Madotsuki looked at herself in the mirror, making a face at herself. She layed down soon after, before awakening into the dream realm. From there, she went into the snow world, and found a bed. Sighing, she pulled the covers over her face, waiting for the stairs of hands to appear. They did, and she descended them, already gaining the 'poop hair' effect. She went to Masada's room, and immediately slid across his piano.

The spaceship shook, sending various high-pitched beeps from Masada echoing into the room. It went still,and he folded his arms sternly around his chest. Mado smiled. "Masada-sensei," she said, awknowledging him. His appearance looked uninquisitive with his eyes. Mado wondered how his vision was, with his pupils located where they were. He seemed to manage just fine when he let out a soft beep. Mado still couldn't understand, but Masada could read and write, so they exchanged notes. She pulled out her notebook and turned it to a fresh new page. Masada tucked his hair behind his ear, and layed down on his stomach. Mado lay on her back, her face directly facing up towards Masada. She crossed her eyes and made the face she made that morning. Masada's eyes crinkled in show of a smile. Which was odd, still considering the position of them. They'd made a previous agreementthe last time she visited. She wouldn't pull out her knife in his presence, and he would play his piano for her. Mado layed on her stomach as well, and handed him the pen.

How have you been, Mado?

You write so weird, and small, Masada-sensei. I've been bored out of my mind. Poniko's still fun to mess with though, with the cat effect. She gets back at me with going uboa on me, though...

Hey! Don't bash on me for MY handwriting! You're the one who writes gigantic and unneat. You're so cruel, Mado. Poor Poniko. I made cake.

Isn't it weird that it still sustains me in the real realm, if I eat in the dream realm? I'm trying not to eat much.

Would you care to try some?

Anything made by you, Masada-sensei, would be tasty. I'd love to.

You're such a charmer.

And Sensei is a girly man.


Girly man c:. -Insert heart here-

xD That's all I felt like writing for now, there'll be more later. Probably tomorrow.