Heya everyone! Here's the FINAL story of the Intertwined Trilogy! Imagine, Intertwined was ONLY intended to be a oneshot...and now it's going to be a 104 chapter long trilogy! Wow... Time goes by so fast! Anyways, a huge thanks to Epik-Nite for the title! Cookie to Epik-Hunter! Anywho, enjoy!

Rough callused hands flew over the keyboard faster and faster. A pair of baby blue eyes scanned the internet pages with a furrowed brow.

"I don't get it..." said Danny, running his hand through his raven black hair. "Vlad hasn't done anything for a while...no fights, no taunting, heck, even BOTHER me! What is wrong with him?" His girlfriend smiled and placed a hand on his shoulder.

"I don't know... maybe he's just being a fruitloop?" That got a huge grin out of Danny as he laughed.

"Ha, maybe... he is a pretty big fruitloop..." said Danny, chuckling heartily. Sam smiled and rolled her eyes.

"Probably... don't worry Danny, if he was doing something huge, you would probably would k-" Her smart phone began to vibrate. She grabbed it and flipped it up to her ear.

"Hello? Sam here..."

"Sam!" came a cheerful voice from the other end. "It's been a while!" A shocked look passed over Sam's face.

"Megan? Where have you been?" questioned Sam as she mouthed 'Megan' to Danny. His eyebrows raised.

"I've just been so busy at school that I haven't had a chance to even spend time with Reed, and he's my boyfriend!" said Megan dramatically. "So, how have you been?"

"I've been good... an-wait a second, you realized Danny's se-" remembered Sam suddenly. She heard a chuckle on the other end of the phone.

"Phantom, Fenton...it's really obvious! How come no one else has realized it yet?" asked Megan curiously. Sam began to laugh, causing Danny to look over at her.

"What's so funny?" he asked curiously. That only caused another burst of laughter from Sam.

"Sam? Are you...okay?" said Megan cautiously. "Goths usually don't laugh that much! It wasn't that funny, was it?"

"Hahaha, eh- I might've had chocolate before this, and then- and then-" She burst out laughing again, handing the phone to Danny. He smiled as he replied:

"She could be awhile...what did you say?"

"How no one can tell the OBVIOUS similarities between Fenton and Phantom!" she explained. A small chuckle escaped Danny's throat.

"Yea, it is really obvious, isn't it?" he said while laughing. Megan pffted into the phone.

"Yes, only a little..." she said, her voice dripping with sarcasm. Sam, on the other hand, was still laughing.

"Ho-how-HA HA!"

"Will she be okay?" asked Megan nervously. Danny chuckled.

"Of course she will!" he said cheerfully. He added under his breath: "I hope..."

"What was that?" she questioned.

"Nothing! So, plan to eat lunch with us tomorrow... we have a lot of catching up to do! And can you bring your boyfriend and Anna?"

"Sure!" agreed Megan. "I'll see ya then!"

"See ya!" said Danny as he hung up the phone. He sighed and looked over at his giggling girlfriend.

"It wasn't that funny!" he insisted. Her violet eyes bugged out as she stared at him-and burst out laughing...again... Danny groaned-this was going to be a long day...

Haha, poor Dan Dan... and one of Epik-Nite's comments(you should really get a buffet of cookies!) said 'Servel intertwining stories! Brillant!' so.. that gave me an awesome idea! Update er...tommorow and REVIEW PLEASE! :D