Hello readers, if you didn't already know I have taken a break from my first story 'Playing with Wolves' to write a fanfic based on the Fast Forward season of the Ninja Turtles. This is completely separate from my other story and my favorite OC Samantha Rose Jones will be getting a makeover for the new story. I appreciate all the readers and reviewers. Now I give you 'Protector from the Past'.

Chapter 1: The Time Window

Samantha Rose Jones walked into the lab of her younger brother Cody Jones. Her deep blue eyes lit up when she spotted Cody. Cody was working on his greatest invention, the Time Window. Samantha watched her brother type in millions of codes into the Time Window's mainframe. She knocked on the door frame, letting Cody know she was there.

Cody looked up from his current project. "Hey Sam." He greeted Samantha with a very warm smile. Samantha felt a smile grow across her face as she looked into Cody's dark green eyes. He had a glint to them, the usual glint that had kept him up for days straight with no sleep. Samantha knew the feeling too well. He was determined to upgrade the Time Window. Samantha ruffled her younger brother's spiky red hair. "Cody, I know you want to upgrade the Time Window. But if you keep typing in codes like a madman, your possibility of making a mistake is about eighty percent." Cody continued to type. Samantha sighed. She remembered why her younger brother had created the Time Window.

One day Samantha and Cody were rummaging through the penthouse storage unit and discovered the journals of their great grandparents, Arnold 'Casey' Jones and April O'Neil. Cody had found their journals extremely interesting. April and Casey both wrote about a group of four brothers. The thing that made those four brothers so interesting to Cody was how different they were to the normal humans who lived a hundred years ago. In fact they weren't human at all; they were teenage mutant ninja turtles.

The Turtles became an obsession to Cody. He had gathered all the artifacts from the storage unit and put them on display in the penthouse. Cody had created the Time Window to view the past because the Turtles could not be found in simple video feeds because they lived life in the shadows.

Samantha had built the Time Window with Cody. She loved the months she had spent with her brother, trying to convert subatomic atom particles into units of temporal energy was an extremely difficult and dangerous procedure. One tiny miscalculation could have been catastrophic. After nine months the Time Window was completed. Cody had decided to test it on Samantha's seventeenth birthday, August, 2nd, 2104. Seeing the turtles for the first time was amazing. It was the greatest birthday gift she had ever gotten. They had picked a simple journal entry, movie night with the Turtles. Samantha was amazed how that snapshot in time had really captured the turtles' personalities as well as her grandparents.

Raphael was spinning his sai watching the news. The news reporter was talking about a wave of gang violence in the city. Raphael stopped spinning his sai and gritted his teeth. "Ugh, I hate watching the news." He said as he turned off the television. "It's all bad! These gangs out there banging heads, It really ticks me off!"

"Raph, everything ticks you off." Donatello quipped from his lab while he was tinkering with Utrom technology.

"Not everything…." Raph argued, before looking away and admitting "Okay everything."

"Man the technology on this hooversciff is amazing." Donatello exclaimed from his lab. "Do those Utroms know how to make stuff or what?" Soon There were noises of pots, pans, and other kitchen implements being strewed around in the kitchen. "Hey! Mikey could you keep it down to only a slightly deafening cacophony?" Donatello asked annoyed.

"Sorry bro we don't have any kackophony." Michelangelo answered. "But we do have popcorn." He said motioning to the bowl in his right hand. "The glorious golden kernels of freshly popped joy, because it's movie night! Wooohoo!" Michelangelo exclaimed as he sat down on the floor of the turtle's media room.

"Movie night, right." Raph looked around the lair "Where the heck is that bonehead Casey Jones? He's supposed to be bringing the movie."

Donatello sat down in a white chair in the media room. "Probably not the best idea letting Casey pick the flick. No telling what we'll be watching tonight."

"Just something super spectacular!" Casey said from across the lair. "A movie so gongalla great the only remade it about a gazillion times. And this my friends is the original, like me." Casey took one step and tripped. "Oh No" he said as he watched the movie fly from his hands.

Leo jumped from a ladder slid down a flight of stairs on his feet as he jumped into the air catching the movie. He then front flipped, landing on his hands in front of the couch, before back flipping to the area in front of the television. "Let the movie begin." He said before he popped the tape into the VCR.

It may have been a minuscule moment in the lives of the turtles but that snapshot into the past was all it took, before Samantha herself became obsessed with the turtles. But she had found herself to be extremely fascinated with the blue banded turtle, Leonardo.

Samantha found Leonardo to have many admirable qualities. He was a natural born leader. He was level headed, but at the same time he was very passionate. He was intelligent, but he was not a genius, he was more of a strategist. He was a master in stealth as well as kenjutu and iaido. He carried two katanas which Samantha found to be an appropriate weapon for Leonardo because it took much patience and practice to master. Leonardo also held his own code of honor and ethics from his practice of Bushido, which was a refreshing change from the gluttonous, the vain, and the selfish men she was forced to socialize with.

