Keiji Maeda loved to prank everyone. He simply enjoyed it so much that he had to do it almost on a daily basis. He had no shame at all, no matter how bad it could be. Sure he may annoy you up to the point where you would hate him, but overall that, he was a sweet and kind man at heart. He is a senior attending Ancient High School. He had six good friends named Kanetsugu Naoe, who was a true man of honor, Yukimura Sanada, who simply does not know when to give up, Mitsunari Ishida, who was very stuck up and straightforward, Sakon Shima, who was the number one valedictorian of their class, Kiyomasa Kato, who loved to show off his biceps, and Masanori Fukushima, who was the second most annoying one of his friends, besides Keiji. Keiji thought about how whenever he and his friends got high, Kanetsugu would never join them.

He is such a good guy, Keiji thought to himself, as he sat looking up at the ceiling in the middle of English class. He needs to be bad for once! Just then, he formed a huge smile.

"That's right!" laughed the teacher, Mrs. No. "That's exactly how the monk smiled at the girl!"

Keiji stopped smiling, blinked a couple times, and looked around, as his fellow classmates laughed at him. He was completely lost.

"Eh?" he said, confusingly.

"Ten extra bonus points for you, Keiji!" said Mrs. No, as she walked to her computer. Happiness spread throughout Keiji's body.

"Oh boy! I love extra bonus points!" he shouted excitedly, although he didn't understand why the teacher gave him bonus points. The bonus points could sure help boost his D into a C. Well, whatever the reason was, it didn't matter. All that mattered to Keiji was that he was getting extra points. Pretty soon, the bell rang.

At lunch, he decided to walk to Save Mart alone. He felt like pranking someone today. He had already pranked his buddies, Yukimura, Kiyomasa, Mitsunari, Masanori, and Kanetsugu. The last one remaining was Sakon.

How he is such a nerd, he thought, laughing evily in his mind. Because Sakon had a big fat crush on Ina, Keiji wanted to do something to make Sakon think that she had a crush on him too, even though she disliked Sakon for his flirtatiousness. This'll be so funny! He bought twenty balloons, a chocolate cake, and a giant teddy bear. After that, he snuck back on campus. He went through the second front because his friends hung out at the first front and he didn't want his friends to see him or the fun will quickly be over. Before that, he quickly hid in the parking lot behind a red car. He poked his head out to look at the first front where he saw his friends Yukimura and Kiyomasa arm wrestling.

"Tahahahah!" he laughed quietly, under his breath. He couldn't wait to see the look on Sakon's face. Then he quickly went to the second front and made his way into the SBO. After that, his excuse for not being with them at the beginning of lunch was that he had to make up a test for history class. They believed him.

During 7th period, he turned to Sakon. He wanted to laugh so bad that he smiled instead. He tried hard not to smile but he just couldn't help it so he put his head down so nobody would know that he was up to no good.

Suddenly the door swung open. Keiji started to turn to see who it was. He was always the first to turn his head but today, it seemed like a girl in his class named Oichi was going to beat him. He quickly flinched as his eyes grew wide and his mouth made a circle.

No one shall ever beat me at looking at the door and seeing who comes in! He thought to himself as the whole scene played in slow motion. The door was all the way to the left.

He rolled his eyes to the very right side of the room to see who he was going to compete with. He saw Motochika chewing gum very slowly, as a piece of spit came out. His blue hair waved gently like a feather. Then Keiji turned a little more to the left. He saw Musashi sneeze, as he shut his eyes tightly. His nose was as big as a pig's and his teeth grinded together tightly and his germs flew smoothly in the air. His eyes were still shut tight for many seconds. Then Keiji moved his eyes more to the left where he saw Masamune staring back at him right in the eye. Suddenly, Masamune's eyes jerked one percent more to the left.

Oh hell no! Keiji screamed in his mind. He turned his eye three percent more to the left. Beat that Masamune!

Now his eyes were fixed on the teacher's face, where she slowly blinked with her eyes closed for a long time with her mouth opening. Her teeth's were so clean white with a tiny piece of black pepper on the left side of her bunny tooth. Keiji laughed so hard in his mind and he finally noticed that the whole world was silent. He turned again and saw Magoichi's perverted face slowly lifting up. He turned again and saw Yukimura's mouth closing in such a slow motion with a piece of hot Cheetos in his mouth. When he chewed it, it made such a loud, thunderous sound.

Again, he turned to the left a little bit more. He saw Kunoichi's pencil dropping down so slowly, as she made a face like she needed to poop. She slowly knelt down as it took forever to reach her pencil.

Keiji turned five percent more again and saw Kiyomasa writing so slowly. Kiyomasa's lead broke off his pencil as it made a sound like someone just got punched hardly. Kiyomasa's face slowly went from having a normal face into having an annoyed and irritated look. Keiji laughed so hard in his mind again.

