I will destroy you in the most beautiful way possible,

and when I leave, you will finally understand

why hurricanes are named after people.


"I really can't believe they were allowed to change the prom theme at the last minute."

"So many people already bought their masks too. That was pretty messed up of them."

"Wonder why they did it?"

"Something about safety issues… no strangers wandering in or something- I don't know it's all a bunch of bs. Probably just went over the budget. This school is so cheap."

"Oh well... At least the new theme is decent and slightly more original…. Night In the Spotlight...hmm…"

Gathered in Rouge's room, the four of us girls casually conversed while preparing for the highly anticipated event. I had to admit that switching to 'Going Hollywood' tonight wasn't a dreadful idea. At least my dress was perfectly suitable for the occasion. It didn't really bother me. And now I didn't have to worry about my mask sabotaging my makeup.

"What time did the guys say they would be here?" I questioned up as I straightened my hair. I planned on going simple yet sumptuous with my locks. Heated slick straight and tossed to one side over my left shoulder. It was easy to manage and anyways, no matter what fancy hairstyle I would have gone with, it would have been sweated out by the end of the night- cause I knew the rest of my night's agenda consisted of being glued to the dance floor.

"Around 8:15." Blaze responded from behind me as she also uncurled her hair that had beautifully grown out to the middle of her back. Her adorable, distinct feathers were pinned astern and her bangs were rolled backwards neatly across the top of her head.

She adorned a lovely, navy blue frock-like dress with a sweetheart neckline. The elaborately decorated sleeves fell past her shoulders and two, thin little diamond strings tightly wrapped around her tender waist. Silver accessories, including glittered pumps contrasted perfectly with the deep blue and shone radiantly even in the dimmest light.

I glanced at the clock and it read 7:45. Half an hour left 'til their arrival and Rouge was still prancing around with wet hair from her one hour shower when I shifted my gaze over to her.

"Rouge you have thirty minutes left to fix up your hair!"

"Oh chill, I got this. My hairstyle won't even take ten!"

"We'll see about that…" I mumbled, finishing up on my last strand. Wrapping up the cord and putting away the flat iron, I touched up my smokey makeup and plopped a seat on her bed. Being the first to finish, thankfully, I spared my time admiring Cream as she twirled around in Rouge's closet, checking her dress in the mirror for any overlooked flaws for the umpteenth time. Draped across her petite form was a royal purple, A-line gown, left shoulder bare. The chiffon skirt gently flared out, engulfing her body in a sea of mulberry purple and illusioning her to look slightly taller. Across the clothed shoulder and stopping just above her waist, going across, was a sash like design of tiny, silver diamonds banded together, garnished against the purple fabric. Her hair bounced around in untamed curls, half of it loosely tied up at her crown. Her bangs split in the middle and framed her round face softly.

"You look absolutely beautiful Cream. Like a princess." I complimented with total adoration.

On the little jewelry she had on, there were hints of turquoise and her feet were covered with silver, open toe stilettos.

She looked back at me, her uncertain frown immediately shifting to a confident beam of pearly whites.

"You really think so?"

"I know so." I winked.

"You look amazingly gorgeous yourself. Dressed up already?"

"Yep. Just gotta throw on my heels over there." I nodded in the direction of the red, ankle strap pumps propped up on the shoe box.

"Oh those are hot." She remarked.

"Courtesy of Rouge."


"And she said her hairstyle didn't even take ten minutes! Now look at her, the last one to be ready. Still not ready actually!"

Standing at the foot of the stairwell was the whole gang except for Shadow, Sonic and the fashionably late, Rouge the Bat.

The guys arrived fifteen minutes ago, and proceeded the tradition of slipping on the corsage on the ladies aside from me. I snapped a picture of each couple's intimate moment with my polaroid camera except for one. Poor Knuckles patiently, or lack of, leaned against the railing and let out a puff of irritation, sealed corsage still in hand.

"Can someone go get her or something?" He asked.

"Get her?" A voice announced from atop the stairs. We turned our heads to the source and there stood the much awaited bat.

"It takes time to look this good, okay?!" She continued, advancing down the stairs in her elite poise.

Enveloping her curves was a long, emerald green, velvet dress that continued to trail a few inches past her feet. Tightened around her torso, it fell in subtle slits down her waist. The upper half, starting from the tank sleeves, was embellished in a light gold and formally bedazzled embroidery, all modestly designed on a mesh fabric and dipping low in the valley between her bosom.

Her soft, cotton white hair was tightened in a magical updo of half messy, half tightened, poofed bun, as her long thick bangs formed one, big, loose wave as it fell delicately over her right eye. Lambent gold makeup subtly traced her face.

Knuckles' eyes lit up, twinkling underneath the hall chandelier as did her gold and diamonds and all sense of irritation evaporated into thin air within a millisecond.

"It was… definitely... worth the wait. You're such a prize, Rouge. Man am I one lucky mofo'."

Finally reaching the bottom, Rouge stood, blushing. I think it was the first time I actually saw her bashful. Her date lightly laid one her on nude lips and set in motion the corsage custom.

It was a moment definitely worth capturing.

The moment soon ended as I snapped a pic of the final couple. Compliments were passed all around as we all stood marveling at each other, the gentlemen looking spiffy in their different variations of black tuxedos, Silver donning suspenders underneath, Knuckles with a blazer and Tails going with the classic bowtie, each coordinating with their dates outerwear.

Amongst the chatter, Blaze suddenly pulled me aside.

"I'm gonna go get a drink of water in the kitchen. Come with me?"

"Yeah, sure."

We entered the kitchen and Blaze began speaking to me in a hushed tone while grabbing a glass.

"I just feel so bad everyone has a date Ames. Are you going to be okay? I really, really don't want you to feel left out at all tonight. I know how that can be, being the outsider at my old school and all."

"Aww, Blaaaze. You know I'm gonna be just fine! You guys are the bestest friends anyone could ask for, I know I won't feel left out around you all. You all make sure to keep everyone involved."

"I know, but sometimes we get too lovey dovey with our partners and as a personal oath to you, I promise not to be that way with Silver tonight."

"Are you crazy Blaze? It's prom! You guys gotta be a stereotypical high school teen couple tonight of all nights!"

She giggled as she handed me a glass of water.

"So just have fun and don't worry about me. Please? You make me feel like the world revolves around me and I hate that!" I gently nudged her as we leaned against the kitchen island.

"I love you Amy, you're my best friend."

