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The Doctor and Rory met up in the console room early the next morning. Both boys were exhausted from getting very little sleep the night before, for they were both too afraid of what their wives might do to them in their sleep. Rory spent most of the time glaring at the Doctor.

"This is all your fault you know. If you hadn't gotten bored we wouldn't be in this mess." Rory grumbled.

"Me? This is my fault? How is that so? It was your idea to push Pond into the pool, not mine!" The Doctor scoffed.

"Yeah, well it was your idea to prank them…" Rory muttered.

"When I said pranking, my idea was to jump out and yell 'Boo', not to get this elaborate. I acknowledge that getting River mad was my fault, so be a man and accept that getting Pond mad was all on you." The Doctor retorted.

Neither of them noticed Amy and River coming down the stairs to the console room until Amy said good morning to them.

Expecting flames, the two men instantly jumped to their feet, with Rory hiding behind the Doctor.

River smirked and said, "Hello, Sweetie!"

Remembering the tone River had used when she had said that to him the night before, the Doctor grabbed Rory and used him as a shield in between himself and River.

Rory didn't want to be that close to Amy, so he shoved the Doctor. The Doctor once again did the same, and the cycle repeating itself over and over. This left Amy and River watching and laughing at the two boys' behavior.

Eventually, River decided that they needed to get going soon and pulled the two apart.

"Come on now, you two, stop messing around. We have the whole universe at our disposal! Let's go on and see it."

The two boys stared at River, dumbfounded. The Doctor was the first to recover.

"So… you're not mad at me?" The Doctor asked incredulously.

River laughed as she replied, "Of course not! Why would I be?"

The Doctor opened his mouth to remind her of the night before, but then thought better of it, hoping that she had short-term amnesia or something.

Rory walked over to where Amy stood.

"So you're not mad at me either?" he inquired.

"No, silly! Is there a reason why I should be?" Amy chirped.

Rory immediately grinned, assuming the same thing as the Doctor, "No, no of course not. I was just… checking."

Amy smiled and shook her head before giving a quick kiss. Rory resolved that he'd make sure she didn't have a concussion later, and just enjoy her good mood while he could.

After eating breakfast and such, the four time travellers made their way back to the console room.

"So where are we going to be going today?" The Doctor asked.

River and Amy gave each other knowing looks. The first step of their plan was about to come into play.

Amy stopped and pretended to think for a minute before answering, "Oh, I know! How about we go skiing? I've heard that Colorado is beautiful…"

Both men looked surprised at the request.

The Doctor looked around as he asked, "All in favor?"

There was a chorus of yesses before they decided going in the year 2012 to a mountain in Colorado that would be picked at random.

"Wait a second," the Doctor said as he piloted the TARDIS, "I don't know about the rest of you, but I haven't the foggiest idea on how to ski."

"Yeah, me neither." Rory agreed.

"We can teach you two if you want." River and Amy chorused.

Rory and the Doctor looked at each other and shrugged. "Sure, why not?" Rory replied.

The TARDIS bucked and rocked as it flew through space and time with its passengers tumbling about inside. Finally, the ship shuddered to a stop, and they arrived at their destination.

"Alright," the Doctor started, "everyone go get changed into thermal snow gear. We all meet back here in half and hour, got it?"

Everyone nodded and charged to the TARDIS wardrobe, and half an hour later, everyone was suited up and walked out of the TARDIS to the lodging area to get tickets and sign the paperwork for renting ski equipment.

After what seemed like an eternity, everyone was outside on the base of the mountain with their skis on and heading towards the lift.

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