Hours pass or it felt like hours until Emma returned

"Hey Mare I got you diner" She smiled handing me a bag from Granny's dinner and a hot chocolate.

"Emma, when can I see David?" It felt odd not to call him James or even Charming. Emma arched an eyebrow at me

"I thought you didn't want visitors?"

"I didn't but..."

"You miss him" I nodded twenty-eight years with out James killed me. Emma picked up the phone and punched in someone's number it rang for a moment then...

"Hello David? It's Emma do you still want to see Mary? Perfect! See you soon" she hung up

"He's on his way and he's bringing Henry" I smiled I was going to see my husband and my grandson today. It felt like forever until Henry burst into the room

"Ms. Blanchard!" He cried running over to the cell James was behind him

"Henry it's good to see you!"

"Yeah you too! We all miss you so-" Henry cut off in the middle of his sentence he was staring at me or rather my eyes

"Oh my God!"

"Henry! Language!" Emma scolded

"Sorry but her spark it's back!" Henry cried

"Her what?" James asked

"Every fairy tale character has a spark in their eyes it's hardly noticeable unless you know what to look for but the curse took away everyone's spark, but Ms. Blanchard's it's back!"

"Which would mean..." Emma's jaw dropped James still looked confused

"Means what?"

"Kiss her and find out!" Henry said James looked at Henry like he was crazy but walked up into the cell and kissed me through the bars. After a moment he pulled back sharply breathless.

"David are you ok?" Emma asked James stared at me for a moment regaining his breath before speaking

"Sn-Snow?" Tears sprung to my eyes

"James" he crashed his lips down on mine doing the best he could to hold on to me through the bars. I did the same for twenty-eight years he'd been unavailable to me I wasn't letting go now. Until Emma cleared her throat, James pulled away we both turned bright red

"No kid needs to see that... ever." Emma said

"Oh come on Emma let them have their moment they've been apart twenty- eight years!" Henry said James stared at Emma stunned

"Emma... my little Messiah... look at you all grown up" he whispered in disbelief.

"Did you just seriously call me the Messiah?"

"Well you are the Savior dear" I said Emma frowned

"So now what? How do I break this curse?" She asked

"Now you get your mother out of this cell" James said

"I'm afraid I can't"

"Why not?" James demanded

"She's standing trial I can't just let her go!"

"James it'll be ok." I said

"You know what happens when people try to leave Storybrooke!" Henry cried

"I'll figure something out, I'm not helpless you know!"

"Of coarse your not darling but we are talking about the curse here" James said. I sighed he was right this wasn't just a discussion about the woods being safe this was a curse.

"So what now?" Emma asked again

"We find a way out of this" James said squeezing my hand

"I need to go" Henry said looking at the clock James nodded

"I do too I have work" kissing me goodbye he left

"Bye Grandma I'll see you later!" Henry yelled as he left I smiled after Henry my sweet little prince. As soon as he was gone I turned to Emma who was staring at me


"Don't, don't try to explain." She said

"What made you remember?" She asked

"Regina was here she triggered it" Emma nodded before retreating to her office I sighed before unpacking the meal and eating it.

Emma emerged hours later

"I never gave up hope you'd come back to me that's why I don't want you talking when they come get you tomorrow."


"I waited you know, when I was little I used to dream about you just walking into whatever foster home I was in and taking me home to this big yellow house with green shutters, white trim, with a white picket fence and a big oak tree in the front yard with a swing hanging from a branch. And Dad would be waiting for us... but you never came." Tears glistened in Emma's eyes

"Emma I'm sorry, but you got to understand we had to give you your best shot!"

"I understand why you did it, hell I did the same thing with Henry! I'm just angry with myself for hating you the last fifteen years." She said before grabbing Graham's jacket and leaving


"Emma wait!" She stopped ant turned to face me

"I love you sweetheart, I'm so sorry" Emma closed her eyes for a long moment before reopening them

"I love you too... Mom." And with that she left.

Love me hate me your pick it was a glimpse into Emma's childhood. please reveiw