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Chapter 10: Who Inuyasha Cares Most…

"The one who matters most to me is…" Inuyasha stared at the blue shining core and gritted his teeth, "Lets go! We have to get rid of the core!"

Sango, Miroku, Shippo and everyone nodded in reply and setted off Kagome on Inuyasha's back.

Inuyasha ran up the branches everyone else following close behind, Minoru and Mizuki was settled on Kirara staring at Kagome as they went. When they got there they were in front of the core standing on the branch that held them up, Inuyasha setted Kagome on the floor of the branch and stood up. Inuyasha whipped up his Tetsaiga and prepared to destroy the core.

But something hit him, a thought; If I destroy the core the core would destroy the whole world!

Who matters to you most?

Inuyasha remembered the transparent Kagome's words and thought, the person who matters to me most is…

Inuyasha looked over to Kagome, Minoru and Mizuki, Inuyasha knew what to do…

"I shouldn't let one question get over me!"

Kagome stared at Inuyasha her eyelids half open, "Inu… Inuyasha…"

Inuyasha's blade pulsed and a wind surrounded the Tetsusaiga, a few moments the Tetsusaiga's blade turned a sparkling sea blue!

"A blue Tetsaiga?" Sango questioned.

Shippo bounced on Kirara's back, "What power does it have?!"

Miroku stated, "It will maybe help us destroy the core!"

"A…A blue… Tetsusaiga…" Inuyasha said to himself surprised.

Inuyasha thought to himself, Will this destroy the core and not destroy the world?! I have to try!

Inuyasha slashed the blue blade across the core and the core cracked, a blue light exploded from the core and the blue Tetsusaiga shone. The blue Tetsusaiga's light created a huge shield over the whole Feudal Era before the core could explode into pieces.


The core exploded shattering each piece to the ground, Inuyasha and the others never seen anything like it…

"Whoa… Inuyasha! I never knew you could do that!" Shippo cheered, "You did it!"

Tetsusaiga… Inuyasha looked to this Tetsusaiga as the Tetsusaiga's blue light faded, I never knew you could do this… The shield faded and the cores piece and the tree disappeared as Inuyasha and the others were lowered to the ground.

The one I care most is… My friends: Miroku, Sango, Shippo, Kirara… But most of all, Minoru, Mizuki and… Kagome…

Inuyasha put his Tetsusaiga away and turned around to face everyone else, "Let's go back!"

Everyone nodded and set off back to Kaede's village…

*(- 1 Month Later -)*

After Kagome and the others recovered from the wounds from the fight with the blue core, everyone started to get back to work around the village. Sango, Miroku and their children helped washing the clothes from the village. Shippo left occasionally for his Fox Demon Exam to become a full fledged fox demon.

Kagome was walking up on a hill down a path until a surge of pain occurred through the side of her waist; Kagome fell on her knees and grasped her side. Little did anyone know is that Kagome hadn't recovered from all of her injuries, when Mokibanmaru wounded her waist (Chapter 7) he had put some very strong poison!

Kagome hadn't told everyone yet, not even Inuyasha! Kagome knew that if she told anyone they would be worried about her get away from their jobs around the village. So Kagome kept quiet. "Arghh…! Why do I feel so… so… dizzy…"

Kagome closed her eye's weakly and fell on the path sideways, Inuyasha was walking nearby and saw Kagome. "Kagome!" Inuyasha leaped over to her and held her in his arms, "Kagome! Wake up! What's wrong?! KAGOME!"

"Hmm… This is bad…" Kaede told herself worried, Inuyasha sat very close to Kagome looking over her with worried eyes.

"What is it Kaede?" Miroku asked her, Kaede looked over to Miroku out of the corner of her eye. She looked very serious.

"The wound on her waist when Mokibanmaru injured her seems to have some serious poison,

I'm afraid it's a poison which could kill you. One of Naraku's poisons in my opinion which he left behind before he died." Sango gasped, Shippo glanced over to Inuyasha and set an emotionless face. Inuyasha seems to have not heard what Kaede said.