"I love ya too Blaze, but please don't sweat about me girl!"

"Alright, but I'm keepin my eyes on you!"

"You girls ready to go now or naw?" Silver popped in.

I passed Blaze and assuring smile before entwining our arms together.

"Yep, ready as we'll ever be!"

"Well then let's roll!" Silver hollered, echoing throughout the house.

We stepped outside and right in front of us on the gravelled roundabout was Cream's early graduation gift, a Volkswagen T1, teal and white, and also our ride to prom. I absolutely loved it. It was just adorable, perfect for Cream and the little hippie in her.

"Could we really have not just rented a limo?" Knuckles blatantly questioned.

"Wooow Knuckles, a limo, so original my brain is exploding at the thought of it." Tails sarcastically shot back in Cream's defense as she tossed him the keys.

"Yeah don't be so rude! This ride is absolutely sick!" Silver had already climbed the small ladder on the side and stood atop where any luggage was supposed to be placed for travelling.

"You wanna talk to me about rude!? You're the one standing on top of her friggin' brand new car! Cream look at this!"

Cream just giggled as Silver continued to pose like a wannabe model, looking off into the distance with a smolder plastered on to his face.

"It's fine guys! I'm not offended by anyone. I'm sorry Knuckles, I know it's not your style and Silver if you wanna ride on top the whole way with Blaze, then feel free to!"

The second those words left Cream's mouth, Silver's pupils enlarged, illuminating with sparkles as he looked over to Blaze.



All sign of hope and excitement was slapped away with that one single word.

"Aw baby c'mon!" Silver pouted, now on his knees, still on the roof of the car.

"Look you! I did not spend one whole hour on my hair trying to perfect it only to let ten minutes of wind defilement completely abrogate my hard work! Amy how 'bout you join the maniac?"

"Actually… it doesn't sound like a bad idea! Yeah Silver, I'll join you! I can easily fix my hair again."


He hopped right back up spiritedly and held out a hand for me as I lifted my dress with one hand and climbed the ladder with the other, grabbing his.

"Give me your camera!" Blaze shouted.

I handed her my polaroid and she quickly snapped a pic of Silver and I on top of Cream's lovely wheels, as we posed back to back, forming guns out of our fingers like we were on a mission.

"Alright, alright enough with the pictures and selfies… Rouge. I see you back there! We better get going now." Tails took charge.

Everyone climbed into the van below, Tails our chauffeur. Silver and I plopped down gently on the hood, and we were off to prom.


They say life moves pretty quickly and if you don't stop and look around for a while, you could miss it. And they couldn't be more right. Here I sat on top on Cream's funky Volkswagen in prom attire, next to my best bud Silver while coasting down the open roadways. I couldn't be more… enraptured. The wind devoured me up entire in its soothing grasp; And yet I felt so free. The typical, unfilled void within me didn't appear to exist for a moment. We stop at a light and I gaze over to Silver. His head is slightly thrown back as he leaned against his arms that propped him up. His golden irises, always full of life, full of love, are veiled behind closed lids, calmness coating over his usual energetic aura. I look back ahead of me and see the sky on fire against the palm trees. I swallowed the colors it offered me and felt fuller than the crepuscular light that blazed across heaven. I try my best to respond to every call that excites my spirit. The trick is to enjoy life, I think to myself. Don't wish away your days, waiting for better ones ahead. Don't miss the gifted present, looking back at what's passed.

I suddenly felt weight on my shoulder. Silver's quills tickled my muzzle and neck as he rested his head on my bare skin, the softness of them sending electric chills down my spine. I smile down at him even though his eyes were still closed. The tune of the current song playing below softly drifted up to us, pushing against the clamor of the traffic and city life. I concentrated hard, trying to make out what song was playing. It sounded familiar. Silver's eyes instantly snapped open.

"TURN IT UP GUYS, IT'S ONE OF MY FAVORITE SONGS!" He shouted down below.

Neighboring drivers sitting in their cars stared at us in amusement. A bunch of reckless teens, dressed up fancy and havin' a jam. I threw a smile at them in response.

The volume gradually rose to the point where the bass begin vibrating the vehicle, tickling me.

Waiting in a car

Waiting for a ride in the dark

The night city grows

Look and see her eyes, they glow

Waiting for a roar

Looking at the mutating skyline

The city is my church

It wraps me in the sparkling twilight

Waiting in a car

Waiting for the right time

Waiting in a car

Waiting for the right time

Silver threw up his arms right as the stoplight switched to green and whooped with pure joy. Rouge howled in suit, followed by Knuckles until basically all of us begin vociferating down the road, stealing confused stares and glances from passersby.

We were boundless, we were free, electric, dynamic! We were everything we wanted to be for a long, long time.

I had to give it to the prom committee for scouting out such a beautiful location. The hall was inside a 19th century mini mansion, full with a courtyard, a grand staircase entrance and fountains. It felt as if we were in a little fairytale.

"How did the school afford this…" Cream muttered next to me.

"No idea…"

We paced our way up the small, royal staircase, stopping every few steps to snap more group or couple pictures, taking advantage of the exquisite setting.

The actual hall was just as regal and divine as the outside. Pillars lined up each side of the room, with windows reaching from the ceiling to the ground behind them, streaming in dainty pink dusk light. Between the pillars and windows was space for round tables and seating. And right in the middle sprawled out the spacious ballroom floor for dancing.

"There'll be anything but proper ballroom dancing tonight! If you know what I mean." Rouge smirked. I chuckled at her commentary and could already see the grinding and dirty dancing happening.

A little after half an hour the room was lavished with students all around in gowns and tuxes. Music was pumping, beats resounding off marble texture and the dance floor was now alive.

After sitting for a bit, taking in the jist of the atmosphere and arrival of more students, I threw down the mozzarella stick I was munching on and snatched up Rouge's hand. Annoyed at first for pulling her away from her man, she looked to see me leading her towards the dance floor and immediately grew excited.

"Swoon over your man later-it's about time we danced!" I shout to her, pulling her into the already perspiring crowd.

I got this feeling on the summer day when you were gone

I crashed my car into the bridge. I watched, I let it burn

I threw your shit into a bag and pushed it down the stairs

I crashed my car into the bridge!

I don't care, I love it!

I don't care!

Letting the energetic vibe provided by the music take over, Rouge and I jumped with fresh intensity and virility, our hands in the air and animation glazing our exterior. Every now and then we would be joined by Cream or Silver, or Blaze and Knuckles popping up here and there, but as they would come and go, Rouge and I would remain just as we were in our spots, growing more spirited with each new song and beat.

