All that remains of my feelings is nothing. I have no feelings at all. I tried to speak, but instead got a scratchy, coarse, voicing.

That white light was still the center of my vision, but soon it was replaced by blackness. "Heje," I heard in a soft, inviting voice. "Heje, wake up. You need to wake up, right now!" I slowly opened my eyes into a hot, stinging desert. Vok, he was shaking me awake. I-I wasn't dead. But somehow, Vok found me; I did see him again. But what happened? How long has it been? Who cared? Him and me are both alive. I quickly jerked up and hugged him as tight as it could. "Oh thank God, HEJE!" he screamed. "VOK!" We held each other tight until we heard a loud squeal and an explosion behind us.

"Driver, let's go!" Vok screamed to the front of the car, in which I just now noticed, was speeding down a road. The face and voice was familiar. It was the male dog in which threw me and Vok on the ground not more than… well to ME… just a couple of days ago.

"Vok what happened to you? All I know is you disappeared and then the rules, they just forced all these things on me!" I cried on his shoulder. "Heje" he says. "Tell me, talk it out like we've been doing." I slowly wiped my eyes and choked a little. "Calm girl, calm." I told myself "Vok, ok, they or… God I'm not sure how to start it." I argue. "Heje." He says. "Start when you went to the stage. Then what?" he tells me. "Ok," I said choking on myself. "I went to the stage and sang a song. Then my headaches came back and I had to leave the stage. I threw up on the floor and passed out. Next thing I know I wake up in a freaking hospital, and the doctors tell me you got me FUCKING PREGNANT! AND THEN THEY TELL ME YOU WENT AND DITCHED ME! DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW I FELT? I WANTED TO KILL MYSELF VOK!" He hugged me as hard as he could, so hard I could barely breath. But I didn't hug him back, I couldn't. "I'm sorry Heje. I am, but I swear it was all worth it. Now we have you here."

"How does that make any difference? How does that change anything?" I ask. Suddenly a missile hits behind the jeep we're in. a white light, and a high pitched squeal, which both slowly faded away into a smoky sky.

"Alright she's alive. Let's get her to the hospital." Whoever it was picked me up, threw me onto a stretcher and ran." "Vok… VOK?" I barley mumbled, and meowed in pure pain. I closed my eyes, I really wasn't able to see anyway. I wanted something that I could see. So I pictured, for some reason, cat food. "God Damnit." I think. "They put more than just a fucking tail and ears on me. They really did turn me into a cat. I live, I breath like one. I THINK and I nearly TALK like one." Gotta say, I actually forgot I was a cat. I can feel them throwing me onto a bed and stabbing me with needles. "Yep, definitely a hospital" I think. I cough up some blood and am forced to open my eyes. I was in a familiar place. And right before I can determine where. The Russian man walks into the room. "God Damn. Freaking rule headquarters." A little more blood came up. "You can breathe now." The man says. "You learned some English." I think. "Thank you." I say out loud. One more needle will stop you from coughing up all that blood." I immediately feel a sting in the side of my arm. I want to jump up and get off the table, but knowing this is that same hospital room, I'm strapped down to the table. "Not getting up out of this anytime soon." They unlatched the cables slung over me. "Then again, maybe not."

They sat me up, got me onto my feet, and immediately slapped shackles onto my ankles and wrists. Confused, I asked why. "Why are you putting shackles on me?" I asked, sort of expecting two answers. One answer for an obvious reason, and the second to know why they were using shackles that we use in our prisons back home. I mean, if Tanim uses something, Yutoo must use them too. They drug me out of the hospital, through the corridor, some people where going back to their quarters. Some were looking straight at me. When we opened the door to the courtyard I couldn't bare being drug around anymore, so I got up to my feet. I'd rather walk anyway. I didn't know where they were taking me though. They went down the hallway towards the stage, but went through a door to the right instead. The men threw me down into a dark, damp, open room. Pointless though, because they immediately picked me back up, disconnected the shackles from each other, and chained me to a wall. Then, without word, they left me.

Not too long after, they came in again and threw the female dog in with me, chained her up, and left. For some reason, I smiled. Like an instinct I extended my claws and picked the locks. I removed the metal tubes from my wrists. "Ah, that's better. At least I know why they used shackles instead of the newer handcuffs. Those things fucking hurt your wrists." I rubbed them. I walked around a little, but stopped in my tracks. "This prison," I thought. "This is the same prison me and Vok were thrown into all that time ago, for when we fought with Nexy." I shook my head. "I really did lose my temper to easily back there. Here let me help you out of those." I walked up to Nexy and picked her locks as well. "Thank you. I don't remember your name very well. What was it?" she asked me. "Heje, Icanash" I told her. We both looked at the floor. "That's lovely." She says. "What?" I ask, a bit confused. "Your name, it's really nice." I blushed just a bit. "Thank you. I'm actually named after my grandmother." I told her. "Hey, I haven't seen you since our little… brawl. Where were you all that time?" she asked. "Oh, well, I went to my first job of course, and then the second day. Then I, I sort of passed out for a couple months. Only to wake up in the hospital find out I'm pregnant, go back to the quarters in an attempt to kill myself. Now I'm here." I tell her as I sit down in the corner. "Wait," she starts. "How did you try to kill yourself?" she asks. "Fire" I answer. "I'm probably the reason we don't have homes anymore. So go ahead, scream at me if you want to." "I'm not gonna do that." She responds.

I lick my hand and rub the back of my head. I found nothing wrong with it, but Nexy found it weird. "What the hell are you doing?" I stared at her for a second, then I went back to what I was doing. "Yo, Heje, don't be licking yourself in front of me girl, its weird" she screams at me. "Huh?" I say. "Oh sorry." I apologize. "I think the rules put more than just a tail and ears on me. Me and Vok were thinking that they actually are turning us into cats. Everyday I'm awake I act more and more like one. Strange thing is this is the same room Vok went into before he left. So how did he escape? I looked around, so did Nexy, and she spotted a window high up a wall. "There. Maybe he got out there." I look at a small window with 3 iron bars in it. "Get over there, I'll give you a boost up Nexy."

Nexy walks to the area straight under the window and I fold my hands together. She steps up and jumps into the window sill. "Can you fit through the bars?" I ask. "Easily" she yells down at me. "Here grab my hand and I'll pull you up." She offers. "I don't need it." In one single jump, I get up onto the window sill and slip out of the bars along with Nexy. "Ok Nexy thanks for that." I tell her. "You're welcome." "So what do we do now? We escaped." I asked. "I guess we go back home." She says. I take a moment to see the smoke still rising above the wall around Yutoo. I nod my head and Nexy runs off to the west. I follow her, seeing that she only lives in the acre directly above mine. I might as well travel with her for now.

But something tells me I'm not gonna travel that far.