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(Chapter Five – A Solemn Proposal)

Many years have now passed since Yoichi decided to live in this small, humble village. Just recently, Yoichi believed that his training was now complete. He thought about how proud his father would have been if he saw him again. He did send his father some letters from time to time, but the old man never wrote him back. The young, samurai man still looked the same, but he did look a lot older and manly now. His bangs somewhat covered his eyes now, but not entirely. He looked a tad brawnier and his height increased, surpassing Izuna's height by only a few inches. He still used his wooden sword, of course, and believe it or not, his wind techniques have gotten even better over the past couple of years. His voice has also gotten much deeper, but not to the point where it would be considered scary sounding or anything.

As for Izuna, the ninja who is still currently unemployed, she kind of had a drastic change in many ways as she grew up. For one thing, she not so long ago decided to grow her hair longer. She wanted her hair to grow as long as it could instead of cutting it short. Another thing that kind of changed about her was her demeanor about certain things. Sure, she was still pretty darn tenacious and ill-mannered at times, but not nearly as much back when she was a young, teenaged girl. She was already well-endowed and attractive enough, but as she got older, so did her female physique. Izuna was one of those girls who had the problem of physically maturing at a really young age, so it was no wonder that she developed a body of such magnificence as she grew up.

Yoichi still dressed the same and it seemed like he always would, but as for Izuna? Well, she sort of changed up her wardrobe. Instead of showing some skin like she did back when she was younger, the ninja woman long ago decided to cover-up her body instead of showing off her feminine charms to the world. She wanted only one person, one man, to see her body in all of its glory, and that fortunate man was Yoichi. Of course, that will only happen once the two get married to each other. As for her ninja training, she believed that she completed her training just as much as Yoichi believed that he completed his own. Her voice was more on the breathy sounding side now, her face still had some baby fat, her eyes slanted but maintained its slightly large size, and overall she was just undeniably beautiful.

Today was going to be a very special day for the two lovers, because Yoichi was planning on proposing to his lovely, ninja girlfriend. He wanted to make his proposal extraordinary, though, so he decided to ask Izuna's closest friend something. He was talking to Shino inside of her house. They were sitting down on chairs that were by a wooden table. He was on the left side of the table and she was on the right.

"So, you're finally going to ask Izuna to marry you? Why did it take you so long, Yoichi?"

He started to scratch his head as he lowly replied back, "I don't really know… I trow it's because I get so nervous about it every time I try to do it. But that won't stop me anymore. I've had enough."

"You've had enough what?" asked Shino with a voice of interest.

"I've had enough of this feeling of limitation," was his answer. "I just know that Izuna-dono and I are ready for marriage. Well, I really hope that she feels just as prepared as I do."

"Oh, trust me, she does!"

"Hmm, how dost thou know that?" he then asked her, looking fairly alarmed.

Shino folded her arms, and then said to him, "Just between you and me, Izuna has been talking about getting married to you for quite some time now. She told me to never, ever mention it to you! So don't let her know that I told you about this, okay?"

"Aye, I won't." Yoichi felt like a full-blown idiot right now. All along she was waiting for him to take her hand in marriage, and here he was being a coward about the whole thing for far too long. "Tell me, Shino-dono, what does Izuna-dono like most? Is there any particular article of natures?"

"What does she like most, you ask? Strange, I don't really know all like that. She likes milk, but that shouldn't help your proposal any, right?"

The samurai sighed with discontentment. "Never mind, just forget that I asked thee. Canst thou do me one favor?"

"Sure. What's up?"

"Canst thou please tell Izuna-dono to meet me by the long pathway that leads you out of this village?"

"Well, certainly. When do you want me to do this, though?" asked the young woman with rosy eyes.

"Now," enunciated the man as he stood up and started to walk over towards the front door. "It's about time my cowardice passed by. I must claim the woman that I love profoundly and truthfully and make her become my wife. This will end both of our suffering. Grammarcy, Shino-dono, I will see thou anon." After saying all of that, he then walked out of her house.

"I wish I had a man like him," Shino sighed in depression as she stood up, now on her way to find Izuna.

Shino then walked outside of her house to begin her search for Izuna. The ninja was usually never all that hard to find, so she figured this wouldn't take too long. After about two minutes later, the black haired girl soon found her best friend combing her hair and sitting by a vastly large tree. She walked over to her as she placed both of her hands on her sides. Izuna later looked up at the woman.

"Hello, Shino-Sis."

"Hey, Izuna, I see you're combing that long hair of yours."

"You bet I am."

"Umm, your guy, Yoichi, wanted me to tell you something. It sounds pretty serious, too."

Hearing her say that promptly caught her attention. Izuna then stopped combing her hair as she asked Shino, "What is it?"

"Well, he told me to tell you to meet him down by the trail that leads you out of the village. Whatever this is about, he sure seemed serious about it. That's all I can say."

Izuna then hurriedly stood up and handed her friend the comb that she was using. "Here, you can keep it! I'll see you later, Sis!"

Shino simply watched Izuna as she ran away, a severe feeling of covetousness burning the very soul inside of her body. "I swear I'd do anything just to switch places with her for a day."