After a decent marathon, we decided to finally take a much needed break before we wound up passing out on the dance floor before the night even really started.

I lazily walked back to my seat, fingering the tresses of my hair in a messy updo, giving the back of my neck a chance to breathe and cool down. Looking back up from my aching feet, I see much to my dismay, my seat taken by the now present blue hedgehog, Sonic and in his lap, Sally.

Why. Just why.

My small clutch and phone was placed right in front of them on the table which should have been enough to show the seat was already claimed.

I huff my way over and purposefully reach over them in an abhorrent manner to grab my stuff, alarming them of my abrupt, sweaty presence. All the while I put on a poker face and completely ignored their existence in my original spot.

It was awkward. For them.

'Oh's', 'err's' and noises of 'too close for comfort' erupted from the two and I smirked, my hair playing as a curtain to hide my expression.

Sally spoke up once the two readjusted from my intrusion.

"Uh hi, Amy… you look pretty."

I gazed up at her from checking my phone and smiled in a very curt fashion.

"Thanks. You look..nice."

"Heh, thank you…" Her voice trailed off uneasily. She donned a long strapless dress, light blue with silver adornment around the waist. Her copper red hair was in a high ponytail that fell in wild curls, some bangs framing her sharp-angled face.

I noticed Sonic avoiding eye contact as Sally and I exchanged 'compliments', messing with his phone or fiddling with Sally's dress like a shy kid hiding behind his mother.

Being a bitch to the duo wasn't planned. To be honest I didn't put much thought into how I would behave to the two, being that I hadn't heard or seen them ever since the night Sonic yelled at me at my late birthday surprise from him. They were out of sight, out of mind, just like I wanted them to be. So acting this way felt unexpectedly natural. Like I didn't have to owe them shit. Because I didn't. I really didn't want to have anything to do with them anymore. At this point I was 100 percent done and I personally believed the best way to keep my distance was to be snobby and having a limited interaction as much as possible. So I walked away and found another seat on the opposite side of the table.

Rouge brought over a glass of punch and we sat together, sipping and exchanging prom gossip. Throughout our conversations I could sense a certain pair of green orbs fixated on me from my peripheral vision every now and then and I couldn't help but let out a half-hearted chuckle at the situation of all this. Rouge cocked an eyebrow at me.

I looked at her then subtly nodded my head in the direction of the blue hedgehog, currently talking to the chipmunk still in his lap about something useless.

Rouge mouthed the word 'oh' and lowered her voice.

"You know he's been constantly looking over at you for a while now, right?"

"Mmh, thought so." I smirked.

"Are you guys still not talking?"


"Amy how long is this going to continue?"

"I don't know. I don't care."

She glared at me.

"What?" I inquired, annoyed.

"Do you realize we only have like two weeks left of school? Then we're gonna be outta here! You don't have much time to resolve things."

"Who said anything about resolving anything? There's nothing that needs to be resolved. I've told you guys over and over."

"You can't be serious."

"Well, I am."

Looking straight ahead I watched a scenario play out as Cream and Blaze couple danced together, with Silver and Tails coming up behind them and smushing the four of them together from each side to form some kind of couple dance sandwich. Cream and Blaze wore expressions of annoyance and discomfort as their cheeks and boobs smashed together. Silver and Tails just smiled with their eyes closed, content as ever with all the love. I fought back a laugh wanting to explode as I pulled out my camera.

"Amy I'm not done with you!" Rouge whisper-yells to pull me back into the discussion.

"What the hell do you want me to do Rouge?" I pick back up calmly but exasperated.

"Talk to him!"

"Yeah and what about, huh?"

"Everything that's happened between you two!"

"I tried Rouge! I tried so hard! He won't tell me anything! He's not the same okay? You and I both know that. We all do. Except him."

"Then remind him of who he was with us. With you. Bring him back."

I looked down and stared at my damp hands, picking at anything underneath my nails. Slowly, I gazed back up to peek at him. His eyes caught mine, held for a moment, then softly flickered away.

"It's not that easy…" I murmur, looking back down, at the black clothed table.

Rouge let out a sigh, ending the conference.

A little after few minutes of atypical silence, she abruptly stood up.

"Welp, I'm gonna go break up that funky ass couple-sandwich the hooligans have formed before Blaze lights one of their asses on fire. And then go vote for prom king and queen. Wanna join me?"

"Mmmh, I'll join you inna bit. My feet still hurt."

"Alrighty!" She strolled off and I watched as she struggled to break apart the foursome, slapping the guys upside the head occasionally for bothering the girls. Bystanders watched and stepped away with irked or humored expressions, not wanting to get caught up in the mess.

Ladies and gentlemen, my best friends.

I think, propping my chin on the palm of my hand.

A few minutes laters, Sonic and Sally also got up to join the mob on the dance floor. I was the only one left at the table, staring at dancers and quickly getting bored so I decided to head to the voting booth to see whose names were on the list.

I picked up the small, white sheet of paper and examined the nominees.

Hmm let's see from the girls… Mina Mongoose… of course… Hershey Cat… Barby Koala… never heard of… Sally Acorn… This was her first year in this school! How did she become so popular? Oh wait, of course. President's daughter. Meh. And… Amy Rose the Hedgehog.

Wait. What. Amy Rose as in me!? How the fuck did I end up on the list, I didn't ask for this!

I scoffed out loud. Disgusted to be in the same category as those girls and utterly confused, I slammed the paper back down, holding back myself from completely tearing it apart.

"Woah, why all the rage Pinks?"

Taken back by the sudden raspy male voice from behind, I swirled around to find Scourge hand in hand with his date Rosy.

Rosy was adorned in a dazzling, soft gold halter dress made of silk, with light arabesque outlining the bosom and halter straps. Her mid-length hair was poofed back in a pompadour style on top, the rest of it plaited into a complicated fishtail braid and resting against her shoulder.

Scourge was dressed in a black tuxedo with a soft gold blazer and tie that harmonized with Rosy's ensemble.

"Scourge! Rosy!" My mood was in a flash uplifted seeing them together, fingers entwined.

"Hey Ames!" Rosy beamed and let go of Scourge's hand, pulling me in for a hug as I did the same.

"Oh my Chaos, you guys look amazing!" I admired the couple in awe once Rosy stepped back. "And don't you clean up nicely, Scourge!" Rosy let out a laugh.

