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Chapter 1: A New Enemy…

Inuyasha and Kagome had lived together in the Feudal Era for 1 year. Kagome had been separated from Inuyasha for 3 years after they defeated Naraku and the Shikon Jewel ,because The Bone-Easter's well had closed up. Now Kagome had returned and 1 year has passed and Kagome and Inuyasha are married…

Inuyasha was training in the field of the village when he heard two baby cries in the distance in a hut nearby where Kagome was. "Can it be?..." Inuyasha said to himself. Inuyasha ran jumping from rock to rock like he was flying to the hut in the distance, the 2 baby cries got louder as he got nearer.

Waaahh…! "Good job Kagome, Congratulations! A boy and a girl were blessed." Kaede was washing over Kagome's twins, a white haired one with white dog ears and a white dog tail and a black haired one with black ears and a black dog tail, plus the white one had the same eyes as Inuyasha while the other one had Kagome's. Suddenly, Inuyasha ran in.

"Kagome! You alright?" Inuyasha asked wih concern.

Kagome replied, "Course Inuyasha… They was born safely."

Shippo, Miroku, Sango and her kids and Rin walked in congratulating Kagome. "Kagome! What did you name them?" Shippo asked. Inuyasha sat beside Kagome and looked over the unnamed twins.

"The boy is called Minoru and the girl is called Mizuki" Kagome replied. Inuyasha held Minoru and Kagome sat up looking at Minoru, Kagome smiling tiredly.

"H-He look's just like me…" Inuyasha stated. Kagome nodded.

"Maybe he would grow up to be annoying and stubbon like Inuyasha is," Miroku said.

Inuyasha bonked Miroku on the head while saying "Don't you even joke about it!" Miroku laughed awkwardly.

"Since we defeated Naraku it's been quite quiet lately." Inuyasha said as he sat beside Kagome who was lying down to rest.

"Your right Inuyasha, it's been quiet." Kagome agreed. Minoru kicked the blanket off as Inuyasha pulled the blanket back on him.

"Mizuki looks like you, Kagome." Kagome blushed.

The next day, Kagome, Inuyasha, and their kids and the others were sitting under a tree in a field of flowers looking over Minoru and Mizuki when… Sesshomaru flew in and landed in front of everyone. "Hello Inuyasha, Kagome… I came to see your children."

"Sesshomaru!" Inuyasha yelled out his name.

"Lord Sesshomaru! Lord Jaken!" Rin ran to him and Sesshomaru gave something to Rin, it was new purple kimono with cats on it. "Thank you Lord Sesshomaru!" Sesshomaru just stared.

Suddenly the ground shook as Kagome held Minoru and Mizuki tightly unaware something was coming… fast. "What's going on?" Inuyasha looked around desperately. "Don't worry Kagome I'll protect you and our children!" Kagome nodded.

Suddenly a huge dragon appeared with a man with long black hair and dragon wings and dragon horns on the dragons shoulder! "A dragon and a man!" Shippo stated. Sesshomaru looked at it.

"Tokibanmaru the man and Mokibanmaru the dragon, Dragon Demons…" Inuyasha gasped, "you mean the strongest demon in the world and the rarest?"

Kagome looked at Sesshomaru and said "Dragon Demons?" Sesshomaru nodded.

"They are known to be stealing babies and children and devour them to gain energy, especially Half-demon babies and children!" Everyone gasped.

Sango yelled, "so if Tokibanmaru and Mokibanmaru devour Minoru and Mizuki they will gain more energy than ever!" Kagome gasped, I sense a Shikon Jewel shard, but its in half, one on Tokibanmaru's forehead and one on Mokibanmaru. But… It's not the Shikon Jewel, it's-it's- it's the Dark Shikon Jewel! "Inuyasha! Be careful! They have Dark Shikon Jewel shards! A they're in half! Kaede told me about it." Inuyasha looked at Kagome and nodded,

"I heard about the Dark Shikon Jewel that when you wish on it , it will not grant your wish it would destroy our world!" (A/N: Inuyasha means the Feudal Era)

Tokibanmaru's green eyes looked at Kagome then at Minoru and Mizuki, Kagome shook in fear clutching her children. "Give me those half-demons, Girl!"

Kagome yelled, "NO!" Inuyasha took out his Tetsusaiga and pointed the blade straight at Tokibanmaru and Mokibanmaru.

"You think you can defeat us using that phony sword, eh?" Mokibanmaru growled.

Inuyasha gritted his teeth, "phony you say? Well I'll show you phony! Tetsusaiga!" Mokibanmaru roared and shot balls of fire getting rid of the attack! Inuyasha growled.

Tokibanmaru and Mokibanmaru laughed, "What weak attacks! You think you can defeat me using that! Hahahaha!" Kagome looked angrily as a streak of sweat ran down her cheek, Kagome knew exactly what to do… Kagome putted down her children in a soft patch of flowers its' stem tailing high so the Dragon Demons won't spot them. Kagome took out her bow and arrow and aimed right at Mokibanmaru, the strongest.

"GO!" The arrow rushed towards the Dragon turning to a pink light hitting his eye, Mokibanmaru roared.

"Brother! How dare you! Let's escape! We'll be back, Girl to take your children! Hahahahaha!" The Dragon Demons left in a flash as everyone stood there staring the laughs still echoing in the distance.

As the wind rushed as the tree leaves rustled gently. "Kagome you alright?" Inuyasha asked as he turned around walking towards her and putting a hand on her left shoulder.

"I-I'm alright… Inu…Yas…Ha…" Kagome fell to the ground as Inuyasha catched her, claws digging in her kimono.

"KAGOMEEE!" Inuyasha screamed her name letting down Kagome lie with her head tilted back, hands lie palm up on the soft grass.

"Kagome! Kagome! Wake up! Kagome!" Everyone even Sesshomaru (Note From Mika: Didn't think he was so interested… Thought he was the Serious guy) was staring except Sesshomaru (Note from Mika 2: No Expression 'Dot,Dot,Dot').

Miroku knelt down beside Inuyasha and froze, "Inuyasha… Kagome's not breathing… Plus, I don't sense any spiritual powers from her." Inuyasha gasped. Inuyasha pressed an ear to her heart blushing because of where he was pressing to… He heard no pulse. There was complete silence.