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Chapter 11: The Final Plan

"Both young boys are about to send out their final Pokemon...The winner of this one will become champion!" The announcer yelps

"Vulcan, I need your assistance!" Conley calls throwing his final Pokemon out into the battlefield.

I stare deep inside my final pokeball...

"Sam! Battle Positions!" I call ever so dramatically.

Sam bursts out of his pokeball and stands in front of me stronger than ever.

"What move first, Alex?"




The morning awakening of a flipper slapping across my face in quick, hard motion occurs as I clutch my face and spring up in a sitting position.

"HYDRO PUMP!" I scream as if I was informing my partner what move to use, "It was only just dream..."

I then figure out that Eric, Lana, Conley and my buddy, Sam are all staring at me wearing their normal attire.

"Morning, sleeping beauty!" Sam jokes as I wipe my eyes from all its matter and sleep.

"What time is it?" I manage to mutter

"My watch tells me its fifteen minutes past ten." Eric answers as he stares at his watch.

I lazily roll out of bed and drop like a brick on the floor.

"Hurry up and get dressed we have an hour until round one continues." Conley orders.

"Sure thing, dad." I sarcastically mumble as I get up on my feet.

"Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed." Conley retaliates.

"I could barely fit on the friggin bed." I smartly reply referring to the kid sized bed I was forced to sleep on.

I stumble into our tiny bathroom and look in the mirror. My hair is sticking out in all different directions. I quickly close the door and undress before I lunge into the shower cubicle and turn on the water.

The water crashes on my body before rolling down onto the tiled floor, the warm water is so soothing and calm, after a while I turned the tap off and slicked some shampoo in my hair and swirled it around before grabbing the soap and soaping up my nude body. The soapy water runs down from my hair and drops into my eye giving me excruciating pain.

"AH ARCEUS DAMN IT!" I yelp as loud as possible, almost instantly I get a knock on the door.

"Alex, are you okay? What happened?" I heard Conley yell from behind the door.

"N-nothing just some soap in my eyes." I replied trying to sound as much as a man as possible.

"Alright." He replied

I turned on the tap and let the water run into my eyes before I washed the rest of my body and stepped out of the shower.

After a few minutes of wiping up and getting dressed I finally walk out of the shower with my eye all red. Conley taps his foot impatiently on the ground.

"It took you long enough." Conley muttered.

We made our way out of the room, I decided to skip breakfast and do some early training for round two. I called out Taylor as Sam was already with me. I thought Jackson could be of help too so I called him out.

"Jackson, I want you to throw as many attacks as possible at Sam and Taylor's way. Sam and Taylor it's your job to help each other to dodge them and use them to your advantage." I gave the rundown of this training drill.

Jackson straight away without any hesitation launched an electric attack at Sam, Shock Wave. Sam dodged it and did a quick flip before landing at Jackson snout and slashing him.

"Take advantage of the attack, Sam!" I advised my Pokemon

"My bad!" He replied still remaining focused.

Jackson retaliated with a Quick Attack, heading in the direction of Taylor.

"Fly like a Butterfree, sting like a Beedrill." Jackson hollered as he galloped at a quick speed.

Sam leaped in the air and landed on Jackson's back before he grabbed onto Jackson's horn and pulled back slowing Jackson down.

"Now, Tay!" Sam called out for his friend and partner to move. Taylor launched her small little body and landed on Jackson before she bit onto his snout and allowed her fangs to sink into the flesh of Jackson.

"Time to get this done with." Suddenly Sam pulled out his two shells and with amazing agility and speed her slashed all over Jackson releasing a newly learned Fury Cutter...

"AHA! Well done, Sammy boy! You learned Fury Cutter!" I cheered as Samuel and Taylor hopped off Jackson who trotted around a bit to let the pain where off. I called Jackson over before I pulled out a potion from my bag.

"This'll only hurt for a bit, Jack..." I smooth talked before I sprayed the potion on Jackson's cuts.

"SWEET BABY PETLILS!" He yelped. I leaped a few spaces back as Jackson launched his two front legs in the air.

He finally calmed down and before my eyes I saw all the cuts and bruises heal and return his skin back to normal.

"Better?" I muttered sheepishly as Jackson gave me an almighty glare.

I decided to return Jackson to his pokeball since he was in a grumpy mood. I then set Sam and Taylor some tasks while I focus on a battling strategy. Sam was using Fury Cutter as fast as he on a big boulder that was sticking out of the ground. Taylor was firing her Razor Leaf at some targets I had assigned her. I decided to cut my strategies short and focus in Taylor's aim she missed a few but got those most of the time.