"Yeah, after a lot whining. He was planning on wearing jeans instead!"

"Haha, why am I not surprised?"

Scourge rolled his eyes playfully, "Yeah, yeah, come here you!"

He pulled me in for a tight hug as well, whispering a heartwarming thank you in my ear as he held on.

I pulled away and nodded at him with a proud, delighted smile. I felt so accomplished bringing the two together. I could almost marry them right then and there.

"You look so beautiful! Wanna join us for a dance?" Rosy asked.

"Thank you! And sure, let's go!"

She locked her free hand with mine and the three of us stepped into the dance floor boundary.

Hey! Yo, rock it out, rockin' now

If you know what we talking 'bout

Turn it up, and burn down the house, ho-house

Hey! Yo, turn it up, and don't turn it down

Here we go, we gon' shake the ground

'Cause everywhere that we go we, bring the action

We hopped around, throwing our hands in the air, bursting with vivacity and bliss. The dance floor was packed from all sides, almost every student body on the floor now. Thank Chaos it was big enough.

I wanna scream and shout, and let it all out

And scream, and shout, and let it out

We saying, oh wee oh wee oh wee oh

We saying, oh wee oh wee oh wee oh

I looked around as I bounced anywhere there was space available and could sight Blaze, Knuckles, Tails, Cream, Silver, Rouge and even Sonic and Sally, all on the dance floor. Everyone at this point was raising hell and letting loose as much as physically possible, having the time of their lives. Only Shadow was missing.

Oh Shadow. Just had to get screwed right before prom!

I loved the chorus of this song. It was exactly what I wanted to, what we all wanted to do. So I did what no one was oddly doing. I whooped loud, throwing some off guard, while other immediately joined in.




We were all a hollering and hooting mess now, each problem and worry slipping away from our minds and bodies with each pounce we took, each yell bellowed and each single drop of sudor racing down our bodies.

"This is actually a lot of fun! I didn't think prom would be all that great!" Rosy shouted over the music.

"I agree! Not bad at all!" I exclaimed back to her.

The song soon came to a conclusion, giving Rosy the chance to take a quick break.

"I'm gonna go take off my heels and get something to drink! I'll be back!" She departed from the dance floor, leaving Scourge and I.

Just as she left, the next song toned everything down to a slow pace, signifying a couple dance. Some left the dance floor as others embraced each other in their arms.

"Oh, ummm…" I looked around and at Scourge awkwardly, twirling a strand of my hair, not sure what to do.

He laughed, simpering at my reaction. Then he peered over my shoulder raising his eyebrows in question for approval. Puzzled, I looked back to see Rosy with a toothy grin on her face and giving a thumbs up, totally okay with Scourge and I having a dance together.

"Well, the lady has given us the OK, so would you care for a dance, Pinks?"


He gently pulled me in from the waist and locked our hands as I placed my other hand on his shoulder.

Now if you never shoot, you'll never know

And if you never eat, you'll never grow

You've got a pretty kind of dirty face

And when she's leaving your home she's begging you, "Stay, stay, stay, stay, stay."

"So you never got to answer my question." He started up a conversation. His minty breath washed over my face from our close distance, his nose occasionally bumping into mine.

"What question?" I respond.

"Why you were so angry back there by the voting booth."

"Oh." I chuckled, "Can you believe I'm a nominee for prom queen!?" The frustration was clear in my voice.

He laughed, throwing his head back, his spiky teeth still succeeding to twinkle in the faint lighting.

I shook my head, allowing him to let it all out.

Composing himself, he re-closed the gap that had grown, staring back at me with humor in his icy eyes.

"Actually I can." He sincerely admitted.

I stopped our rocking just to narrow my eyes at him and glare.

He chuckled, picking back up the swaying I halted.

"What? You're smart.. pretty.. social.. kind to everyone and an all around amazing being. Why wouldn't they nominate you?"

I'm not so sure about the 'kind to everyone'...

"I don't know… I just didn't think I would be noticed by people or admired enough to be proposed. Plus I don't want to be compared to the other girls on that list. Ugh."

He smiled.

I'll give you one more time

We'll give you one more fight

Said one more line

Be a riot, cause I know you

"You're not being compared to them Amy. You're unique in your own way and possess qualities that they don't. Which I can bet on is why you got chosen in the first place. You're different from them, which is what people like to see. Originality."

"We'll see about that! But thank you Scourge. That made me feel a little better, haha."

"Hey, anytime."

Just as I was about to speak up again, out of the corner of my eye I felt someone's focus boring into our general direction. I glance a little to the left to see Sonic slow dancing with Sally as she leaned her head against his chest, eyes shut closed in peace. His expression told a different story from hers as I watched him glare at Scourge from under his brows.

Not again.

I uneasily shifted my eyes back to Scourge's who was unaware of the death stares.

"Just ignore him." He calmly insisted, staring ahead.

I guess not.

"Sorry about that.. I don't know what his deal is." I apologized, embarrassed.

"It's fine. But what's going on between you two anyway?"

"Is it that obvious?"

"Sort of. I mean I remember always seeing pink and blue together, 24/7. But now I just see pink. Or just blue and brown."

I raised an eyebrow at him in a suggesting way, hinting at his own words.

"Ah," he picked up quickly, "The brown with the blue."

"Bingo. But that's not really the ordeal."


"Sonic is just… unaware of his actions. He doesn't realize how he's effecting people around him ever since getting into a relationship."


"Like… losing bonds and connections with some of the dearest and most important people in his life."

"Mmmh. Want me to knock some sense into him?" He partially joked.

"As much as I would like that, I wanna leave it a matter between me and him."

"You sure? I could talk to him if you want."

"Oh no, no, thank you but, it's okay. There's not much to say or do anyway."

"If you say so. But I'm always here to help if you need any. Just like you helped me with Rascal over there." He grinned.

I smiled, glancing back at Rosy who was busy on her phone.

With the song now coming to an end, I thanked Scourge as he side hugged me.

"ALRIGHT GUYS! We'll have one more slow song before we officially gather around to announce Station Square High's 2K13 prom King and Queen!" The DJ spontaneously reported.

"Oh joy." I muttered.

"Oh c'mon now it won't be that bad." Scourge encouraged.

"I hope not. Stay right here, I'll go get Rosy so you guys can dance together."


After reuniting the lovebirds for a dance, I stalked off the dance floor to rejoin my friends at the table and anticipate the dreadful coronation.

