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A Life Changing Moment

Chapter 11

That morning after sending letters to Hermione and Ron's parents for advice on dealing with telling their soul mates the news.

Dumbledore mentions to Harry on the way into the Great Hall "Harry you must speak with Mr. Malfoy today about what you recently learn in Sirius's common room" to the fact that each of their mothers were the other's godmother.

"Of course professor" says Harry in response to a man that he greatly looks up to even though he does not want to talk with his school enemy. Harry joins Ron and Hermione at the Gryffindor table for breakfast.

Harry tells his best friends "Dumbledore is forcing me to talk with Malfoy after breakfast in Uncle Sirius's common room with Sirius supervision to avoid any fights breaking out between us" knowing that Sirius is the common ground between the three of them through blood.

Seeing that Draco is finished eating and waiting for him at the Great Hall doors, Harry quickly said "It's time to get this over and done with" before joining Draco.

"Potter, where are we going to have this talk?" asks Draco impatiently knowing that he has to spend time with the Gryffindor Golden Boy.

Harry causally mentions "Professor Dumbledore told me to take you to the guest rooms that currently are being used by my Uncle Sirius" walking in the direction of where the rooms are located with Draco following behind him.


Once the pair of enemies are sitting in the common room portion of the guest rooms with Sirius there as well.

Sirius asks his cousin's son "Draco, how is your mother handling this news?" knowing that if Narcissa had to chose between her sisters and Elisabeth, the later would be her favourite.

"I have not spoken with mother yet on this matter" says Draco politely following the pure-blood customs while speaking with those of high status including those directing link to him by blood. However, he pauses for a moment before adding "My mother is more then likely positively happy at the news with her godson being alive" knowing that Narcissa would always tell him stories about his godmother even though that she was dead.

Sirius mentions to both boys "You must present a united front as sons of the Most Ancient and Noble House of Black because it would be politically correct. However, there is a possibility that Cissy would be granted visitation or even joint custody of Harry because the biological parents wish of godparents would overrule the adoptive parents decision on godparents" pausing for a second before adding "I would more then likely be granted primary custody of Harry because I am his uncle who is the Head of his paternal family and also his godfather. Therefore, you must forge some form of a relationship"

Harry yells out to Sirius "I am not being friends with my enemy" pointing to Draco sitting before him.

"If not friends then at least acquaintances but not enemies" states Sirius in his finally decision on the matter before leaving the pair to actually have a conversation.

A few seconds of silence before Draco breaks the silence "I know that you don't like me or anything but blood is important within our family" before adding a way to spend time together "I can help teach you how to navigate the wonderfully world of the elite in wizarding world along with Granger I suppose" knowing that his brainy friend would love to learn more about the wizarding world.

"That would work" replies Harry knowing that this would be helpful to both Hermione and himself because it would possible create a unity within the next generation of the Heads of the Most Noble and Ancient families. Then he adds "It would be beneficial to call each other by our first names.

Draco nods in agreement before the pair moves on to a safe conversation of Qudditch.


Knowing that before a custody trial could take place, Dumbledore knew it was his duty to get the signatures of the Dursley's to have them sign away their rights in the muggle world. That is way after breakfast this morning, Dumbledore was knocking on number 4 Privet Drive in Little Whinging.

Petunia Dursley opens the front door to find a aging man before her. She impatiently says "What can I do for you?" knowing that his man was a freak.

"Mrs. Dursley, may I come inside for a moment of your time" says Dumbledore joyfully while pushing his way inside before Petunia could give him a answer.

Petunia mentions to him "My freak of a nephew is at your school, so why are you here in my house?" recognizing him from a chocolate frog card that belonged to Lily.

Dumbledore pulls out a long piece of parchment out of his robe that he is wearing as a overcoat. He explains to her "Harry shall no longer be in your custody in the muggle world as we recently learn that he is not truly your nephew. Therefore, his biological uncle and godfather Sirius Black would more then likely received primary custody of him with visitations or even joint custody with his biological mother's chosen godmother for him" placing the parchment in front of her to sign.

Signing the paper knowing that she would never have the freak back into her perfectly normal house. Then she asks the wizard in front of him "Is he my true nephew?" while handing him back the sign parchment knowing that she was solely responsible for Harry's well-being.

"No, Lily was not Harry's biological mother as we recently learned that she was his aunt and adoptive mother" says Dumbledore in deep regret that the last piece of Lily on this earth was not true before adding "However, Lily still loved Harry as a mother should because in the end she gave up her life for his" before appariting out of the living room with the sign signature for Harry's custody trial that would be occurring soon.


Hours have past and it was finally lunch as Ron's stomach were reminding them off. Quickly after they finished there lunch, two owls appear that were known respectively as Hedwig and Pig land before the Golden Trio. Both Ron and Hermione took their respective letters off of the owl's leg. While Harry feeds them each a piece of spare bread off of his plate.

Hermione, Ron, and Harry rushes to Sirius's guest rooms to read their awaited letters because it would give them privacy that they need.


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