He turned two percent more and saw Nene's head slowly falling forward as she kinda fell asleep. Her head took forever to collide with her desk and when it did, her head bounced back up slowly like a ball. Her eye slowly opened as it was super red.

It took five seconds for Keiji to open his mouth and laugh, but no sound came out when he did so. He finally thought to himself, What is happening to the world! Why is it in such a slow motion?

He turned again. He wanted to look at the door to see who it was already, but slow motion was causing everything to be so slow. He saw Oichi's eyes and it was so freaken close to reaching the door.

Before he knew it, he picked up his basketball as it took ten seconds to bend down and pick it up. This time, Oichi's eyes were ABOUT to reach the door.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" he managed to shout out loud, as he threw the ball towards her. It flew so slow and smoothly that it looked like a flying balloon for a second. It took seven seconds for the ball to finally reach her head.

BAAAAAAANNNGGG, went the sound, as everything went back into its original motion.

"Owww!" she cried, as her head bobbed down and her eyes were no longer facing towards the door. Keiji quickly turned and-YES! He was the very first one to look at who it was that came into their class. It was only Principal Takeda. "What the heck, Keiji! Why'd you do that for? It freaken hurted!"

Keiji laughed out loud. "Sorr-Ey! I only did that cause I wanted to be the first to see who was coming in!" he told her as he laughed again. "Sorry though, Miss Oichi."

"Hmph!" she mumbled, as she crossed her arm and turned away.

"Keiji!" said Kanetsugu, "Such a bad behavior! You do not throw balls at anyone!"

Keiji laughed more. "Of course not. How could I when my balls are stuck tight in between my legs?" he said and dropped onto the floor, laughing at his friend's comment.

"Keiji, you will serve two hours of community service tomorrow afterschool for this type of behavior," said Principle Takeda. He was serious.

Tomorrow? He thought.

"But tomorrow's Friday," he said, remembering that he was supposed to go to the mall with one of his chick friend, Kaihime. In fact, he promised her. "I'm supposed to go to the mall with my friend."

"Exactly," replied Principle Takeda. "Nevertheless, but you will not be going anywhere tomorrow afterschool, for if you do, you shall be serving ten hours of community service. Which is better, two hours or ten hours?"

Keiji thought to himself that Kai was going to be so mad at him now but having to serve two hours of community service was better than serving ten hours of community service. He sighed. "Two hours."

"Good. I thought so. You will report to my office tomorrow afterschool. Is that understood?" questioned Principle Takeda.

"Yeah, whatever you say, Principle Takeda," he responded, getting up. So much for throwing the ball at Oichi but oh well. It was totally worth it because after all, he was the first to see who came in the class once again.

Principle Takeda and Keiji were close, even though sometimes Principle Takeda may be hard on him. Keiji is one of the very few kids who often got sent to see the principal once every two weeks. Yup, that's how troubled Keiji was.

As Principle Takeda talked to Mrs. Okuni, the door opened again, but good thing Keiji was already looking at the door. In came a man with the giant teddy bear along with the twenty balloons and the cake that Keiji had bought earlier.

To make this situation seem unobvious, Keiji did the thing he would normally do when someone got balloons.

"Oh boy! I wonder who's birthday it is this time!" he shouted. He almost laughed. After the man gave the balloon to Mrs. Okuni, she smiled.

"Sakon, how come you didn't tell us it was your birthday?" she asked, walking to Sakon to give him the balloon.

Sakon had such a confused look. "What are you talking about? It's not even my birthday!"

Keiji almost laughed as Sakon took the balloons.

"Who's it from?" asked Yukimura.

"Iiiiiiit's frooooooom….," he began, while looking at the piece of paper to see who it was from. He quickly flinched. "Oh shit! It's from Ina!"

"What?" replied Yukimura. He was confused. "But she…But she…hates you!"

"Hey guys! Kiyomasa! Keiji! Dude! I got balloons, a teddy bear, and a cake from Ina even though it's not even my birthday!" Sakon shouted, smiling with joy.

Mitsunari turned with an annoyed look. "Why on Earth would she buy you balloons? You're such a b-i-t-c-h."

"Why wouldn't she?" Sakon replied. "I just knew that somehow she would find it in her heart to accept me one way or another." He was so obsessed with the balloons that "Ina" had bought him.

"Wow Sakon, you must really mean something to her," Keiji said to him. On the inside, he laughed and laughed, especially when he got home.

The next day, Friday, Keiji stayed after school to pick up trash for community service. He turned and saw Oichi coming towards his way.

"Hey Oichi," he began, winking at her for fun.

Just then, Nagamasa popped out of nowhere and hugged Oichi. He turned to Keiji and gave him an attitude. He laughed on the inside and thought to himself that he wasn't even interested in Oichi. He was only into hot babes like Kaihime. Then he sighed as two hours quickly passed.