"Man, that was a bombass burrito," Keiji said, as he and his friends walked back on campus. They looked around to make sure that there were no security guards around.

"I know," said Kiyomasa, as they climbed over the gate. They snuck from bush to bush and building to building. The bell rang and students came out of their classrooms, making their way to their seventh period classes.

"Hey, let's blend in with the students," said Masanori. They quickly walked to a group of students and began walking, as if they just got out of class too. They walked to their Haiku class and sat down. In a bit, the bell rang, so their class began.

"Hello students," said Mrs. Okuni. "I have good news for all of you."

"OH BOY!" Keiji stormed, as he began laughing. "I love good news!"

"What is it?" asked the class. They were curious to know.

"We are all going on a fieldtrip!" Mrs. Okuni shouted happily.

"Yaaaay!" shouted the students.

"Ahhhh! Oh my god! Oh my god!" screamed Keiji. He was excited! "Where to? Where to?"

"Okay, calm down Keiji," Mrs. Okuni said, smiling. "We are going camping at Crystal Mountains."

Uh-oh Keiji thought. That place is haunted!

"How can we go camping there?" he exclaimed. "It's haunted!"

"Oh, I'm sure it's not," replied Mrs. Okuni. "I've been camping there many times and I've never seen anything supernatural."

"I'm scared!" shouted Yukimura. "One time, my cousins went camping there and they took a picture and saw a see through man in the background! It was a ghost!"

"We can't go there, Mrs. Okuni!" objected Masanori. "We just can't!"

"We're scared!" shouted some girls in the class.

"I'm scared of ghosts!" said some other girls.

"What if we go there and come back dead?" Yukimura said, shaking.

"Ahhhhhh!" Keiji screamed, hitting his mouth many times, sounding like an indian.

"Noooo!" shouted Kiyomasa and Sakon.

"Okay class, calm down!" Mrs. Okuni said, trying to calm them down. Instead, they became even more wild like the jungle.

Keiji continued going nuts and hitting his mouth while screaming in a high pitch voice. Kiyomasa and Sakon put both of their hands on their heads and began shaking their heads no. Kanetsugu put his head down and shut his eyes real tight. Yukimura jumped up and down while screaming. Masanori pulled both of his ears and stuck his tongue out while shutting his eyes. Mitsunari scratched his head and looked confused.

Oichi made her nose like a pig and put her tongue in between her lips and blew it, making the sound of "plllllllll". Kunoichi posed like she was taking a dump and screamed. Motochika pulled his own hair as far back as possible and made a painful face. Toshiie scratched his thighs and shouted, "Nooo!". Goemon put his bottom lip inside his mouth and pounded on his desk real hard. Magoichi ran around the class screaming. Hanzo sat still and watched everyone doing stupid things.

"Why are you all so afraid of ghosts?" Hanzo asked, looking at them. "One way or another, you will all become ghosts too, so stop being so stupid."

The class screamed even louder.

"Ahhh!" shouted the students. They all ran away from each other, because supposedly, "they were all ghosts" one way or another.

Keiji ran and hid underneath Mrs. Okuni's desk. He peeked at her and saw her pink underwear, since she wore a skirt. He quickly shut his eyes and screamed even louder, while hitting his mouth. Then everyone started throwing things at each other. Someone threw a teddy bear at Keiji and he screamed like there was no tomorrow.

"AHHHHHH!" he shouted, picking up the teddy bear and throwing it wherever. It hit Yukimura, as he screamed so loud. Things flew around the class and Keiji realized that he had to go somewhere else, because there were too many "ghosts" around him. "MOOOVEEEE!" he shouted, pushing anyone that got in his way. He saw Motochika throwing a piece of gum at him and quickly dodged it. Then Kiyomasa threw a pencil at him, and he also dodged it. Before he knew it, Mitsunari threw a ball at him. It flew in slow motion.

Keiji's eyes slowly widened, as he did a back bend in slow motion. His left arm swung in a circle followed by his right. The ball scanned his body and flew past him.

"METRIX!" he shouted. Then he quickly did a backflip and landed on his foot. He somersaulted and got back on his foot. He quickly ran, jumped, and twirled in the air, putting his hands together on top of his head like a ballet dancer. When he landed on his foot, he lost his balance and fell down.

"Breh," went the sound of his butt.

"Excuse you, Keiji," said Mrs. Okuni. Everyone began laughing at him.

He rubbed his eyes several times and looked at the class. They were all in their seats, and so was he. He realized that he had been imagining the class go wild, and that Crystal Mountains was haunted, but the only thing that was real was when he farted.

"Oops, my bad," he said, laughing too. They enjoyed their laughter for a few minutes and pretty soon, Mrs. Okuni talked about the field trip again.

Crystal Mountains is a beautiful place to go camping. It has a nice waterfall that pours down so beautifully. The air and water is really refreshing and it also has a place to go swimming. Mrs. Okuni said that when they go camping, they will all need to bring a tent, or they can share with someone. They will be camping for the weekend. Mrs. Okuni also went over the things that they will need to bring, such as sleeping stuffs, toothbrush, toothpaste, clothes, shoes, and etc.

"I will now hand out the permission slips," Mrs. Okuni said, handing out permission slips to everyone. "I will need it back by Thursday if you guys are going. Also, please remember that we will be leaving on Friday afterschool."

"Okay," shouted everyone.

Later that day when Keiji got home, he gave his permission slip for his mom to sign. He was really excited, and he added more entertaining things on his list of things to do when they go camping. He couldn't wait to play all the funny pranks that he had in mind, and before he knew it, it was Friday.