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The Unova Takeover

Chapter 1: The Beginning of the End

Sweat pours down my face as I run as fast as my legs can go, who knew Dad would have taken so long at the market? Having my bike here would help but I don't so, I'm stuck with these thin sticks known as my legs. I finally make it into Nuvema Town, my legs are pretty much broken but it will soon be all worth it though. Getting my chance to leave home and go out and practically attempt to be the best, it's all in the glory of being a Pokémon Master. My eyes bat around the whole place, my heart pounding as I desperately search for the lab of Aurea Juniper, the Pokémon Professor of Unova and personally a good friend of mine. I normally know where the lab is but with all the reconstruction and added buildings going on in Nuvema Town everything just seems a little strange. I finally find this building that looks more like a house than it does a lab although it does say Juniper's lab in front of it, so I suppose I better try and enter, I manage to knock on the door and without missing a heartbeat the door rattles open as I get pulled in...

"WHAA?" I scream as I lunged into a little lab/house, it was pretty darn cool with pearly white tile flooring and only five or six machines on the floor. There seemed to be a wall that broke the actual lab and Aurea Juniper's house into two sides but anyway

That little 'WHAA?' probably made me sound like a wuss, right? Well, you see I'm far from a wuss. I snap my head to the left as quickly as possible to see who dragged me in...

"About time you showed, Alex...Conley and I have been waiting here with Professor Juniper for a while now." My best friend, Lana scowled. She always was very impatient, yet for as long as I've known her she remained as beautiful as ever. Her long dirty blonde hair matching her piercing emerald green eyes always got the attention of Conley and I and she damn well knew it too.

"Well, he's here now Lana and that's all that matters." My best mate, Conley stuttered as he shifted his glasses back into position.

Lana turns her attention to Professor Juniper and so does Conley. I'm still staring at Lana in awe of her beauty when suddenly Lana bites her teeth and manages to mumble ever so sternly:

"Alex! Don't mess this up for us, be nice and give your attention to the Professor!"

I quickly shift into my "position" as all together we say:

"We're ready to receive our first Pokemon, Professor!"

Aurea laughs as Lana sighs in defeat.

"We didn't do it in umican enough" Lana exclaims sounding frustrated with me and Conley, "You guys really need to do it in time!" She finishes

"It's unison, Lana and besides you were way off time anyway!" Conley corrects her but just before Conley and Lana go off into another argument the Professor stops them.

"No, no! That was excellent, I can tell you rehearsed it well; so are you sure your ready for the responsibility I am about to put on you?" The Professor asks us as she swipes her forehead from the sweat.

"I am positive! I have been waiting for this day for all my life" Conley replies with exaggeration.

"Responsibility is my middle name." I say trying to be funny and smart at the same time although I don't think Lana caught on.

"Really? I always thought your middle name was Jonathan?" Lana asks dumbfounded.

"So the theories of blondes are true, amazing!" Conley says with a smug look on his face

I can't help but let out a giggle as Lana stares daggers into the soul of Conley, her lush green eyes can pierce the heart of any boy.

"Alright you three cut it out before I rethink my decision." Juniper chuckles, figuring out our weak spot. We all immediately get back to seriousness as Juniper reveals to us a table with three pokeballs on it.

"These here are pokeballs...In them are the obvious three Pokémon you can choose from...Snivey, Tepig and Oshawott. Have you decided who's gonna go first?"



"We haven't really gone that far into yet, Hehe" Lana admits

"Looks like I haven't prepared!" Conley exclaims as he face palms.

Juniper face palms as well as we all sheepishly smile...

"Alright the since Alexander came in last I think it's best if he goes first this time." Juniper concludes much to the delight of me.

"Hold on a second, Professor! Should it not be I, Alana Dukes who was the first person to arrive here" Lana questions grumpily as Conley protests

"Professor, I do not see the logic in the person that came late and decided to delay our tight schedule getting to go first in the choice of the first Pokemon and with all due respect to my peers over here I should clearly go first since I am the more experienced and the smartest with Pokemon in the group"

Soon there is bickering between Lana and Conley as I take this chance to step forward and quietly pick my Pokémon. Lana and Conley finally stop bickering as Juniper looks like she has had it with us; you see the three of us are simply known as "The Kids From Hell" we aren't exactly the perfect kids everyone wants. We have caused havoc around the city since we all became friends and our town had lost its Nurse Joy since we caused so much annoyance to the Pokemon Centre. She left Unova in hope of never hearing the names Conley, Alana and Alexander ever again and that's the whole reason why our town doesn't have a Pokemon Centre.

"We have decided that I will go first! " Lana concludes as Conley rolls his eyes and mutters a few words that I doesn't reach my ears.

Lana smugly goes to pick up a pokeball when she realises that she is only seeing two, Juniper giggles a bit as Lana rubs her eyes again.

"Professor, I thought you said there was three Pokémon available?" Lana says looking strangely at the pokeballs.

"Well, there was you see Alex happened to take one while you two were arguing. All is far in love and war I say" Juniper chuckles as I grin for my left ear to my right.

