My costume is pretty much done. So to celebrate, I'm going to make a fic about the misadventures I'd probably have with Malik (because Altair realized how HOPELESS I am when it comes to killing things). As an added bonus, I'm not a Sue! :D We can read and expect things to be relitively realistic! WHOOT! Because if I somehow became a Sue, I'd shoot myself.


I hate to inform you of this, but it seems to have become clear to me that a learner in our ranks is possibly one of the worst students I have seen in years. She is clumsy, easily disbalanced, cannot hold a weapon to save herself, and even trips on her own tongue. Instead of studying I find her drawing on her parchments, a waste of ink. To add to this, I have seen none of the other learners ever try to justify her antics and flaws to me; although I know the feeling of being excluded, I do not want to have to be the one person willing to work with her. She needs to cooperate to make companions, and she never does.
So what does this have to do with you, my dear friend? You, of all people, are only person I can think of who could possibly get her into shape. I would if I were not so busy, paperwork and managing the Assassins out on missions and such, but I have heavy doubts I could do no good regardless.
I would try to keep her here at the castle, where I could keep an eye on her, but recent events have convinced me that such would probably be one of the more horrific decisions I have made so far. So far she has cut herself with a sword in practice (her thigh is a mangled mess at the moment), accidently pushed Darim down the stairs (thankfully he walked away with only a small bruise, but he might not be so fortunate next time), broke her wrist last week while attempting to perform a leap of faith, nearly murdered me with a bow and arrow, nearly murdered Maria with a throwing knife in practice, and managed to spontaniously set fire to her robes (I do not even know how she managed that one). So why do I not just do away with her? Because I feel everyone should be given another chance at redemption, and if I made her the only exception, I would be very much a hypocrite.
With this letter, I send you the information you will need to know. I suggest you read it.

Her name is Red, and she is fifthteen (I do suppose this age might add to my choice to send her to you, as we made mistakes at that age as well). Her father has become too old to fight and left for Greece, and her mother (from Europe) is living somewhere in Masyaf. Her older brother is becoming a scholar, while her two younger sisters are learning to become semstresses. She has potential to become a great fighter, but she lacks the focus and needs to be steered on the right track. Her fear of sharp objects could pose as an issue, however, there could be a way to get her past it. There might be other things she could do as well other than be an Assassin, work with the other women, become a healer, or even assist a Rafiq or Bureau Leader. The options go on.

Good luck.
Your friend,