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Chapter 2

The stallion awoke, the sunlight prodding his eyes, urging him to awake. The mare was gazing at the stallion, her ears pinned back and lips pulled. The stallion could tell she was evaluating him, to see if he was prey or predator. The stallion pinned his ears back and lunged at her, the mare spooking and shooting back to the opposite wall.

The stallion looked through the bars and saw grooms scuttling about the barn, grooming the Thoroughbreds and jumpers that had the luxury of living in the main barn. The stallion looked at his food bucket; the meat was still there, smelling as bad as ever. He snorted and continued to look down the aisle. Three humans were walking towards him. They stopped in front of his stall. Mr. Malvern made a disgusted noise and turned toward Puck and Sean.

"So, do you think you'll be interested in him?" Malvern asked Sean while Puck's hand closed around the latch on the door. Sean Kendrick looked over the stallion and judged him as so many had done before. Sean noticed his ears weren't tall or curled, he had a stockier build and his nostrils were short and wide. Sean frowned.

"Is he a capall uisce?" asked Sean. Malvern looked at him like he was crazy.

"Why of course. He came out of the sea like the o-" Benjamin Malvern cut himself off, realizing all the differences the stallion had between a water horse. He rubbed his chin.

"Then what could he be?" he asked to no one in particular.

The stallion listened to them talk, he was sure he was the subject of their conversation. How humans confused him, one of the few creatures not able to bare magic. The stallion yawned, bored. The water horse looked back over to the mare, who was watching both the humans and him. He lowered his head and bared his teeth, clucking angrily at the mare that had the nerve to be that rude to him. The mare made a noise that came from the back of her throat, a noise of anger. He challenged her by stepping closer to the bars. Want some of this? He seemed to say, but the mare ignored him. You wish, her body language said. The stallion recoiled in amazement. The nerve that mare had.

Click! The stallion turned his head to see Sean getting into the stall with a leather halter and lead rope in his hand. The stallion reared up, clawing the air, his teeth snapping, the mare watching. Amazingly, in a move quicker than lightning Sean slipped the halter over the stallion's head and fastened the lead rope on to it. Sean yanked the stallion's head down and grabbed his poll and whispered in his ear. The stallion calmed down and flicked his ears towards him. Sean lead the stallion out into the aisle.

"He has strong legs," Puck muttered walking to one side of the stallion while Malvern walked to the other side. Sean was still occupied trying to calm the stallion and preventing him from tearing anyone apart. Malvern walked up next to Sean.

"I'll make a deal with you," Malvern stated, looking at the stallion's eyes. Sean stopped whispering in the horse's ears and looked up, his eyes narrowed. Puck answered first.

"What is it?" she asked him, crossing her arms over her chest.

"If Sean trains the water horses here and rides one in the races, I'll offer him a job here, and boarding for Corr," said Malvern slowly, taking his time.

"Is that all?" Sean asked, rubbing the leather lead rope with his fingers. Sean grabbed hold of the stallion's poll making sure he couldn't slip away from his grip.

Sean couldn't deny that he needed the money, a safe place to keep Corr. But most of all, he needed something to keep himself busy. His fingers entwined themselves in the stallion's mane, as his mind worked out what he should do. Sean met Malvern's eyes and nodded.

"I'll do it," replied Sean, his grip tightening on the stallion. The horse feels tight and solid under Sean's fingers, defying his touch, not nearly as bad as the red mare, the sea running strong in her veins. Malvern rubbed his hands together, Puck suddenly resenting him because of all his money.

"Take him out to the round pen," Malvern said, turning around and walking down to the other side of the barn, going to bargain with some potential buyers. Sean sighed and grabbed the lead rope where it clipped onto the ring at the bottom of the halter. He tugged at the stallion's lead, the water horse leaning onto his haunches like a mule would. Sean pulled harder, the stallion leaning forward so his weight is evenly spread onto all of his hooves. Sean pulled with all of his strength, the stallion responding and walking forward.

"I'll meet you here when I'm done with work," Puck said walking into the tack room. Sean managed to get the stallion out of the barn, the sunlight blinding the pair. The stallion screamed for the sea, a different sound than what the mare makes when she calls for it. The stallion's is more sorrowful, and horse-like. Sean shrugs off the differences of the sounds and continues down the path to the lunging pen, carved into the rock.

The stallion did not take kindly to the whip. He eyed constantly, not paying any attention to Sean, which would be something that can kill a rider, or save him. The stallion responded badly to the bit and the lunging gear, his back contracted, stiffened and twisted, trying to discretely shake the equipment off him, to no avail. Just the surroundings made him nervous, being in an iron-bar round pen in the side of a cliff, surrounded by hard rock except for one door. The stallion had nowhere to go, he was trapped, and he had to fix it. He pinned his ears back, thinking…

The stallion slowed down, and Sean almost tapped him with the whip, but the stallion saw it coming and shot forward. He wanted nothing to do with that thing and the water horse instead galloped around the ring, stretching his legs, wanting to go faster and faster so he might be able to jump over the ring…no, he wasn't a jumper; he was quite the opposite actually. But it seemed enough to get away from the whip. Sean worked the lunge-line pulling on the metal thing in his mouth that in turn tugged on the edges of his mouth. Was this action to slow him down? The stallion ignored that and kept of galloping.

When the stallion had first got here, four weeks ago, he had been in the sea, but why the sea? A sharp pain seared his temples and the memory faded. What was he not supposed to remember?

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