She even had to go on dates with young men her uncle Darris Dunn had picked out. Those were some of the worst nights of her life. It had been happening ever since she was sixteen. She had to put up with those dogs because she wasn't allowed to pick her own mate. The reason she wasn't allowed was because she had a reputation to keep up. She was heiress to the O'Neil Tech fortune, which was worth about six point eight septillion dollars. It was old money that had been in Samantha's family for over ninety years. It had started off as a small computer software company but had turned into a super corporation, which supplied galaxies with the most advance terrin technology.

Samantha was instantly pushed into the spotlight as the heiress of O'Neil Tech. She was old money and old money had to marry old money. The real problem was that she only had three types of guys to choose from: The money hungry, the vain, and the self centered. Samantha often found the stories of Leonardo and his brothers to be an escape from the vainglorious level of society she had been forced into. She often dreamed of being in the strong apple green arms of the six foot turtle and stare into his light brown eyes. But it was only a dream.

Samantha was snapped out of her thoughts by a bright blue light. As quick as the light came it was gone. Samantha looked over at Cody to find her younger brother staring into the Time Window eyes full of disbelief. "They were right there!" He shouted "They were right there!" He started to type more codes into the Time Windows mainframe "It's impossible!"

"Cody what are you talking about?" Samantha asked her brother.

"The turtles!" Cody shouted. "They were in the lair fighting over a remote one minute then there was a flashing blue light and now they're gone."

"You were distracted!" Samantha shouted "I told you a million times that the bending of subatomic particles into temporal matter is the most dangerous and complex process! That every calculation has to be precise because it is still experimental!"

Then Samantha's wrist communicator rang. "Miss Jones, Mr. Lancer is calling."

'As if today couldn't get any worse.' Samantha thought as she answered her communicator.

A holographic image of Mr. Lancers face appeared. He had long blond hair that was pulled into a low ponytail. He had high cheek bones and a strong set jaw with deep grey eyes. Mr. Lancer was attractive; he was a male model from Aphrodite08 a planet of insanely attractive humanoid aliens. The problem was no matter how beautiful Mr. Lancer was on the outside, he was one of the ugliest life forms on the inside. He was the gluttonous, the vainest, and the most selfish out of all the potential mates her uncle Darris had picked out for her, each one more horrible than the last.

"Miss Jones, I hope you are ready for our date." Mr. Lancer said smugly.

Samantha tried to hold back the bile in her throat. "Yes, Mr. Lancer" She said with a sickly sweet and very fake smile.

"Ah, well I expect you to be downstairs in the lobby when I arrive." Mr. Lancer said with a very arrogant smile.

Samantha swallowed the bile that had made it into her mouth and said "Of course Mr. Lancer" She pressed the button on her communicator ending the call in a matter of seconds.

"What was that about?" Cody asked her.

"Another one of uncle Darris' little lackeys." Samantha answered viciously.

"Oh." Cody said rubbing the back of his neck nervously.

Samantha then returned her attention back to the Time Window. Currently she was looking at an empty lair with no turtles in it. "Find them." She growled as she poked Cody in the chest. "Your miscalculations are to blame, therefore, you have to find the turtles and fix whatever mess you have managed to create." Then Samantha stormed out of the lab.

She walked past a mirror and looked at her reflection. She had inherited her high cheek bones, long raven black hair, and deep ocean blue eyes from her great grandfather, but she had inherited the softness of her grandmother's features. She has a body that was different from her peers who prided themselves in being as slender and sickly looking as they could possibly get. Samantha had an athletic build. She was thicker than girls her age. She was slender and curvy with plenty of muscles in her thighs and caves and even in her behind. The other girls had called her fat, but they seemed to be jealous of the many suitors who wanted her, but they only wanted her so they could have relations with her. If they wanted them they could have them.

She was wearing a hot pink ruffled top with her Nevarion spider silk white jeans. She had her raven black hair in a ponytail with lose ringlet curls that reached the middle of her back. She had side bangs that had been cut into fringed ones because her uncle Darris has claimed "Hair in front of your eyes isn't lady like." She had on natural looking make up with a bit of mascara and eyeliner.

Samantha never liked looking in the mirror it reminded her of how unwelcomed she was by society because she looked and acted different than her peers. But at the same time she was accepted by her peers because she was heiress to the O'Neil Tech fortune. It was sickening.

"Mistress Samantha, Mr. Lancer is here."

Samantha looked over at Serling their robotic caregiver. "Thank you Serling." Samantha said as she walked toward the elevator. She then turned abruptly on her heel. "Serling?"

Serling turned his robotic head in her direction. "Yes Mistress?"

"I believe Cody had unintentionally transported four terrapin creatures and a rodent like creature into our time"

"How did he…." Serling began to ask her something but she cut him off.

"I do not have time to explain Serling. I need you to find them and bring them here to the penthouse. Make sure Cody does not leave the penthouse either." Samantha then turned around grabbed her shoes, a pair of bright yellow peep toed pumps.

"Mistress, how will I know what those terrapin creatures look like?" Serling asked

Samantha spotted the journal on a table next to the elevator. She grabbed it and opened it up to a picture containing the four turtles, Master Splinter, and her great grandparents. "They look something like this." Samantha said pointing to the picture. She then put the journal back down and pressed the button to summon the elevator to her floor. The elevator opened in seconds. She entered it and prepared herself for the terrible date she was about to have.

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