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"Hey Bloobler."

"Greetings … Little Finger?" He retorted, plopping down in the booth seat across from me.

"...Little Finger?"

"You know. People always callin' you Pinky."

"Oh-my-Chaos Sonic, could you possibly be more lame? That sounds like some mobster nickname who I dunno– cuts off people's little fingers and shoves them up their butts or something as their signature." Suppressing the giggles that churned in my chest was fruitless so I sat there laughing out loud at his blant cheesiness.

He glanced to me with a simper whipped on his muzzle as he flicked away a crumb off the tabletop and breathed out chuckles.

"You know it's a good one."

"What the hell, NO! That's the worst of all." I shook my head. His lack of effort for coming up with most ridiculous nicknames on the spot was starting to become unbelievable. "I see what you're doing." I commented accusingly with a know-it-all grin, taking a sip of my lemon water.

"Oh really? What am I doing Ames, pray tell." He plopped his chin onto the back of his hand that stood tall on its elbow, putting all his weight against it and ogling me full on.

"You're pretending to be so indifferent about the creativity now so that when you come up with a nickname that truly sucks, you can just act like you didn't put a lot of thought into it." I leered.

"That," he grabbed my half-full, plastic diner's cup and dragged it over to his side, taking a prolonged, dramatic sip before continuing, "is not true." He pushed it back over to my side.

I exhaled a mild snort, "Sure. ANYways how were these last five hours without me, hmmmm?" I pestered while waving to Jet, our friend and waiter to let him know we were ready to order our weekly Friday night dinner. He flicked his chin up briefly, acknowledging my wave and held up a sole finger, signifying he'll be there to attend us in a hot minute.

"Oh well let's see. There was no one to talk my ear off about her favorite fiction boys, eat all my Little Debbie snacks, and definitely no one to leave drool all over my favorite shirt and take up all the space on my mega pillows as she knocked out on my shoulder. I'd say it's been an amazing past five hours." He stuck his tongue out and winked.

"Excuse yourself Sonic, that wasn't drool. That was deep slumber, err, ichorous? Yeah. Ichorous."

He eyeballed me deadpan, incredulous, before pulling out his phone and opening up a dictionary app.

I surveyed him as he tapped in the term and read the definition out loud, "... An acrid, water discharge as in from an ulcer or wound? HA HA, EW!"

"WHAT!? Give me that!" I plucked the phone from his fingers as he clutched to his stomach with his arm, collapsing back against the cushioned booth into a hoot of guffawing.

I scoffed, glaring at his smartphone screen as I read through the definitions.

"Of course you'd read the second definition. I was referring to the first one- AN ETHEREAL FLUID FLOWING IN THE VEINS OF THE GODS!"

"Imma stick with the second one Amy, thanks!" He abused the poor table with his hand slapping chortles.

I rolled my eyes, sliding his phone back over to him and crossing my arms.

Jet was now lackadaisically making his way over to us, notepad in hand and pen tucked behind his ear.

"Good evening ya goons. Will it be the usual as always?" He throatily greeted, smirk in place on his beak and eyes glistening with mischievous constantly. Even if he was just taking orders.

"Haha hey Jet. And yeah, usual for me." I informed.

"Sup Jet, how's it goin? And the usual for me too." Sonic replied, getting a grip over himself.

"Pretty good Blue Boy. And alright. Makes it easy for me. I'll be back soon with your orders. Drink, Sonic?"


"Cool. Be back quick."

He departed and we turned back to each other.

"TGIF man, TGIF."

"True, true."

"Okay but you know what? School might not be so bad next Monday." He proposed.

"Why? Mondays are always shitty, no matter what. Well, unless we don't have school that day then they're not." I fingered abstract designs on the table and reclined against my palm boringly as we waited for our food. Sonic casually scrolled through his phone but remained primarily focused on the conversation.

"I heard there's gonna be a new student in our grade."

"Uh. Okay? What's so great about that." I chuckled with light sardonicy.

"She's the prez's daughter."

That made me snap my unequivocally alert inspection up to him. He was peering at me all cockily in his trademark way.

"What? Why here?"

"Yep. And I dunno, something about wanting to have a low-key, normal teenage life despite all that."

"So she chose Station Square High?"

"Apparently. We are #32 in the top 100 high schools of all of United Federation. That's low-key and good enough."

"Hmm. I guess."

"Dude Amy. Real talk, have you ever seen this chick?"

"Yeah. Why?"

"She's friggin gorgeous! Guys and girls are gonna be flockin' to her man."

I hauled my apathetic scrutiny that I had resumed away from the table again and back up to him. He wiggled his eyebrows up and down as if to hint something. I narrowed my lids into slits of suspicion while eagle-eyeing him.

"Okay before I even ask as to why the hell you're making your eyebrows dance up and down at me, I gotta know is that seriously the only reason to flock to her... "

He stopped playing with his brows and peered at me quizzically. "Whaddaya mean?"

"I mean, after all that she's done like using her fame and voice for positive influence, her amazing intellect, and overall representation of teens fighting causes of universal struggles in the youth everywhere... They're only gonna admire her for her physical appeal? Really? Including you, Sonic?"

"Well… No." He glanced away sheepishly.

"SONIC!" I perked up straight and bored lasers into him, wishing I had Blaze's pyro fanciness at that moment to actually ignite his cobalt ass. "Have you really heeded nothing from me after all these years of practically being each other's half!?"

He erupted into sniggers, mildly facepalming as he shielded his eyes.