"I really hope you guys didn't vote me." I exclaimed, walking up to the table.

They all looked at each other, some with devious smirks and some pretending to be totally clueless. Nobody said a word though.


Cleo the Liger, head of the prom committee took the stage.

The crowd responded in a jovial uproar as mobians slowly gathered around in front of the platform to watch the unfolding of this year's prom king and queen.

I remained planted in my seat at our table as far as possible from the crowd and stage, hidden in the shadows and hoping to camouflage with the darkness in fear of someone noticing me and forcing me to go up there.

I really, really, really don't wanna go up on that stupid stage. What's the point of all this anyways!? The whole concept of a prom king and queen makes no fucking sense… why can't we all just come here to have fun and not turn it into some monarchical competition. Why does there always have to be someone above the others. Bullshit.

I ranted to myself, criticizing everyone involved in this. I probably looked like a villain scheming in the dark if someone were to glance back and look at me in my pitch black corner of loathe, squinting my eyes at everyone ahead in judgement. Wearing a black dress didn't help, but if coming off as a demon kept them away, then I'm not complaining.

As hard as I tried to blend in with the black curtains behind me, a member of the prom committee successfully scouted me, waving her hand ferociously at me with a smile as big as the sun plastered on her face, not at all intimidated.


The female raccoon lifted the skirt of her dress and scurried over to me as if her life depended on it.

"Amy, congratulations! You were chosen as a prom queen nominee!"

"Uh, heh yeah, thank you…?"

"So what are you doing here in the dark girl? Follow me, you have to line up with the other nominees next to the stage!"

"Umm listen, is it possible if I could just skip all of this.."

"Nonsense Amy! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity! Come!"

Are you kidding me-

Before I could even react, the girl grasped my hand and yanked me up with power that could make Knuckles feel like a wimp.

Taking the lead without a second to spare, she raced to the stage with my hand still tightly locked in hers, towing me through the crowd and shoving people aside if need be.

What the hell woman! She needs to get her priorities straight!

Reaching the destination, she proceeded to instruct me on what to do.

"Here! Stand here next to Hershey and once your name is called just follow after her and take your spot on the stage beside her again! Good luck!"

With those finals words, she disappeared behind the stage into another room like a witch disappears after revealing haunting prophecies.

I stood there, wordless and disturbed, wondering where my friends were throughout all this when I realized I didn't see them anywhere.

Hershey Cat looked over to me, smiling nervously. I smiled back miserably, silently asking Chaos what I did to deserve this punishment.

"And noooow we will call up our runners! For our King we have… Mighty the Armadillo… Espio the Chameleon… Jolt the Roadrunner… Jaker the Echidna and finally Sonic the Hedgehog!"

Sonic… he's also a nominee?

I didn't get the chance to see who the king nominees were. My ears perked up in shock and I almost snapped my neck turning my head so fast to look at the stage. Peering up, the boys lined up consecutively as their names were called, Sonic last with a jestful smile playing at his lips as he looked out to the crowd with cool gutsiness. The crowd whooped with frenzy, seeing their favorite people in the spotlight.

Did he know he was going to get elected? Does he know that I'm elected? Oh man. Let's see how this goes…

"And for our Queen electives we have Barby Koala..Mina Mongoose..Sally Acorn.. Hershey Cat and last but not least Amy Rose the Hedgehog!"

The crowd cheered again with double the energy, some guys even wolf-whistling as I at last stepped on stage.

Climbing the steps, all I could think about was how damp and greasy I probably looked from so much dancing. I regretted not going to the restroom real quick for any touch ups. But I didn't care then so I told myself to not give a shit now either.

Taking my place again next to Hershey, I forced myself to look away from my shoes and out to the crowd.

I could practically feel my pupils dilating in a blow from eagling the size of the mass huddled together.

So many mobians! I didn't know this many even went to our school.

Glimpsing at the potential kings, I noted Sonic and his fleeting looks from me, to Sally and back. I pondered what he was thinking of all this. If he became king (and to be honest I was confident that he would) his potential queen could either be his current girlfriend or his ex best friend.

What did I think of all this?

I couldn't even capitulate the thought of being his Queen…

"Now that we have our runners lined up, the results please?"

The raccoon who had mysteriously reappeared again handed Cleo the results and stepped back as she unfolded the envelop.

Unwillingly, my heart began to patter with such anxiousness that I feared it would burst out of my chest and start flopping around on stage like a fish out of water. My hands clamped up as I abstractedly dug my nails deeper into my palms.

I figured these were typical reactions when anticipating prom king and queen results for the candidates but mine were for all the opposing reasons.

I didn't want to be prom queen.

Cleo unfolded the results, the crumpling of the sheet of paper intensifying in front of the microphone.

"Ladies and gentlemen…. Our Station Square High's Prom King and Queen of 2013 aaaare…. SONIC THE HEDGEHOG AND AMY ROSE THE HEDGEHOG! GIVE IT UP FOR OUR PROM ROYALTIES EVERYBODY!"




Woooooooooooow. Fucking woooooooow.

I stared out at the congregation, my limbs suddenly entangled in imaginary barb wire and my voice box padlocked shut. All I yearned for was to melt under the scorching beams of the spotlight and my personal incredulity of what was happening.

But was this even happening though? Is all of this real?

"Go Amy! You're the Prom Queen!" Hershey unnecessarily reminded me with a friendly grin. She gently nudged me forward towards the front and towards… Sonic.

I looked at her and lifted my cheek muscles in attempt to smile but probably ended up looking ridiculous for the lack of effort.

Sluggishly shuffling a few feet forward, I finally reached after what felt like an eternity, front and center stage.

Sonic was already standing there, accepting the compliments being hollered and bashfully a-blazing his shimmering, award-winning smile.

Once next to him, I tried to smile once more, a little more successful this time. The raccoon came up to me and draped the satin white sash over me, caped me and finally crowned me as I slightly bent down to level with her height.

"Congratulations Amy! See? Did you really want to pass this moment up?"

My eye twitched through my fabricated smile as I gawked down her.

Next to me, Cleo carried out the same ritual with Sonic.

Once crowned, we thanked the crowd and bowed before Cleo took up the mic again.

"And now, let's clear the dance floor for the King and Queen to share a dance together!"

The crowd dispersed to the sides, 'awwing'.

D-dance? We have to dance together too…. Chaos help me, I'm begging you…

Everything suddenly seemed to move in slow motion from that point on.

