Hey, I wrote this fanfic because I loved the Naked Brothers Band and miss them! I am following the series through all of the chaos but with my own OC. Just to tell you now there is no Kristina so sorry if you like her.

My OC is Ally. I really like that name. Anyways she is Thomas's sister and was introduced to the band when Thomas joined. She has kind of dark brown hair and ocean blue eyes. She is friends with all the band members. Ally's best friend is Rosalina who is like a big sister to all the guys. In this fanfic Ally is the girl Nat likes not Rosalina. Rosalina will have a boyfriend that is her own age. So no Nat/Rosalina fic here sorry. I don't like how Rosalina treated Nat anyways. Enjoy!

I don't own the Naked Brothers Band.

Episode 1 "VMA's"

Nat and Alex are in the kitchen talking to the cameras about the VMA's when Ally a long time friend and sister of band mate Thomas comes in, in her pj's. (They live in the same building.)

Nat says, "Because today is the VMA's!"

Then Alex said, "Yup, I'm ust eating some peanut butter and a glass of milk. My favorite breakfast." Picking up his spoonful of peanut butter and shoving it in his mouth.

Right at that moment Ally comes through the door in her red and white striped bottems and red tank top screaming, "VMA VMA, NBB is gonna win a VMA! Woo!"

"Hey Ally!" Yelled Alex happy to see his friend. To Alex, Ally was like a sister and loved hanging out with her.

"Hey little man, is that peanut butter?" The brunette with blue eyes asked.

"Yup, sure is," the little rocker replied.

"Cool gimme some!" She then took the spoon and got a big mouthful of the gooey food.

"Um . . . Hey Ally you um look great today." Nat said nervously. Ever since Thomas first introduced his sister to the band Nat has had a crush on her. Despite his rock star confidence he could never really act normal around Ally without making a fool of himself.

"Um . . . thanks Nat I think." Ally said to the rock star that she had to admit was really cute. Of course why would someone famous like him want to go out with her? Even though they acted oblivious to their feelings the younger naked brother wasn't and saw the looks that they gave each other. Alex couldn't wait to hatch a plan to get them together because honestly, this whole shy rutine was getting old. After Alex rolled his eyes at the lovers their accordian playing dad came down the stairs singing about eggs.

"You gave my eggs to dad?" Nat asked his brother slightly angry.

"He looked hungry," was Alex's simple answer.

"Hey Sonny!" Ally said to his friend's dad. She had always had thought about him as a second father.

"Hey Ally, you excited about the VMA's?" Sonny asked the girl that he knew Nat liked.

"Of course it is going to be so cool to see them get an award!" she said happilly. After that Sonny was trying to get away from the cameras and hide his bald spot while Nat and Ally snuck glances at each other. Oce the boys were done arguing about good deeds and eggs Matt Penningfield came onto the t.v. screen. "Hey guys look its Matt Penningfield," Ally said distracting them from their fight. Ally really hated to see them fight. After Matt did that creepy laugh everyone shivered. "That guy really creeps me out," Ally said wrapping her arms around herself.

"Don't worry my friend I'll protect you," Alex said reaching up to put an arm around Ally protectively. Ally giggled and said thanks to him. Nat watched them with jelousy in his eyes. He hated how Alex was always smoother with the ladies. Nat was brought out of his transe by his dad coming down the stairs playing his accordian with a hat on that covered his bald spot. Once Sonny walked off after offering to play at the VMA's Ally giggled.

"I love your dad." Nat smiled at her.

Later that morning cooper the band's manager, Nat, Alex, and Ally were playing basketball. Cooper gave them the run down of their schedule for the night and Nat got nervous.


After cooper told us what we were doing tonite I got nervous. "Oh, man. Do you think we're going to win because I really want to win," I said passing the ball to cooper.

Just to make matters worse cooper says, "I don't know there is a lot of competition."

"Don't say that," Alex cut in.

"Don't worry guys. Your definitely going to win. I have total faith in you guys," Ally said while making a shot and scoring. Man, she is amazing. She always knows what to say to calm me down.

"Nice shot," I say to her as I stare into her beautiful ocean blue eyes. I almost melted right there when she smiled her beautiful smile at me.


It is so obvious that Nat likes Ally. The whole band knew that he liked her from the moment Thomas introduced her as his sister one day at practice. I am pretty sure that Ally liked Nat too by the way she looks at him, but what do i know about love I'm a kid.


I wish that Nat would stop being a butt head and sweep Ally off her feet. I have got to get them together and fast.


After Nat complemented my shot it got quiet as me and him just stared into each others eyes. His brown eyes are gorgeous, and his rock star hair is always messy and perfect. Soon, Jessy the boy's nanny came in talking about a six seated bicycle. Is that even possible? While Alex was lecturing Jessy on safety I thought that I should head back to my apartment to get ready for the VMA's. "Hey guys, I'm gonna head out so I can get ready for tonite." Nat smiled and waved at me as I left. He is so caring.


Me, David, and Quassim were walking to Nat and Alex's place when we passed this weird forgien dude yelling Jessy's name. Weird! Once we got there something even stranger happened. Alex came walking out of his room with a pillow tied to his head. "Whoa, Alex what's with the pillow on your head?" I asked him.

"My horroscope told me to beware falling objectly," he said. This is going to be fun. Apparently David had the same idea because soon me and him are yelling at Alex to watch out. It was halarious even if Alex did call us weeners. While Jessy was still trying to get rid of the crazy dude Nat started talking.

"Hey guys, have any of you seen Ally?"