"Taylor, try using Razor Leaf on an angle." I was testing out something; I wanted to see if Razor Leaf was still impactful on a different and longer angle.

Taylor obeyed my instruction and unleashed a fury of fast spinning leaves at a tree leaving some deep cuts on it.

"Good, good...Now try jumping in the air and striking from up above." I called out.

"Hard at work I see." I turned around to see Eric and Conley right behind me.

"Oh, hey you guys...Just thought I might sharpen up those battling blades." I greeted before turning back to Taylor.

"Okay, Tay...That's enough." I then turned back to Sam who was focusing on his strength.

"Sam, take 5." I instructed my best friend.

"You got it, Alex!" He muttered before leaping in the air and sliding down the rock in a sitting position.

"So they announced the next round 1 match...Turns out its N versus that kid from our room." Eric mumbled.

"Oh really...I'll be sure to come watch that with you guys." I enthusiastically muttered.

Taylor waddled back to me before I returned it to its pokeball.

"Yeah...So it turns out that you'll be versing Eric in round 2." Conley states.

"Hmm...I have a feeling that my next battle is going to be tough." I exclaim as thoughts run through my head about versing a trainer that came 20th in the Sinnoh League. This was going to be my toughest challenge to date.

"The feeling is mutual." Eric agreed.

I called Sam back before we made our way to the entrance of Pinwheel Forest where a crowd has formed and Chad and N are about to battle.

"Ferroseed, Sandile...Prepare for battle." Chad said bluntly. He seems to have gotten less arrogant, could his air filled skull finally have popped?

He unleashed his two Pokemon who both seem to look strong and healthy.

"Alright, My dear friends...Timburr and Palpitoad." N called ever so gracefully.

Eric, Conley and I decided to push our way to the front. So I could get a better view of the Pokemon.

"From what I've heard, Natural hasn't changed one bit he still uses Pokemon from the local area since you can find a Timburr and a Palpitoad in the Pinwheel Forest." Conley informed us pointing to the two Pokemon.

I pulled out my Pokedex and so did Conley as we both scanned Palpitoad, I already have Timburr scanned from a while ago.

Palpitoad, the Vibration Pokemon; When they vibrate the bumps on their heads, they can make waves in water or earthquake-like vibrations on land. This Palpitoad is a male.

"Palpitoad, gracefully deliver a beautiful song of Super Sonic! Timburr, match that beauty with brute force by using Rock Throw!" N calls out as he does a pirouette. My mind shifts to the topic of N possibly being gay...I wonder why?

"What the-Both of you dodge!" Chad orders slightly disturbed by N's dance routine.

Palpitoad blows over an ear piercing Super Sonic that belts the air. Timburr manages to fight the sound and bash his log into the ground before massive sized rocks levitate in the air before batting each one of them at Chad's direction.

Ferroseed and Sandile leap in opposite directions as Chad quickly drops to the floor followed by the people behind him running frantically out of the way. I decide to save the trouble of watching an unusual battle and head back to my rooms to see what Lana is up to. I enter our room to see the smile of an old friend...Arianna!

"Look who the Purrloin dropped by..." Ari stated ever so bluntly.

"It's nice to see you to Ari." I return the favour.

Lana chuckles at the awkwardness between me and Ari.

"Hiya, Alex! I seemed to have crossed paths with your friend Ari while going to the museum." Lana exclaims sheepishly.

I chuckle before Ari gets up and hugs me. We are super close so a hug like this doesn't mean anything.

"So doofus, Lana tells me that you worked your behind off to win the first round of the Battle Games? Is that true?" Ari mutters as she punches my shoulder playfully.

"Hells yes! I've been training for round two all morning...I was just watching another round one match but got bored of it pretty damn fast."I chuckled.

"Alex is versing Eric Stone...He comes all the way from Sinnoh. It turns out that Eric is gonna be travelling with us since-"Lana stops in her tracks as she immediately remembers she can't tell anyone about the takeover...The takeover. I haven't thought about it for a while but I still have to get out of this town before I don't make it in time to beat Team Plasma Rockets...

"It's okay, Lana...She knows." I mumbled...Lana nods as things suddenly became awfully quiet.

"Conley is leaving to become an apprentice to Cedric Juniper and Eric is his replacement since me and Lana couldn't do this on our own." I finished Lana's sentence.

