"Sev! Sev, love, look at me!" Lily knelt down beside him, pulling his head into her lap as his face turned a horrible shade of purple. His legs thrashed about, his fingers clawing at his neck as if he thought someone was choking him. Tears streamed down her cheeks as she looked at him, then back to Potter.

"JAMES! Stop!" James merely growled, his eyes trained on Severus with the purest hatred in them. He was frightening to look at, fierce and irrational.

"He's a danger to you, Lily," came his quiet reply. "It's better this way."

Her eyes widened. "YOU'LL KILL HIM!" James nodded, watching as Severus' struggles weakened and his body shuddered. Lily leaned down and kissed Sev's cheek as she sobbed quietly.

"James, please…"

James' faltered, his wand waving a bit and he watched as Severus, with his last moments of consciousness, look up at Lily. He watched as Severus finally went limp and heard Lily scream. He watched, and finally stopped the spell. Lily was in hysterics. Tears dripped onto Sev's unconscious face. The normal paleness of his skin returned as his body was finally allowed oxygen. As Severus slowly woke, Lily kissed his cheeks, his nose, his lips; anywhere she could reach. She held onto him for dear life but, by the time she remembered who was to blame for this, James had disappeared.

"L-Lily…?" Sev whispered hoarsely. Lily nodded and kissed his forehead, forgetting about James for a moment.

"Yes, my love." Sev nodded and groaned, reaching a hand up to rub his head.

"That fucking bastard," he mumbled, "He was going to kill me." Lily nodded, a little shaken by the whole experience and she helped him up slowly into a sitting position.

"Are you ok?" she whispered. He simply nodded and rubbed his temples like he did when he had a headache. "That scared me."

He looked at her a moment, nodding slowly. "Me too." Lily looked up at him, seeing the fear in his eyes that she knew matched her own and suddenly their lips crashed together and they were kissing. It was a wild, needy, desperate kiss that whirled Lily into a state of bliss and hunger. She needed to feel him; needed to know he was all there and alright. His arms encircled her and pulled her body firmly to his, her breath becoming heavier and hot as his tongue slid sneakily into her mouth. She groaned against him and he growled softly, lifting her up and off her feet. Her legs wrapped around his waist as he carried her to the door. With her back pressed against the hard, smooth wood she heard the click of the lock as he ensured that they would not be interrupted. They both needed this.

It wasn't long before they were on the bed, their hands greedy and eager for one another. This was so different from last night. This was all heat, fire, and need compared to the gentle slowness of their first try. She loved it. The tiny spark of adventure fueled her Gryffindorian needs, making her want him even more. She was positively amazed at how well he'd paid attention to her last night. He knew exactly how to touch her, exactly how to kiss her, and as his warm wet lips met her pulse point she swore softly under her breath. She heard him give a breathless chuckle.

"That dirty mouth is quite… sexy." He drew the last word into a whisper, his tongue flicking out to taste her goose bumped skin. Merlin, he was good at this.

"Sev…" she whined, her eyes squeezed shut as she panted underneath him. Her hand slipped under the hem of his loosened pants and she felt his entire body stiffen when her fingers slid over his hardening length. His hands fumbled at her skirt, still a little awkward and hasty, but she loved it all the same, knowing he couldn't be perfect at everything the second time. Her shirt was unbuttoned at an equally fast rate and, though it gave him difficulty, the bra soon followed. A low rumble of approval emitted from his throat when he saw her breasts, his lips eagerly nuzzling downwards until they reached them and latched on. She moaned as she felt his warm tongue lap at a nipple, her fingers entangling themselves in his hair as if she had to hold on for dear life.

She was quickly becoming very uncomfortable in her dampening knickers, the fabric nearly soaked through and dripping. How did he have this effect on her? As always with Sev, he seemed able to read her mind and within seconds the knickers were around her ankles. She kicked them off with slight annoyance as she worked his trousers and underwear down as well. She smiled at the sight of him.

This feels so right…

He pulled her up further onto the bed, setting her down gently so she could rest her head on the pillow. She smiled as his lips returned to hers, anxious to feel him fill her. Her legs wrapped around his hips instinctively as she felt him line up with her entrance. The moment she thought he was finally going to plunge so deliciously into her, he stopped. Those warm chocolate brown eyes melted her green ones as he looked at her and gave that same little shy and slightly nervous smile he did last night. She felt their noses rub together as he whispered,

"I-Is this ok?" He swallowed and pecked her lips. "Are y-you ready, love?" Her heart filled with adoration for him. James never bothered to ask…

"Y-Yes. Of course I am." She gave him a small smile, which he returned.

"I love you."

"I love you too, Sev." She felt his lips on hers again as he very slowly slid into her. He moaned exquisitely against her mouth and she let out a little whimper of pleasure. She loved his little noise and she assumed by the way he was smiling that he loved hers too. How could this be so natural? Wasn't it strange to have this sort of intimacy with your best friend?

He's not just your best friend anymore. You love him, plus: he's the father of your child.

She let out a drawn out moan as he moved inside her. She loved how steady he was. He was slow at first, thrusting so deeply she gasped with each movement. Gradually, however, his muscles would contract and his hips would rock into her faster, harder. There was unity as she moved up to meet him, and their moans gathered in volume as she felt the wave of pure pleasure rising up in her. All the while, he touched her. His hands brushed lightly over her skin, feeling her as reverently as the first time and she knew that, as long as she lived, she would never tire of it. He adored her, and she could feel it in his every touch.

Her heart fluttered as, much too soon, she tipped over the edge of ecstacy but he wasn't done just yet. As he tried to hurry himself along, his quickened thrusts caused her orgasm to intensify and she cried out.

"Sev!" But that was it. She leaned up and captured his lips as she felt the first hot spurt of his release drip inside of her. His moans muffled against her mouth and she groaned as she allowed herself to drift over the waves of pleasure, panting hard.

She let out another small whimper as she felt him pull out of her. Soon, she was under the duvet, yawning as she snuggled close, amazed by him. He kissed the top of her head and she heard the fast beating of his heart. Slowly, his breathing returned to normal, his heart took its' usual rhythm back up and she was drifting asleep in his arms.

There was nothing to say. So he held her, and she allowed herself to be held, because that meant more than any variation of "I love you."

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