Hello, horsesRcool22 here with my first fanfic on the Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater. I'm still sort of unsure if it matches up with the personalities of the characters, or where the book left off. Anyways, hope you guys enjoy this!


The stallion reared up, his hooves clawing the air, as though he was the prey. He splashed back into the retreating tide. His opal eyes rolled around in his sockets. Everything wasn't a sharp anymore. His eyes struggled to take in the scenery, his blue coat looking black in the moonlight. Ropes were wrapped around his neck and legs, men at the other ends of them. The stallion lunged at one but was tugged back by another. He scooted backwards, only to be choked by the endless amount of ropes strangling him. He roared and shot backward, towards the sea, his haven, the only way back to his family. He was pulled forward by the men, his hooves digging into the wet sand trying to stop him from being taken away from the sea. The men struggled to get the stallion inland; it was very hard to take a capall uisce from the sea. The stallion was being dragged further and further away from his freedom. Slowly they made their way to the Malvern Yard.

When the stallion scented the horses he let out a wail. He coughed, blood splattering the ground as the men ushered him into the barn, with its cathedral ceiling and hard floor. The stallion bucked and reared, making the other horses uneasy, including the other capaill uisce. The stallion's throat had been rubbed raw, from the ropes and his crying. They opened up a stall made for the water horses, what they thought the stallion was. They sliced off the ropes as the stallion shot forward like a bullet into the stall.

Crack! The sickening sound silenced the barn as the stallion bashed his nose into the wall. He roared in agony as pain spread throughout his whole body. The stallion coughed hard, the motion shaking his whole body, adding to the blood already staining the walls. The stallion clucked anxiously pacing his stall and banging the walls, trying to get out, trying to find a way back home.

The stallion's eyes snapped open, his front hooves left the ground for a second, before banging back down to the ground. He was apart from the other horses in the barn. His breathing was very shallow and wheezy, it hurt to do so.

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