Just Need Someone: Reason to Save All

Chapter 11

==4 Months Later, Citadel Council Chambers==

Aura rubbed her brow as she listened to the other Council members, honestly it felt at times like everything she had worked so hard to save was pointless or worthless. The reason for this was Wrex standing before the Council and arguing for more colonies in unexplored areas beyond the current relays. He had already agreed to be content with those colonies he had already had and was building on, but now he wanted more to expand in areas away from Council space.

"..I do not believe this is a wise choice Urdnot Wrex, your people have already been given much since the end of the Reaper Wars. Now you demand more from this Council." The asari Councilor replied to Wrex's recent demands.

"..Indeed, next thing we know you will be emerging from the relay with hordes of soldiers for a new Rebellion." The Salarian Councilor added.

The Turian councilor had nothing to say so Wrex looked to Aura, as if hoping help would come from her quarter. Which it did to a degree. "..I disagree Councilors, the areas Wrex, and his Krogan wish to tread are unexplored, who knows what lies beyond. I personally would sleep far better at night knowing that the Krogan are guarding such areas and holding such colonies rather then risk our own exploration teams on such danger." She said hoping it would carry a middle ground weight, as with many times Aura had to play peace keeper between the other four. The past four months had been rough for Aura, spending more and more time in the Council chamber rather then with Samara as she had hoped had put a strain on their relationship, but Aura mused, it had not broken their love, nor would it ever.

The elder Justicar had understood her position and responsibilities, and knew that whenever she could Aura would be there, and true to her words Aura was. "..Councilor Shepard has a point, wise beyond her years. Very well Urdnot Wrex we will agree to allow you transport through the relays to six recently discovered hub areas, from there however, you are on your own is this acceptable?" The asari councilor asked quieting a coming protest from the Salarian one.

Wrex grunted, "..Six hub colonies, you got yourself a deal." He grinned happy with the arrangement. Turning without a word as a messenger ran up to Aura.

"..Councilor Shepard forgive me but your bond mate Justicar Samara has gone into labor, she is being transported to Huerta Memorial Hospital." the human man said huffing some. Obviously having run all the way, why someone had not simply comm her she had no idea. "..Fellow Councilors excuse me!" She said not waiting for permission simply dashing off, if they had a problem with it they could fire her for all she cared at the moment.

==20 Minutes later==

"..Come on Bailey cant this thing go faster!" She said urging Bailey to drive the hover car faster.

"..Sorry Councilor even C-Sec has to obey emergency laws, Spectre or not." He replied.

Aura slumped back into the seat with a huff, fidgeting every moment as she resumed her open comm with Samara, working as best she could through the breathing exercises with her love. "..1 and 2...3 and 4 love.." She said through the link. "..You three doing ok?" she asked.

Samara's labored breathing came back with grunts and groans. "..Yes Aura.." She said in between contractions. "..We are well. I wish you would get here it would...urgh make the matter go far more easily." she said.

Over the comm as the distance passed Aura did her best to guide Samara through their exercises, she knew that Asari often initiated a bond during the birthing process with their bond mate to ease the pain but obviously the current heavy traffic conspired against her for that plan. Finally though they arrived at the hospital and Aura barely hollered a 'hank you' to Bailey before dashing through the hospital following the cues left by Samara and her own direction sense.

Finally she arrived, as the asari nurse moved aside wiping Samara's brow off and offered her the soon mother to be's hand. "..The first should be coming soon." The nurse said.

Aura nodded and sat down with a huff next to Samara, "..Ok I'm here...what do I do?" She asked catching her breath.

Taking several deep breathes as the contractions bore down Samara said, "..You must relax, as I initiate the bond.." Samara replied.

Slowly Aura felt the bond meld between them, and the area about distance itself from her vision. The darkness of stars and light came to her, it was similar she reflected to Liara's gift of their own journeys together but yet it was different too, as the ebbing flow of the birthing process came to Aura. It was strange for sure to say the least for her.

Samara's voice came to her through the bond, "..Thank you Aura, this is...far more easy to...endure now." She said still sounding strained.

"..Let me lend all I can for you love, you saved me so many times, let this be our time now more then ever to support each other." Aura mentally replied.

Slowly the hours passed and first one then the other twin was born, their names registered and each coming out healthy as could be. As the bond ended Aura was sweaty and tired but no where she mused as Samara likely was. Taking their newly born asari daughters into her arms Samara said, "..Sunra, and Milra Shepard, welcome to the world. May the Godess Athene watch upon us this day of your birth and bless our Union once more." Samara said in a sing song like fashion.

Aura whom only recently had taken up faith herself, in the Goddess replied. "..Her wisdom guide you, her graces shine upon you, may our love forever watch upon you as she watches upon us." Aura finished the prayer. Leaning down to kiss each daughter's forehead lightly.

Aura felt a soft tingle of the asari baby's instinct to bond to the parents as she did so and smiled. Laying her head on Samara's shoulder she sighed, "..I never want this moment to end." She said.

Thankfully fate, did not plan on playing any cruel tricks upon her and the 'moment' turned into several peaceful hours of adoration and sharing fond memories with each other and their new lives they had made.

AN: And this ends act 1 :) Act 2 will be starting off soon enough stay tuned!