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Unemployed Pride!

(Chapter One – Welcome to the Village)

After hours of traveling together, Yoichi and Izuna finally made it to the village. The young samurai felt like his life has taken quite a dramatic turn, but a good one, nonetheless. It was going to turn nighttime very soon, and the weather was perfectly warm as of right now; warm breezes was blowing their hair around slightly.

After a long lasting yawn of exhaustion, Izuna then wailed out, "Finally! We made it to this darn village! Sorry about the long walk, Yoichi."

He smiled at her as he replied back very calmly, "It is okay, Izuna-dono. I decided to come with thee. Even if this journey was going to take us a year to finish, I would still want to walk with thee, forever and truthfully."

"Man, you are SO cheesy!" she laughed happily, placing her hand over her mouth.

The young man started to frown as he gazed at the girl. "I am sorry." She could tell that she made him feel kind of bad because of the way his voice sounded.

Izuna quickly kissed Yoichi on his cheek, and then cooed back to him, "Aw, come on, hubby. Don't feel bad about it. I didn't want to make you feel sad or anything. Besides, I'm used to your cheesiness, and I love it. So don't you ever stop being your cheesy self, okay?"

Seconds later, the boy started to smile again. "Thank you, Izuna-dono. I will always be cheese for thee."

He was always so silly to her, but that silliness was always very cute in her eyes. Izuna grabbed his hand and started to walk faster now. "Come on, cutie, we have a village to relax in!"

As they were walking around the place, the pink haired girl easily spotted her best friend. "Shino-Sis!" shouted the ninja, now running over towards the girl.

Shino saw her friend running over to her, which made her start to run herself. "Izuna!" The two girls soon hugged each other, laughing as they did so. After seconds of that passed by, they then let go of one another. "Izuna, just where the heck were you all this time? Do you have a clue at all about just how worried we all were about you?"

"Umm, I'm sorry about the long absence. It's a long story, trust me," spoke Izuna with a wide smile.

It only took Shino a few seconds to notice Yoichi walking their way. "Wow, who's that?" asked her friend sounding confused, but looking awfully pleased at what she was seeing.

Izuna turned her head and looked at the samurai, and then back at her friend. "Oh, that's somebody that I met ways back. We've actually known each other for about eight months now. He has a lot to do with my absenteeism, you know."

"Absenteeism, Izuna? Gee, I didn't even know you knew that word. Did he teach you some new words or something?" uttered the red eyed girl in a teasing manner.

The ninja then folded her arms, now sporting a furious look. "Ha-ha, very funny, flatty."

"Hey, don't think that I'll always let you get away with saying that, you jerk!"

Soon enough, Yoichi made it over to the two girls. "Ah, you must be Izuna-dono's best friend Shino, right? Thou art very pretty. Izuna-dono told me much about thee."

The black haired girl just stared at the boy in shock. He sure is not like most other people, that was for sure. "Oh, she did, huh? And just what did she tell you, eh? That I'm flat and ugly?"

"Shino-Sis, come on, will ya!" cried the ninja, sounding annoyed.

The samurai then placed his hand on his chin as he retorted back, "Well, she didn't mention thee being ugly, but she did mention something about being flat, I believe."

She then looked at Izuna again, and she was giving her friend quite an angry look. Izuna began to let out a nervous chuckle and rubbed the back of her head. "Okay, Yoichi, that's enough of that, alright?" spoke the ninja, afraid that she was about to get hit or something.

Shino sighed, and then asked the boy, "So how close are you and this idiot anyway? She told me that you two have known each other for about eight months now. I know she must have been a total pain to deal with, am I right?"

Yoichi grinned merrily when she asked him that. "No, Izuna-dono was no pain to me at all. Well, maybe a little bit when it came to getting along with the Ikaruga sisters, but not with me much. Izuna-dono always treated me so kindly, so courteous. By my troth, I fell in love with her at first sight! Luckily, she fell in love with me, too."

Shino really couldn't believe what she just heard. She looked at them both with a puzzled expression as she asked confusedly, "Wait, what? You mean… you two are… together?"

The green eyed ninja then put her arms around the samurai's neck, firmly kissing his cheek afterwards. "That's right! Mama loves her little stud muffin!" The girl then began to rub her cheek against his, making him blush beet red.

"And I love thou, as well."

The girl with red eyes kept looking back and forth at the two, still finding this just too hard to believe. Izuna actually found true love? "How is this possible? How could YOU of all people even find a guy like this? What did you do, hypnotize him?"