Sonic gazed down at me with soft eyes, a little smile stretched out on his lips.

I peered up at him through my bangs, making it our first deliberate eye contact since ages.

Calmly, he lifted a gloved hand out from underneath the long cape draping him and held it out for me to long fully take.

I was hesitant.

But I… I can't just reject him in front of everyone… I can't leave him hangin'.

Carefully, I placed my small hand in his large one, the contact turning the barb wire wrapped around me into dust. His hands were warm, inviting, but I still felt like an unwanted stranger at the door.

The touch was practically foreign to me. It had been so long since the last time we came into contact, that it felt like it happened in another lifetime.

He continued to gaze down at me with doe eyes, his shy smile growing an inch once I accepted the forced offer.

We walked down the steps of the stage as I held my dress, careful not to trip.

Once in the center again, we stood head to neck with each other.

Timidly, his fingers traced around my waist, leaving what felt like trails of ticklish, soft kisses from the fingertips until they locked into place on my lower back. They daintily pushed me forward into the owner, enclosing any cold space that was lingering between.

The music started, a piano playing.

All along it was a fever

A cold sweat hot-headed believer

I threw my hands in the air, said, "Show me something,"

He said, "If you dare, come a little closer."

He took the lead, pulling me closer, our bodies now connecting. We moved in sync naturally, swaying side to side.

He never once took his eyes off of me. I would flicker my gaze everywhere around us, scanning the crowd for people I know, looking down at my toes to watch my step, or at the finely sewn button on his collar. Never at him.

Round and around and around and around we go

Oh now, tell me now, tell me now, tell me now you know.

He did something out of the blue as I stared at the button on his collar, and bobbed his forehead low to briefly touch mine with tenderness. This caused me to view up at him and look into his pupils. He was successful in his motive.

Not really sure how to feel about it.

Something in the way you move

Makes me feel like I can't live without you.

It takes me all the way.

I want you to stay.

I forced myself to hold my gaze there, until I didn't have to anymore. Until gazing into those irises was like discovering a pair of emeralds buried deep underground, exotic and unexplored. Holding those emeralds with such apprehension and artlessly, they began to project something magical, something long forgotten in the abandoned mirages of the clear cut gems.

The past.

The flashing of the kaleidoscopic images of the past hypnotically sucked me in and I fell into a trance, not once blinking out of fear of breaking the spell.

Everything we ever were together, everything we ever felt, experienced, believed, touched, smelled, heard, saw, tasted… loved. It all flourished in those emeralds, above every crystalline surface, a vision that was once upon a time reality. That once upon a time defined us.

I can't take it anymore!

I blink once to break the spell. Twice. Again! The apparitions wouldn't go away! Those eyes, those mesmeric eyes took me on head trips, to a fool's paradise every time I wondered into them.

I looked down to get a grip of myself, to divert my attention.

Get a hold of yourself, it's all in your head Amy!

Trying again, I focused into them for one more chance.

And there they were shining back down at me, as engaging and tantalizing as ever.

This can't go on… I can't do this anymore!

As if 150 pound sandbags were suddenly tied to each of my wrists, I dropped my arms without warning or hesitation and roughly pushed him away, stepping back.

Startled, he tumbled back a bit but was quick to regain his composure.


I gawked at him and my own actions, my heavy hands finding the strength to fly up and slap cover my agape mouth.

Flames licked the back of my eyeballs, my lower lids brimming with water.

"I… "

All vocabulary and senses were eradicated from my mind with an eraser titled 'One Big Mistake'.

The room fell silent as the music was cut off. Onlookers watched in astonishment as to what just passed and what will happen next.

I have to get out of here!

Without wasting anymore seconds, I picked up the skirt of my dress with one hand, and wiped the now falling tears with the other, darting out of the room. Halfway to the exit, murmurs began rising in tone and filling the room with noise once again but I was far too gone to pick up what anyone was saying.

Outside, the warm current hit me with a blast to my face and tears as I continued to scamper to the nearby fountain in the small garden.

Oh Chaos, oh Chaos, oh Chaos! This is exactly what I feared would happen!

More than anything, I was enraged with myself for not managing to element myself just a little bit longer.

I took a seat on the fountain's marble ledge, throwing my face into my hands, ashamed and all torn up.

I'm so weak! I just had to break down and cause a fucking scene! Why do I always cause a scene? I used to be so strong and composed! What the fuck has happened to me?

I reprimanded myself, so sick of my own shit and behavior. I was acting like a middle school teen begging for attention and drama- all eyes on my please!

Oh Amy, you powerless and pathetic little girl.

The last of tears dried against my muzzle as I heaved one final sob from my chest. I was bent forward and leaning against my knees with my head dipped low, my bangs falling over my face as shades. I stared at the daisies that were peacefully grown around my feet, a pleasing sight to see. Distracting.

"Amy Rose, the things you do."

A husky voice broke the silence of the damp, midnight air.

Nonchalantly and taking my time, I drowsily lifted my head to see who dared disturbed the serenity and make themselves present before the "Prom Queen."

Standing before me clad in a black dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up, slim jeans and a loose, silver tie of silk wrapped around his neck was Shadow the Hedgehog.

"Shadow?" I instantaneously pounced up from my seat and took a few steps towards him, leaving some distance between us.

"What the hell are you doing here? Why aren't you at the hospital! When did you even get here?"

He smirked, stepping closer.

"Hush Rose. Too many questions. Don't worry so much."

I sigh, not having the energy to argue. Instead I respond more calmly and softly.

"They allowed you to leave?"

"No. I got here with the help of a friendly nurse I grew quite well acquainted with, having no one else to really talk to. Her name is Maria, and I told her about you and how was I supposed to be here with you. She sympathized, so she assisted me in my temporary escape. So I could finally do this."

In his hand was a small, velvet box that I didn't really take note of before, being surprised by his overall presence. He opened the case and took out a corsage. It was a perfectly blossomed, blood red rose with sparkling black and silver ribbons embellishing it.

Delicately pulling up my hand, he slipped on the corsage and it cinched flawlessly into place.

"Oh Shadow, it's so beautiful!"

I rapidly pull him in for a hug, bundling my arms around his torso and nuzzling into his chest. He promptly interlocked his hands around my shoulders, cradling me as he rested his chin atop of my head. Fresh new tears of bliss and relief slipped from my eyes and I let them carelessly fall. Being in his arms felt like home, like returning to a certain type of euphoria where all troubles washed away with one waft of his cinnamony aura.

