They'd just watched Rory go down with Amy, clinging to her like she was the last life raft on the Titanic, and the Doctor had laughed at him. He'd started to get cocky, but showing him what he had to go down would soon fix that, River thought as she dragged him towards the edge. Currently he was going on about something to do with physics and momentum, so she just tuned him out.

As the Doctor looked down, his rambling trailed off, leaving an expression similar to a deer caught in the headlights. River waved her hand in front of his face, but there was no reaction. A cruel thought crossed her mind, and she shoved him over the edge. This snapped him out of his trance, and his arms wind milled, struggling to remember what he was supposed to do.

"RIVER!" the Doctor screamed as he raced towards the trees, completely out of control. She quickly chased him down, but she couldn't get there fast enough, and fell to the ground. However, when he hit the ground, he didn't stop. He kept rolling until he finally hit a tree. Luckily, by the time he hit it, he'd slowed down enough that it wouldn't hurt him, only keep him in one spot.

By the time River had reached the Doctor, he was shaking. She bit her lip, thinking that pushing him over the edge might have been a slightly uncalled for. She grabbed his arm, pulling him to his feet, hoping that she hadn't completely petrified her poor husband.

"You okay?" River asked.

The Doctor looked like he had been about to nod, but then he looked down the hill and he stiffened. River moved in front of him to block his view of the way down before his eyes could glaze over again.

The Doctor shook his head as if to clear his thoughts and then croaked, "I- I don't really… Never mind. It's stupid."

River looked at him deadpan serious. "Sweetie, I'm your wife. I won't laugh, just tell me."

"I…" The Doctor gulped, and then stuttered, "I'm- I don't like… being this high up."

"You're afraid of heights?" River asked disbelievingly. "But you have a space ship, and that's pretty damn high up!"

He shrugged slightly and refused to meet her eyes, suddenly seeming sort of shy. "In space there's no gravity, not much for you to hit."

"Half the time you crash-land."

"Yes, but the TARDIS takes the brunt of the fall. Also, I don't exactly see just how high up I am…" He sighed, and nervously ran a gloved hand through his hair out of habit. "I don't know how to explain it. It's fine if I'm in the TARDIS, but falling off a cliff doesn't exactly sound fun to me."

River instantly felt guilty. If she'd known that he was afraid of heights, then she would never have done this. It was odd how he could be so different to everyone else, but at times be so… human. She would've never expected the Doctor to have such a normal fear.

She sighed and responded, "Why didn't you tell me? This would've been a little useful to know. And don't you dare say you were embarrassed," she looked at him as he opened and then closed his mouth. He had presumably about to say what she'd predicted. River continued, "Now come on, time to face your fears."

The Doctor looked at her in horror. "What do you mean? Now?"

She nodded. "Yes, now come on. I lead, and you follow, got it? Just mirror what I do. I won't go fast."

The Doctor bit his lip, and looked down the side of the mountain. He looked back at her and shook his head, his eyes wide and terrified. "No, I-I can't. No way."

"Doctor." River turned his attention back onto her, trying to distract him from the slope ahead. "You're always asking me to trust you, but right now, I need you to trust me."

He closed his eyes, and for about a minute, he was completely silent. Finally, the Doctor opened his eyes and nodded."

"Okay, so just follow me. You're smart, you'll catch on."

She started with easy, simple movements that carved across the mountain. Just as she promised, she went slow, but still fast enough that they made progress. He was really unsteady at first, but just as she thought, he caught on quick and was soon adding his own flair. After a while, he was even grinning and laughing, and seemed to be having a good time. They started to race each other down the mountain, and revenge was soon wiped clear from River's mind.

Meanwhile, on the other trail Amy and Rory were struggling down the mountain, the wind whipping at them relentlessly. Amazingly, Rory got the basics down pretty fast, and had quickly adapted to the long strips of metal on his feet. They would've even been having a great time if not for the cold, piercing wind. Amy and Rory pulled their jackets around themselves tighter, and went a little faster in the hopes that they'd reach the warmth of the lodge sometime soon.

"Amy, how much longer do you think until we reach the bottom of the mountain?" Rory called out through the howling gale.

Amy squinted and almost groaned when she noticed that snow was starting to fall too. She'd been asking herself the same question for the past fifteen minutes, and had been about to ask him the same thing. She shook snowflakes out of her hair. They were falling fast, and the temperature had started to drop pretty rapidly.

"Amy? I just want to say now that I'm never shoving you into a pool ever again, got it?"

Amy laughed, for the first time since they'd started skiing that day, remembered the reason why they'd brought the boys here. "So you've learned your lesson?"

Rory hit a patch of ice and skidded, barely avoiding falling on his butt. "Yes!"

"Good! I wonder how River and the Doctor are doing?"

Rory replied, "Well she's probably making his life hell. You know, I'm starting to wonder if hell has actually frozen over, and this is it."

Amy snorted and shook her head. "Nah, if this was hell frozen over, we wouldn't have coats on. That'd be too kind."

"True. Very true."

Suddenly, they heard a loud crack in the distance. The two of them looked over to where the noise came from, and saw a massive chunk of snow tumble down a hill, the avalanche getting bigger and bigger.

At first Amy was relieved it was so far away, but then she realized something that made her blood run colder than the frigid air around them.

The avalanche was on the trail River and the Doctor had taken.

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