Izuna slowly let go of Yoichi, and then loudly stated, "Hey! I'm a human being with feelings too, you know! I didn't do anything to him! Heck, I was just as surprised as you are when I found out that he liked me, too!"

"But, how could YOU find a guy before ME? That's unnatural!"

"Oh, unnatural, you say? I'll tell you what's unnatural, Sis! And that's us even being friends!"

"Strange, you must have read my mind, because I was just thinking the same thing!"

"Shut up, flat chest!"

"No! You shut up, you big elephant!"

"STOP THIS AT ONCE!" yelled the samurai, making them both be quiet as they looked at him. "I bid thou two, what is the meaning of all this nonsense? Did I cause all of this? Thou two are best friends, practically sisters, and here thou are now screaming at each other like fools. A goodly length in times past, Izuna-dono told me how good of friends thou two were, and this is how thou two behave after not seeing each other for months? This is shameful and pudh. If my presence here will only create more bedlam such as this, then I guess it was a mistake even coming here."

After hearing him out, they looked at each other, both with sad expressions. "He's right. Why are we acting like this?" asked the girl with pink tresses.

"I don't know, but we should stop," replied her friend.

"Yeah, you're right. Oh, come here, Shino-Sis!" The two friends then hugged each other and Yoichi started to smile again.

"I wist thee two would make up."

They soon stopped hugging, and then looked at Yoichi again. "It's a good thing that you're such a fine peacemaker, Yoichi! That's something I'm pretty bad at. Oh well, who really cares, right? I know I don't."

"Thou art welcome, Izuna-dono."

"So, Yoichi, where do you come from? And how exactly did you meet Izuna anyway?" asked Shino with a voice of inquisitiveness.

"I used to live on the mountains, which was until my father wanted me to train elsewhere. Long story short, I ended up living in the Ikaruga household. One day, I heard noises coming from the trees in the backyard. I ran to find out what it was, and that's when I saw Izuna-dono fighting some extremely tall man. The man ended up breaking her leg, so I killed him. After that, I took her back to the Ikaruga residence. We all decided to nurse Izuna-dono back to her healthy and normal self, and after a long period of time, her leg healed completely. Since she was wholly healed, she decided to leave."

"I really didn't want to leave you, though," added in the ninja, now grabbing onto his hand and smiling at him; he returned that smile.

"And I didn't want to leave thee." He gazed into her beautiful, green eyes for a while, and then started to look at Shino again. "Before she left, I confessed my love to her. I didn't want her leaving without knowing about my true feelings for her. During those months of getting to know Izuna-dono so well, I found myself falling deeply in love with her."

"I have been fallen for you, Yoichi. I was just really shy about telling you. I was usually never that nervous when it came to stuff like that, but you made me feel totally different."

"Aw, thou art going to make me blush," he chuckled with a smile. "Anyway, when I confessed to her, I found out that our feelings were mutual. The oldest Ikaruga sister found out about the situation and she got really mad at the both of us. She ended up fighting Izuna-dono and made her leave. I decided to continue my training here in this village, so here I am. I also wanted to always be by my love's side."

"Yeah, that's basically the whole story," said Izuna, afterwards digging in her left ear.

"I see," spoke the dark haired girl. "To be honest, to see Izuna like this is almost bringing tears to my eyes. I really am happy for you two."

"Aw, thanks a lot, Shino-Sis!"

"Grammarcy, thou art most kind."

The gang of three then began to walk around the village together, just talking about stuff and whatnot. "So, where's Grand Boss?" asked Izuna.

"He should be somewhere around here," answered Shino.

"What about my slave, Mitsumoto?"

"Huh?" Yoichi now started to look kind of muddled. "Thou have a slave? How come thou never told me such a thing?"

The stubborn, ninja girl started to laugh a little, and then responded afterwards by saying, "I never told you about that loser because he's a loser. He's no good. He's nothing but a talentless pervert who doesn't stand up for himself. By the way, he's not REALLY my slave. I just like to refer to him as such."

"I see," he voiced simply.

"Mitsumoto is sleeping somewhere, I think."

"Oh… He's also a lazy bum, too," added the ninja.

After a long time of talking and walking around the place, Yoichi ended up meeting the rest of the unemployed clan. He got along with them all and everybody thought that he was a very nice person, which he is. The samurai boy soon made his very own little hut, and that was now his new home. He was now in a whole new environment, so he expected to learn a whole lot of new things. As time passed by, he did indeed learn about a lot of new things. And the best part about all of this to him was always being able to see and spend time with the love of his life, Izuna.

End of chapter!

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