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Chapter 5:The Giant Birds Have Come to Play

Samantha needed a minute to catch her breath.

After Samantha, Cody, and the turtles had left the safety of the penthouse, they had found themselves the target of a hoverknapping. It was the scariest thing that had ever happened to her. The Hovershell dropped a few thousand feet before automatically stopping, causing Samantha's stomach to jump into her throat. If it wasn't for the experimental feature Cody added to the Hovershell, which ejected a four wheeled vehicle onto the streets below, Samantha would have found out who their kidnappers were. A thought that shook Samantha to her core.

The moment the group reached O'Neil Tech, the turtles began to do recon of the area. Samantha and Cody exchanged puzzled glances

"All clear." Raphael's gruff voice said after the doors to Starlee's lab opened.

"Guys, it's our company remember?" COdy asked the four terrapins, in hopes to quench their paranoia. "We don't have to do the ninja sneak."

"With what just happened, I think it's best if were discreet. Okay?" Leonardo said sharply

"Discreet?"Cody asked sheepishly rubbing the back of his head. "Uh, I'm sorry to tell you this Leo, but I already called ahead."

"Cody Jones! the prince himself." A chipper female voice startled the group sending their gazes into the lab, where a skinny humanoid female stood before them.

Her skin was light blue and her hair was a shade of midnight blue. Her eyes shown a bright periwinkle and her ears ended in a sharp point. Samantha smiled it was her dearest friend and former lab partner, Starlee Hambrath.

"Down from his castle."Starlee teased. "And with friends, Hi Starlee Hambrath, O'Neil Tech intern."

"uh, hi there."



"How's it going?"

"So much for discreet." Leonardo said as the group entered the lab.

"A little young to be working with suck serious technology, aren't you?" Donatello asked the blue skinned female.

"Girls mature faster than boys." Starlee answered "Especially girls from Omatron with five time the brain capacity."

Samantha made her way over to the machine at the end of the lab. The machine was a series of mechanical arms connected to the roof of the lab. The machine was hooked up to the most powerful, powercore generator that O'Neil Tech could get it's hands on. Samantha was overjoyed that Starlee had been able to maintain the experimental system.

Samantha had began working of the Transcendental lathe when she was fifteen. She had theorized that a person's brain contained a certain frequency which could be tapped into. The machine was made to extract a persons thoughts and turn them into tangible items. Samantha had a hard time constructing the lathe, before she had met Starlee. The perky Omatrionaian female seemed to be a perfect candidate to assist Samantha with her project. The two formed a friendship during its completion.

"I'm glad to see my trust in you has not been displaced, Starlee." Samantha said as the blue female approached her.

"Well, I wouldn't mind if my lab partner came back to assist me."

Samantha noted the underlined irritation in Starlee's chipper voice and scowled. She felt her body tense as she became defensive.

"I must remain away from the watchful eye of my uncle."

Starlee looked at Samantha a sympathetic look upon her features. Samantha thought she had more to say but Starlee rolled away on her skates towards Cody.

"What is that thing?" Leonardo asked when he made his over to Samantha.

"A Transcendental lathe. It takes the users mental engrams and translates them into executable commands. Then the mechs go to work taking the information its collected and forms it into a tangible object."

Samanatha felt her face flush, when she saw the confused look on Leonardo's face.

'Smooth.' Samantha thought to herself, rubbing the back of her neck to get rid of the pinprick feeling. 'He probably thinks I'm to inadequate to possibly be a desirable mate.' Samantha's eyes widened. 'Mate! Do I even have those kind of feelings toward Leo?'

Samantha was to engrossed in her own thoughts about Leonardo, she did not notice the crashing in of the roof above her head. She became alarmed when Leonardo grabbed her, bringing her body away from the shards of glass that rained from the ceiling. Samantha soon found herself behind Leonardo's carapace. The blue banded turtle had taken a defensive stance in front of the raven haired beauty, shielding her body from the danger that had just entered the lab.

"Lemme guess, our would be kidnappers." Raphael growled, his eyes narrowed into slits. "What's a matta? Hijacking half an empty Hovershell didn't do it for ya."

