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Chapter One

The darkness was settling over the land, tears rolled down her face and she did her best to wipe them away as swiftly as she could. Nothing was certain anymore; she lived alone and in constant fear. All she had to carry was her backpack, she hadn't eaten in days and her water supply was running frighteningly low.

Her feet were bare and tired, she'd had to discard her shoes weeks ago whilst running away from walkers. She was weak and close to the end, there was no where left for her to run. That was when her eyes caught site of something in the distance, lights...they blinded her. She held a hand up to her exhausted eyes, trying to ignore the ache in her head. She looked back to the lights, a frown etched into her brow. That was when she realised it was a car, speeding towards her. The vehicle spun towards her, the side of it knocked her to the ground as it swerved off of the road into a ditch.

She lay there in darkness, the pain in her side too much to bear. Her eyes started to flutter uncontrollably, desperate to close. This was it…this was a moment she had waited for…the moment that she knew had been coming since this whole thing started.

Staring up towards the sky, she wondered how she'd got here. Sure the whole zombie apocalypse thing had had a sort of adverse effect on her plans, but how had she ended up here. She'd grown up in a prestigious family, a family that had been shipped outta their home town as soon as the virus started to spread…everything would have been fine if she hadn't ran away the night before. If she hadn't decided to leave her family, she could have been safe by now. Instead she'd spent the last two months being beaten and raped by a group who'd found her wandering the streets lost and without a weapon. Finally, she'd managed to escape…only to be hit by a car ten miles later.

"Can you hear me?" A voice sounded in the background, causing her to stir slightly. Her back ached against the cold, hard surface she was lying on; everything started to hurt the moment she tried to move.

"What's your name? Oh my god," Hands were on her now, running down her arms and legs, moving the hair off of her face and neck. She couldn't answer, instead she just began to panic, and her heart was thumping in her ears, she could hear herself whimpering, the pain was too much for her now.
"I have to try and move you off the road, it's not safe," The voice said, it relaxed her a little when she realised it was a woman's tone. The fear that her group had found her brought a relief that she couldn't even describe, she felt like crying.

An arm reached beneath her, dragging her across the scratchy surface of the road, she felt like screaming with the pain that radiated within her, she couldn't even determine what hurt and what didn't. Blood seeped through her clothing, making her feel cold and shaky.
"What's your name?" The woman asked again, the girl's eyes fluttered open for just a moment, nothing but a blur was in front of her. She coughed a rattling sound that destroyed her throat and exploded in her lungs.

"Lila," She spluttered after a matter of seconds, she felt a hand on her face, stroking her hair back.
"Stay as quiet as you can Lila, try and stay awake," The woman soothed again, but Lila was already gone, darkness filling her head and clouding her vision.

Sound radiated around her, gunshots, shouting, another car appeared somewhere close by. The haze around her lifted just enough for her eyes to open momentarily, she prayed silently that it wasn't them, that they weren't coming to finish her off.

"What the hell happened?" A voice shouted, footsteps growing closer.

"She was in the road…I swerved but I still hit her, she hasn't moved," The familiar woman's voice appeared.

"Any bites?" A man asked, a strong southern drawl in his tone.

"None I can find, no fever," The woman replied.

"Are you alright?" The man questioned.

"I'm fine, help her!" The woman hissed in reply.

"Can you hear me?" The man asked.

"We need to get her to the farm, this place'll be swarmin' with walkers soon," Another man stated before lifting Lila up from the ground, carrying her towards the truck.

"What about Rick?" The woman asked, her footsteps halting.

"He's already back, come on," The man replied.

The engine started and the truck was on its way towards the farm, Lila lay in the back, someone making sure to keep her head still the entire time.

"What's your name?" A man asked.
"She said it was Lila, before she passed out," The female replied.
"Alright Lila," The mans voice, with the gruff southern accent began, "I need you to try and stay awake for me," He continued.

Her eyes fluttered open momentarily, all she could see was a scruff of dark blonde hair and icy blue eyes.
"Don't let them," Lila began, her throat trying to close with every word, "Find me," She finished, her hand gripping onto the man's arm with shear determination.