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Danny bit his lip in concentration.

"So, what's the plan now?" he asked his girlfriend Sam. Sam furrowed her eyebrows.

"Well, we c-"

"GUYS! Look out the window!" gasped Dani. All the heads swiveled towards the window, and gasped as well. A glowing light was filling the room.

Vlad cackled evilly as he looked through his bills. Maddie the Persian gave him am extremely weird look. Vlad coughed and resumed looking through his bills, when a little tap on his shoulder freaked him out.

"GAH! I told you not to disturb me-" started Vlad, but when he saw the look of distress on their faces he knew something was up.

"Um, Plasmius? We're not in Amity Park anymore..." said Beth slowly, jutting her thumb towards the office window. Vlad's mouth dropped.

"Impossible." he whispered. "Only a ghost of great magnitude could do this..."

Smitty sang a happy tune as he exited the closet, plotting evilly for revenge. A crash caught his attention however, so he went to go examine it.

A flowered vase was shattered on the floor, which was odd because no one was in sight. Sighing, Smitty began to scoop up the broken pieces one by one. When he stood up again, his eyes widened in fear. He was staring out of the window before him, into the ghost zone.

"The ghost zone?!" asked Danny worriedly. "How the heck did we end up here?" Suddenly, his friends vanished, leaving an even more confused and upset Danny.

"Sam? Tuc-"

"Daniel." came an ancient voice. Looking up from underneath his dark bangs, Danny gasped in shock.

"Clockwork...?" he whispered in awe and wonder. He blinked twice and rubbed his eyes- he was in Clockwork's tower now.

"Where's Sam? And Tucker? And D-" he started to demand, but Clockwork just sent him a stern glare that sent shivers down his spine.

"Daniel...I hated to interfere, but I had no choice. If Smitty had continued with his plot of revenge-" Clockwork began, only to be inturupted by our favorite half ghost.

"Wait, Smitty is EVIL? And revenge? How the hec-"

"Daniel!" scolded Clockwork, placing a shoulder on the boy, "Let me finish and everything will be revealed."

Danny had an embarrassed look on his face as he shut up and let Clockwork continue. The Observant sighed.

"As I was saying, Smitty would have succeeded in killing Vlad, by taking him by surprise, and then the state of the world would be in chaos. You would have been so desperate and slightly insane that you would have gone to Vlad's grave and gone into his body, attempting to become Dan again. It would have worked by a rare sliver of Vlad's ghost half staying behind, and the world would be destroyed." said Clockwork calmly.

Danny, however, was anything but calm. His hands were sweating, he was breathing hard, and he looked like he was about to faint.

"This is why I had to interfere. To stop that from happening." finished Clockwork. "Any questions?"

Danny bit his lip. So many thoughts were swimming through his head, yet only one stuck out.

"Why?" he whispered quietly. He sat down on the floor of the tower and held his legs with his arms, rocking back and forth in thought. Clockwork crouched down, meeting the eye level of Danny.

"Everything has a purpose, Daniel. Everything. But in your dimension, you were never supposed to be in a car crash, meet all those people. Vlad was never suppose to meet his new wife and step-son. Rosie was never meant to exist. I'm sorry, but I'll have to wipe the memories from everyone. Starting with the car crash until present. You'll start over new, except you and I will be the only ones to remember."

Danny, to his embarrassment, let a tear flow down his face. That lead to two, and pretty soon he was sobbing.

Clockwork's face softened. Carefully, he wrapped his arms around Daniel and let him sob, rocking him back and forth. They looked like father and son, if only for a moment.

"I know it's a lot to take in. I'm sorry Daniel. I'm so sorry." whispered Clockwork. Once Danny's tears had ceased, Danny gave Clockwork a huge hug.

"No one else in the ghost zone needs to hear about this." sniffed Danny, who was utterly embarrassed about the situation at hand. Clockwork let out a low chuckle.

"Of course." he said. His face grew serious.

"Now, to wipe the memories. You'll go back in time to the day before the car crash, though you'll have all the memories and the others won't. I'll have Vortex make it rain that day so you can't go to the beach and crash. You understand, Daniel?" asked Clockwork seriously. Daniel swallowed and nodded. They looked into the time vortex, and memories flooded past, going into his mind, but gone from all the others. A brilliant flash of light filled the tower, and Danny was gone, only leaving a solitary Observant watching the time stream.

"Danny...Danny! Time to wake up Danny-boy!" crooned a very familiar face. Danny's baby blue eyes popped open as he saw his dad's face. Without warning he gave him a huge hug, leaving a smile on Jack's face.

"Morning dad." greeted Danny cheerfully. Jack chuckled.

"My, you must've had a great sleep. Your girlf- I mean Sam called earlier. She wants you and Tucker to go to the beach tomorrow." said Jack, quickly correcting himself. A worried look passed Danny's face.

"Um, I heard there's supposed to be a huge thunderstorm. How we plan it for next week and we can have a family ghost game night instead?" said Daniel quickly. A look of pure delight passed over his father's face as he ran out of the room.

"We're doing family ghost night tomorrow!" laughed Jack happily down the stairs. A groan was heard from Jazz, but Maddie and Jack were bouncing around happily. A small smile flitted over Danny's lips.

"Hey...since none of that happened, that means Sam isn't my girlfriend...and I know she likes me-" His face turned red, but a huge smile came out of it as well.

He shakily dialed Sam's number. Her phone rang three times, and she answered it.

"Hello?" she asked in a friendly tone. Danny grinned.

"Sorry, I heard it was supposed to rain tomorrow, so let's plan the beach for next week. But..." He gulped. It was still nerve wracking even if he knew her response.

"I was thinking... Last night... I- I really like you Sam. As in morethanafriend!" he blurted out, his face turning crimson red. A silence filled the phone, but then he heard a muffle of a pillow. A loud squeal of glee was muffled, and Danny let out a giggle from nervous tension.

"R-really?" asked Sam in disbelief. "You sure you aren't pranking me?" Danny let out a laugh.

"I'm positive. So...will you be my girlfriend?" He let the question hang in the air for a few seconds.

"...YES!" screamed Sam. Danny immediately held the phone away from his ear.

"Oops, sorry. Yes!" she said gleefully. Danny grinned, all nervous tension over.

"Well, I guess Tucker was right. We are lovebirds." laughed Danny, finally admitting the thing they protested so long. A laugh was heard from the other side of the phone as well.

"We are. We are!" said Sam, loving the way those words felt on her tongue.

A third voice, however, joined the party.

"FINALLY!" cried Tucker, walking into Sam's bedroom. Sam yelped and turned around, glaring at Tucker.

"When the heck did you get here?" she demanded angrily. Tucker grinned.

"A few minutes ago. Finally you two are to-"

Sam grinned evilly.

"Dan Dan, I'll call you back. I'm going to be a bit busy for the next few minutes." She hesitated, and then blurted into the phone, "Love ya!" She hung up quickly, her face now a cherry tree red.

Danny's mouth dropped.

"D-Dan Dan? L-" His eyes widened as he fist pumped.

"SHE LOVES ME!" he shouted happily.

"Finally!" came the cry from downstairs. Danny blushed and facepalmed.

"Crud." he muttered, although he still had a smile from ear to ear.

Everything was the way it was supposed to be. And the author said-

"THANK GOODNESS! This is very good."