Why, hello! We haven't seen the second season of Sherlock. But we don't think that Sherlock's personality is going to change that much. (BTW, we don't have split-personality disorder. There's actually two of us.)

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What was wrong with them? Wringing their hands and panicking like it meant something. It was silly. Yes, there was a homicidal "maniac" roaming the streets of London. Sherlock was well aware of that quite inescapably obvious fact. But they all fused about that, if they didn't catch this killer, more people would die. Of course more people would die.

This case was intriguing though. It challenged his mind. Gave him something to do that wasn't ridiculously obvious. However, every time he mentioned this simple fact he could sense everyone around him cringe.

Sherlock thought it was funny, really. It was as though they thought he would like to take up murder himself. Did they really think that he wanted to show them up by killing some stupid sod? Getting away with it would be just too easy. Sherlock was a genius. And the frailty of being a genius was the need for an audience. Who would he tell if he did that? The only way to get an audience would lead to being arrested, because Mycroft would ensure Sherlock's punishment. Spending the rest of his life in jail would be so dreadfully boring.

Although, a few hours - or maybe at worst a few weeks - in jail wouldn't be so bad. Mycroft's face would be priceless. His dear brother might even get an ulcer. That certainly would be entertaining.

Murder wouldn't be worth the consequences, but vandalism might...

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