Just Need Someone: Reason to Save All

AN1a: After playing ME3 and seeing what has been released so far I felt it only right to update this in an unexpected way, and given Liara some face time to play a little more sly Broker and fix the errors I have missed in my reworking. Not only that but make it different then how the game turns out a bit till the supposed 'Ending DLC' is released.

AN1b: Another change here is that this is placed after the Arrival DLC not the suicide mission nor was the 'romance' talk done before the suicide mission. I just hope I don't make Aura seem more 'stalkerish' in this version lol.

=Normandy SR-2=

It was a scant four hours after the Aura had slammed an asteroid into the mass relay ending 300,000 batarian lives. Aura felt shamed at what she had done, knowing so many countless had died despite her attempts at warnings to the colony.

"..If only I had seen through the trap the indoctrinated had laid! If only.." She said sighing realizing she would not reach anymore sleep this night.

She rolled out of the bed and by habit of military training quickly remade the bed, and straightened the blankets out. She had not always been like this, growing up on Earth especially, but when her crimes finally caught up with her and she was given the choice of either serving in the Alliance or facing jail time, Aura saw the chance to turn her life around and she seized it.

Even their though she had been the wild card, acting to save her own skin, or doing things her own way, but their were moments she was different, the moments that had secured her as a war hero, and in turn caught the attentions of the Specters. Still even after saving the council, dieing, and returning to life once more, holding true to her selfless ways she had changed to part way through the mission to stop Saren and the Heretic Geth. She had to admit that the hollow feeling and guilt she felt gnawed away at the confidence and sense of stability she normally felt.

As if reading her mind, EDI's monotone voice spoke from her call area. "..Commander, judging by your posture and pacing, you appear to be under great distress. Would you like me to forward a request for one of the squad to come speak with you?" EDI asked.

Shepard sighed, shaking her head, "..Thank you EDI but no, none of the squad can give me the comfort I seek right now. Aura replied softly shunning the offer for company.

"..Very well Commander.." EDI said fading from view. Still though only an AI now unshackled from her hardware restraints, the pile of code and software like all the other's of Shepard's crew had been treated and given all the respect one could to an AI, even more so once her shackles had been released. It was for this reason as her avatar faded from view and the camera sub processes showed the Commander retrieving a small M-5 pistol from a drawer that the AI grew a measure of concern such as it was for it.

Like the rest of the crew and indeed even the AI, Shepard had gone out of her way to aide everyone. Even upgrading the SR-2 with every last bit of an edge she could get her hands upon. But as the AI reviewed the log video files, none had really tried to ask the Commander what they could do for her. It was this series of CPU cycles that were but scant seconds that reformed EDI's avatar in the starboard viewing room. There the lone figure of Samara sat still as always in her biotic meditations staring out sightlessly into the void.

EDI had seen how the Commander and the Justicar had formed a true friendship beyond what the others had for her, even her former teammates Tali and Garrus. "..There is a concern which warrants your attentions, Justicar Samara." EDI's voice intoned.

The almost 750 year old Asari's head tilted coming out of her meditations to look at EDI's avatar on the pedestal, "..Indeed? Such as?" She asked.

"..Commander Shepard is in distress; from my own logs you seem closer to her then others of the squad. It would be wise if you went to her quarters. I will unlock her privacy codes." EDI intoned and though not able to convey any sense of emotion per say, the fact she was bypassing such locks conveyed enough to the Justicar that urgency was paramount.

Rising from her sitting position and moving with a quickened pace for the lift Samara, waited with the patience of someone of her late age for the doors to open, however, she had to admit deep down a part of her was indeed worried what might be amiss with the woman that had given everything one could expect in their life or two in Aura's case. Which could make the AI grow concerned. Samara approached the doors as they slid open revealing the Commander's quarters which she quickly took in.

The many fish that Aura had bought in their travels silently continued their swims, the hamster that played in a wheel on the shelf went along its own merry way, the many models Aura had spent her time alone, perhaps a sign of the impending distress she was now showing according to EDI, building in their free time were proudly on display, the room for all intents was silent and seemed normal enough. "..Shepard?" Sarmara said looking about, noting the missing Commander among the sense of normalcy.

Their came a soft sob from near the couch on the lower area, "..Down here.." Aura's soft voice said. Samara moved to view the woman that was a hero to so many, a trusted friend beyond words to all, sitting on the floor with her knees drawn up a M-5 pistol held in her hands one finger curled around the trigger.

"..Shepard? What are you doing?" Samara said, unable to hide her concern in her voice.

"..I...I'm done Samara.." Aura replied. "..I'm done...I'm tired..." she said leaning her forehead down to rest upon the barrel of the pistol. Samara approached carefully, moving in front of the almost broken form of the human woman, she tried to reach out to take away the pistol but pulled back when she saw the woman's muscles tighten, "..I'm done, I've given my all twice now, I have nothing left.." Aura said softly.

"..Sh..Aura.." Samara said switching to the woman's first name, "..There is still more to do, the Reapers are still out there, they are coming you know this." Samara said feeling worry flood her mind. "..the galaxy needs you.."

Aura snorted, "..What's the damn point? The council didn't believe me the first time, they more or less abandoned me this time, I sent them evidence after damnable evidence on all we were doing, hell I even forwarded damn reports IN HAND to their secretaries every time we stopped by the Citadel." She said her voice growing angry in tone. "..what do I get for all that huh? 'We shall discuss the matter, there is not enough proof' blah blah blah!" She said her other fist slamming into the floor plating, and likely was heard below in the CIC.

"..Aura, the council will have no choice but to believe you when we reach the Citadel now, the Normandy's video feeds, your own squad's camera feeds of all that we saw, they will believe you" Samara said.