"Thank you for coming." I whisper, "And Chaos bless Maria for helping you out."


We remained quiet for another moment before I finally pulled away from him. One thing I admired about Shadow was that he was never the one to pull away first, giving me as much time I desired for closure and comfort.

"So little miss prom queen, care to explain what drove you to run away?"

We strolled back to the fountain's ledge and took a seat.

"Oh great. You saw that, huh?"

"Yes I did. I arrived just in time for your coronation… and everything after." He lightly chuckled.

"Laugh all you want. But even I can't explain what got into me."

"Is that so?"

"I don't know man. I just… I looked into his eyes and everything just came back to me in floods… and eventually I drowned."



"What do you think his thoughts are about everything?"

"Ha, he's probably so confused… embarrassed… hurt." I turned away with remorse dawning in me.

He took hold of my hand, turning me back to face him and began caressing the back of my palm with his thumb. It always soothed me somehow.

"Running away won't make things better, I'm sure you know that."

"I know, yes. But it was all too much for me to swallow. I couldn't defer to stand there any longer as he rocked me in his arms. I collapsed."

"There's only one thing to do now."

I arched my brow in question.

"Talk to him."

I scoffed, "Oh sure, he would love to speak to me after that stunt I just pulled."

"Of course he would, Rose, he's... Sonic. He always gives people he loves a chance."

I didn't doubt him, but at the same time I did.

Sonic probably hated my guts by now.

"Anyways…," Shadow changed the topic, "What good am I as a date if I don't ask for the honor of dancing with you?"

He stood up before me and outstretched his hand, the glossed rubies in his eyes effulgent with ardor.

I beamed up at him and took his hand. He swiftly swung me into his grasp and brushed his palm onto my the small of my back, luring me closer under his nose.

I'm watching myself

Drifting away

A vision so darkened

I cannot stay

I'm reaching out wide

Trying to catch myself before I fall

Too little too late

Can you save me?

Where do we go when we walk on light?

Who do we call at the edge of night?

Carry me close like the teardrops in your eyes

All I can give you is memories

Carry them with you and I'll never leave

I'll lay my head down

But when I lay my head down

Don't let me go

The lyrics and cadency of the music could be heard outside but with a muffled bass due to walls blocking it.

He twirled me, swayed with me, pulled away and spun me back into his arms all so effortlessly.

We took in each other's gaze, allowing ourselves to get lost together in an enchanting heaven that bridged the contrasting lime and crimson.

"Are you flawless at everything?" I question him, dazzled by his celerity.

"More or less." He smiled, whirling me under his lifted arm.

After a few more moments of enduring fluently nimble moves in the arms of the expert, Shadow gently came to a stop, pulled away and bowed.

I was perplexed, hearing that the song hadn't ended yet.

Am I that bad at dancing?

Before I could ask what he was doing, Shadow rose from his bow and took my hand, kissed it, whispering, "Good luck."

Still flustered as to what was going on, a tap on my shoulder made me alert of a third arrival.

Distraught, I turned around to find Sonic inches away from me.

My eyes widened for a split second at his unannounced appearance. I quickly swiveled back around to look at Shadow for an explanation only to discover him already strolling away.

I'm gonna kill him.

Feeling rude for turning my back on the blue figure again, I slowly faced Sonic once more.

He stood there, patient, as I gathered my thoughts, not given the heads up to do so before our second confrontation.


"I didn't get the chance to tell you how beautiful you look."

"Oh? I mean uh, thank you! You look really nice yourself." He was suited up in a pure white tux with an elegant, light blue tie making it pop more.

"Would you like to try again with me?" He inquired softly.

I eagled the palm he held out as I stood there absentmindedly picking at my nails again.

We were alone now, with no forced crowns on our heads or capes enclosing our bodies. But more importantly, no eyes scrutinizing our every move under the sweltering limelight.

Instead we were under the beam of the luminescent moon, the twinkling stars our only witnesses, winking at me to make a move.

Encouraged, I nodded and took his hand once more, but with a growing sense of confidence.

He hooked me in and picked right back up from where I last terminated the dance.

Unlike my rigidness before, I was more pliant and relaxed. My breathing was even and steady. I could even smell the old scent of sweet peppermint and earth drift off of him in currents, lulling my nerves like it used to when I would fall asleep on him on lazy, rainy days.

The song continued, guiding our steps in a languid motion as he dipped me, remaining inches away from my face.

So let me freeze time

Before it turns cold

The moments go by

And life goes on

The torturous stars

Are taking every breath I wish I held

The love in my heart

Is never ending

Where do we go when we walk on light?

Who do we call at the edge of night?

Carry me close like the teardrops in your eyes

All I can give you is memories

Carry them with you and I'll never leave

I'll lay my head down

But when I lay my head down

Don't let me go

Pulling me back, he spun me around and rested his chin on my shoulder as I breezily leaned back against him, closing my eyes to absorb his ambience.

You can't see me

But you still feel me

I only live in your memories

I mean something

Your everything

You lay me down

Take me there

Don't let me go

Hold me in your beating heart

I won't let go

Forever is not enough

Let me lay my head down on the shadow by your side

Don't let me go

Hold me in your beating heart

I thought I felt something damp against my fur but it must've been the moist atmosphere playing tricks on my nerves.

Our swaying stopped as the song came to an end. I softly pushed off his chest and turned to face him.

It was now or never.

I had to let him know of my decision I had concluded to and everything on my mind up until now.

His features were as calm as ever, as if everything I ever did tonight didn't phase him.

"Sonic… " I spoke up, husk.

"Go on, Ames. Tell me what's on your mind. You've been silent for a long time now."

"We're… we're not the same as we used to be." I let out bluntly.

He lidded his eyes, grasping what I said and hesitantly accepting it as he slowly began nodding his head.

"I thought there was a shift in the winds. Didn't think it would actually be true though… or at least just a temporary thing…" He admitted.

"How can it not be true? We've changed. You've changed."

"You think I've changed?"

Is he really asking me this?

"Of course!"

"Amy! I'm still the same guy you left me as!"

"What? Sonic I can't even remember the guy I left you as anymore!"

"What makes you think that I could have possibly changed?"

"Everything up until now Sonic! Are you really that blind? I thought Silver was the naive one but boy was I wrong!"

"What are you talking about!"

"Sonic, do you really not see the person you've become ever since you got in a relationship with Sally?"