I smirked and replied, "Oh you mean my sister that's your one true love?" Then me and the guys started making kissy faces at Nat. I knew that he liked my sister from the beginning. I also know that my sister is like in love with him. How do I know? I read her diary. What a girl! Anyways I don't care that they like each other, I actually want them together. Sure I will beat Nat up if he hurts my baby sister but otherwise this would give me something to tease them about.


I just stood there while the guys made kissy faces at me. They all knew that i liked Ally even Jessy knew! I started to really get annoyed so I decided to change the subject. "Okay, okay how about Rosalina?" Rosalina is our brilliant bass player. She's two years older than everyone. She was Josh's, our former guitar player's step sister before their parents divorced and Josh and his mom moved away. Rosalina is a older sister to all of us. She is one of my best friends, she always understands me and helps me to impress Ally.

"She's getting her braces off today," cooper explained. Everyone grimiced at that.

"I heard that, that really hurts," David said. While everyone continued talking Jessy was still trying to get rid of the forgien bike riding guy. I laughed as I watched her attempt to make the guy leave. Oh Jessy.


Today I got my braces off! I am so glad to get rid of those. Also, today is the VMA awards! I am so excited because our band The Naked Brothers Band is nominated! I really hope we win. As soon as I got up to the Wolff's apartment I heard screaming and yelling. Oh boy. I sighed in my head. I am the oldest of the group and definitly the most mature. These guys are a pain in the butt but I still love them like family. I especially like Ally, Thomas's sister. She is the only other girl that I can talk to besides Jessy. Me and Ally have been friends ever since she was introduced to the band. Me and her do everything together like we are sisters. I even know about her crush on Nat. Well that doesn't really count because everyone knows that they like each other. They just need to admit it. I swear one of these days I am going to have to meddle to get them together. Anyways, as I was saying when I got to the Wolff house everything was in chaos. When I opened the door I heard Alex yelling something about revenge and Thomas and David were yelling something about their hair being on fire. What? Soon Nat came to greet me at the door. "Hey," Nat said being calm about everything going on around him.

"What's going on?" I asked almost scared to hear the answer.

"Oh nothing, so have you seen Ally?" Nat asked with a hopeful look in his eyes. Aww he's got it bad for Ally. He's like a little puppy.

"Oh um, yeah she's almost ready she'll be here in 30. Don't worry," I said reassuring him. Nat just nodded and we headed to the kitchen to talk.


I sat in the kitchen with Rosalina talking while the others were running around yelling at each other. Then I broke the silence, "So I see that you got your braces off."

"Yeah," she said.

"Yay teeth," I lamely said. I mean really, yay? I must be really nervous about tonite.

"Really Nat, yay?" Rosalina asked before she started laughing and after a couple of seconds I joined in. After a while something amazing happened. Ally came in, and man did she look stunning.


While I talked to Nat I saw his eyes widen as big as saucers and his mouth droped open. I was really confused until I turned around and saw that he was staring at. As soon as I saw Ally I smiled. She was wearing a tight black dress with paint splaters on it. her hair was partly up and partly down with a little curl in it. She looked amazing. Poor Nat he must be dying right now.


I really hate dresses. I men put me in a skirt fine, but dresses no. I wonder how the guys will react to it. They have never seen me in a dress. I like to dress in style but a lot of times I'm in jeans and a graphic Tee. Whn I walked in everyone stopped running and yelling and just looked at me. Wow I really hate all of this attention I looked over to see Nat's reaction. OMG! Nat looked frozen with his eyes wide at the sight of me with his mouth hanging open. Then I decided to break the silence. "So, what do you guys think?"

Only one word came out of all the guys mouths "Wow," They all said in unison. Luckily for me Rosalina came to my rescue.

"Ally, you look amazing!" she said leading me into the kitchen where Nat still stood in shock.

"Thanks Rosy," I said shyly. "Hi Nat," I added. Then the most strangest thing happened. Nat's pants fell down!


Okay Nat, snap out of it before she thinks your a doofus. "Um, hey Ally. You look really pretty," I said to the beautiful girl in front of me.

"Um . . . Thanks Nat," she said in her angelic voice. It was silent for a few more minutes before she spoke again. "Um . . . Nat . . . your . . pants fell down," Ally said. My pants what? Wait, my pants? I looked down to see that my pants had fell down. Oh, man good job Nat you just embarrest yourself in front of your crush. I quickly pulled my pants up and laughed nervously. Then I heard her giggle and I relaxed.


Okay, I'm gonna sneak out of here and leave them alone. I guess I'll go and help the guys out with their hair crisis. Uggg . . . boys.


It's time to go to the VMA's! I am so excited. I know that they are going to win. After our pep talk we walked outside to the limo. Alex said something about his horroscope so I rode in the limo with Sonny, Jessy, Cooper, and E.T, David's dog. She is the cutest thing. The others rode on the bicycle with a lot of seats, driven by the forgien guy that never left Jessy alone all day. Once there a lot of pictures were taken and I was publically introduceed to the world as Thomas's sister that hangs out with band. I even got asked a bunch of times if I was dating any of the guys from the band. Then at the enterance we saw the man that we all hated. Matt Penningfield. In a flash I saw Cooper flipping him onto the ground. It was amazing! Then a chorus of 'way to go cooper' and 'yeah's!' were heard.


As the award for best rock video was announced the whole band was on the edge of their seats. When the voice said that the Naked Brothers Band won everyone jumped and screamed. In the excitment of the moment Ally, who was sitting next to Nat jumped up and kissed him on the cheek. Nat was frozen with shock at first but then became even happier than before. After they got their award and Nat gave his speech with his dad playing the accordian in the background, the band celebrated with a concert overlooking the city. It was the perfect way to end the day.

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