Aura seemed to slip more into her swirling maelstrom of depression, her eyes seeming hollow and pitted, "..We're only stopping there briefly to offload a few crew then I'm turning over the Normandy to the Alliance..." She trailed off, and there was a long tense silence where she heard a clicking of the pistol's grip, and the Asari felt her breath catch not sure if it was the safety going on, or else the first pull of the pistol's trigger for power up.

The held breath was let out slowly as the pistol clattered to the floor, and the blue skinned woman slid a hand out to slowly pull it away from the Commander's reach. "..Damnit all, what was I thinking?..." She said softly trailing off again glancing at the pistol evidently making her choice on living but still feeling lost and in despair.

Samara knew when someone was at a breaking point, ready to lash out in chaotic maelstrom of emotions that had been building up for who knew how long. It was Aura's strength of character to hold the things in that would have broken anyone else that made her as resilient as she had grown to be. It was what, Samara reflected, had likely attracted Morinth to her in Afterlife. Samara though put that all aside and moved to sit next to the broken woman, "..You feel guilt over what occurred on the colony" Samara said trying to draw the woman out of her self.

"..Yeah I guess so. I did all I could I know that but…I feel like I should have done more, seen through the illusion." She said.

"..You were alone; you did what you thought best and survived an encounter which would have slain anyone else. You are one of the luckiest humans I know." Samara said with a rare shown half smile.

This made Aura's heat flutter as she knew it was so rarely given to anyone in their talks together. It felt strange to Aura to have the Asari in her cabin in such a private setting normally the crew were a door away now they were a full deck and beyond two closed and likely due to EDI locked doors. "…I guess I did at that, though there are times I grow so tired of the constant struggles and fights. I long for a day of peace and quiet." Aura said head hanging half way in weary silence then.

Samara saw Aura seemed in deep thought occasionally looking to the older asari as if thinking on how to say something. She thought said nothing giving the troubled human the time and space to think on how to phrase her thoughts.

Rising finally Aura stood in front of the fish tank and Samara followed the pair looked long at each other in the silence Aura looking down again, finally Samara broke the silence, "..You have been a good friend to me Aura, you have done far more for me and all other life you have met in our travels then any other would have. You should be proud of your accomplishments and what you have achieved and will further achieve in the coming times against the Reapers."

Aura blushed and the pair took a step forward clasping hands, for Samara it was to give support to the younger woman for Aura though that touch to her felt like it was so much more, a feeling she had not felt before. She felt confused and weary but the touch invigorated her to push on, to act in some way rather then turn away in silence any more. "..Samara we….we have a connection you and I. I….consider you a good friend to me as well but yet I feel…more towards you then any other I have ever met." She said stumbling over her words at times feeling like a foolish teen on her first date. One she reflected she had never really had in her life. Oh, she had had people interested in her Kaiden and Liara were two in her travels against Saren she had turned down, Jacob, Garrus and Thane were the trio this time that had expressed an attraction to her and yet she had pushed them gently but firmly away wanting only to be friends. Yet now here she was bearing her heart just as they were to the older asari.

"..I would not dream one so young could touch me so. Your will is stronger then any I have ever met, and your resolve to do what is just and right." Samara replied making for a moment Aura's heart flutter stronger and hope rise in her chest that maybe here she could find something worth fighting for. "..but you must put the thoughts from your mind it can never be." Samara then finished.

Aura though now that she had tasted the feeling of hope in her chest could not let it slide away so easily, she pushed on, "..It can be Samara if you let it! You…you just have to open your mind to what is clearly here between us." She said trying not to sound desperate even though in the back of her mind that was exactly how she felt, desperate for a reason worth fighting on for.

"..I serve a code stronger and deeper then any feelings; my oath to you has ended and I am bound to the code once more, which makes a relationship impossible with the coming war we know is out there." Samara replied still holding onto Aura's hands gently both still holding the other.

"..You kept control for a long time, but you still have needs Samara." Aura said trying to make a feeble point.

"..I have the strength to withstand my own drives Shepard." Samara replied back.

"..You don't have too, the galaxy won't end if you….if we find a bit of happiness." Aura said taking a step closer making Samara back up a step.

"..You're different from anyone I have ever met. I think I could find more then happiness with you." Sarama said feeling her back touch the cool wall to her warm skin. Taking a breath though she added, "..But my self control is who I am do not pursue this please." She asked.

Still Aura felt hope fluttering in her heart, she was close to having her reason, that reason she could push through any fire to the end of time itself if needed. "..You been strong through so much but now it's your time…our time." She said gently and softly leaning in slowly feeling a further swell in her chest as the asari Justicar came closer.

There lips slowly came to meet when Samara's biotics flared gently but firmly, lips inches apart she said, "..Another time…another life." She said stepping back to stroke Aura's cheek clean of the tear that had suddenly formed, "..Shepard…" she said looking down, "..excuse me." She said making her way hastily out of the room taking the M-5 pistol with her without Aura noticing so lost in her sudden turmoil again.

Aura slumped against the fish tank and slid to the floor crying feeling the heaviness return to her. Yet after a short time she found herself renewed with at least a singular purpose outside the recent events. She would prove herself to the elder Justicar, give her that time, that life after the Reapers. It was with this determination that Aura would find the strength to face the jury the next day alone after turning over the Normandy, and hearing their judgment of her suspension from duty.

AN1c: Hope this was better written and flowed I hope better into ME3 Chapter two will be a skip ahead to Samara's mission obviously and her later scene with a few other end game scenes thrown in with slyer handed Liara saving the day