"Hey, don't bring Sally into this! What has that got to do with anything?"

"Oh believe me Sonic I'm sure as hell gonna bring Sally into this! It's got to do with every fucking thing!"

"What has she done to you anyways? Why do you have to be a bitch around her?"

He changed the main course of the subject, but if he wants to go there, I'll make sure to spill every single detail he wants out of me, cause this was it.

"Don't you fucking dare! I'm not the bitch here Sonic, I'm the realist! You wanna know everything on my mind? Well you better grab a nice, hot cup of coffee cause it's about time you've opened your eyes to everything you've done!"

"You're the realist, huh? Doesn't seem like it whenever some shitty ass sass comes off of you with her around! What is wrong with you? You've never behaved like that with anyone before! And you think I've changed?!"

"My so called 'shitty ass sass' is exactly what makes me real! You think I'm gonna sit there and be all sweet to her like the others when she's the reason why you're not yourself?! When she's the reason why I don't even know who the fuck you are anymore!? The reason why you can't trust me anymore!? You used to tell me everything Sonic. You used to spend every waking hour with me, keep all the promises you would make to me and be there for me whenever I needed you most. But now you can't even be around me anymore without managing to hurt me some way or another!"

"I know! I know I've hurt you a couple of time in the past few months but you can't blame her! It's not her fault!"

"I'm not just blaming her Sonic! I know you've sincerely felt guilty after every time you screwed up with me, but the mistakes are never-ending from you! You're so caught up in her that you're so careless as to how you're affecting the other people who are also still in your life! Yeah, remember us? You think you can just keep making mistakes, apologizing by sparing some of your precious hours with her to be with us and then going back to her like you've did your time? Like everything's okay again in your perfect little world? WRONG. Does everyone else other than Sally not matter to you anymore? Do I not matter to you anymore?"

"Of course you all matter to me Amy! I've always been there for you guys and I always will! But I can't be the exact same guy I was before Sally, Amy, especially with Sally. She needs me more than any of you do! I'm the only person she really has in her life right now, to be there for her for the first time in a long time! I can't be the guy who's always there the moment you need me, or constantly around to be the life of the party. She's a huge part of my life now!"

'She needs me more than any of you do!' Repeated in my head.

So we really didn't matter, huh.

A coldness took over me.

"You got yourself a girl to ride your dick so you're a changed man now, huh? Is that how it is now?" I spewed the vulgarity at him in a low, bitter tone, not giving a shit in the world about my choice of words anymore.

His brows furrowed together in shock and fury as my words hit him in retaliation. The coolness of green in his eyes ignited with flame as his demeanor shifted to a more grim one.






The words stung me, like he engraved them on a scolding hot iron and branded them right on my heart in the worst way possible. Like every single word he spit at me was a knife after knife, piercing through and twisting in every aspect of my heart and mind.

I stood there, limp and drained of life, as if my soul had been inhaled out by the most handsome Angel that was standing in front me. I stared at the ground in a stupor as his jabs rung in my head like a broken record stuck on the most hated song to exist. I didn't know what to say to him anymore. For the first time I didn't have a comeback of truth to erupt at him with a spirit of intense loathe and malignity.

So I spoke the one last truth that should have been professed a long, long time ago.

"I love you, Sonic."


Now he was the one bewildered, confused. His poise suddenly dropped any trace of animosity. The anger built up in the crinkles by his eyes washed away by disorientation.

"I love you okay… I've been in love with you for a long time, before I even knew that I was…"

"What are you… what are you saying, Amy?" His feet mechanically lead him two steps closer, his arms reaching up a bit as if to grasp the answers in the air.

I immediately stepped back from him, regaining the distance we had.

"Sonic… at the lake you took me to behind the school… the day you told me you loved Sally… I was going to tell you. But I was too late. And I'm sorry okay?!" I could sense myself inching closer to being hysterical by the minute without any control, the more the forbidden revelation poured out of my heart.


An unstoppable flow of tears blazed trails of flames down my muzzle, my brain thrashing against my skull with sorrow.

Sonic's breathing became heavier, his chest rising and falling with such force that I thought he was going to huff a storm from my blow. His pain stricken eyes flickered between mine.

"Amy no.. please don't…" His voice was feeble. Barely audible and croaking as he choked back threatening tears from discharging.

"Shut up Sonic...Just shut up! It's over, alright? We're done, whatever we had, whatever we were, it's gone, it's all gone. I've said all that I had to say to you. I've given you my all, everything that I've ever cooped up. But please, don't lament over me. I want you to be happy, okay? Carry on and be happy with Sally, live your life without anymore troubles from me. Pretend none of this happened. I won't burden you with my existence anymore. So this is my final goodbye to you."

With those being my final words to him, I turned and ran. I ran as fast as my feet could possibly take me, far, far away in an aimless direction.I didn't dare look at him in the eye one last time. It grieved me. It grieved me so much to officially let go of him.

I love, I love him, I love him, and I will always love him no matter what but he was not mine to belong to, to love. At some point you realize that some people can stay in your heart, but not in your life. Sometimes the person you want the most is the person you're better off without. Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own. And someday, somewhere, maybe in another lifetime we might meet again and things might be different. Meeting him was fate, becoming his friend was a choice, but falling in love with him was beyond my control. But here and now, I took fate into my hands and left. If I see him in the future, I'll smile to myself, because I'll know that for the longest time, he was my favorite part of me. And I think that part of me will always be waiting for him.

But I had to remind myself something my mother once told me.

Four things you can't recover: The Stone after the throw. The Word after it's said. The Occasion after it's missed. The Time after it's gone.

I was just guessing at numbers and figures

Pulling your puzzles apart

Questions of science, science and progress

Do not speak as loud as my heart

Tell me you love me, come back and haunt me

Oh and I rush to the start

Running in circles, chasing our tails

Coming back as we are

Nobody said it was easy

Oh it's such a shame for us to part

Nobody said it was easy

No one ever said it would be so hard

I'm going back to the start.


And there you have it folks, the end of Don't Leave Me Hangin'!

But do you guys really think this is the end?


This is only the end to "book" one!

There will be a whole new second part in continuity, with a different title.

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Songs used: Midnight City ~M83
I Love It ~Icona Pop ft. Charli XCX
Scream and Shout ~Will. ft. Britney Spears
Robbers ~The 1975
Stay ~Rihanna ft. Mikky Ekko
Don't Let Me Go ~Raign (Definitely recommend listening to this if you haven't! (: )

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