Shippo sighed and stated, "Inuyasha, you seem like a dog waiting for their owners return…" An angry sign popped up on Inuyasha's head as Shippo said it.

"Your right Shippo…" Miroku told the little fox demon and crossed his arms eye's closed.

"Sometimes Inuyasha can be like a dog sometimes…" Sango told herself, this time, Inuyasha couldn't take it anymore.

"ARE YOU DONE YET?!" Inuyasha shouted at the top of his lungs.

Everybody nodded in unison and Kaede continued treating Kagome with her wound, even though Inuyasha was such an immature guy or… demon… he can be a little sweet sometimes. Kaede was done by the time Inuyasha dealt with the others, by hitting Miroku and Shippo on the head. Well, Miroku got two hits on the head for Sango's hit… -_-…

"There… That should do it; she should be fine by tomorrow. But now, we should let Kagome get some rest." Kaede told everyone and hurried Miroku, Sango, Shippo, Rikka and Mikka, Minoru and Mizuki outside. As well as herself… Except Inuyasha who stayed behind to watch over Kagome.

I never knew how soft Inuyasha has gotten over the years, although he hasn't gotten soft when he punches me… Shippo thought as he left.

"Kagome… I-I'm so sorry…" Inuyasha looked over to Kagome's face, it looked pale as it was before. Kagome suddenly quivered and rolled left and right clutching her heart. Inuyasha realized it and held onto Kagome's hand calling out her name.

"Kagome!... Kagome…! KAGOME…!"

"Arghh…! Inu… Yas-ha… I-It hurts…!" Kagome groaned and shook in pain, rolling left and right clutching her heart again. Kagome screamed a huge death scream that everyone in the village heard!

"Kagome! Kagome!... What's wrong?!... KAGOME!"

Everyone came rushing into the hut, (Not the entire village) "What's wrong, Inuyasha?! I heard a scream!" Shippo jumped in as Kaede tended to Kagome.

"This… is bad…" Kaede looked at Kagome's wound, and looked over to everyone else, "The poison is starting to spread." Everybody gasped.

"What?" Miroku shouted, "I thought you already gave the antidote to Naraku's poison to her?!"

Kaede shook her head and sighed heavily, "That wasn't the antidote; I accidently gave Kagome a medicine that spreads whatever poison/antidote in whichever person's body… I'm sorry; I do not think she'll make it."

Inuyasha growled and lifted Kaede by the chest, "If Kagome dies…! I'm going to blame it all to you!"

"Hold on Inuyasha, don't treat Kaede like this!" Miroku shouted.

"Who cares! I don't want Kagome to die!" Inuyasha shouted back.

Inuyasha sat back down and crossed his arms closing his eyes, It's all my fault… Kagome is the only person left with me. Kikyo died and now… Kagome is too… Kagome groaned and rolled left and right clutching her heart. Inuyasha jumped and shouted, "Kagome!... Kagome! Are you okay?! Kagome!..."

Kagome had did not reply, suddenly, Myōga appeared on Inuyasha's shoulder. "I see… The time has come…" Everybody turned their heads to Myōga.

"What are you talking about Myōga?" Sango asked the little flea. Myoga sat down in his thinking position.

"I didn't think I would have to tell you this but, I guess I have to…"

Myōga started his little story, "This morning, while I was going out for my walk in the fields I met Kagome's father…"

"Kagome's father? But I thought he's dead already…" Shippo stated.

"I thought that too but when he told me everything I understood…"

*_* Flashback *_*

Myōga was flea bouncing through a field when he bumped into something large, Myōga looked up and saw a man with shining long black hair tied up in a ponytail. Wearing armor as hard as rock to protect him, and carrying a sword glowing blood red. He had a crescent moon on his forehead and ears that pointed upwards. Myōga was shocked.

"Who are you?" The man asked.

Myōga answered in a little voice, "I'm Myōga."