"I see...So it turns out that I'll be studying longer than expected...You'll probably be done and dusted with the eight gym badge run and probably want to get the hell out of here by the time I'm done studying." Ari dragged trying to sound enthusiastic.

Suddenly, Nurse Joy came from behind and shocked us all...

"Alex Mayes?" She asked, I held my hand to my heart startled from the disruption.

"In the flesh..." I muttered trying to sound like my father.

"There is a call from Professor Juniper for Eric Stone, Lana Dukes and you at the lobby." She muttered.

After grabbing Eric and Conley...I and the two girls made it back to the centre to talk to Professor Juniper.

"Good Evening, gang!" She greeted

"Hey Professor!"

"What's up, Aurea!"

"Hiya Professor"

"Guys, I'm going to cut to the chase and let you know that I will be sending you a finalized plan made by Alder, The Champions from the other regions and myself. You will be receiving a faxed message in a few moments stating the plan of action to take against Team Plasma Rocket. Once you receive the plan we shall all schedule to meet in Castellia City in a few days so we can meet in person again. Any questions?"

We all looked at each other...We all knew how serious this was.

"It took Alder and me sometime to convince the other Champions that 3 teenagers are going to stop Team Plasma Rockets...To be totally honest, they still don't believe in you guys which is exactly why we had to inform you of a plan in the first place." She blabbers on, "But I told them that these are no ordinary damn teenagers these are special trainers...Lana, you have the qualities of a perfect spy...You have agility, brains, brawn and the factor of secrecy...Eric, you are the ultimate trainer for this 'mission'. Your age gives you enough wisdom to dish out for my two darlings and last but definitely not the least...Alex." I looked into the screen, "You my child are one unique individual...You are a leader who can takedown Team Plasma Rocket and disband them." I nodded.

"Thank you, Professor..." I mumbled.

"Good luck! And may Arceus bless you all." Those were her last words before the screen switched to black. Right after the video call ended Nurse Joy handed us a letter. We headed back to the room where I read it out loud but not too loud for anyone to hear.

[The plan that has been thought through ever so carefully by me and by the champions is the following:

-Find the famous Dex-holders:

Ash Ketchum
May Maple
Dawn Berlitz
Barry Jun
Paul Shinji
Gary Oak

Finding all the Dex holders would mean that you would have to travel to the other regions as well. This is great since we had soon found out that Team Plasma Rocket are stopping off at each of the other different regions. They will be visiting Johto first before visiting Sinnoh, Hoenn, Fiore and finally Kanto. Johto will be your first stop once you are done with Unova. Finding the Dex holders is only a side quest as they should be warned and informed of this takeover to prepare for an emergency call. The more effective plan is simple...I want each of you to catch and train Pokemon in each of the regions. Make them as strong as they can ever be because you are going to need them for the final battle! Team Plasma Rocket will be announcing the takeover when the reach Kanto. We have to make sure that the announcement doesn't happen. The headquarters will be surrounded with armed forces so there can be no escape for Giovanni and Ghetsis, you three will be our eyes and mouths inside. You disarm the two bandits of any Pokemon and weapons before we bring in officers and they will be arrested. This should make it easier to break the rest of Team Plasma Rocket (e.g. grunts, sages etc.) so we will leave that to you three.

Thanks for everything and may Arceus bless your soul.

Professor Aurea Juniper]

I closed my mouth and let the silence build in...I turn my head slowly and look at Lana and Eric who are both sitting on the bed, both of them in shock. I then looked on my bed was Conley and Ari. Both seem less shocked than Lana and Eric but still shocked nonetheless.

"I think...that's the greatest plan I have ever heard." Conley exaggerated thus breaking the silence, It wasn't that good of a plan but it was going to be one heck of a ride to accomplish it.

"In other words, we prepare for the takeover, warn the Dex holders and inform them to prepare as well then we strike and dismantle Team Plasma Rocket." Eric confirms.

"Sounds like it..." Ari mutters..."Good luck, you three!" She adds.

Suddenly we hear a loud voice over from a megaphone.

"Palpitoad and Timburr are both unable to battle! The winner is Ferroseed and Sandile therefore the victor is Chad Nolan of Nimbasa City!" Burgh announced...We all stared out the tiny window in shock.

"That jerk actually won?" Lana gasped.

"I hate to say it and I mean hate but defeating a trainer like N is no easy feat...Chad's good." Conley sighed.

