her life more bearable. She might not have been capable of physical human touch, but she could be an X-man. She could use the powers of others to protect herself and her teammates.

She'd jacked a bit of Colossus's steel skin during simulation. It had been so easy. He'd been left a bit dizzy, but he'd recovered fast enough. She could have pulled on that strength for a good few minutes if she'd wanted.

She wasn't helpless. Her skin wasn't only a curse anymore. She could suffer through things if she could keep developing this twisted fun she was having trying out so many mutations. Even the Professor had thought she could do more. He'd been so encouraging, so patient.

"You're stronger than you even know, Rogue. Be patient with yourself and keep going. I have no doubt you'll surprise us both."

He was gone now. His need to help mutants like her, mutants who struggled with control had finally killed him. Fuckin' truth to rights, she growled to herself.

She sighed and rolled her eyes. Logan's personality had a tendency to rise when she was agitated. The thought of her mutation always brought up a bittersweet lump in her throat. Her mutation, all things considered, was pretty cool. And she could have lived with it, until the Professor died and all hope of progress with him. Until the cure.

So she'd climbed into the taxi and asked him to take her into the city, to the nearest Warrington Lab. She'd wanted her mutation, even liked it. But she wanted touch more.