I do not own any of these characters. They belong to the brilliant

author Laura Ingalls Wilder.

I always wondered what made Almanzo stop and give Laura a ride to

school that day. This is Almanzo Wilder's thoughts when he first gave

Laura a ride in his buggy. This is from book seven; Little Town on

the Prairie from the chapter 'Name Cards'.

That looks like Mr. Ingalls's daughter. I've seen her a few times and

I remember the look in her eyes when I drove past her and her friends

the first time I drove the new buggy. I don't remember her name, but

I think that is the one Eliza Jane mentioned several times. Well if

she can stand up to Eliza Jane she must be either very gusty or

strong-willed. Either way, I should give her a ride, she'll be late


Like a ride to the schoolhouse? You'll get their quicker.

Oh boy did her eyes light up! She looks so beautiful when they do that…..

I-I'm Laura Ingalls.

Right, Laura, now I remember.

I know your father, and I've seen you around town for quite a while.

My sister often spoke of you.

She seems so shy, nothing like what Eliza Jane said.

Such beautiful horses! What are their names?

She likes horses!

The near one is Lady, and the other is Prince.

She has this wistful look in her eyes. I wonder what she wants to say but is too afraid to ask.

I have been getting my name cards.

That so? Mine are just plain cards, I brought them out from Minnesota.

I suppose I should show her mine. Although what she is going to think of my name I am not so sure. Although if I give her one of mine perhaps then I could receive one of hers...

It's kind of an outlandish name.

It is quite unusual.

I guess I should explain my name to her, perhaps she will be more understanding and not think it so odd.

It was wished on me. My folks have got a notion there always has to be an Almanzo in the family, because 'way back in the time of the Crusades there was a Wilder went to them, and an Arab or somebody saved his life. El Manzoor, the name was. They changed it after a while in England, but I guess there's no way to improve it much.

Oh please don't think that I just could not control my mouth and HAD to tell you about my name.

I think it is a very interesting name.

She likes my name!

I would rather she kept my card, if only to remember me in a better light than she remembers Eliza Jane, although she seems intent on giving it back to me...

Do you-do you want your card back?

You can keep it if you want to.

Then do you want one of mine?

I hope Mr. Ingalls doesn't find out about this. I'm not sure he would take too kindly to me trading name cards with his daughter.

It is a very pretty card.

Are we at the schoolhouse already? Where did the time go?

Thank you for the ride.

Don't mention it.

Up close she is rather beautiful. Our eyes seemed to lock momentarily. I can't quite seem to catch my breath. Why do I feel so nervous all of a sudden? Should I say something else? Goodbye? Until next time?I hope you enjoyed the ride?

Hullo, Wilder!

Cap! I almost wish he wasn't here! There she goes into the schoolhouse. Now I have lost my chance to say anything else to her.

Laura, it is such a pretty name. Perhaps next time we'll have more time to talk. I do want to talk with her again. She seems so sweet and genteel. If she is anything like Mr. Ingalls she is a good person as well.

Until next time Laura Elizabeth Ingalls, until next time.