"What the hell are you laughing about?" His nonchalance over being a fuckboi ignorant was beginning to melt my brain with aggravation.

"Amy… AMYY. I'M KIDDING! C'mon now! Of course I'm better than that, you gotta give me some credit! Do you honestly think lust is functioning this walking, talking slab of meat?"

I sighed, loosening up.

Thank Chaos.

"Quit jabbing my buttons. I sometimes still can't make out if you're just dickin' around."

"What can I say, I'm a pro. I should look into acting, dontcha think?"


"Haha. Oh Ames, relax. If you're worried about me going after her only for her looks then don't. I know she's got way more than that to her."


Jet came back with two plates of our orders. He placed them down in front of us respectfully, inquiring if we needed anything else.

"I'm good bro, thanks!"

"Yeah, looks perfect, gracias amigo."

"Sure thing. Just signal me if you guys need anything else." He reminded us before stalking off.

We instantly dug in, sparing no second longer to subdue our growling beasts of stomachs.

"So Ames, will ya help your #1 out and give him a head start in this race." Sonic spoke up after a minute of silent chowing.

"She's not a prize to be won."

"I know, I know. I just mean… Help me out please?"

I almost choked on my cheeseburger bite.

"Help you out!?" I stooped low and peeked under the table, lifted a napkin and then my cup, exaggeratedly looked around the diner then straight at him before inquiring, "Where the fheck did your ego go!?"

He pulled his chili dog back out of his mouth that was milliseconds away from being bitten into and glowered at me, keeping his weiner close to his face.

I snickered impishly, leaning over and wiping the chili off the top corner of his mouth. "I joke. But seriously why do you need my help? You're SoniiIiIIIc." I sung out his name mockingly. "You can get any girl to fall for you. You've proven that over and over Sir Swaggy."

"She's different." He muffled through his bite.

"Not really? Honestly, she's just another anthro like us. She's coming here in hopes of being treated like a normal teen. So treat her as such. Just don't be a hotdogger or overconfident and you'll be fine."

"Yeah see that's the thing. Sometimes I go beyond my limits. I need your help proving to her I'm not all... Ego." He rubbed the back of his head uneasily, an insecure smile tugging at the corner of his lips.

I paused and emitted a light weighted breath of sympathy, bothered to see him unsettled by his personality.

There was no denying Sonic was the Casanova of Station Square. A complete womanizer from his looks to his charm. I'd see girls do double takes (triple even!) as he walked by, or just straight on stare at him with hearts for eyes and you could always catch them huddled around the spots he would typically be seen hanging out. If confident enough, they'd walk up to him and strike a flirtatious conversation and oh man did Sonic revel in that shit. They were peasants of his selfdom, willing to do whatever it took to battle their way up to become his princess. He knew it, they knew it, I knew it, hell everyone one knew it and you'd think people would be so put off or fed up with that crap but no, it had become an entertainment, a sport, a lifestyle. And it was tolerable, when it came to him. Why? Because aside from being autocratic, he was more importantly, the greatest friend you could ever ask for- to everyone! His passionate, kindhearted amenity stomped over all other egocentric qualities and everyone could see that once they got to know him. His cockiness was overlooked by because it was copacetic. He was the guy to befriend, somehow have in your social circle and not because he was "cool" but because he was just simply put, commendable. He would bend over backwards to help anyone out any way he could, and it would kill him if he failed to do so. And it didn't matter who you were, he would be your friend. And that's all what anyone ever truly wants to make it through high school.

The hedgehog he is when not at school or in public, well, that's a completely different persona. The one I know, love and had the honor of seeing everyday when it's just the two of us was a complete goofball and utterly down to earth. His social mask was off and he would transform back into the guy I befriended on the first day I stepped into childhood and knocked on his door, asking his parents if they had a kid to play with. That hoglet was someone I knew inside and out, behind closed doors and open. Sometimes we would be mistaken for twins, and I wouldn't blame them. We were like peanut butter and jelly, Jessie and James, ketchup and mustard, music and a heartbeat. We were close.

He was my best friend. My other half.

"Sonic. You're not all ego. Trust me. You're so much more than that. Compassionate, caring and an amazing friend. But if it really puts your mind at ease then fine. I'll, I don't know, introduce you two? I'm not exactly sure how you want me to go about this."

A sense of ease coursed over him as he smiled down quietly at his plate, dodging my regards. I grinned at the rare, bashful demeanor that would sometimes slip into his dispositions, unbeknownst to himself.

"Yeah, yeah just uh, befriend her. Let's invite her to sit with our group and stuff." He piped up, quick to cover up his simplicity.


"Cool beans!"

"No. No please. Don't say that."


I giggled at the nerd he was. "You're losing your strenuously worked for street cred bro."

"Bro. Please don't tell anyone bro. Stuff like this is only between you and me, you know that brosky."

"Oh my Chaos Sonic, shut up," I grinned, throwing a burnt chip of a fry at him. A cheek swelling beam popped up on his facet as he dodged it, little snickers drifting from him.

"Nah, but really Ames, thanks. I know I can always count on you."

I saucily flipped my mid length hair that was tied in a ponytail over my shoulder. "Who else?"

"Hey, hey now Little Finger, being full of themself is my job. I think I'm rubbing off on you a little too much."

"Dude, it's way too late to do anything about that. You and I. We're just genderbends of each other at this point."

"Oh Chaos, I'm ugly as hell as a girl then."

"And I'm frighteningly bigheaded as a boy."

"Love ya too Ames." He winked, biting into his second chili dog.

*Rewritten as of 12/19/15