The demon turned, "I'm Hikaru Higurashi." (A/N: I'm not sure what Kagome's father's name is but I'll just use 'Hikaru'.)

Myōga gasped, "Are you… Kagome's father?"

Hikaru turned and looked at the little flea who which bounced on Hikaru's right shoulder, "Kagome? I know that name from somewhere…"

Myōga bounced rapidly up and down wildly, "You know Kagome! She's your daughter!"

Hikaru thought and thought a moment, then it came to him, "You mean…?"

Myōga nodded sitting in his thinking pose, (Again)

A Few Minutes Later ~ ~

"So I see…" Myōga was still in his 'thinking position', "That's what happened."

"Kagome was only little back then, please tell her this at the right time when it happens." Hikaru asked Myōga without looking at him.

Myōga nodded, "But you know, maybe I should tell Master Inuyasha about this too…"

Hikaru turned his head to him, "Who is this… Inuyasha?"

Myōga answered, "Master Inuyasha is a half demon, and he is who Kagome is married too."

Hikaru closed his eye's and explained something to Myōga, "Kagome would have a great future with him."

Myōga was confused, "What do you mean, Master Hikaru?"

"Inuyasha is not the normal powerful half demon that can live hundreds of years like a normal demon would," Hikaru looked up to the sky, "Inuyasha is half human and half demon, Inuyasha is the kind of half demon who's years of life is like a normal human."

Myōga gasped, "You mean?..." Hikaru nodded.

Myōga left a few minutes later when Hikaru explained the rest to Myōga and asked the tiny flea to tell the others when the time is right.

(A/N: If your confused, you will understand once you read further up to the end. (This is not a true fact but its part of the story! ^_^)

*_* End of Flashback *_*

"Inuyasha's life is like a human?!" Shippo shrieked.

Myōga nodded, "When Lord Inuyasha was born, his human blood wasn't in his body yet and was still producing. But as Kikyo sealed Lord Inuyasha to the tree his human blood was still producing for the whole 50 years." Myōga paused before continuing, "After Lord Inuyasha's human blood finished producing his human life was at the beginning of his life. But because Lord Inuyasha is half demon, he under any circumstances doesn't age. It's the same for Kagome, they both will age a tiny bit in the future. But that's it, their ageing is finished."

"Ahh~~ I wish I could be like that…" Shippo told himself tears rolling down his cheeks like a waterfall.

Miroku looked over to Kagome, "Then what happened to Lady Kagome's father?"

Myōga looked over to Inuyasha, "Master Inuyasha! Did you even listen to me?!"

Inuyasha turned his head, Myōga shrieked at Inuyasha's face full of anger, "I am listening… So just carry on would'ja!" Myōga nodded fast.

Myōga carried on, "Kagome's father, Hikaru. Found the Bone Easter's Well and jumped in it before telling me a message. You see, Lord Hikaru can see the future, Lord Hikaru jumped in the well and found himself in Kagome's era. There he met a lady at the shrine and as the days past Lord Hikaru found himself falling in love with her."

"Is that woman? Kagome's mother…?" Sango questioned.

Myōga nodded again, "Yes… There Lord Hikaru spent the rest of his life with that woman. When Kagome was born, Kagome was born as a human not a half demon. I realized that Kagome's demon blood would act up at the right time when Kagome was older," Myōga paused again, "The poison Mokibanmaru injected in Kagome's waist is the reason Kagome is like this."

"What do you mean?" Inuyasha turned his head to Myōga finally.

Myōga sat in his thinking position before telling him, "Even Lord Hikaru could survive that car crash or whatever he said anyway. Kagome's life is human, but Kagome must choose the path whether to stay as a human or change in a full demon…

Everyone gasped around the room except Inuyasha, Kagome wailed in pain again. Everyone started to shuffle towards Kagome, until, Kagome's body glowed an evil purple aura and everybody gaped at the sight. Kagome wailed more and more, then suddenly Kagome's ears disappeared and Kagome's head returned back to normal. Kagome's tail and claws disappeared out of sight and returned back to normal. Everyone gasped. Kagome was a human again…

Kagome wailed again and again until a vision of Kagome's Full Demon body was pulsing, a demon with black wavy fur and hair around its paws. Long furry soft ears flowed across the floor; a long black tail was sweeping on the floor in pain a gold crescent moon at the top of its forehead. Kagome wailed and wailed on rolling left and right.

