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Chapter 1

He fell into dizzying dreams, tumbled into a world of half sensations and blurred thoughts. Anytime he started to have a thought or any form of awareness it quickly fluttered away leaving him alone and drifting not even aware enough to be concerned or confused. At this moment he only existed with no thoughts of the past or worries for the future.

As his state of being progressed he slowly became more aware of his own thoughts or memories as it were. He remembered the searing pain of basilisk venom burning through his veins slowly stealing his life away, as if it were happening for the very first time. His fears that he would die here alone and be unable to save the young red head that would soon become the love of his life.

Just as quickly he was swept away in the multitude of his memories to experience over again the first time he met Hagrid. The fear that the giant man would realize that surely he had the wrong boy and that Harry was in no way special. His fear that he would be left disappointed with the Dursley's friendless and unloved.

He slowly became aware that what he was experiencing were just memories and not happening at that very moment in there disjointed way. With that realization came the first sense of self that he had in what felt like a very long time. With that sense of self came the concern and fear of wondering what was happening to him and how long had he been like this.

Slowly all his memories fell into place only to increase his worry and now his sorrow. For he remembered now facing Voldemort, facing his death, and accepting it. He also remembered his conversation with Dumbledore in the train station before he fell into this horrible place that had taken away his very thoughts, everything that made him Harry. Now that he was himself he worried about his friends, wondered how long he'd been like this, if they already destroyed Nagini and then Voldemort.

Yet still he remained trapped in his own thoughts without any physical sensations to distract him or give him any relief. He thought that maybe Dumbledore had surely been wrong and that he had indeed died and he was now in the afterlife. And if this was the afterlife it was not at all what he had imagined.

It wasn't long and Harry decided that yes he had died and that this was his own personal hell. A hell where he was to never know what happened to his loved ones, to never be reunited with them, and to never know if his sacrifice mattered.

Then with startling suddenness he could feel warmth. Harry took acute notice of this focused on it entirely. The warmth came from nowhere in particular it just was. He couldn't feel it against his skin or any particular body part it just was. He brooded over the sensation and it kept his attention entirely until another new sensation developed while he was busy focusing on the warmth. He wasn't sure if he missed it long before or if it developed with the same suddenness of the warmth but suddenly he could feel a thrumming through his body. Like the deep base beat of a muggle sound system only constant and unwavering.

Slowly more sensations came to him after that first was the sense of his limbs and body then that his body was squished held tightly coiled so that he could hardly move. He realized to that he wasn't breathing and didn't feel the need too. He tried to flex his muscles even minutely but found they were weak and could hardly push his body against the resistance that held him so firmly. He continued to work him muscles tightening them and letting the loose, flexing them and revealing in the knowledge that after so long his could even managed these small things.

While he was reveling in his own body he started to hear. At first so muffled it was frustrating and he wished it would either clear up or just go away and leave him to his muscle exercises. As it did clear up he realized he was hearing the crackling of a fire nearby. Occasionally he'd here movement sometimes it was small and furtive or large and heavy, surely nothing that he could make out as to what was going on around his body.

When he first heard human voices all his muscles tensed and he held very still even in his thoughts listening to the foreign words that he had no understanding of. The longer his listened to more he realized that the speaker was talking in French and not English. He recognized the words and tone from Fleur.

Thoughts of Fleur brought him back to the circular worry for his friends and what had become of them. He ripped himself out of the spiraling thoughts of his friends much later but the voice was still there speaking in a lilting cadence that once again demanded his attention.

He developed no more new sensations for quite some time except to start grasping the French language that was being spoken to him and thus learning from the speaker, or speakers as it were. The more he grasped the language to more he came to know that they knew he existed and that they were talking to him, instructing him.

He'd been listening for some time when he came to the realization that two of the speakers were not human at all. They were some sort of flying beast, proud and very sure of their strength. He learned that they loved only there 'captains' and anything there captain believed so too did they. He grew uncomfortable listening to them talk of their captains feeling that they were trying to brainwash him into believing that he too should love their captains as they did.

