Me: so I know I haven't updated in a long time so here it goes and I am sorry for spelling Herry's name wrong

Herry: I can't believe you spelled my name wrong.

Me: hey you didn't correct me

Jay: she has a point their Herry

Herry: well I have a truck

Atlanta: what does that prove?


Me: well let's get to the story

Archie kissed Atlanta because her best friend was gone for who knows how long, but as he kissed her he found a piece of paper folded in her pocket.

"What's this" Archie asked as he pulled the piece of paper out of her pocket. Then Atlanta grabbed it out of his hand.

"Nothing just a letter from a Friend" Atlanta snapped quickly

"If it was just a letter from a friend then you would let me read it" Archie snapped back

"Well it's personnel," Atlanta said as she ran back upstairs and put the note under her matrass

Mean while down stairs

"Why do you think Theresa took a little break?" Jay asked the group

" I don't know but Atlanta was acting weird" Archie replied

Me: cliff hangers gotta love them but anyway I am look for friends, old enemies, and ex-boyfriends of Theresa so if you have an idea of 1, 2 or all three of them just fill this little form type thing in the review type thing:


What they look like:

What they are or were to Theresa:

Their hobbies: (like sports, clubs stuff like that)

What they like:

What they dislike:

If they are enemies why they dislike her:

And by the way it is summer in my story so they are off school. Oh, and in my story before Theresa was in the whole save the world thing she was the most popular girl in her old privet school and she was a cheerleader. Head cheerleader to be exact. Just some info for you. Hope you guys review. I'm hoping that I get at least 5 people I my story.

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