The ninja woman ran as quickly as she could over to the trail that Shino was talking about, and she soon noticed Yoichi standing there holding a stick with a bag at the end of it. She didn't know what was going on, but she sure wanted to find out. "Hey there, hubby, what's going on? Shino-Sis told me that you wanted to meet me here. Is something wrong?"

The samurai with raven colored hair merely gave his girlfriend a warm smile, and then grabbed onto one of her soft hands. "Nay, nothing is wrong, Izuna-dono. I simply just wanted to take a walk with thee."

"Oh, okay. But what's with the stick? Are you planning on leaving for good or something?"

"Nay, I just thought that packing a few treats might be a good idea just in case if one of us gets hungry along the way," retorted the boy as he started to walk.

"Awesome idea there, Yoichi; you always think in head of time, you know that?" spoke Izuna with her mouth right next to his ear, giving him a quick kiss on the cheek afterwards.

"Grammarcy, Izuna-dono."

So they then started to walk, and walk, and walk, and walk, and walk, and walk, and walk, and did I forget to mention that they walked around? The point here is that this walk that they were taking was quite a long darn walk! After a while, Izuna started to feel a little bit tired, not to mention bored.

"Say, just where are we going exactly? We're pretty dang far away from the village, you know."

"Do not worry, Izuna-dono, we will return back to the village sometime soon. As for where we are going, well… we're here."

She then noticed that they were by a house, a very old looking house. The two walked over to it and Yoichi soon started to knock on the door. Seconds later, Yoichi's dad opened up the door and got rather staggered at what he was now seeing. He saw his son again after all of these years, and he also met his son's beautiful girlfriend for the first time. In the letters that Yoichi sent his father, he told him countless times about Izuna, so the old man was very pleased to finally meet her. The elderly man let them inside of the house and they all talked to each other for a very long time. In fact, it was almost night time now. Seeing his son so successful in life was really putting tears in the old man's eyes.

After a few hours later, the two then left from the old man's house, now on their way someplace else. Yoichi soon took Izuna to a very special place, a place where he spent hours and hours just lying around back when he was only a child. The area looked extraordinarily beautiful, especially around the night time. Yoichi placed his stick somewhere on the ground, and Izuna was looking around in admiration.

"Wow, such wonderful scenery," whispered Izuna with a smile on her face.

"It is most beauteous, isn't it?"

"Heck yeah it is."

"Um, Izuna-dono, there is something that needs to be said to thee. In fact, the thing that I am about to tell thou is the main reason why I even brought thee up here," said the samurai as he gazed into his lover's green, gorgeous eyes.

The girl stared right back into his sea blue orbs, later softly asking him, "Okay then, what is it?"

Yoichi grabbed her right hand, got down on one knee, tenderly kissed the top of her hand, looked up at her, and then started to speak with a voice of immersed gallantry, "Methinks thine love exceedingly fair with each hallowed breath ye take. Thy perfuming sweet sacred air with dulcet sound most heavenly make a wispy bouquet exceeding rare, also bearing fond memory of thy passing there. Methinks I despair not, forsooth, unless thou art not there, flights of angel's wings brushing, yet soft summer in sacred air where brushed gossamer webs trembling quake. Whatever honor will command tis fair, thee thy most consummate beauty sow. Women art like unto the sweetest rose in garden's rare, that doth to perfection grow... not forward, modest as the dove. Not hot, temperate as the dews of morn, a gentle raindrop's kiss from above that in a twink won me to thine sweet love. Methinks-"

"Look, Yoichi, if you're going to propose to me, then please make it a little bit faster than this! I don't even know what the heck you're saying to me, and that's strange because I usually do know."

The look on her face was priceless at the moment. She looked tired, confused, and bored all at the same time. He was waiting to see a happy look on her face, so he decided to get straight to the point here. "Oh… um, wilt thou-"

"Of course I'll marry you! Heck, I've been waiting for a friggin' long time for this moment! Now, get up and kiss me, you fool!" shouted Izuna with intense cheerfulness, soon grabbing hold of the samurai's face, pulling him up and making him stand up on his feet. The overly happy, ninja woman then put her arms around the man's neck, kissing him repetitively on the lips. He couldn't say anything to her because she kept on kissing him over and over again.

Yoichi then grabbed her shoulders and gently pushed her away a little. After that, he gave her a lengthy, placid kiss of his own. He felt her body calming down and melting in his hands. Nothing in the world felt better than this in his opinion, and the same went for her, too. "Please, Izuna-dono… Let us save all of the kissing and whatnot until after we're married. It's hard enough keeping up my self-control, to be honest," spoke the samurai with a smirk. Izuna smiled back at him, and then gave him a firm hug.

After that very long and delightful day, Izuna and Yoichi got married to each other. They had such an amazing wedding. It felt like a dream, but thankfully it was all reality. From that point on, they shared such a happy, exultant life with each other. They remained intensely in love and married until the day they died; they also had three daughters along the way. And that is the end of this story, my friends. May ye all have a great day… or night?

The End!

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