He grew more distressed the more he learned. He learned he'd been like this for four years, that the French who had were at war and planned to use him in it when he 'hatched'. This distressed him the most this hatching they spoke of. He was pretty sure no wizard had ever 'hatched' and he was pretty sure that 'hatching' was not part of the afterlife. Another distressing thing came when the voices told him he would soon hatch and then went on to describe to him the harnessing process and instructing him to choose a captain and to choose wisely. Both voices had a differing was of determining what made a worthy captain and what traits Harry should look for.

One thing Harry was sure of was there was no way he was going to allow any captain to harness him. Harnessing it sounded bad like this captain would own him. He had never allowed the horcrux that he carried own him and was surely not going to allow some mere French men own him either.

Harry grew to a new awareness with the distress of the harnessing talk. He was hungry. Oh so very hungry. It quickly grew so distressing that he could think of nothing else but his hunger, it was very literally consuming him. He grew restless and pressed out against him confines. He was so consumed with his need to appease him hunger that he didn't even take notice of when his eyes opened or when many voices were heard outside his prison shouting in high frantic tones.

Such was his hunger that he didn't even stop to notice when he broke through his prison with long sharp claws and teeth. Falling out of his prison onto the dirt though jarred him enough to halt him in his frenzied hunger.

The surprise of cold air on his wet skin stopped him still. He stared down at his taloned feet at the dirt wet with goo that he too was covered in. He peered closer at his claws and flexed them to be sure.

Yep those were his talons and they were attached to his claws that were on his scaly legs and he whipped his head around to stare at his body hissing instinctively. Stretched out behind him was a long scaly body. Wings crumpled wetly against his back covered in goo and bits of egg shell.

Before he had time to panic the hunger returned sweeping over him and bringing him to his feet trembling weakly. He looked around at his surroundings. Before him were three young men and further off even more men. He could smell something that he was sure would sate his hunger and stumbled off in that direction. He only made it a few steps when he fell to the ground again his wing caught in his back claws painfully.

"Oh pray remain still!"

Harry jerked his head back and shrunk into the dirt at one of the boys was man handling him so. The boy had hold of his back leg and wing, trying to disentangle them. He wasn't in the right mindset to realize that they poor boy was trying to help and he tried to push him away. He forgot his claws though and raked the boys shoulder and arm with them in the process. The boy feel back with a howler of pain holding his shoulder and crying.

Harry was up again and shrinking back from the boy and the two men who rushed to assist him. He stared at the boy who was bleeding pretty badly, horrified that he'd done this.

"One of you lads get in there and offer that fowl creature some food before it maims another person!" A booming voice shouted from behind Harry

Startled Harry whirled tripping over his wings again and collapsing in and undignified heap. The other two boys came forward them holding what looked to be buckets of bloody meat and leather harnesses. Harry laid his head low to the ground and groaned.

So this was how it was to be. He had to accept that damn harnessing to eat, and his belly was so overpoweringly empty that there was nothing else for it. He looked longingly at the meat but new that there was no way they'd allow him at it till he took one of those foul harnesses.

The boys were being so cautious that Harry new he'd have to make the first move with either. He peered at both and saw nothing that jumped out about either saying they were kind or in some way special to be a captain. Harry groaned and sighed gustily looking at the two boys.

"Well I suppose that u want me to wear that harness or you won't let me eat any of that meat?" He looked at the two boys who froze as he spoke to them. They looked to each other then not sure how to respond. Really he would have been better off with the boy he'd accidently maimed, he seemed to have more sense than these two combined.

He came to a mental halt and drew himself up at that thought, yes he could turn and apologize to the boy and he'd probably still be delighted to be Harry's captain. Yet if he did that and took on such a kind boy, and how he longed to turn and do just that, he would never be able to escape and leave the boy behind. He knew without a shadow of a doubt that he would do anything for the boy if only it would make him happy.

"Yes sir, if you'd be so kind as to let me put it on you then you may eat as much as you like." One of the boys stepped forward holding out the harness in front of his body as if it were a shield.

Harry stared up the boy wavering in his decision. He nodded his head jerkily forcing himself to ignore that the two men were now taking the other boy away and with them that chance at having a captain to love and follow.

The other boy approached now and Harry was obliged to stand up so that he could buckle the harness on properly. Such was his despair over the other boy that he was able to curtail his hunger for all the tedious buckles and straps.