Samantha followed Raphael's scowl. Standing before her were four creatures Samantha had never seen before. They looked to be giant birds. They had sharp claws and talons, that looked like they could cut right through her flesh without hesitation. They had an odd coloring to them. The four bird creatures seemed to be made of semiprecious metals, gold, silver, copper, and bronze.


Samantha felt herself being dragged away from Leonardo the moment he had grabbed hold of the bronze one's claws. She was placed a considerable distance away from the fighting, where Michelangelo had deemed it safer for the raven haired beauty to be. Samantha watched the fight with her eyes wide. Donatello had thrown Starlee away from the copper one before jumping on his back. The copper one was clearly agitated by that, as he jerked his body upright in an attempt to get the purple banded turtle off his back.

"Totally wishing we didn't lose our weapons right about now." Donatello cried as he tried to wrestle with the copper one.

Donatello had forced the copper one into a wall but Samantha gasped when she saw the copper one grab the nearest work table and bash it against Donatello's head. Samantha's eyes darted from turtle to turtle. She watched in awe as Leonardo threw the bronze on into one of the many super computers in the lab. Samantha cringed when the silver one flew up to the ceiling with Raphael still on his back and smashed him into it. Raphael fell to the ground with a large thud.

Samantha watched as Starlee moved about the room uncontrollably on her skates trying to regain her balance. The raven haired beauty reached out to help her but the blue skinned female skidded right past her.

The golden one made a lung for Samantha, but Michelangelo wrapped his arms around the golden one's legs forcing him back to the ground.

"What!" The golden one shouted incredulously.

"Whatcha gonna do now tweedy?" Michelangelo teased with a goofy grin upon his face.

A grin that quickly disappeared when the golden one ascended from the ground. The golden one flicked Michelangelo off his legs and sent him crashing into a wall.

Samantha, Starlee, and Cody made their way over to the lathe's control sphere, in hopes of helping the turtles. Their hopes were quickly dashed when the golden one landed a few feet away from them. Leonardo jumped in front of the trio blocking the golden one's path.

"What is it you want?" He asked the golden one, his tone as sharp as a knife.

"Something only the boy and the girl can provide. Our freedom!"

The golden one's claws lit up an electric blue. The golden one swiped his claws at Leonardo, who dodged his attack before sending a forceful kick into his chest.

Samantha let out a startled cry as the copper one landed and snatched up her and Cody. The copper began it's decent.


Leonardo's anguished scream met her ears. Samantha thought she was a goner until a pair of arms wrapped tightly around her ankles. Samantha slipped out of the sleeves of her leather jacket and landed on top of Starlee.

Samanatha watched from the ground as the giant birds flew off through the hole in the roof.

"Cody!" Michelangelo's scream rang through her ears, only confirming the fact that her brother was gone.

Samantha and Starlee moaned in pain on the lab's cold, hard floor. Samanatha kept her eyes closed shut, damming up the tears that seemed to be pooling around her eyes. She heard a collective gasp from the turtles, and the sound of quick steps coming towards her. Samantha felt her body being hoisted up by her arms. She still refused to open her eyes, the tears becoming to much to contain.

"Sammy? Are you alright?" Michelangelo asked.

Samantha did not know how to answer. She was not sure if the orange banded turtle was asking about her physical health or her emotional health. Physically Samantha felt fine, except for the soreness of her body from the fall. Emotionally Samantha was a wreck. An assortment of feelings were going through her. She could not name all the emotions but Samantha wished she could have taken Cody's place.

"Sam, look at me." Leonardo pleaded gently.

Samanatha's eyes remained closed.

"Look at me."

Samantha's eyes still remained shut.

"Samanatha, look at me!"

The harshness of Leonardo's voice made Samantha's eyes open wide. There was nothing to hold back her tears anymore as they spilled onto her checks. Samantha looked at Leonardo. When her blurred blue pairs met the dark caramel pair, Samantha saw the anger and concern that filled his eyes. Samantha felt more tears stream down her checks.

"We are going to get Cody back."

Were the only words Leonardo said to Samantha to soothe her, but they were all the words she needed to hear.

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