Chapter 2

Meanwhile Back upstairs Murdoc was making Alphonce a sandwich. He was still a bit shook up at the fact that he has a son.

"What am I going to do with him?" Murdoc said to himself as he carried the plate to the lift.

He rode down the lift with a plate of food in one hand and a cup of juice in the other. When the lift doors opened he saw 2D showing a photo album to Alphonce.

"Tha's Noodle an tha's Russel." 2D said as he pointed to the pictures.

Suddenly, Alphonce spotted a picture of 2D's Ex-girlfriend Paula Cracker.

"'Ey isn't 'at my mummy?" He asked pointing to the picture.

"Wot do ya' mean?" 2D asked.

"It looks alot like 'er." Alphonce answered.

"Wha's your mum's name?" 2D asked a little nervously.

"Paula." Alphonce Replied.

2D's eyes widened and he looked up at Murdoc with a I-need-an-explanation look.

Murdoc sighed and sat the lunch he made for Alphonce on a dresser then walked over and sat down next to 2D.

Murdoc placed Alphonce in his own lap, then began to explain everything.

"A few years ago after the El manana incident, I ran into Paula at a local bar. I was having a few drinks because I was trying to get rid of the depression I had ever since we lost Noodle."

2D Nodded in undertstanding as Murdoc continued to explain.

"I looked over and spotted Paula then invited her to come and have a drink with me. I was planning for it to be just a short 'Catching Up With An Old Friend' Talk. But unfortunately after a few drinks, we had became so drunk that both me and her ended up having a fling in my Winnebago."

2D's mouth slightly dropped open. Then he just sighed and shook his head.

He looked and leaned in towards Alphonce to get a closer look at him.

"Yea' I can kinda see 'e resemblance." 2D answered.

Suddenly, Alphonce reached up and grabbed a strand of 2D's blue hair and began pulling on it.

"Ow! hey let go!" 2D yelped.

Murdoc became surprised at this and chuckled. After a few minutes, Alphonce finally let go and giggled.

"He certainly takes afta' you a little bit Mu'doc." 2D muttered.

"He does, doesn't he?" Murdoc replied.

"Hey daddy wot's a fling?" Alphonce asked Murdoc.

"Uh..I'll tell ya' when you'e older." Murdoc replied slightly blushing.

Murdoc sat Alphonce back down on the bed.

"Your food is there on the dresser if you want it." Murdoc told him.

With that he headed to the lift.

Later that night when everyone was sleeping Alphonce woke up crying quietly. He had a bad dream.

But once the little two year old stopped crying he looked and saw that 2D was still sleeping next to him. He shook him gently but all the blue haired singer did was turn over and continue snoring quietly.

"I'll go sleep wif daddy." Alphonce whispered to himself.

He crawled out of bed and headed to the lift. He looked and saw the button for Murdoc's bedroom then reached up and pressed it.

Suddenly the lift started moving.

Once the lift stopped the doors opened and Alphonce stepped out and into his father Murdocs bedroom.
He heard Murdoc snoring very loudly and walked up to the side of his bed.

He then climbed up onto the bed, although it was very difficult since he was very little. Once he was on top of the bed he crawled over to Murdoc and whispered in his ear.

"Daddy a'e yew awake?" Alphonce whispered.

Murdoc suddenly began stirring from his sleep.

He sat up and saw a small dark figure staring at him. He screamed and scrambled away from it. But as he did, he
ended up falling off of his bed.

"Daddy wot's wrong?" A voice asked.

"Wot the?" Murdoc exclaimed flicking on the lights.

The lights turned on and he saw his son Alphonce sitting on the bed.

"WOT ARE YOU DOING IN HERE?" Murdoc shouted stomping over to Alphonce.

"Wait daddy! I'm so'wy I din't mean ta sca'e yew!" Alphonce said as he covered his face.

"Wot are you doing here then?" Murdoc questioned.

"I 'ad a bad dweam and I jus' wanted ta' sleep wif yew!" Alphonce explained.

Murdoc raised his eyebrow. "What?"

"Mummy used to let me sleep wif 'er when I 'ad a bad dweam." He told Murdoc.

Murdoc pinched his forehead and shook his head.

'Why do I have to be the babysitter?' He thought to himself.

Murdoc sighed and flicked the lights off then laid down on the bed next to Alphonce.

"Fine but don't git used to this kid." He told him as he pulled the covers over the two of them.

Alphonce hugged him close and went to sleep.

Murdoc slightly smiled at this, then closed his eye's and went back to sleep.