When last buckle was done the boy brought the pail of meat to him stepped back to let him eat it. Harry did so with great gusto firmly setting aside his feelings for the other boy to be examined later. As he was eating his listened to men congratulating the boy on his new rank as captain and reminding him to 'name the bloody beast and soon'. The other boy was hoarded away but the bucket of meat was left, so that when Harry finished the one he was working on he lunged for the second startling some of the men and the young boy.

He watched as the other men slowly left leaving him be with the boy and two other men. He turned to look at the boy wondering now that he was well fed and sleepy what was to happen to them.

"I suppose to name you, now." The boy addressed Harry still looking nervous

Harry sighed, "Call me Harry."
The boy stared at Harry then frowned, for first appearing something other than frightened, "That's not much of a dragon name thought!"

Harry smiled and was surprised to find he could, he'd never seen a dragon smile before, "Well I didn't know that when I came to think of myself as Harry now did I?"

The boy huffed, "How can you name yourself no dragon does that!"

Harry chuckled now, "Well I just did, I suppose you're stuck with a pretty poor representation of a dragon."

Boy stopped then and stared at Harry, "Your smarter than any of the dragons I've flown with."

Harry grimaced and decided that there was no help for it he wasn't even sure how to pretend to be a dragon anyways.

"No matter I heard that Fleur-de-Nuit's are usually smarter than most and seeing as I've never flown with one I shouldn't judge." The boy rushed on

Harry cocked his head at the boy, "Is that what I am?"

Here one of the older men that had staid back interrupted, "Your actually an experimental hybrid of our Fleur-de-Nuit and a Spanish Flecha-del-Fuego."

Harry stared at the man and snorted in amusement, "That means nothing to me, but since you went through the trouble to bread a French dragon to a Spainsh dragon, I assume that you expect me to amount to something grand then?"

The man laughed loudly and heartily now pounding the small boy on the back in his amusement. "Well Captain Dubois you've got yourself a smart one, good luck with him, we needn't worry about the Spanish breed ruining the Fleur's intelligence then."

Harry stared after the man as he bowed to Harry before turning striding off out of the barn they were in. For first time Harry took notice of his surroundings and started craning his neck to look at the large barn they were in. Heavily bedded down with straw and along the walls were partitions that Harry only now noticed housed other young dragons and some large eggs.

"Well gentleman let me get you both settled." the till now silent man spoke up, "My name is Mortimer Laurent and I am in charge of the hatchling barns. This is where the both of you will spend the next three to four months before you are ready to move out into the corps."

Mr. Laurent strode off expecting the two of them to follow him. Granted the man moved at a slow pace Harry still found it hard to keep up while learning how to move his wing muscles and tail. He'd been flexing them for so long without realizing what they were that knowing made things for him rather disorienting. He managed to fold the wings over his back in a messy affair as they were still all covered in egg goo.

Realizing the predicament with his sticky body he addressed his captain and Laurent, "Will I be allowed to clean this sticky goo off me soon it's beginning to grow tacky and it itches."

Laurent raised an eyebrow at him, "Most dragons lick it off."

Harry grimaced and shook his head, "I will not be doing so."

Laurent nodded, "Well then first stop we go outside to the troth so your captain can give you a good scrubbing."

The boy looked at Harry seeming to size him up and the task ahead but said nothing about the eminent bath. Only now Harry looked at himself too.

He was eye level with the boy as he walked on all fours alongside him but his body trailed out behind him for a good eight feet or so. His hide was covered in dark black scales, He spotted red strips across his shoulders that continued up that back of his neck. His wings looked to be Christmas colored in there dark green and red strips with the leading edge dominated by a brighter red.

As they come out into the open air and bright sunshine and Harry hesitated and had to give his eyes a moment to adjust to the much brighter light. Laurent watched him closely as he stood blinking about.

"Huh, he just might have gotten the Fleur's ability to see in the dark, wouldn't it be great?" Laurent smiled at Harry's captain, "imagine a night seeing fire breather!"

Harry pondered this as they approach a large troth, could not all dragon's see in the dark? Surely all dragons breathed fire, right?

At the troth coiled his haunch muscles and sprang into the troth sinking into the water before floating about bobbing in the water. He turned to see both humans staring at him bewildered.

"Was I not supposed to hop in?" Harry asked

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