The following weeks were difficult for Severus and Lily. First of all, apparently Lily's mother had gotten horrible morning sickness with both of her daughters. Unfortunately, this gene was passed along to poor Lily. It had been merely five weeks since that first night when Lily had conceived their child and already she was constantly sick. They had both missed several classes, Lily was simply too sick to go and Severus was unwilling to leave her side as she consistently emptied her stomach contents.

After about a week of no classes attended, Severus had reluctantly gone to some of their classes and they often did their classwork together, keeping up with their essays and homework to avoid arousing suspicion. Oddly, though people gossiped about the Slytherin staying in Gryffindor tower and the girl who slept with him every night, there was no hint of a pregnancy rumor. James, ashamed that he'd lost "his girl" to a Slytherin, hadn't told a soul. Severus doubted he'd even told Sirius.

But Lily was growing, and Severus knew that soon they wouldn't be able to hide it. Luckily, Summer break was almost upon them. They just needed to get through their OWLs. They hadn't told Lily's parents about the baby yet, only that they were dating. Lily frequently panicked over it, and though Severus did his best to calm her, he was secretly scared out of his mind.

What if her Dad keeps me from seeing her? What if they make her give up our baby? What if Mr. Evans cuts my penis off?

He wasn't even joking with that last one. It was a possibility.

He'd also been extremely careful to avoid his former housemates. He kept Lily far away from the dungeons, practically growling at them if they dared pass him and Lily in the hallways, one arm automatically wrapped around her waist. He was like her guard dog. He knew he frightened some of them.

He hadn't stopped going to the meetings, but his attendance was becoming few and far between. He knew the Dark Lord didn't particularly care about him anyways because he was a half blood. His desire to become that great and powerful wizard that Lily would respect was gone. Being faithful had worked like a charm on her.

Honestly, he didn't know how girls made it through pregnancy alone. He'd seen several students at Hogwarts sporting swollen baby bellies, but hardly ever had he seen one with a guy supporting her. He supposed they were scared, which he understood. Hell, he was terrified…


He was pulled out of musings at that one little word, pulling Lily to his body as she opened her bloodshot and swollen eyes to look at him. He pressed a small kiss to her forehead. She'd been sick all morning but luckily it was a Saturday. No classes and plus, it was raining. Lily loved the rain and secretly so did Severus. It meant more time in bed with her.

"Yes, my love?" he whispered back softly, breathing in that flowery scent of hers that calmed him so well.

"Our baby… What do you want? A boy or girl?" she whispered with a tiny smile curled on her lips. He returned her grin, nuzzling her cheek with his lips as the rain came down in torrents.

"Hmm…. I don't know. What do you want?" She shrugged slightly in reply, letting out a raspy cough. He wished he could stop her horrible morning sickness.

"I want a healthy baby." She whispered softly. He nodded as he pressed a tiny kiss to her cheek. His fingers explored her baby bump as he thought.

"Yes, so do I. Though, I did always think I'd have a girl first..."

She nodded again and nuzzled her head into the crook of his neck, her eyes fluttering closed again.

"We'll have to start making appointments to the Healers…" she yawned, "or to a Muggle doctor. We can find out if we're having a little girl or boy soon, I bet." He smiled softly, his thumb lightly caressing her belly button which must've tickled because she giggled and pressed a kiss to his neck.

"Hey. Quit that. It tickles." He chuckled and stopped the motion.

"Sorry." She kissed his neck again and he shivered at the contact. Merlin, not now. She was sick.

He swallowed the lustful feelings inside his body. She had such an effect on him, it was difficult to keep from being excited by her soft lips. She yawned and he could feel her as her body began to drift off to sleep. Finally. Neither one of them had gotten much sleep since around five that morning. They'd been up and down at the toilet nearly every fifteen minutes.

"Love you, Sev…" she whispered as she fell asleep.

"I love you too. Now, sleep, my darling…" she nodded against his skin and he smiled. As he pressed his lips to her cheek one more he closed his eyes.

Never again could he go to a Death Eater meeting. It was unsafe and he would protect Lily and his baby even if his life was at stake. Based on when Lily had conceived, their child should be born in early August. He didn't know what they'd do next year when they needed to return to Hogwarts for their final year…

He felt Lily shiver beside him and he pulled the comforter up closer, right up to her chin. He kissed her forehead softly. This would work. He could take care of his family.

"James is wrong about you." Severus turned his head as he searched the room, his eyes wide as he pulled his wand from his pocket.

"Who's there?" He ordered as his arms tightened around his sleeping Lily. A slumped figure stepped quietly into the room. His tawny colored hair and skin adorned with jagged scars gave him away. Remus.

Remus took a small shy step forward and watched Lily for a moment, a small smile on his lips. "You're good to her. You take care of her like she deserves." Severus' eyes softened for a moment, sensing no threat in Remus. After all, Remus had never been one to attack him. He was simply in the background, shaking his head in disapproval. Severus didn't know what to say. He'd never spoken to the boy before. So, he simply gave him a small nod which Remus returned before he exited the room, leaving the couple their privacy. Severus relaxed considerably as he left, closing the curtains around them.

The rain outside was worsening, but he didn't mind. It was lulling him to sleep. He yawned, cuddling into Lily more.

But a big brown eagle owl barreling into him managed to wake both of them up.

He groaned, sitting up as Lily yawned, her eyes a bit wide.

"Sev? Who's the owl here for?" Severus tiredly took the small note from the owl, glad that the enormous bird immediately flew back out of the room. He sighed when he read over the note, handing it to her for her to see.

"But-… Why?"

"I don't know."

Dumbledore had requested their presence. Immediately.

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