I couldn't believe it my rival had defeated N! How the hell does that work? Anyway my mind was still racing with thoughts about the plan. It didn't worry me what so ever but it was just the excitement of visiting some new regions. Johto sounded like it was a fun place to be.

I decided to sprint down and confront Chad; even though he was a jerk I still owed him a congratulation. I met him just as he was walking in the Pokemon Centre.

"What'd you want?" He muttered sounding like he already wasn't interested.

"Just thought I might congratulate you on your victory against Natural." I mumbled with a hint of annoyance in my voice.

"Thanks but to be brutally honest I would expect better from a trainer who controlled an evil empire...Pathetic!" He replied...That ungrateful, whiny little prick.

"I would have much preferred just a thanks than a lecture of Unova's history." I replied trying my absolute best now to piss him off.

"I'm starting to think this tournament isn't worth my time." He mumbled as he shoved my shoulder and went up to heal his Pokemon. I ignored him and left the Pokemon Centre to join my friends as everyone watched the last match of round one.

A young trainer named Laura Ling is battling a tough trainer who seems to be the hot favourite Becky Jo Johnson for this whole thing. Laura's Munna and Minccino got completely demolished by Becky's Scolipede and Darmanitan. I scanned both of them on my Pokedex which seemed to catch more information by the minute.

Darmanitan, the Blazing Pokemon; When weakened in battle, it transforms into a stone statue. Then it sharpens its mind and fights on mentally. This Darmanitan is a female.

It then scanned Scolipede.

Scolipede, the Megapede Pokemon; With quick movements, it chases down its foes, attacking relentlessly until it prevails.

"Those sound like two ferocious Pokemon. One can fight mentally when weak and the other never gives up until it wins." I muttered to myself as Sam was trying to climb onto my head. It didn't bother me anymore since I was used to Sam's tricks.

Scolipede swooped out Munna and Minccino with one attack while Darmanitan forcefully took them both out winning Becky the match.

"Munna and Minccino are both unable to battle! The winner is Darmanitan and Scolipede therefore the victor is Becky Jo Johnson of Driftveil City!" Burgh roared as the crowd cheered. Sam sat down on my shoulders as I moved backwards out from the crowd. It was around evening now so there really isn't much left to do so I returned Sam to his pokeball before I returned back to the Pokemon Centre where my room was.

I walked up the stairs and entered our room where I saw Eric was lying in his bed writing down something in a book.

"What's that?" I asked being a little nosey. I startled Eric as he looked up although he never closed the book.

"Oh it's you..." He said with a smile, "This is a book my mum gave me back when I was in Sinnoh. It's filled with battle strategies that she used when she was a trainer. It even has a heap of pages for me to write down my own strategies." He added as he flicked through the pages.

"Was your mum a good trainer?" I asked another questions trying to get a story out of him.

"She was the best! At least in my opinion..." He mumbled with a little chuckle, I sat down next to him.

"She was a trainer that loved to bring beauty and elegance in her battles. She only ever owned four Pokemon, Mindy the Empoleon, Amber the Ambipom, Junga the Leafeon and Honey the Lopunny." He exclaimed, "She knew how to make things look pretty but yet her battle strategies were effective. I was just reading through to see if she had anything on Normal types since the gym leader here is a normal type gym leader." He added.

"That's cool." I replied, Eric's mom sounded much like mine except..."Well, did you find anything? I think some tips should give me a good battle against Lenora as well." I questioned. He flicked back a few pages before pointing to a diagram and a paragraph filled with strategies.

Battling against a Normal Type Note #1- Rock and Steel types can resist Normal types so a Rock or Steel Pokemon is always handy but Fighting type Pokemon should clean house with the Normal types. You'll be lucky if you have a Pokemon with a Fighting type attack as that should be enough to defeat a Normal type. Ghost types are great for battling against a Normal type as well with a 70% chance of an attack from Normal type to hit although when using Ghost types beware of the moves Odour Sleuth and Foresight which allows Normal attacks to hit!

After reading it, I looked up in amazement; that was actually helpful...It sounded like Eric's mom new her stuff. It made me think about some of the moves that Sam, Taylor and Jackson knew.

"I guess Spike and Axel should be good against Lenora since Axel's a Normal type and Spike's a Fighting type." Eric decided.

It made me wonder why he simply couldn't use Dusty and clean house with Lenora's gym, why use Axel and Spike?

"Although it seems like you're stuck..." He said with a chuckle as I smiled and we decided to read on for the rest of the evening.

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