The vision kept pulsing and pulsing visions between human and demon, then the visions suddenly stopped to full demon! Even Inuyasha and the others could feel Kagome's fur brushing against everyone like a cat. Kagome stopped screaming and a little whine came from Kagome's furry mouth, "does this mean Kagome is going to be a demon forever?" Shippo asked starting to cry.

Kagome's eye's opened, red and little thin pupils inside. Inuyasha walked over to Kagome and rubbed Kagome's head. "Kagome… What's happened to you…?" Kagome laid there her eye's watery about the cry.


Kagome's voice was heard by Inuyasha, but not by the others. The space around Inuyasha disappeared in a black space and only Inuyasha and the demon Kagome stood there.

Inyasha? Is that you…? Kagome asked without opening her mouth, it looks like Kagome was sending her thoughts to Inuyasha as a way to talk to him.

Inuyasha looked at the demon Kagome, "Yes... It is Kagome." Kagome whined at Inuyasha.

I'm happy that you're alive; my wound is no ones fault. My decision is my fault; I chose this for your sake Inuyasha…

"My sake?" Inuyasha questioned, Kagome nodded her furry head.

My decision is final…

"It's not! You could still change it! The heart of your body, follow it! What do you REALLY wish to do?!" Inuyasha shouted, Kagome's red eyes closed as a tear fell down her furry face and dropped to the ground in a splash. Just when the tear fell to the floor the atmosphere began an area of shining white like the rays of the shining sun. Inuyasha was amazed.

Because of you Inuyasha I have changed my mind. This time, my decision is final… I choose, human AND demon...

The light shone brighter and brighter until it disappeared and Inuyasha and Kagome were back in the little hut, as a both human and demon. But her appearance was different, she didn't have dog ears or a tail, Kagome only had claws and fangs as resemblance to a demon. The rest was human.

"Kagome…" Inuyasha whispered.

Kagome was unconscious, "Let's leave her to rest…" Everyone started to shuffle back outside to continue with their chores.

Kaede stopped and turned to Inuyasha's way, "Inuyasha? Your… not coming?"

Inuyasha looked to Kagome and then to Kaede, "No, let me… stay here for a while…"

Minoru and Mizuki was outside siting by the doorway awaiting their mothers return to them, after a few hours Kagome finally woke up.

"Kagome! Are you alright?!..." Inuyasha asked her shouting, Kagome's eyelids opened slightly as she looked carefully to Inuyasha.

"Yeah…" Kagome sat up Inuyasha helping er by putting one hand to her back and holding her arm.

"Kagome? Can you sit up?"

Kagome nodded slightly and smiled, "Thank you, Inuyasha... I'm so sorry for the trouble."

"No, don't apologize! I'm at fault!" Inuyasha looked down blushing a little, "Kagome, there is somewhere I need you and me to go…"

Kagome cocked her head confused.

Inuyasha put Kagome down under a Sakura tree, and sat beside her. Minoru and Mizuki was helping out with the chores for Shippo and everyone else so Inuyasha and Kagome were together alone. Inuyasha was a little nervous.

"It's over now…" Kagome told Inuyasha, "My sealed power is mine forever, but… the power I grasp is out of my reach."

Inuyasha lowered his head, "I don't care about that, as long as your with me… Like this Sakura tree…"

"Really?" Kagome questioned, Inuyasha smiled.


Kagome watched the Sakura tree's flowers fall upon them as they watched the sunset, Kagome leaned on Inuyasha her head on his shoulder.

No matter what happens… We'll make it…

~The End~

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