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Episode 8: "A Man Needs a Maid"


"I know, I know the house is a big mess. Our dad's been gone and jessy is babysitting. Since rosalina is at her dad's wedding and ally is at a performing arts camp we had a guys night," I said as the cameras filmed my wrecked house. Okay, so we might have gone a little crazy with all the freedom. But you know what they say, boys will be boys. "Everyone is asleep right now but alex and I got up early so we could feed our computer puppy."

Alex POV

While we were playing with happy and talking baby talk to him nat saw the cameras. Time to meet happy! "Hey guys, we haven't introduced you to happy yet. He's our computer puppy," Nat told the camera.

"Yeah, usually ally is with us to take care of happy but she's at camp," I told the camera. Nat looked sad when I mentioned ally and now I feel bad for bringing it up. She's been gone for two weeks so far and won't be back until next week. The guys and I have been keeping him distracted. We all can't wait until ally comes home not exactly because we miss her but so nat will stop moping. That is one love struck dude.

Thomas POV

Man these smoothies are awesome! While david helped nat train alex the rest of us watched tv. When our new music video 'banana smoothie' came on we all started dancing. E.T and alex had a dancing contest and I think you can guess who won. E.T. This has been the best guys week ever! No one to tell us to clean up, no girls to nag us, and no one to tell us to wear pants around the house. Can you say non-stop party.

Cooper POV

"Guys I love charades but lets do the normal stuff, no more books," Jessy suggested while eating popcorn.

From beside me I heard david say, "That coming from our tutor I see a bright future ahead." I laughed until I heard nat complain about us ripping up his history report. Out of no where jessy starts freaking out because Mr. Wolff is coming back today. Wait what?! Oh man. How are we going to clean all of this up? Great, we have a huge mess to clean up and the first thing jessy and alex do is make the mess bigger.


"Whoa! Whoa! What happened?!" I shouted at the others who were trying to stop the flooding. Yes, you heard me right FLOODING! There is water everywhere and after realizing we can't do this I decided to call a cleaning service.

Jessy POV

Okay, this betty person or whoever she is, is a whack-a-doodle! Who ever heard of a maid that doesn't clean. Oh wait sorry she's not a maid she's a cleaning specialist. Note my sarcasm. This is ridiculous while the rest of us are working like crazy that woman is lounging on the couch and making us wait on her like slave monkeys. On the bright side thomas killed the massive bug that was in the sink! My hero!


"Hey guys we want to talk to you in private," David and me told the rest of the band. They all agreed and we snuck off into the bathroom.

"Okay so what did you guys want to say?" Jessy asked once we were alone.

"Hang on we're going to video chat with ally," David said while typing on the laptop. Every other day around this time we video chat. Once it was brought up we set it on the edge of the bath tub and we all sat around it. After a minute ally's face popped up on the screen.

"Hola nachos and burritos! Whats up?" Ally greeted us. We all rolled our eyes at her weirdness.

"Hey sis, hope your having fun there because we're not having fun here," Thomas said annoyed.

"Whats wrong?" Ally asked us concerned.

"We're freaking out because the house is a wreck, Mr. Wolff is coming home today, and the cleaning specialist we hired doesn't clean," Cooper listed off our problems.

Ally's face scrunched up in confusion while she said, "You hired a maid?"

"Cleaning specialist," We all groaned in unison. I have to say when ally is lost she looks cute with her head tilted the side like a puppy.

"Well we have to do something. Betty tied alex and E.T up to the umbrella stand in the hall," David told everyone. Jessy gasped while ally asked why alex was tied up.

"I understand her tying up alex because he bit her but E.T never did anything to her," I explained.

"Why don't you just fire her?" When ally said that all our faces lit up.

Qaasim POV

After arguing over who got to fire betty we all ran out to kick her out. "Betty, we have something we would like to tell you," Jessy politly told betty. Betty then of course just told us to get lost.

Out of no where cooper yells, "YOUR FIRED!"

"Cooper I was going to do it!" I yelled with the others.

"Buh Buh Buh! This popcorn taste like cardboard. Someone go and put some butter on it before I choke to death and fix me another beverage," Betty commanded. It sounded even scarier because of the creepy music coming from the TV. Yikes, I bet she's hiding horns under that poofy hair. Lucky for us alex and E.T busted in saving us from betty's wrath. Mr. Wolff is home! Yes! He'll take care of crazy betty!


Okay now this is just gross. Dad is flirting with betty! It's so weird to see my dad actually trying to impress a girl. Anyways now that he's home me and alex can ask for a dog! "Hey dad can we have a dog?" I asked hopefully.

"Sure. I think thats a great idea, why not!" My dad said. Yes!

"I'm highly allergic," Betty interrupted.

"No way," My dad told us. No! I can't believe dad won't get us a dog because of a girl. That's not fair.

"I hope you don't mind my teaching your kids all the basics in house cleaning. I believe that if you give a child a fish he'll eat for a day, but if you teach a child to fish he'll eat for a lifetime," Betty said. We were all really confused while my dad just sat there with a dopey smile on his face.

"Betty, thank you for teaching my children how to fish," My dad said excited. Then alex lost it.

"She didn't teach us how to fish! All she did was watch soap opras and tie me to an umbrella stand!" My brother yelled. Oh man. How can my dad like her. I mean she's growling at alex. Why can't my dad see that?

This might be a problem. Apparently betty thinks that our dad is the rock star. When I told him what I thought he looked so sad. I feel really bad. Even though we don't like her doesn't mean we should let our dad suffer just so we can be happy. "Hey dad, dad we can pretend that your the rock star. We can play back up in your band," I told dad. As soon as I said that he was so happy I thought he would burst.

"Nat can I talk to you in private?" Alex half asked half yelled at me.

Alex POV

I can't believe nat got me to do this. Playing back up in dad's band is boring. No offense dad. DUM DUM DUM. I wonder whats for dinner?

David POV

This is weird. I never knew how boring polka was till now.

Thomas POV

When will this end? We look ridiculous! I would rather spend the day as ally's servant than do this and that's saying something.

Qaasim POV

This is Whack! They have conventions for this? Man, Mr. Wolff sounds like a dying walrus. No offense Mr. Wolff.


Okay, so this might not have been one of my smarter plans but at least dad is happy. Once rosalina and ally come back everything will be back to normal hopefully.

Jessy POV

This lady is crazy and so is Mr. Wolff for actually liking her. His first name is Sonny?

Cooper POV

I better make some calls and order a bunch of ear plugs for everyone.


Play Lady Play! Play! Play! Play!