"Then what Pokemon are left?" Conley asks just a tad upset that he didn't get first choice.

"Hmm let me see, well Alex chose Oshawott so that must leave Snivy and Tepig still open for taking." Juniper said with delight as she is proud of all three of us, despite our annoyance and our havoc we cause we are still loved by the professor.

Lana breathes a sign of relief as the Pokémon she wanted is still there.

"Snivey, you were my choice all along. Welcome my sweet! " Lana greets as she picks up Snivey's pokeball as I can't help but smile at the joy in Lana's face...

"I guess that leaves me with Tepig and frankly I was always into fire types anyway..." Conley says as he accepts his starter Pokemon

Juniper nods now looking as serious ever...

"Now onto something far more serious, normally I would give a starting trainer the task of finishing the Pokedex and challenging the gym leaders of our region." Juniper starts as she has a look of concern on her face.

"Yes, as you always do, all three of us have seen you do your thing for several years as small kids which made us probably the three smartest kids in Unova since we get to learn from your knowledge" Conley replies as he tries his ultimate best to erase that look of concern off the professor's face.

"Exactly why for you three it is going to be very different, you see about a month or two ago the champion of our region, Alder came up to me and explained to me a worrying topic.

"The formerly disbanded, Team Rocket is back and this time they are working together with the disbanded evil, Team Plasma and the very well known Seven Sages. The two villainous teams are planning a huge Unova takeover. Team Rocket's leader, Giovanni wants to have full control over a Region more advanced than Kanto or Johto, Unova and Ghetsis the king of the Seven Sages and Team Plasma is simply here to help Giovanni takeover. With the technology we have in Unova, Giovanni and Ghetsis could become more powerful than ever before if they takeover which could mean they could easily takeover all the Regions in Pokémon." Juniper explains

"That's terrible!" Lana worries

Oh man, I could never imagine a day that Team Plasma is in control but with Team Rocket truly anything is possible.

"But Professor, what does this have to do with us?" Conley asks...

The Professor smiles, this worries me just a bit as the look on her face tells the whole story

"Well, after heaps of consideration and hesitation we decided that we are going to need three local Unovans to follow Team Rocket and report to myself and Alder when they find out any news and I thought who better than my three protégés. Alexander, Alan and Conley! "Juniper says as she puts on a wide smirk

I suddenly have this weird urge that this adventure is going to be longer than I first thought, with all this chaos and the fact that Juniper wants us to stop Team Plasma Rocket (the new name I gave them) I think that this is going to be a longer and more horrendous adventure than I first thought. I turn to my side to see Lana grinning ever so madly, I turn to my other side and see Conley who has this weird grin on his face which is quite disturbing actually, suddenly he looks at me as I startle and look down.

"I'll ignore the fact that you were staring at me funny but Alex I really think we should do this, I mean think about it these guys are going to treat us like garbodor or trubbish If they manage to take over it could be disastrous but with my brains, your leadership and Lana's sneaky style of "fighting" I believe we can do this." He says, I think this is the first time I ever saw Conley this determined, "That and it would be great to write about in my future book I will be writing after I become champion!"

I chuckle a bit as I soak in the excitement but yet I realise that I could be doing something that I am going to regret in the future.

"I'm in and so is Conley" I mutter as Conley nods.

I close my eyes as I already regret my decision but when I open them I see Lana standing next to me still showing her teeth like a Scraggy, "You know what, It's time I proved that I can be a useful and powerful girl, I'm in too and since my friends are doing I guess it would be cool if I do it too"

"Alrighty then, I will be calling you sooner or later explaining to you the plan that myself and the Champions of all the leagues have decided on in the future. Your Xtransceiver have been handed to your parents and they will give it to you. I have convinced all of your parents but Lana's your took a bit more convincing. You have wonderful parents." Juniper pulls out of her jacket pocket, a picture of Lana with her mother, Laura and her father in a family picture Lana places in her back as she frowns. Looks like the guilt is kicking in for all of us, just being so selfish and abandoning our homes

"Go visit your parents then you can set off!" Juniper says getting teary eyed...I look to my side as Lana is laughing with tears rolling down her eyes, it was joyful tears.

Lana runs up to The Professor and hugs her tightly as Conley walks up and hugs her as well I have this warm feeling inside so I go and wish her goodbye too. We all take a step back as tears roll down Juniper's face. Damn it all this crying is making me want to cry!

"Good luck, take care and most importantly may Arceus bless you all." Juniper says as she wipes her tears away.

We all exit and head to our homes for our last goodbyes then we all meet just outside of route one.

"Well, this is it; the beginning of what we might say is the coming end. I sure hope it damn well takes its time." Conley says as well all make our way into Route one

"Me too, Con...Me too" I agree

This adventure is just beginning but I'm sure where still in for one hell of a ride...

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Pokemon obtained today:

Alex: Oshawott, Lvl.5 (Male)

Lana: Snivy, Lvl.5 (Female)

Conley: Tepig, Lvl.5 (Male)

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